Mailvox: whoop-de-damn-do

TB is concerned about the fact that I am being criticized:

Holy shit, Mike Enoch went off on VD on their podcast from yesterday. I came here expecting a response. Your move, Vox.

I’ll pass, thanks. Mike has a right to say whatever he thinks of me. And I’m not interested in his opinion, least of all concerning a subject I know superlatively well. I see no need to listen to his criticism much less respond to it.

RD informed us that “the TRS guys were quite unhappy that you pointed out Spencer isn’t of the Right.”

In their latest podcast, TDS185 (which is paywalled), they spent from 1h:27m – 1h:44m railing against you (and Cernovich), as they feel betrayed.  They talk about how they respected your work, but that they believe you’ve turned on them since the unfortunate events in Charlottesville.

I can’t help but kind of like those guys.  They’re funny, and they have a lot of energy and have reached a lot of people. But Mike Enoch simply refuses to accept that their cock-up in Charlottesville provided a pretext for the current wave of literal iconoclasm and grave desecration.  And they really don’t have a firm intellectual understanding of actual National Socialism and why it’s defunct.

At the same time, they say they’ve accepted your advice that Nazi flags and so forth are bad optics, and must be avoided.  But they don’t credit you with it.

The truth is what it is. This sort of “Jenny, did you hear what Billy said about Suzy” drama is of zero interest to me. I don’t know what they said. I don’t care what they said. I’m not attempting to curry favor with them or with anyone.

I’ve never been a movement guy. I don’t play particularly well with others, in part because I simply try to do what I think is right at the time. I don’t worry at all about what X is going to think about my opinion of Y. I stand by my friends, not because I agree with them or I believe their ideology to be flawless, but because they are my friends. That may not be enough for you, but it’s enough for me.

Also, I would point out that I have been the object of considerably more criticism than I have meted out. I’m not offering that as an excuse or a reason because it is neither; the criticism was merited regardless of the source. But I do think it suffices to dismiss the idea that I have betrayed anyone.

From the Nazi’s mouth

A number of historically ignorant defenders of national socialism have tried to claim that it is not a left-wing socialist ideology. This is utterly and absolutely false, and can be easily and conclusively proven to be false in a number of ways, including by reading a number of direct quotes from Mr. Hitler himself. Note, in particular, that the ultimate goal is “international socialism”.

  • It is not Germany that will turn Bolshevist but Bolshevism that will become a sort of National Socialism. Besides, there is more that binds us to Bolshevism than separates us from it…. I have always made allowance for this circumstance, and given orders that former Communists are to be admitted to the party at once. The petit bourgeois Social-Democrat and the trade union boss will never make a National Socialist, but the Communist always will.
  • We National Socialists wish precisely to attract all socialists, even the Communists; we wish to win them over from their international camp to the national one.
  • I have learned a great deal from Marxism as I do not hesitate to admit… The difference between them and myself is that I have really put into practice what these peddlers and pen pushers have timidly begun. The whole of National Socialism is based on it… National Socialism is what Marxism might have been if it could have broken its absurd and artificial ties with a democratic order.
  • After all, that’s exactly why we call ourselves National Socialists! We want to start by implementing socialism in our nation among our Volk! It is not until the individual nations are socialist that they can address themselves to international socialism.
  • The Revolution we have made is not a national revolution, but a National-Socialist Revolution. We would even underline this last word, “Socialist.”
  • There is a difference between the theoretical knowledge of socialism and the practical life of socialism. People are not born socialists, but must first be taught how to become them.
  • I, on the other hand, have tried for two decades to build a new socialist order in Germany, with a minimum of interference and without harming our productive capacity.
As you can see, no adherent to this ideology has any place on the Right, nor can he reasonably describe himself as being Alt-Right. I direct your attention to the very first point of the Alt-Right:
  1. The Alt Right is of the political right in both the American and the European sense of the term. Socialists are not Alt Right. Progressives are not Alt Right. Liberals are not Alt Right. Communists, Marxists, Marxians, cultural Marxists, and neocons are not Alt Right.

Being socialists, national socialists of any stripe can never legitimately claim to be Alt Right.

UPDATE: I will be debating Greg Johnson about that contention. Tara McCarthy will host. More info about when it will be broadcast tomorrow.

On the Fake Right

Neither neocons nor national socialists are of the ideological Right. Both groups are 100 percent Fake Right and rely upon deceit to try to worm their way into the genuine Right to drum up support on the basis of a few points of commonality because they are defeated left-wing factions.

This is nothing new. I was writing about this in 2004.

“Over a third of the 1920 Munich Manifesto precisely matched goals put forth by the American Democratic party, and that percentage more than doubled if one eliminates the historical aspects of the Nazi platform that simply have no application today.” 

And before that, in 2003, I looked at the ideological spectrum on a party-by-party basis.

The most common error is to postulate a Communist left-wing extreme opposed by an extreme Nazi right wing. Not only does this leave out a substantial body of political and philosophical thought, but the construction falls apart the moment the two socialist ideologies are compared. Any reasonable comparison inevitably forces the confused advocates of such a definition to assert that the spectrum is actually a circle, in which case the terms left and right, much less left-wing and right-wing, are wholly nonsensical.

Nor is the original usage of much utility today, since it represented the fundamental division of the pre-revolutionary French national assembly. Since very few nations feature a monarchy these days, and even fewer political parties espouse positions with regards to the Bourbon kings, this definition is now defunct. And the notion of basing the spectrum on progress, of course, begs the Marxian question. In other words, progress toward what? The worker’s paradise?

To find a stronger foundation for a proper political spectrum, it is necessary to delve into intellectual history. Looking back to ancient Greece, one finds striking similarities between the collectivism of Plato’s Republic and modern leftist thought. And likewise, the close relationship between the Aristotelian regard for the individual, the American Bill of Rights and today’s Libertarian Party is equally hard to escape.

Taking this fundamental dichotomy between the supremacy of the community and the primacy of the individual as a starting point, it becomes relatively easy to determine where an individual or party happens to fall on the political spectrum if communism is accepted as the anchoring point for the extreme left wing. The figure below illustrates where some of the most familiar political philosophies fall upon the spectrum based on an analysis of what I consider to be the ten most significant elements affecting individuals and their relationship to their government, followed by a point-by-point breakdown of how these positions were determined.

The ten issues were: Religious Freedom, Right to Life, Gun Control, State Money Standard, Private Property, Freedom of the Press, National Sovereignty, Standing Army, State Schools, Central State Authority

The totals:


This is conclusive evidence that all National Socialists and all Alt-Reichtards are 100 percent Fake Right. They are not only to the Left of the Republicans, they are observably to the Left of the Democratic Party and the DNC.

Nor is the claim that they are pro-white even remotely convincing. First, the German national socialists killed more white people than anyone but their fellow left-wingers, the Communists. Second, the overwhelming majority of genuine national socialists in the world today are not white at all, they are Asian and Arab. And the Chinese version of national socialism both preceded and survived the German version.

Mailvox: the Pope of the Alt-Right

WS complained about my detached and contemplative approach.

Maybe Vox figures he’s the Pope Benedict of the Alt-Right: the one who leads a contemplative life and assures us of his thoughts and prayers as we’re getting the snot beaten out of us.

I found it mildly amusing that she thought I was thinking about them at all. There is a reason why I didn’t know who Jason Kessler was until yesterday. It was because I paid absolutely no attention to the rally in Charlottesville, despite apparently having been invited to speak there, until it made the news.

Neither Clausewitz nor van Creveld ever commanded in the field. Karl Marx was considerably more influential as an author than as a labor organizer. And it seems unlikely that Alexander the Great’s astonishing military success was entirely unrelated to the fact that he happened to have the greatest thinker in Man’s history as his personal tutor.

In light of the surprising discovery that the front man for the so-called “Unite the Right” rally was a left-wing Obama voter, I’ve been giving some thought to the assertions of some of the petty self-proclaimed national socialists that they are too of the right. In this vein, I thought it would be profitable to consult Leon Trotsky on the matter. His thoughts, expressed in the dramatically titled, but perceptive essay “The Fascist Danger Looms in Germany” are thought-provoking, if less useful than one might have assumed.

In order that the social crisis may bring about the proletarian revolution, it is necessary that, besides other conditions, a decisive shift of the petty bourgeois classes occurs in the direction of the proletariat. This gives the proletariat a chance to put itself at the head of the nation as its leader.

The last election revealed — and this is where its principle symptomatic significance lies — a shift in the opposite direction. Under the blow of the crisis, the petty bourgeoisie swung, not in the direction of the proletarian revolution, but in the direction of the most extreme imperialist reaction, pulling behind it considerable sections of the proletariat.

The gigantic growth of National Socialism is an expression of two factors: a deep social crisis, throwing the petty bourgeois masses off balance, and the lack of a revolutionary party that would be regarded by the masses of the people as an acknowledged revolutionary leader. If the communist Party is the party of revolutionary hope, then fascism, as a mass movement, is the party of counter-revolutionary despair. When revolutionary hope embraces the whole proletarian mass, it inevitably pulls behind it on the road of revolution considerable and growing sections of the petty bourgeoisie. Precisely in this sphere the election revealed the opposite picture: counter-revolutionary despair embraced the petty bourgeois mass with such a force that it drew behind it many sections of the proletariat….

Fascism in Germany has become a real danger, as an acute expression of the helpless position of the bourgeois regime, the conservative role of the social democracy in this regime, and the accumulated powerlessness of the Communist Party to abolish it. Whoever denies this is either blind or a braggart….

The danger acquires particular acuteness in connection with the question of the tempo of development, which does not depend upon us alone. The malarial character of the political curve revealed by the election speaks for the fact that the tempo of development of the national crisis may turn out to be very speedy. In other words, the course of events in the very near future may resurrect in Germany, on a new historical plane, the old tragic contradiction between the maturity of a revolutionary situation, on the one hand, and the weakness and strategical impotence of the revolutionary party, on the other.

Now, there is without question a social crisis across the West. A severe social crisis of historic proportions, arguably more serious than the one of the previous century. But in every case, the big bourgeoisie is allied with government bureaucracies and the ur-communists in revolutionary hope while both the petty bourgeoisie and the proletariat are increasingly inclined towards counter-revolutionary despair. Moreover, the class metric is largely irrelevant, because the dividing lines are far more clearly identified on identity grounds than on class grounds.

In other words, from the Trotskyite perspective, we’re in new territory here, and more sophisticated philosophical tools are required for useful analysis and prediction. But it is already clear that neither simple identity metrics nor conventional ideological metrics will alone suffice.

Neocons 2.0

When I said it’s not punching right to criticize the Alt-Reichtards, I had no idea how correct I was:

Only a year ago, white supremacist and ‘Unite the Right’ leader, Jason Kessler, was said to be a supporter of former President Obama and the Occupy movement. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Kessler revealed his political transformation around November 2016, the same month then-candidate Donald Trump won the presidential election. In November, 2016, Kessler displayed a rightward shift according to SPLC during an attack on Charlottesville vice mayor Wes Bellamy who posted racist and vulgar tweets in 2011 and 2012.

Didn’t we already go through this once before? How did that turn out for the Right?

Now, I’m all in favor of people seeing the light and all, but perhaps accepting these enthusiastic newcomers in positions of leadership is not the wisest course of action. Especially when they have shown that they are manifestly unprepared for it. I’m not saying there is no place for them on the Right, merely that one should think twice, or perhaps three times, before placing any confidence in them.

Criticizing these guys isn’t punching right. There are birds in my yard that have been right-wing longer than them. They are not even to the right of the average cuckservative. This may explain why, when I had Richard Spencer on Brainstorm, we were all surprised to discover that he was to nearly everyone’s left.

Identity politics are in the process of replacing ideology politics, but that means that ideology is no longer the sole metric, not that it is entirely irrelevant.

Stupidity is no substitute for strategy

This Darkstream should amuse the Men of the West, who were arguing all along that the Alt-Reich were simply incapable of possessing any utility for defending America or the West. I thought they were extremists, but as it happens, they are nothing more than attention-seekers interested in “bantz” and “triggering the faggits” and “edgy” symbolism rather than actually seeking to win the cultural war.

It’s not “counter-signaling” or “punching right” to reject counterproductive morons who stubbornly refuse to learn anything from one failure after another. I stand by every single one of the 16 Points of the Alt-Right. But I have no more time or patience to spare for strategically-deficient cosplayers. Even Andrew Anglin appears to recognize this now.

“Publicly aligning ourselves to an old and extinct political movement is not forward thinking, and it isn’t fresh… NS was a Hitler personality cult, when it comes right down to it.”

The Reichtards are Fake Right. Their claim to be the One True Alt-Right is totally laughable, as they are pro-EU, pro-single payer health insurance socialists. Punching them is punching Left.

Hence today’s Meme of the Day.

Ben Shapiro’s Twitterfesto

The Littlest Chickenhawk’s take on the Alt-Right. He’s concerned about the media lumping him in with us. To be fair, he’s right. He’s not one of us.

The so-called alt-right is an evil movement having nothing to do with – and actively opposing – Constitutional conservatism. (1)

They’ve done an excellent job, with the media’s ignorant help, of portraying themselves as large and powerful (2)

And broadening their definition to include anyone who is anti-establishment or just likes memes. That’s not what they are. (3)

The alt-right has a very definite philosophy, articulated by people like Spencer, Taylor, and Vox Day (4)

And excused and popularized by people like Milo YIannopoulos. They were successful online in convincing key figures that they were (5)

An important constituency. Immoral politicians and advisors then made the conscious decision not to carve them off. (6)

Yes, that includes Trump and Bannon. (7)

Three elements assure their continued growth: pandering politicians and media figures catering to or ignoring them; (8)

Left-wingers labeling all right-wingers alt-right and therefore leading innocent people to believe that alt-right Judy means right; (9)

And left-wing violent groups like Antifa that drive fools into the belief that anyone who fights Antifa is necessarily an ally. (10)

We’re watching a tiny microcosm replay of brownshirts vs. reds in Weimar Germany. They’re even carrying the same flags. (11)

And leadership in media and especially the White House must actively and thunderously condemn the evil we’re watching metastasize. (END)

That’s all more or less true, up until point 8. We’re not dependent upon politicians and media figures catering to and ignoring us. That doesn’t even make sense. The best thing that ever happened to the Alt-Right was being actively denounced by Hillary Clinton.

And our continued growth is assured, not due to points 8, 9, and 10, but because Ben, and the cuckservatives, and the constitutional conservatives will not lift a finger to defend white Americans, or the European nations, from the globalist demographic assault of the last 52 years. To the contrary, they support that ongoing assault, with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

Riot police called out in Charlottesville

#Charlottesville city officials have declared a local emergency.

Per Pax:

Antifa attacked the rally and the police declared it an unlawful assembly and ordered us to disperse. #UnitetheRight /1

We were prepared to engage in civil disobedience and be arrested. I was on a line with Baked Alaska, Spencer, Damigo, and a few others. /2

The state police refused to arrest us. They assaulted us, knocked our guys down, and pepper sprayed us. /3

The police pushed us into a hostile crowd of antifa. They wanted to create a violent situation. /4

We had to battle our way out, I saw people bleeding and a lot of pepper spray casualties. /5

I think we might have done too much winning last night and they decided we couldn’t be allowed to speak today. I await comment from ACLU. /6

I don’t understand why the lesson of Berkeley with regards to the police didn’t register, but regardless, it should be eminently clear that peaceful protest by the Right will not be permitted.

Red Ice hacked

This is not surprising. Castalia House has been under continuous assault since the day we came out in support of GamerGate almost two years ago:

Henrik Palmgren  🐗‏ @Henrik_Palmgren   #TANGODOWN #HACKED @YourAnonNews @IGD_News Fuck all you nazi scum!!!!!

Henrik Palmgren  🐗‏ @Henrik_Palmgren
Replying to @Henrik_Palmgren @YourAnonNews @IGD_News
Red Ice TV is #TangoDown All servers/backups wiped. 23,000 member database stolen. MAJOR DOX INCOMING!!! @NYCAntifa @YourAnonNews @IGD_News

If you’re Alt-Right, or even Alt-Lite, better get in the habit of practicing proper operational security. 16-digit randomized passwords on everything, different passwords for everything, and so forth. I doubt this is an accident given that it is just one day after Lana Loktoff was featured in a Harper’s piece on the women of the Alt-Right.

It looks like both their Twitter account and their main site was hacked, which suggests the same password was used for both.