The burning butthurt of Boomers

The self-obsession and butthurt of Boomers who feel their generation is insufficiently lionized for their world-changing accomplishments is downright comical. From a comment on the Z-man’s site:

There is another site on the net where they are all “high IQ” fellows who blame boomers for everything bad that ever happened. (boomers can time-travel apparently) and don’t like out host the Z-man much. Yet, I find the Z-man and the people who comment here very perceptive.

Yes, Marc Stoval’s Boomer butthurt is such that he’s actually whining about it on other sites. Just go away, Boomer Stoval. Go away and stay away. Perhaps the Z-folk will find you more tolerable.

It’s astonishing that these people genuinely don’t grasp how their behavior is perceived by the younger generations.