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Anonymous Conservative suspects others are taking credit for my observations:

Renowned Yale computer scientist David Gelernter claims that he is abandoning Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. It is at the point I would assume he is doing this on orders from Cabal, so he can be the voice reciting Vox Day’s arguments, and get credit for overturning it. The alternative is Vox gets credit, and then gets a platform, which would also elevate Castalia House, at which point his threat level would go through the roof.

First of all, I very much doubt I’m the first unauthorized individual to happen to notice that the math of the Neo-Darwinian hypothesis doesn’t add up correctly with the growing amount of evidence being produced on an ongoing basis by genetic scientists. Gelernter is a smart guy and I would expect him as well as lot of other smart people to reach much the same conclusions on the basis of the available evidence. Second, I find it hard to imagine that anyone, however evil-minded, cares all that much about an increasingly outdated hypothesis that not only has more epicycles spinning around it than the most die-hard pre-Copernican astronomer ever rationalized, but is inevitably destined to be discarded sooner or later.

And third, I genuinely don’t care about this sort of “credit” anymore than I care about collecting academic credentials. Observing the obvious is not doing anything new. It’s not accomplishing anything. It’s like being the guy who “discovered” the Okapi. He didn’t discover anything! The Okapi was always there! The Neo-Darwinian hypothesis has always been false, so literally everyone who ever doubted for any reason, convincing or unconvincing, merits the same “credit”.

If – when – I write a truly great novel or produce a genuinely great film, then I’ll be happy to accept any plaudits that are due, buy a monastery, and collect books. But noticing what is true or not true is not an accomplishment, it’s simply a consequence of paying attention.

I already distrust the trappings of fame, money, and media attention due to observing the negative effects they have had on others I have known. The suggestion that there is a shadowy international cabal of evil sex predators intent on controlling who is authorized to go on television and bask in the adoration of the masses doesn’t exactly make the whole program appear any more attractive to me. It’s just one of the many reasons I don’t talk to the media anymore.

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