Mailvox: Boomer tales

A reader tells a familiar tale of Boomer entitlement:

A couple of regulars at the bar/kitchen I work came in the other day with a pack of friends. One of their friends was a girl who had been previously eighty sixed so a bartender calmly informed her she had to leave. Immediately the leader of the pack went berserk and started pacing up and down the aisle barking obscenities before storming out with her little birthday clan, trying to take as many people she could with her.

This person is a school administrator for the district. She knows all the bartenders since they were kids. Her and her husband are well known in the community. Where the hell do they get off acting like that?

The most demoralizing fact is just to think of the ungodly salary she makes comprised entirely of tax loot. Loot collected from the service industry, from the oil field, my family’s bread and butter. Then she comes into my workplace and when even slightly contradicted flips out and tries to rob customers and tips right out of me and my coworkers’ pockets. The Boomer “education” aristocracy at its very infantile finest.

It will not surprise me if one day in the not-too-distant future, there are bounties paid for people like that.

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