The victory of the secret king

A Peterson cultist named Dan Poynton wants me to know that he won another imaginary argument with me. No, make that TWO imaginary arguments!

I interacted with you & your youtube watchers a while back re one of the many Peterson videos you’ve made, which you will have probably forgotten.

I just want you to know that I know what you’re up to. You blocked me from making comments. Apart from this obviously being an admission that you’d lost any argument between us, I also thought it was extremely cowardly. And I admit, with your obvious intelligence and strength of character,  I was really shocked. I mean, why would you block an obviously lesser-IQ individual like myself, who was interacting with both you and your fans with civility and informed/considered posts? Totally unnecessary and I was never expecting such an early admission of defeat on your part.

Anyway, I’ve stopped listening to you recently, because I realise your material is actually quite “evil” (to use your word), and my attraction to it is not a healthy thing. However, I can’t resist anything you put out re JP, because your derangement and anger over this man is first-class entertainment. And I’ve realised that you’ve become so deranged now (re this issue, not with many others, about which I have often enjoyed listening to you) that you’ve almost abandoned logic altogether.

Below is my post, which I presumed only you would see, but perhaps you didn’t:

There is now no doubt: Vox Day is an utter idiot. In his deranged Peterson fury, he’s incapable of even saying anything logical. I’ve enjoyed Vox’s other stuff at times, but the man is just another high-IQed idiot who specialises in fallacious rhetoric (despite his lofty claims to the contrary).

However, I actually believer you CAN’T be so stupid as to not realise this. You’re an intelligent guy, Vox. You’re deliberately misleading your fawning fans with rhetorical – and often completely false – polemic, and this is dishonest and displays your obvious lack of integrity.

You’ll no doubt now block my email address – don’t worry, I don’t care, and it will only be a further admission of your dishonesty and derangement.

I just think it’s funny that he insists I’m the dishonest, angry, deranged one when Jordan Peterson is in rehab for drug addiction barely a year after he claimed he wasn’t taking any medications due to his magic diet.

If I ever run for Emperor of Man, my platform will include mandatory euthanasia for gamma males at the age of 18, with a second round at 25 just in case we missed any of them. I expect I’ll win 100 percent of the female vote with that policy.

Forget conferences, we need these for life

I can’t say that I would honestly mind having a badge that would forbid anyone to talk to me in real life:

Transgender conference organisers have given academics traffic light ‘safe space’ badges to show whether they can cope with a conversation.

Scholars attending the Thinking Beyond: Transversal Transfeminisms event at Roehampton University in southwest London were given green, amber and red lanyards to signal if they could talk.

A green badge meant ‘I wish to speak with other delegates and welcome you to approach’, yellow was for ‘I will approach you if I wish to speak’ and red meant ‘I do not wish to speak with other delegates.’

The guests were able to switch between the colours if they chose during the day, according to the Sunday Times.

Women, of course, will require a pink badge, which means “I do not wish for you to speak with me unless I find you attractive.”

Gammas redefine gamma

It’s amusing how predictable they are. Notice how gammas consider themselves to be a higher form of alpha in this definition provided by Google:

Gamma males love having fun but don’t shrug off their responsibilities at the same time. They’re definitely adventurous and fun-loving and tend to get very restless if they’re left idle for too long. It is possible an alpha male might mature into a gamma male, because gamma males are a more refined version of them.

Il sinistro magico

So, my unexpectedly extended run as a starter has finally come to an end. The veterans were in desperate need of reinforcements this season, and we received them in the form of a new keeper, defender, midfielder, and attacker. This has come in handy, as we’ve given up ZERO goals in three of our first four games.

However, this week’s game was against the three-time league champions and we had an almost-full squad with only our starting sweeper being out, so I found myself on the bench at the start for the first time this year. I couldn’t complain, as the new attacker is much better than me, so is the new midfielder, and the other midfielder is for all intents and purposes my equal, only he didn’t give up a penalty to cost us two points last week.

(The call was 100 percent incorrect and the penalty was not awardable, but regardless, it was still on me.)

So, I didn’t disagree with the captain’s call at all. In fact, his starting lineup was precisely what I would have set if I was in charge. Not only that, but when I went in halfway through the first half at left midfield, I found myself entirely outmatched by the Red team’s extremely aggressive right mid. I only gave up the ball twice, but one turnover was an exceptionally stupid pass in a situation when I found myself surrounded by four opposing players, and I think I only managed to get up across midfield to help the attack once.

I did do a decent job of helping out the defense, but it wasn’t exactly a surprise to find myself back on the bench after halftime. Somehow, we were ahead 1-0 thanks to a goal by the captain that was completely against the run of play, but of the 10 field positions, we might have had the advantage of two of them. Fortunately, they kept trying to attack up the middle, where our best player, the defensive midfielder, was more than equal to their number 10 and repeatedly stifled their attacks.

They started to flag a little in the second half, and we actually managed a decent attack or three, but neither team looked particularly like scoring until the referee gave our defensive midfielder a yellow card. In our veteran’s league, that’s a 10-minute penalty benching, but a substitution is allowed. I was called in for him and sent over to the left, while the left mid I replaced moved into the now-empty defensive slot.

Somewhat to the surprise of both teams, they weren’t able to exploit our best player’s absence, and once, after picking up a blocked shot, I managed to beat not one, not two, but three of their players on a long 60-meter run up the left side. I actually got the ball past a fourth and last defender, the sweeper, as well, but he took me down hard to give us a free kick and give me three sprained fingers on my right hand which I can still feel as I type this.

We didn’t get anything out of that, but a few minutes later, we got another free kick on the right. Our number 10 tried to put it on the heads of our two tallest players at the top center of the box, but he hit it a little too hard. As I saw it coming, I thought the second of the two defenders to my right would manage to deflect the ball, but it just skimmed the top of his head, so I ran onto it, brought it perfectly to the ground with my left foot, took three steps, then hit it with my left foot without even looking at the goal.

When I looked up, I saw the ball had cleared the keeper, but it looked like it might be going a little wide right. Fortunately, the right post got in the way and the ball banked cleanly in. 2-0! The captain was the first to congratulate me, then pointed towards the bench as the 10 penalty minutes were up and our defensive midfielder was eligible to come back in. “Supersub!” he shouted and we exchanged a high ten as he came onto the field. My work was done.

“If we need any more goals, let me know. I’ll be right here,” I told the rest of the guys on the bench. They laughed and promptly christened my left foot “the magic left”. You see, I have an exceptionally feeble shot by their standards, and that’s with my RIGHT foot, so the idea that I could possibly score against anyone, let alone the champions, with my left struck them as intrinsically hysterical. Despite the other team’s best efforts, our defense stoned them again and again, and we held on for a 2-0 victory. It was a really good win.

The lesson is this: even when you are playing poorly, even when you’re overmatched, even when it’s clearly not your night, keep trying. Keep fighting. You never know what will happen. Replay that free kick 100 times and I might touch the ball five times, and maybe I score again once or twice at most. More likely, the defender heads the ball away, my first touch is too hard, or I miss the ball entirely. But you never know, so don’t give up. Of the 30 players on both teams who played that night, I was the second-oldest and almost certainly the worst player on the field. But you never know….

They are coming for the geniuses

Jack Baruth addresses the ongoing cultural defenestration of Richard Stallman:

The idea of truly free software given to the world for humanitarian purposes would not exist without Stallman. He was the only person who ever had the thought. Which means it is more radical than calculus, heavier-than-air flight, the theory of relativity, or the atomic bomb. It took someone with Stallman’s particular blend of Promethean IQ and mentally handicapped social skills to push it all the way to reality. You live in Richard Stallman’s world, whether you like it or not. He has had more influence on how we communicate in 2019 than any other single human being currently living. Any sane society would consider him a national treasure of greater importance than Fort Knox, to be cherished and protected accordingly.

Naturally, our society has decided to crucify him. A young woman with an axe to grind has instigated a lynch mob through an astoundingly ill-conceived and illogical bit of emotionally dependent rhetoric:

There are so many things wrong with what Richard Stallman said I hardly know where to begin…

She totally can’t even!

There is nothing I have seen a man in tech do that a woman could not. What’s more, the woman would probably be less egotistical and more team-oriented about it.

This is how you know the author is a mental child. Any of us “could do” many things. I could have written any song, novel, or movie screenplay that has appeared between 1982 and now. Except I didn’t. The Egyptians could have invented the airplane and the laser and the K-cup coffee maker, but they didn’t. Only children deal in potential. Adults deal in reality.

Also, I hate to tell her this, and its embarrassing that I should be the one to lecture an MIT graduate on this, but teams are for normies, for neurotypicals, for trash people who can’t retain multiple levels of variable dereferencing in their heads while coding. Teams do not accomplish, and have never accomplished, anything of genuine intellectual value.

The history of scientific progress is a history of individuals. Yes, you need a “team” to actually assemble the atomic bomb or the Intel Itanium or a commercial software product. You don’t need a team to conceive it and do the mental heavy lifting. The effective IQ of a team is the same as the lowest IQ in the team; the productivity of the team is a minor percentage of the productivity you could get from its smartest member working alone. Every once in a while you will see one brilliant person be inspired by another brilliant person in the near vicinity. This happens once for every hundred million times a “team” crushes the abilities of its members.

Richard Stallman is, by all normal human standards, a complete lunatic. He also happens to be a genuine genius. And more to the point, by every sane human standard, Richard Stallman has done nothing wrong. While I think his postulations concerning possible defenses of Marvin Minsky’s alleged behavior are both a) incorrect and b) irrelevant, there is nothing remotely questionable or surprising about his formulating and expressing them.

Can you even imagine Richard Stallman being courted and corrupted by Jeffrey Epstein? That not only stretches the bounds of credibility, it’s got the potential to be a hilarious comedy sketch.

Epstein: Hey, Richard, do you like to party? I know some nice girls who would like to meet you.

Stallman: I would not be happy at a party. Especially not if it’s raining. You have a big face. Do you have a parrot?

Epstein: Um, no….

Stallman: Go away! Go away now!

But this isn’t a comedy sketch, it is today’s ugly reality.

On September 16, 2019, Richard M. Stallman, founder and president of the Free Software Foundation, resigned as president and from its board of directors.

He took his damn pills

I knew Jordan Peterson was going to find life difficult in the aftermath of Jordanetics, but it now appears that he took his own advice a little too enthusiastically:

Jordan Peterson, the Canadian psychologist and anti-political-correctness crusader, has checked himself in to rehab in New York, his daughter has revealed.

The “12 Rules for Life” author has sought help trying to get off the anti-anxiety drug clonazepam, his daughter Mikhaila Peterson said in a video posted to her YouTube account Thursday.

“I’ve never seen my dad like this,” the 27-year-old diet blogger said in the eight-and-a-half-minute video. “He’s having a miserable time of it. It breaks my heart.”

The elder Peterson, 57, began taking the addictive medication to deal with stress from his wife’s battle with cancer and other health problems earlier this year, his daughter said.

Whatever the truth might be, it almost certainly isn’t what Peterson has been telling his daughter or anyone else. Remember, he is an inveterate liar and this is within the time frame in which he was still publicly going on about the health miracles of his new diet, upon which he never, ever cheats. My guess is that the stress of knowing tens of thousands of people have learned that he is an unmitigated fraud has been constantly eating away at his fragile psyche ever since the book came out last year.

Yes, his wife is ill, but since he’s a narcissist that’s not likely to be a significant factor in the state of his mental health. Just look at how he has successfully made his own wife’s cancer all about him. And no, I’m not even a little bit surprised by either the addiction or the resort to rehab; things will almost certainly get worse over time because Jordan Peterson can’t be cured by pills or rehab or Jungian psychotherapy. He needs to repent and to confess and to stop lying all the time. He needs Jesus Christ.

It is informative, however, to observe that all of those wicked individuals who have attempted to push a completely false narrative about Owen Benjamin’s psychological health somehow managed to completely miss Jordan Peterson’s breakdown even though I anticipated its inevitability more than a year ago.

  • It’s not an insult to observe that Jordan Peterson is mentally ill or that his mental illness has significantly influenced his worldview, his philosophy, and his most recent book. To the contrary, it is a highly pertinent fact. One does not need a PhD in psychiatry or anything else to observe that someone is crazy or to observe the effects of that craziness. Jordan Peterson isn’t wandering through the night with a knife in his hand muttering “don’t be evil” to himself, he’s doing an intellectual version of that by weeping on stage with a mic in his hand as he begs people to not be too ashamed to take their prescribed medication.
  • More and more people are becoming aware that Jordan Peterson is not only a liar, he is a complete lunatic who should be in a padded cell for his own protection.

Of all the words of screen and pen
The most painful are these:
Vox was right again.

Medieval History 101 Episode X

His supporters satirize his opponents’ anxiety about the extent of his power by calling President Trump “God-Emperor,” but the taunt is only effective because Americans are not supposed to want kings, never mind emperors. And yet, how else would one define the West? Can there be civilization without hierarchy? Can there be peace without an emperor? Throughout the Middle Ages, European Christians looked to Charlemagne as the model for the emperor who would defend Christendom and bring back the glories of Rome. How much did Charlemagne himself contribute to this ideal? Would the Franks of the eighth and ninth centuries have recognized later representations of Charles as emperor and king?

Medieval History 101 Episode XGetting Medieval on the Emperor by the Grace of GodEpisode Guide.

Following our lead

Maybe, just maybe, we knew what we were doing by setting up Unauthorized the way we did:

At the same time the government launched their probe, the top publishers in the country had gathered for an emergency summit in New York. Advertising dollars from 2015-2018 were slowly declining. 2019 trends were showing an alarming trend with programmatic revenues in freefall industry-wide. Ad revenue across publishing was down over 50{56510949195f95f693d0700c7df4a440f85fa77fe69050b28a344594aa03acbf}??? There’s gotta be an explanation for this?

Here’s the sticky-fingered culprit. Facebook has decided to sweep the leg on the entire industry, it’s actually happening now. But why now? The reason why is shockingly simple.

Google and Facebook are ad-supported businesses. They want to get you on their pages and keep you there at all costs. This puts them at odds with the publishing community, much of which is ad supported. Google. Facebook, and Amazon control 70{56510949195f95f693d0700c7df4a440f85fa77fe69050b28a344594aa03acbf} of all online ad dollars spent. The rest of the publishing world fights for scraps of the other 30{56510949195f95f693d0700c7df4a440f85fa77fe69050b28a344594aa03acbf}. But Google and Facebook got together last year and colluded with each other, asking a simple, shocking question, a question that prompted the anti-trust probe:

“What if we took it all?”

And these clowns actually agreed they should fuckin’ do it. Holy smokes.

The endgame is underway. Last Thursday, Rooster Teeth, a company I admire and have tremendous respect for laid off 50 people. To avoid the same fate publishers have absolutely littered their website with ads; Pop-ups, Auto-sound ads, the kitchen sink, to stay afloat. We haven’t followed suit. Frankly I’d rather die.

Fewer publishers, and the ones left must worship a new god. Sound familiar?

By taking it all, the Duopoly actually wins twice. Not only do they kill publishers and take their money, what’s left of the publishers who hang on will have no choice but to attach their skeleton crew to Facebook and Google for life support. Facebook will actually have the balls to play savior by creating, say, a ‘preferred publisher program’, anointing a handful of publishers as partners who will get traffic from FB and just enough ad revenue to survive. Then Facebook’s algorithm will only show you articles from those publishers that their algorithm thinks you want to see. Your entire internet consumption, as well as how you think and feel, will be dictated to you.

theCHIVE doesn’t have that option nor would we want it. Logically, if the ad-supported model is dying, we must diversify our business model. We must control our own destiny and diversify away from ad-supported to subscription model.

If you’ve noticed, we don’t advertise any of our projects anywhere. Arkhaven, Castalia, Infogalactic, VFM and Unauthorized all refuse to pay-to-play on Amazon, Facebook, Google, or anywhere else. We would rather rely upon our core supporters, focus upon serving them, and gradually grow that strong foundation than try to catch a big wave on Amazon or wherever.

Why? Because the wave belongs to the wave maker and is entirely under its control! We’ve seen, repeatedly, that even million-selling Amazon authors have ZERO support outside of Amazon. Their success is entirely in the hands of potentially hostile parties, which is why we’d rather have a small, but very reliable set of supporters than a large, but entirely unreliable one.

Build your own platform. Build your own market. TheCHIVE has belatedly realized what we knew all along: if people aren’t willing to pay for it directly, it isn’t worth doing in the first place. And if you haven’t subscribed to Unauthorized yet, you can do so here. And speaking of UATV, there is a new Chuck Dixon video on the upcoming Birds of Prey movie up now.  Yes, believe it or not, he wrote that comic too….

A publisher, not a platform

Facebook is trying to spin federal law and be protected by it too:

Facebook has invoked its free speech right as a publisher, insisting its ability to smear users as extremists is protected – but its legal immunity thus far has rested on a law that protects platforms, not publishers. Which is it?

Facebook has declared it has the right, as a publisher, to exercise its own free speech and bar conservative political performance artist Laura Loomer from its platform. Even calling her a dangerous extremist is allowed under the First Amendment, because it’s merely an opinion, Facebook claims in its motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Loomer.

But Facebook has always defined itself as a tech company providing a platform for users’ speech in the past, a definition that has come to appear increasingly ridiculous in the era of widespread politically-motivated censorship. Now, the not-so-neutral content platform has redefined itself as a publisher, equipped with a whole new set of rights – but bereft of the protections that have kept it safe from legal repercussions in the past.

“Under well-established law, neither Facebook nor any other publisher can be liable for failing to publish someone else’s message,” Facebook’s motion to dismiss Loomer’s defamation suit reads, justifying its decision to ban her from the platform. It also points out that terms like “dangerous” or “promoting hate” cannot be factually verified and are thus constitutionally protected opinions for a publisher – while claiming it never applied either term to Loomer, despite banning her from its platform under its “dangerous individuals” policy.

Defining itself as a publisher opens Facebook up to lawsuits for defamation and other liability for the content users publish, something they were previously immunized against. All the lies, personal attacks, and smears launched by users going forward can now be laid at Facebook’s feet. That’s a Pandora’s box they might not want to open, legal analyst and radio host Lionel told RT.

Whatever they say – platform or publisher – their words will haunt them legally from now on.

Platforms like Twitter, Google, and – until now, apparently – Facebook are protected from the legal consequences of their users’ speech by section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Facebook even makes reference to section 230 later in its motion, suggesting that it is trying to have its cake and eat it too.

As I have repeatedly pointed out, the legal departments of the SJW-converged tech companies are paper tigers. They are not at all accustomed to anyone standing up to them, they are riddled with diversity, and they are prone to flailing about dramatically and incoherently rather than articulating an internally consistent legal narrative.

Facebook cannot be both a platform and a publisher. Either it is a content-neutral platform or a publisher responsible for its content. In the Loomer case, it has clearly chosen to be a publisher and can now be held responsible for all the content it publishes.

On a not-completely-unrelated note, Indiegogo has announced new Terms of Use today.