This is how you win

To win the cultural war, you have to actually fight it:

Several schools in Poland have canceled activities promoting tolerance for gays and lesbians following government pressure and threats in some places. More than 200 schools had planned to take part in “Rainbow Friday,” an anti-discrimination event that a civic rights group, the Campaign Against Homophobia, had promoted in hopes of building greater acceptance for LGBT students.

The education minister of Poland’s conservative government, Anna Zalewska, had warned ahead of time that any principals who allowed such events to take place could face negative consequences. She also asked parents to report any such activities to authorities.

Civilization is winning in Poland and Hungary. Why? Because their politicians are aggressively taking the battle to the Left and using the full force of the law against it.

Darkstream: she looks beautiful in chains

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

Megyn Kelly made a classic, classic mistake. She went and apologized and there’s a very good chance that she would not have been dumped if she had stood her ground. But what she realized is that a white woman who is identified as being a conservative – I mean megyn kelly is not a conservative we know that but the fact that she was identified as a conservative – meant that the two black men were higher on the SJW totem pole than she is. So she needed to not apologize because it was a classic SJW situation.

Instead of saying what was wrong with that, what are you trying to claim was wrong with that, that’s how she should have responded. Instead she pled guilty. What you need to realize is that apologizing under pressure is exactly the same thing as telling a police officer that you’re guilty, and just as telling a police officer that you’re guilty does not cause the police to go away and tell you, “oh well you’re guilty? Great everything’s fine, let’s go back to the way things were , carry on.” They don’t do that, it doesn’t work that way. With SJWs if you apologize, then they go, “okay, great, you just pled guilty, now it’s time to go to the punishment phase.”

For all that Kelly is supposed to be a savvy, veteran journalist, still at her age she hadn’t figured that out. She obviously never read SJWs Always Lie or she would have known that.

Scott Adams is always wrong

Scott Adams attempts to construct a false dichotomy about the Fake Bombs:

Scott Adams@ScottAdamsSays
If the bomber theories come down to either a crazy Republican or a super-clever Democrat false flag mission, one of those things is far more common than the other.

Scott Adams@ScottAdamsSays
The “false flag” hypothesis for the bomber assumes the bomber is clever enough to do this clever subterfuge while being the only person in the United States who doesn’t know there is a 100{461ad34fd95ed0af8996f6f09a13b192cf13c719616d6cf9c9bfba66684d3567} chance this type of crime will be solved.

That’s just it. They don’t. The false flag hypothesis actually assumes that the fake bomber is actually rather stupid. Most hoax crimes are transparently obvious and are committed by relatively low-IQ individuals who completely fail to anticipate being identified and caught. Neither the construction nor the delivery of the fake bombs was clever; one reason why people are becoming increasingly adept at immediately identifying false flags is due to the ineptitude with which the scenario is presented to them. They recognize the usual patterns at work in the process.

And another pattern worth recognizing is the way in which Scott Adams often likes to espouse two contradictory positions, so that he can claim to have been correct later in the hopes that enough people will forget that he was also incorrect. His con game is more self-serving and harmless than the cons being run by Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson, but it is an intellectual con game all the same.

They took Bleeding Cool’s scalp

Now the Comics-SJWs are going after Bounding Into Comics:

Bounding into Comics has become the latest target of comic book industry professionals’ attempts to silence those whose opinions they disagree with. On Tuesday, prominent Marvel and DC Comics Colorist Tamra Bonvillain (Doom Patrol, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Uncanny Avengers) issued a call to her followers to unfollow and ignore Bounding Into Comics (henceforth BiC):

Tamra Bonvillain@TBonvillain
I would appreciate it if some of you would check their followers, and if you see a company you’re working with or have a good enough relationship with to talk to them about it, make them aware. I’m sure it’s in error, and I’ve contacted a publisher before and got them to stop.

As with many other comic book news websites, BiC does in fact receive review copies of books from major publishers such as Image, DC, Boom!, IDW, etc. The one publisher that does not work with BiC is Marvel Comics. At one time BiC did receive press releases from Marvel, but Marvel has since ceased this practice and ignored all requests from BiC editorial for details.

Bonvillain is no stranger to controversy, as she has a history of producing and supporting inflammatory statements. Previously, Bonvillain called ComicsGate supporters “trash”, declared that the ComicsGate movement is a “hate campaign”, and harshly criticized Chelsea Cain because she did not include trans characters in her recent series.

Bounding into Comics is committed to providing readers and audience members with factual news coverage on the comic book industry. While many see the coverage of individual creators and their words as personal attacks, these stories are reported not out of malice, but because the audience deserves to be informed of the workings of the industry and how it could affect them personally. Though coverage may spark controversy, backlash, or even personal attacks, the team at BiC will continue to provide well-researched and informative stories from across the comic book industry.

This attack on Bounding Into Comics is further proof, as if any more were required, that my position about the inevitable bifurcation and Fox-Newsing of the comics industry was correct and ex-Bleeding Cool Editor-in-Chief Mark Siefert’s well-intentioned, but naive perspective, as expressed in his now-deleted Bleeding Cool article, was hopelessly wrong.

It’s not as if this very scenario hasn’t been played out before in various industries, to say nothing of the American political system. The more the extreme Left attempts to exert its influence over permissible thoughts, opinions, and actions, and the more people that it banishes from the infrastructure it controls, the more powerful the reaction of the Right becomes.

We’ve seen this again, and again, and again. This process is already well underway in comics, which is why Arkhaven, and ComicsGate, and Bounding Into Comics exist in the first place. The more that Bleeding Cool ignores Arkhaven and we continue to ignore them – and we have no intention of ever speaking with them about anything or sending them any review copies in the future – the less relevant they will become as others follow our lead and we begin to make movies and games as well as further inroads into the financing, production, and distribution of comics.

Considering the journalistic competence of John Trent and his crew at Bounding Into Comics and their willingness to cover both sides of a story, I expect that they will begin to cut seriously into Bleeding Cool’s monthly traffic within 12-18 months. And the SJWs know it too, which is precisely why they have begun this campaign against them.

Whom the gods would destroy

They first set against the God-Emperor:

Megyn Kelly is OUT at NBC just 48 hours after defending blackface as she and the network fight over whether she will be paid out her $69M contract in full.

It’s not as if literally everyone didn’t know that wasn’t going to end well. I’m only surprised that it ended so quickly. The Token Conservative gig just isn’t viable these days; the SJWs won’t tolerate the tokens. Kelly was doomed from the moment Trump didn’t show up for the Republican debate on Fox.

We wouldn’t hire her in a million years. She’s toxic and her personal brand is finished.

Everyone is black and gay

Or so you’d think if you watched television:

Broadcast television is enlisting a record percentage of LGBTQ characters and featuring more LGBTQ characters of color than those that are white for the first time in the 2018-19 television season, a report published Thursday found.

GLAAD’s annual “Where We Are On TV” report, released Thursday, found that LGBTQ characters comprise 8.8 percent of all regular characters this season, up 2.4 percent from the 2017-18 season. (Last season had previously held the record for largest percentage in the report’s 23-year history.)

But we can do better!

Characters with disabilities are still significantly underrepresented compared to their presence in the actual U.S. population: Only 2.1 percent of characters on broadcast are disabled this season compared with 13.3 percent in the U.S. population.

If they do the same for the underrepresented demographics what they’ve done for the LGBTQP crowd, 58.5 percent of all television characters will be disabled and 132 percent will be obese. And in British advertisements, 86 percent of all blonde women are married to the same bearded black guy. Although I actually saw him married to a black woman the other day, so apparently he’s branching out.

Darkstream: Fake News, Fake Bomb

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

What I thought was really interesting about the God-Emperor’s statements today was that they made it clear that he’s condemning all political violence, which of course we know is predominantly conducted by Democrats, it is predominantly conducted by Antifa, and so it’s just utterly ridiculous to pretend that Donald Trump’s violent rhetoric is inspiring people to do bad and terrible things. Now it is possible that the person responsible is actually a Republican, it’s possible that the person responsible is a channer pulling some sort of serious practical joke, but these “bombs”, so to speak, look like something out of the Acme catalog that you see in the Wile E. Coyote vs Roadrunner cartoons.

Now we see this stuff over and over and over again, we see these hoaxes over and over and over again, and you know that the people perpetrating them are midwits, you know they’re not terribly smart because they just think, well, it worked once, it worked twice, it worked three times, therefore it will always work! Surely no one will ever notice this pattern of behavior! And of course the media is leaping on this in a big way. What’s funny is that there are even Democratic politicians like Cuomo who are claiming falsely that they received these fake bombs.

You know when political violence, real political violence takes place in a country, like for example when the Shining Path went after politicians and and police in Peru, there was no mistaking it. There was no mistaking the political violence in Ireland either, but this stuff is a joke. It’s a hoax, it’s a false flag, it is fake news! The whole idea is to attempt to repress Republican attacks on the Democrats, and especially Republican attacks on the media, because they’re so effective. I mean think about it,  what is the narrative here? Because the President and others say that the media is fake, people are sending bombs in the mail and therefore the president shouldn’t do that. How does this make any sense at all? There is no logic to it. If you actually wrote it out in a proper syllogistic form, you would see that it doesn’t work, it’s bad logic,  and it’s bad rhetoric too because everybody knows it’s fake I mean, you’re going to solve the problem of the news you push being fake by creating more fake news? The narrative is just absolutely ludicrous.

As you’d expect, Neon Revolt has considerably more on the Fake News Fake Bombs.

UPDATE: They’re doubling down on their false flaggery. Robert De Niro? Seriously?

Investigators seized two more suspected package explosives — one addressed to former Vice President Joe Biden in Delaware and one addressed to Robert De Niro in New York

War with China in 15 years

That’s the prediction from a former Army general:

The former commander of the U.S. Army in Europe says it’s likely the United States will be at war with China in 15 years. Retired Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges said at a Warsaw security forum on Wednesday that European allies will have to do more to ensure their own defenses against Russia as Americans focus more on the Pacific.

Hodges said: “I think in 15 years — it’s not inevitable, but it is a very strong likelihood — that we will be at war with China. The United States does not have the capacity to do everything it has to do in Europe and in the Pacific to deal with the Chinese threat.”

I put no stock in this general’s grand strategic analysis, but the timeframe is interesting, as well as the tacit admission that the US is no longer the sole global superpower it once was, but is merely the foremost global power now. And the trends most certainly do not favor it retaining that status considering how it has not even been able to maintain the Monroe Doctrine or defend its own borders.

Furthermore, the US is not going to fight a war with China until China is completely ready for it, and when that moment arrives, the US will lose its influence over Asia in much the same way Russia has lost its influence over Eastern Europe whether the war is fought or not.

The fakest of fake news

Oh noes! Those hateful haters in the Republican party are MAILING PIPE BOMBS to places that are almost guaranteed not to harm anyone, least of all the Democratic politicians and media figures who are the putative targets!

Clearly this means we have no choice but to a) disarm all Americans and b) vote for Democrats. The logic is irrefutable.

Explosive devices addressed to Hillary Clinton’s home and the house of former President Barack Obama were intercepted, and the Time Warner Center that is home to CNN in New York City was evacuated after a suspicious package was sent there, officials said.

Investigators are working to determine whether the two devices addressed to Clinton and Obama are connected to a pipe bomb found earlier this week in the home mailbox of billionaire George Soros near where the Clintons live in Chappaqua, New York, multiple law enforcement officials told ABC News.

I haven’t seen anything this Fake News since a literal actor “attacked” Comet Pizza by firing a single gunshot at the floor when the owner was out. I mean, at least when the Nazis Fake-Newsed the Reichstag, they actually burned it down.

UPDATE: Okay, this is even more fake.

A suspicious package has been found at U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ office in Sunrise, police said. “Yes, I can confirm there’s a suspicious package and we’re handling it right now.” Broward Sheriff Scott Israel said.

Broward County Sheriff’s Office… now that does sound familiar, does it not?

UPDATE: Well, now we have a good idea who mailed them… to himself and others.

CNN on Wednesday reported that the suspicious package that forced an evacuation of its New York headquarters was addressed to former CIA director John Brennan, a frequent Trump critic and MSNBC contributor.

UPDATE: The Littlest Chickenhawk characteristically weighs in:

If your first reaction to some evil person sending bombs to a variety of politicians on one side of the aisle is “FALSE FLAG,” you are officially deranged.
– Ben Shapiro

Or, you know, capable of basic pattern recognition. I guess it takes more than a 115 IQ to figure that out.