1500 percent and 24 hours left

Your last chance to back the Junior Classics 2020 edition campaign is rapidly approaching. Whether your budget supports digital or leather, this is the time to do it.

UPDATE: 1600 percent and 18 hours left.

UPDATE: 1700 percent and 12 hours left.

A backer writes: Thank you for keeping Western literature alive at such a crucial time.  My backing involves a small story you may find pleasure in.  I met a good man, and his family, through a church I started attending in San Francisco.  He is a genuine scholar with a doctorate in philosophy/theology, and bright, who at the time was employed at a Catholic high school.  He was unable to be open with his faith at this ostensibly Catholic school, and was struggling to find employment in a school where he could be.  I prayed regularly for such a position to be made available for him and my prayers, as usual, were over-fulfilled.  He was offered, and accepted, a the position of director for a new college.  I was sad to see him move from our parish, and our direct personal lives, but more than overjoyed to know a good man of faith was to be the head of a learning institution.  I backed the Junior Classics today for his lovely daughters, who will certainly grow to become faithful, and now to your credit, more learned, ladies.  Thank you. 

UPDATE: 1800 percent and 8 hours left.

A generous and thoughtful backer wants to support a family in need and writes: To help boost the campaign to 500,000, I purchased an extra hard cover set. If you know of a homeschooling family that was not able to afford a set, I would enjoy donating this to them in Mazi’s honor.

UPDATE: 2055 percent of goal in the end.  Thanks to everyone who supported the campaign and made it what can only be described as a crushing success. Still. Not. Tired.