Ridicule is rhetoric

Because apparently the stories told by the McMartin daycare kids were supported by the evidence after all:

If the name McMartin Preschool rings a bell, it’s because the school gained infamy as ground zero for the child abuse case that kicked off the so-called Satanic Panic.

360 children were alleged to have been abused at McMartin daycare. Many of the children claimed that they’d been subjected to sexual and satanic ritual abuse in a system of tunnels under the school. When investigators declared that excavations turned up nothing, the claim of secret tunnels became a byword for spurious ritual abuse claims.

Now, after a generation of ridicule, the FBI has confirmed the tunnels’ existence, vindicating the children’s testimony.

The world is not only more evil than you believe, it is more evil than you probably imagine. We may be IN it, but we most certainly do not want to be OF it.

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