Please to commence to spiral

It was interesting to observe the reactions by many commenters yesterday to information that happened to challeng some of their assumptions about the world. Now, rather than resorting to simple Boomer “how dare you” rhetoric, let’s simply look at this pair of photographs logically. I don’t know about you, but I can think of at least seven obvious possible explanations for this apparent anomaly:

  1. There were other boots used by the Apollo astronauts with different treads.
  2. There were other humans on the Moon who were not Apollo astronauts.
  3. There were aliens on the Moon! Aliens that wear boots and have feet roughly the size of a man’s foot.
  4. Photoshop!
  5. The second photograph was not taken on the Moon and the bootprint was left by a studio technician wearing boots with different treads than those worn by the fake astronauts.
  6. One of the astronauts drew the alternate bootprint with his finger.
  7. A studio technician drew the alternate bootprint with his finger.
Now, how do you rank the probabilities of these seven alternative scenarios? And what do you think this pair of photos proves?

UPDATE: I think it looks a bit like someone with a moon boot stepped on top of a track left by the herringbone-tread wheel of the lunar rover, except the track ends and, at least in this photo, only half of the track appears to be present.

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