The roots of British autodidacticism

This is an interesting story about the history of elite education trickling down to the working class in 19th century Britain:

There were many cheap mass-market series of ‘classics for the masses’ in the 19th century, and organised working-class educators made full use of them. In London, the Working Men’s College became nationally famous under Sir John Lubbock, its principal between 1883 and 1899. Lubbock drew up a list of the 100 books it was most important for a working man to read. The proportion of classical authors is remarkable: Homer, Hesiod, Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Plutarch’s Lives, Aristotle’s Ethics and Politics, Augustine’s Confessions, Plato’s Apology, Crito and Phaedo, Demosthenes’ De Corona, Xenophon’s Memorabilia and Anabasis, Cicero’s On Duties, On Friendship and On Old Age, Virgil, plays by all the tragedians, Aristophanes’ Knights and Clouds, Herodotus, Thucydides, Tacitus’ Germania, and Livy. In addition, two famous works on ancient history, Edward Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1776-89) and George Grote’s A History of Greece (1846-56), make it on to the list as necessary reading for any educated person, along with the most popular novel then in existence set in antiquity, Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s The Last Days of Pompeii (1834). After 1887, the classical riches on the bookshelf of the working-class self-educator can, in large measure, be attributed to Lubbock’s ideal curriculum.

Yet the standout name in translated classics is the Everyman’s Library series, launched by Joseph Malaby Dent in 1906. Everyman’s printed 1,000 titles in its first 50 years. Forty-six are listed as ‘classical’ in genre – most standard works of Greek and philosophy, poetry and prose, from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations (the first classical text released), through the dramatists and epic poets to Aristotle’s Metaphysics, the 1,000th volume published.

Dent was the son of a Darlington painter-decorator who joined a Mutual Improvement Society and caught the literature bug. With his editor Ernest Rhys, he founded the Everyman label. Born into a middle-class family, Rhys began his working life as a coal engineer at Langley Park in County Durham, where he sought to enrich the lives of his co-workers. To the consternation of his conservative line manager, who considered mineworkers to be interested only in drinking and gambling, he established a library in a derelict worker’s cottage. Plato’s Republic was on the inaugural reading list.

It’s a worthy legacy. It would be excellent indeed if we were able to do something similar with Castalia; even today one can educate oneself with an Everyman’s Library. How many of us, with our expensive university diplomas, are truly as well-educated, or even as well-read, as those working men of yesteryear?

The list of Lubbock’s 100 most important books can be reviewed here. It’s interesting, as when I contemplate the 100 books selected by Franklin Library and published in the 1980s, there are considerably too many plays and more than a few books that don’t even strike me as the best book by the author. When DH Lawrence and Walt Whitman make the list while Sun Tzu and Hermann Hesse don’t, well, that just strikes me as hopelessly wrong.


Another hit piece incoming. Apparently the “journalist” in question erroneously believes me to be a “white supremacist” and is under the impression that “Mongols” are of African descent.

Remember, these people genuinely believe they are our moral and intellectual superiors.

It’s mildly amusing to observe the way they believe just one more slander will finally serve to discredit and disqualify me when the ten thousand previous slanders have failed. It simply doesn’t matter what they say anymore. They could report that I personally slaughtered 37 people on Broadway with a letter opener shaped like a rabbit while screaming “blood for the Blood God” and I doubt we’d lose a single subscriber on Unauthorized or a single reader here. No one cares what they say anymore.

Needless to say, I have not spoken to them.

Speaking of gammas

On Tuesday, December 17 we were hit by multiple big DDoS attacks. Multiple prefixes were attacked. Needless to say, we dealt with it without any real trouble because we have been under constant cyberattack since Castalia House endorsed GamerGate in 2015.

The VFM have been instructed to track down the parties responsible while the LLoE is reviewing the applicable laws in the relevant legal jurisdictions. When we find them, we will file both civil and criminal charges.

In case you ever wondered why we don’t disclose information about our operations and how they work, this should suffice to explain why. We don’t talk much about these attacks, but we have been dealing with them every day for more than four years now.

“Please retract this smear”

Now this is funny. Evan Schulz wants me to “retract this smear” against him. And precisely what “smear” is that?

I have never been in contact with Davey Crocko, and am not attempting to be an insider “whisleblower”. I am neither. I am not a bear, I am not VFM. All my interactions with Vox have been via email. All my YouTube comments are public and I stand by them. Please retract this smear.

So, Mr. Schulz believes a perfectly factual statement concerning the POSSIBILITY that he MIGHT be someone, posted with evidence of his direct connection to the individual concerned in the form of his comments on the latter’s channel, is a smear, while he stands by the following false statements:

  • “You are dead on with the scamming and ponzi scheme angle”
  • “this grifting”
  • “the constant grifting and lying”
  • “many of us who respected Vox and have been involved with his projects in the past have become disillusioned”

He also asserted the following via email:

  • “Either Owen is too dumb to realize this, or he is a malicious actor.”
  • “The remainder of the Bears that still put up with him are cultist sycophants.”

Mr. Schulz appears to be too stupid to realize that he has very publicly published several false statements that are damaging to multiple persons’ reputations, and that in doing so he has committed several acts of written defamation. In addition to those acts, he has also insulted every single Unauthorized, Castalia House, and Arkhaven customer, and the entire community of Bears.

As I told him in an email, the only one “fallaciously smearing” anyone is him. However, in the interest of accuracy, I have posted an update to the original post making it clear that he denies being the individual who emailed Owen’s anklebiter and claimed to be VFM and an Annual member.

Unfortunately for Evan Schulz and his preference to not be a public figure, his defamatory statements are now part of the public record, and will be available to every friend, foe, family member, and prospective employer in perpetuity.

One thing that people tend to forget is that I’ve been a public figure for 26 years, ever since my weekly column began appearing, complete with my picture, in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. This means that I am very, very accustomed to dealing with all of the various problems and challenges and complications that entails in a way that most people are not. So, if you are a self-appointed critic, you just may want to think twice before getting into a written conflict with me, because I will never hesitate to ensure that your words will follow you around for the rest of your life.

I have had to deal with that for most of my adult life. Why do you think you shouldn’t have to do the same?

A nonexistent insider

One of Big Bear’s anklebiters is claiming that “a Vox Day insider” and “vfm member” is exposing all sorts of nonexistent scams and shenanigans on our part.

we dont trust him but let me share some private messages from a vfm member, paid member an someone who is our mole on the inside.

However, the individual that appears to be behind this baseless slander is one Evan Shulz, an Alt-Hero:Q backer who helped bounce the rubble before getting aggressively butthurt over the Owen Benjamin-Nick Fuentes drama. He is neither an “insider” nor is he VFM, as should be evident from his comments on the video linked above.

Evan Schulz
You are dead on with the scamming and ponzi scheme angle, and many of us who respected Vox and have been involved with his projects in the past have become disillusioned since this partnership with crazy Owen and the endless grift that has ensued.

Evan Schulz
I’ve followed his work for a number of years. His book SJWs Always Lie was quite influential. “What you have to understand” (spoken in Vox voice) is that this grifting and constant fund raising is new and out of character.

Evan Schulz
he was always a pompouse ass. But he had interesting insights on certain topics that he is well read on. If someone is an interesting thinker, I can overlook a bad personality. But the whole Owen partnership and the constant grifting and lying and counter signaling people who are doing good things is new and bizarre.

I was thinking that name sounded familiar and went to check my email. Sure enough, the search revealed an object lesson in why one MUST always excise the gammas from one’s social circles, organizations, and even fan clubs. They are INEVITABLY treacherous, self-righteous little shits who will eventually seek to destroy whatever they cannot influence to their liking, no matter what “fans” or “supporters” they previously claimed to be.

7/14/2019 9:50 AM
Evan Schulz wrote:
Owen. I’ll be blunt. This man is extremely reckless in attacking Nick Fuentes. The remainder of the Bears that still put up with him are cultist sycophants. To dox Nick’s dad and so viciously attack him is putting Nick’s safety at risk from deranged people. Either Owen is too dumb to realize this, or he is a malicious actor working against our worldview and interests. He has diminished your well deserved reputation. My advice is to cut ties sooner rather than later.

To which I responded after unbanning him – unwisely, as it turns out – from the Darkstream chat, from which he’d been banned for repeating a question to which he’d already received an answer.


What on Earth do you think you were doing by repeating your question – which I’d already answered – on the stream? First, it’s not your business. Second, you’re wrong.

Third, how long will it take for you to admit you are wrong when Owen fails to turn on me? Two weeks? Two months?

Either way, this simply isn’t your concern.

Best regards,


7/16/2019, 5:58 PM
Evan Schulz wrote:
I apologize for addressing it publicly. In hindsight that was not very mature of me. For some reason I had not received notification of your email response. 

That being said, I stand by what I said. My main concern was not your reputation, but the wreckless nature of Owen’s behavior and the damage it does to the nationalist movement.

I’m happy to agree to disagree on this one. I still have a tremendous amount of respect for your body of work and original thinking.

Note that it is now December, five months after this email exchange, and we are still awaiting Owen’s supposedly imminent heel turn. And the prediction is more than a little ironic in light of Evan’s own rapid devolution from a tremendously respectful AH:Q backer to a publicly slanderous anklebiter who is henceforth banned from this blog, from the Darkstream, and from all of our collective projects.Perhaps he will find some modicum of consolation in his newfound status with his fellow anklebiters.

The lesson, as always, is this: BANISH YOUR GAMMAS. And in the unlikely event there actually is an Annual Unauthorized member who is discontent with the service that we are providing or believes that we have lied about it, rest assured that we will not hesitate to refund the entire amount to you regardless of when you happened to subscribe.

UPDATE: This excerpt was particularly amusing in light of the YouTuber’s complete failure to grasp the obvious implications of the situation.

Just like he’s saying with a Patreon lawsuit, just like he’s saying about suing YouTube, he said the same thing about IndieGoGo, yet he’s still using that company. And like with YouTube, he’s still using that company. There’s not gonna be a lawsuit against these companies.

His claims of engagement declining significantly are true, because the mods have done an excellent job of methodically beating down and banning the trolls. What he leaves out is that since the Darkstream’s peak engagement was set on February 25, watch time is up 119 percent and average view duration is up 7 percent.

UPDATE: Evan Schulz denies being the fake insider who emailed Davey Crocko and claimed to be VFM and an Unauthorized subscriber. I can’t confirm that, but I can confirm he is neither. He writes:

I have never been in contact with Davey Crocko, and am not attempting to be an insider “whisleblower”. I am neither. I am not a bear, I am not VFM. All my interactions with Vox have been via email. All my YouTube comments are public and I stand by them. Please retract this smear.

Beyond authorized

“Greta Thunberg” is entirely an artificial media construction, and was designed to be a propaganda figure from the start.

Teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg is the subject of a forthcoming documentary film – made by a crew that has followed her since the early days of her school strike. Still believe her rise to fame was an accident?

Thunberg, recently crowned Time magazine’s Person of the Year, can add documentary film subject to her burgeoning resumé. The film, tentatively titled ‘Greta,’ was announced by Deadline on Monday for a 2020 Hulu premiere. Director Nathan Grossman has followed the young climate prodigy to the ends of the Earth, from her school-striking on the sidewalk in front of the Swedish Parliament, to the high seas aboard the $4mn racing yacht Malizia II. Grossman’s only other IMDB credit to date is a Swedish film titled “Köttets lustar” (or “Lusts of the Meat”), which, while it sounds pornographic, purports to be the story of one man “looking over his life as a carnivore.”

One might ask why, if Thunberg’s meteoric rise from her lonely sidewalk protests to hectoring the rulers of the world about her stolen future was as organic as it is presented, a documentary crew was already present to film her sitting alone on the pavement? It’s not like her parents have been trying to make her a celebrity since she was just 12 years old, only to have their exploitative TV show idea rejected by Swedish broadcaster SVT. Never mind, all that did happen.

Much like Jordan Peterson’s “rise”, there is absolutely nothing organic or genuine about Thunberg’s otherwise inexplicably inescapable media presence. She’s a useful tool to the globalist Prometheans in their bid to heal the world by ruling it.

Not 4GW… yet

William S. Lind explains why the current New World Disorder is a precursor to 4GW across the West rather than the phenomenon itself:

In more and more places, states are failing to maintain order but remain as vehicles of the New Class, the Establishment.  The Establishment runs the state, not to provide security of persons and property for all, but for its own benefit. It uses its control of the state to give itself careers, money (lots of it), power, prestige, etc.  It then employs these to exempt itself from the consequences of state failure, i.e., it lives in gated communities, its kids go to private schools and its jobs don’t get shipped overseas.

One of the interesting characteristics of the new world disorder is that it is coming primarily from the middle class.  The yellow vests are a striking example. But the young people filling the streets of Baghdad and Hong Kong are also often of middle class background.  They are college students or recent college graduates. They are taking to the streets because around the world, the middle class is under ever growing pressure.  College degrees no longer bring good jobs. Pensions and paychecks no longer last to the end of the month. Maintaining even a vestige of a middle class standard of living requires going even deeper into debt.  The state arose to provide security, but it now yields growing insecurity for the middle class.

So far, the disorder appears to be directed against the Establishment that runs the state, not the state itself.  That is why it is not Fourth Generation war. If it proves possible to boot the Establishment out and replace it with governors who serve the middle class instead of themselves, the state is likely to remain.  However, if the Establishment is able to hold on to power despite its failure in governance, then at some point people are likely to start giving up on the state itself. At that point we will be looking at 4GW, and lots of it.

One thing is already clear, however. The Establishment is not going to give up power voluntarily, regardless of how the electorate votes.

The critics rave!

I wonder who is still buying the obvious shill-o-ganda from the Devil Mouse? Besides, of course, the mainstream media.

It’s the final film in the Skywalker saga that concludes the nine-film epic space opera. And critics were full of praise for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker as they revealed their initial reactions to seeing the film at the Los Angeles premiere on Monday night.

While Disney has embargoed full reviews until Wednesday, those inside the three cinemas screening the film were so delighted they took to Twitter to give their spoiler-free thoughts on the film on Tuesday.

‘I am absolutely blown away!’ Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker received RAVE first reactions from critics as they gushed on Tuesday about the ‘immensely satisfying’ conclusion

Calling the J.J. Abrams-directed film an ‘immensely satisfying’, many critics claimed it was a ‘fitting end’ to the franchise. SlashFilm’s Peter Scrietta gushed that ‘JJ Abrams nailed it, as he added: ‘He was able to bring a cohesive arc to this trilogy that feels like a fitting end to the saga as a whole. I’m so emotionally drained. Star Wars fans will be very happy.’

While SYFY Wire’s Jenna Busch added: ‘OH MY GOD! I am absolutely blown away! I’ve never been so satisfied by a film. This is the end of an era and a franchise that has defined my life and this did it justice in a way I didn’t imagine it could. You WILL cry….’

Color me EXTREMELY dubious. Of course, I haven’t seen a single Star Wars film since The Phantom Menace, so perhaps those who are more tolerant of bad cinema and terrible SF will genuinely be entertained.