One perfect tweet

Saint Efan demolishes Ben Shapiru.

Ben Shapiru@benshapiru
If we don’t share common values, we shouldn’t be surprised that politics becomes warfare by other means.

Stefan Molyneux@StefanMolyneux
You said that you were totally FINE with the Third World pouring into America Benny.

Now you say you’re not surprised at ALL that lack of shared values leads to massive social conflict.

Which means you KNEW it would happen.

And you were fine with it.

Notice that no intellectual with any integrity has even the smallest regard for the Littlest Chickenhawk. The little guy takes a merciless beating no matter where he goes or which way he turns.

And for those foolish would-be Shapiru defenders who try to hide behind his claim that he was only talking about ideology when he said he was fine with “the browning of America”, well, you should have known better than to place your confidence in the consistency of a neoclown.

“The ideology of the Palestinian population is indistinguishable from that of the terrorist leadership.”
– Ben Shapiru, 2003

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