Mailvox: a complete failure to grok

There are few things more depressing to an intellectual known for coining terms than seeing people attempting to turn around what they perceive as a perjorative and trying to apply it to you, particularly when in doing so, they demonstrate that they have no idea what the Hell you meant by it in the first place. I’m sure everyone will be astonished to learn that a recently departed commenter couldn’t bear to leave without a parting wall of text.

You’ll probably say you don’t really give a damn, and perhaps just “fuck off”, but you and some of the comment cohort did to me what you know is typical of SJWers.

STAGE ONE: Locate or Create a Violation of the Narrative
STAGE TWO: Point and Shriek
STAGE THREE: Isolate and Swarm
STAGE FOUR: Reject and Transform
STAGE FIVE: Press for Surrender”

I was not posturing.  I was not attacking. I engaged in a conversation on items about math and science mentioned by another commenter.

My point was that there are limits to the accuracy in mathematics to understanding things just as there are in language, but some people are as dogmatic about math as some are about science and some about religion. They stretch the bounds of the discipline beyond its limits and dogmatically attack any found guilty of heresy.

It’s your site and your comment section. It should reflect what you want it to.

But y’all did to me exactly what you criticize the SJWers for.

Snidely Whiplash noted a violation of the accepted narrative, pointed a finger and invited the swarm to do their work, and you were the amenable authority.

Bringing up Plato’s analogy and Buddah’s parable was not pretension or posturing. They were on point to the comment I was responding to.

Azure Amaranthine responded on point.

You and the others took the SJWer path of personal attacks and annihilation.

 It is effective…

If you’d said I was getting the thread off topic or the like, it would have been one thing.

But y’all went straight to personal attacks, telling me to get the fuck out, and then deleting comments and threatening expulsion from the group….  again typical of the SJW crowd….

I like your book.  I bought it after the mention on InfoWars.  That also led me to your blog, and I’ve like what little I’ve read of it.

I’ll probably continue reading your thoughts in the posts, but life’s too short to spend time in a SJW clone room.

Not a hospitable place for engaging in ideas.

You should work on your tolerance level.

This sort of thing is why I try to avoid talking to people in real life. I don’t care, I just want people like this to go away and never attempt to communicate with me again. There is no narrative here and this guy was never part of the group in the first place. He was an unwanted, uninvited, undesirable interloper who wandered into the wrong place and was rightly rejected as soon as he identified himself.

I’m not the amenable authority, to the contrary, I am the authority that very much wants all the blathering morons to go away, stay away, and never, ever force me to bear witness to their endless attempts to explore the limits of human stupidity.

UPDATE: He’s sent another five six emails so far. This is just one of them:

Jesus —- you won’t even allow me to invite Azure to continue the discussion off-site if he wanted…

What objections could you have had worthy of deleting that comment letting Azure know where he could contact me if he wanted to discuss it…?

It was short.  Not a wall of text that might inconvenience the audience.

It used language that can’t be considered objectionable — because the gamma faggot slur that was aimed at me is still up.  I mocked it.

And it was snarky but no more so than the personal attacks you left standing in the thread.

You have to be able to recognize what you did follows the steps you outlined in the book…

And it is a SJW-type mentality in dealing with others.

The only time I can remember having comments deleted and being threatened with banning was on sites run by people on the Left…

Now I’ll descend into something childish:  Pot meet kettle…  you’re both black….

If you want to be fair, delete all the comments referring to me.  I already deleted the ones I wrote.

1984 it…

Erase all traces.  Make it never have happened.

You have to be able to see how you and the outrage mob just mirrored elements you described in your book….

In case you ever wondered, this sort of thing is why gammas are now banned on sight. I used to wonder why women were so vicious to them, but I don’t anymore.

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