Mailvox: a gamma’s confession

A gamma explains the nature of gamma spiraling:

You were right at identifying Gamma in me, I knew it at the time, but I couldn’t help myself. It was an outburst. So I apologize for coming at you with the wrong motivations and for being driven by my ego.

It’s interesting how Gamma behavior undercuts and discredits the Gamma’s own interests.

I find in myself I can start out honestly, but I get set off by a spiraling imagination which overtakes me and makes me emotional. It causes me to instantly hate anyone who slights me because of fear and weakness, and not being firmly grounded in forgiveness, love and God. I interpret their actions in the worst possible way, and hair-trigger react to it into a murderously aggressive stance. There is always a partial awareness of the unfoundedness of this overreaction, but it is a survival instinct like an abused dog lashes out, based in the emotional unsteadiness and mindlessness which sweeps me off my feet. Shame and knowing subconsciously that I have lost myself piles on more emotional pain which forces me deeper into committing into that state.

Ego te absolvo. This honest admission and description of the process illustrates the fundamental lie of the typical gamma posturing. Their pretense at superiority is intrinsically false, and the fact that those of us who understand the SSH know it only makes them spiral all the faster.

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