The mask slips

Ben Shapiru and the cabal around him hate, hate, hate all Europeans. They usually hide it for tactical reasons, but every now and then, their true feelings are exposed.

Josh Hammer, the editor-at-large of Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire, claimed on Twitter, Tuesday, that “Jew-hatred is inherent in the European DNA,” before deleting the post.

Hammer made the comment in response to another Twitter post which claimed the European Union “is going to require political country of origin labeling for only two regions of the world and both of them are Israeli.”

Though Hammer swiftly deleted the post, it was saved by online archives.

There is absolutely no point in attempting to appease such unmitigated haters and racial supremacists.  No amount of virtue-signaling or kindness or kowtowing will ever change their hearts or their minds. Remember, all of their shrieking about “anti-semitism” is nothing but pure projection of their own hatred for God, His Son, and His Creation.

And they don’t think better of non-European Christians, still less ethnically Jewish Christians, any more than they do of European DNA.

Notice that Ben Shapiru didn’t fire Hammer or disavow him. He simply did what Shapiru always does and lied. So much for his claim that racists should be hunted down and disemployed.