The Replatforming

What started out as a tactical move in response to a deplatforming has unexpectedly transformed into something akin to the much-requested Castalia House subscription. The November book was Corporate Cancer, the December book is Quantum Mortis: A Man Disrupted.

Supporting Castalia on Patreon is one of the very best book deals around, as $1 gets you the ebook, $3 gets you the ebook and the audiobook, and $20 gets you the ebook, the audiobook, and the paperback. We’re committed to ensuring that at least one of the three editions every month will be a brand new one; in this case, although the ebook has been out for years and Marcher Lord published a hardcover, both the audiobook and the paperback are new.

We’re announcing this now because the paperback will be available Monday, but if you’re interested in a) supporting the replatforming and/or b) the monthly book subscription, it is available this way so you will not need to buy it separately. Keep in mind that while the ebooks and audiobooks will be downloadable starting around the middle of the month, the paperbacks will be shipped the first week of the following month.