1100 percent and more

I’m pleased to be able to report that with 11 days to go, the Junior Classics campaign has passed 1100{62ab1aa1c9bbf26d4ecd8ff258d6add50bdc3525a10ec2edc8651c8fba22c204} of goal. The winning continues apace. We’ve spent the entire weekend working on the infrastructure for the leather editions, and depending upon what is possible and what is not, the result could be extremely significant for Castalia’s long-term plans.

Also, the massive success of the replatforming campaign has inadvertently led to our acceding to the popular demand for a monthly Castalia subscription. This month’s book will be Corporate Cancer. We’re still working out what December’s book will be, but the leading candidate at the moment is Quantum Mortis: A Man Disrupted.

Oh, but I’ve already read the ebook, you say? Sure, but when we say “the monthly book”, we mean the ebook, the audiobook, and the paperback will all go out to subscribers that month.