Devil Mouse disappearing its own history

It won’t be long before the Wicked Witch is redrawn as a Misunderstood Stepmother in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves:

A new report details that Disney will be censoring a number of its classic movies for its upcoming streaming service Disney+. CNBC reports that the streaming service will not offer its Academy Award winning 1946 animated feature Song of the South.

That really isn’t a surprise as Disney has never released the film in any home video format in the United States before. Back in 2011, Disney CEO Bob Iger explained the decision to not release Song of the South noting the film “wouldn’t necessarily sit right or feel right to a number of people today.”

It’s possible more censorship will be coming for Disney’s older movies. In the upcoming Lady and The Tramp live-action remake, the classic “The Siamese Cat Song” will be removed from the film with a new song replacing it.

I suspect the move to anodyne and inoffensive entertainment is going to serve animated movies about as well as it has served modern comedy.