Wittle Benny scared

I’m not at all surprised that the Littlest Chickenhawk is running away from Nick “the Knife” Fuentes. He ran from me twice, and ran from Milo as well. As his debacle on British TV demonstrated to all and sundry, he’s a fraud who is totally incapable of beating anyone in debate but clueless left-wing college students.

Ben Shapiro has dipped and dodged every call for debate giving off an impression of weakness and insecurity. Famed for his skill in debate, a challenging opponent like Nicholas J Fuentes would surely give Shapiro a run for his money and could even spell disaster for his political career built upon a faulty foundation of neoconservatism and middle eastern war-hawking.

Fuentes, who pushes an “America First” platform of (you guessed it) putting Americans First, believes that the neoconservative agenda of increased immigration, war in the middle east and enormous foreign aid to first world countries such as Israel comes at the detriment of the American people. Fuentes believes that this neoconservativism must be debated and ultimately replaced with a patriotic American First platform that is by the people and for the people.

If you would like to see Ben Shapiro debate Nicholas J Fuentes then please share this article on social media with the #DebateNick hashtag.

To be fair, when Shapiru talked about “Alt-Right moon landing conspiracy theorists,” I think he was talking about Big Bear, not Nick Fuentes. Not that he would debate Big Bear either.