Vote until you get it right

Asian immigrants are rapidly learning how the U.S. imperial system actually operates:

A Howard County, Maryland, school board voted Thursday to implement a busing initiative opposed by the vast majority of the public. Board members took one of the “no” voters into a back room after an initial vote failed. She changed her vote when she reemerged.

Board member Kirsten Coombs voted “no” after board member Jennifer Mallo motioned to move a swath of children out of their schools to try to balance poverty rates. It failed 4-3, and people clapped. “I move that we go into recess to consider the impact of the failure of that last motion,” Mallo said.

Coombs appeared to be crying when they came out of the back room and said the board should vote again “because otherwise the entire plan falls apart.”

The board redid the vote, with Coombs’ voice cracking as she said “yes.” The vote was part of a series taken by the board that, together, resulted in the large-scale moving of children to different schools based on their parents’ income, effective in 2020.

Residents of the center-left county are in shock that the board passed a busing plan will move about 5,300 children from their neighborhood schools to balance poverty, despite almost unanimous opposition in the testimony the board heard, and the school system’s own data showing no connection between equal demographics of schools and more equal performance of demographic groups.

Asian cultures have a strong tendency to take things at face value. That’s why Asian immigrants are so shocked when they discover that the Ivy League admissions offices are not genuinely meritocratic, that Hollywood entertainment does not reliably represent U.S. demographics, and that their elected representatives have absolutely no intention of representing the actual interests of their constituencies.

Ming Du wrote to Mallo: “It was a sad day, Ms. Mallo, a very sad day — you have completely repainted the image for the elected officials in a democratic society. I’ve never felt so belittled in front of a government official in America, and I was stunned to hear you rebuking your constituents, a scene I have not seen ever since I left the tyrannic China 26 years ago. … I thought America is different, until Nov 7, 2019.”

The U.S.A. is not any different than any other empire. The entire “land of the free” narrative is an unmitigated lie. The U.S.A. ceased to be a voluntary association in 1865, it ceased to be American in 1913, and it ceased to be European in 1965.