Intelligence and communication

Normal: Eh, it was fine.
Midwit: 1,500-word monologue reiterating the Mary Sue article that said the comic book was better.
High: 3,000-word dissertation on the technical details.
VHIQ: Eh, it was fine.
UHIQ: What movie?

I can explain the latter process:

  1. The movie ends.
  2. Think about X scene or character.
  3. Think about how something like that might be useful in the book I am currently writing, or less frequently, thinking about the possibility of writing someday.
  4. Start mentally writing the dialogue or playing through the action sequence.
  5. Upon completion, think about what implications that little vignette will have for previous or subsequent scenes. Mentally note the more significant ones.
  6. Lights go on.
  7. Debate whether it would make sense to write the scene down upon returning home, or simply file it away mentally for later in the hopes that I actually recall it at some point. Regardless of what is decided, it is always mentally filed away for later. There is perhaps a 5 percent chance it will ever cross my mind again.
  8. Suddenly recall a previous idea that had been filed away for later, but never recollected. Consider whether it would have utility in the current book or not, then remember that the book for which the idea is applicable was published five years ago. Mentally shrug.
  9. Everyone stands up. Spacebunny says, “did you like the movie?”
  10. “What movie?” “The. One. We. Just. Saw.” The latter statement is usually accompanied by an eyeroll and eyelid flutter that is less a gesture of contempt and more one indicative of seriously questioning her life choices.

Dragon Award last week

Last chance to register and vote in the 2017 Dragon Awards is this week. The Finalist ballot is here, and the registration signup is here.

My own A SEA OF SKULLS is a finalist in the Best Fantasy Novel category.

From a #DailyMemeWars subscriber:

Once again your “MEME of the Week” email subscription paid off:  I opened her up the other day and downloaded A Throne of Bones and A Sea of Skulls for free.  Two books that I was planning on reading for September.  I’ve been reading the first novel on this bus, and it’s fantastic. Combined with the free download, this guarantees that I will be making a more probing choice to make a purchase from Castalia House.  Brilliant marketing idea on your part, or whoever suggested it.

This is literally the ONLY useful email list that I’ve ever subscribed too.

Just thought you would like to know that your promotion style is making it real easy for people like me to become customers.  Also, the writing is great too.

“Police have disappeared”

From Twitter:

“Police have completely disappeared from #Berkeley. People getting beaten up. Red flags being waved in the air.”

This is a surprise? Again? Really?

What part of “when seconds count, the police are 20 minutes away” failed to register with gun-owning conservatives?


  1. The police have ZERO responsibility to protect you. None. This is settled case law. Never, ever, count on police protection from anything.
  2. The police work for the local mayor. The local mayor’s political allegiances dictate how the police will be utilized.
  3. This marks the third time – at least – that police protection has been proffered and then withdrawn.
  4. Street rallies serve no positive purpose, although they can be effectively used to demonstrate a) the politicization of the police as well as b) the violent lawlessness of the Alt-Left.

Bake the damn cake

Instapundit observes that the Kennedy Ministry’s case against the SPLC may have interesting implications for Amazon:

BAKE MY CAKE OR SUFFER THE PENALTIES: As Ed Driscoll reported yesterday, the D. James Kennedy Ministry is suing SPLC, GuideStar, and Amazon over “Hate” labeling. I’ve had a chance to go through the Complaint, and my view is the defamation claims may have enough merit to proceed, the Trademark claims are weak, but the most interesting thing — and what may be the most impacting aspect of this suit — is the claim under the Civil Rights Act, 42 U.S.C. 4 2000(a), which the Plaintiffs point out:

“Because the Amazon Defendants are operating a public accommodation(s), it is a violation of Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, specifically 42 U.S.C. § 2000(a), for the Amazon Defendants to deny the Ministry the privileges and advantages of the AmazonSmile program on the basis of the Ministry’s religion and the beliefs that are inherent to that religion.”

Now here’s where it gets interesting. If the Commerce Clause gives government the authority to trump a businessman’s personal beliefs, even if couched as a First Amendment expression, then the same logic that requires Christian fundamentalists to bake “gay” wedding cakes against their beliefs ought to mean that Amazon has no right to deprive the Ministry of a public accommodation because they “don’t like” that Church’s view on gay marriage.

I’m betting if Amazon doesn’t settle, that this issue is headed to the Eleventh Circuit, and maybe even SCOTUS. This is right in Justice Gorsuch‘s wheelhouse. Stay tuned.

It occurs to me that the Big Tech Left is handing the Right a golden opportunity for profitable lawfare. Whereas it might have been difficult before to argue that one has been materially harmed by defamation when falsely labeled a “Nazi” or a “White Supremacist”, the demonetization and deplatforming of various “Nazis” and “White Supremacists” is putting a material price tag on those labels.

If you’re a licensed attorney in the USA, the UK, or Australia, and you’re interested in helping out those who are being defamed in this manner, shoot me an email. It would appear to be an increasingly target-rich environment.

It’s not that bad

And it’s really not that hard to figure out, either.

The concept of communication range was established by Leta Hollingworth. It is +/- 2 standard deviations (roughly 30 points) up or down on one’s own IQ. It denotes the range where meaningful interaction (communication, discussion, conversation and socializing) is possible. If the IQ difference between two persons is more than 30 points, the communication breaks up. The higher IQ person will look like an incomprehensible nerd and the lower IQ as a moronic dullard – and they will not find anything common.

+/- 30 points does not sound much, but once the IQ is past 135, the downsides are imminent. When someone has a perfectly mediocre IQ (100 for Caucasian average), his communication range is from IQ 70 to IQ 130, which covers some 98% of the whole population. But when it is 135, it is from 105 to 165, which is approximately 36% of population. And it gets worse: if it is 162, your whole meaningful set of human interactions is restricted to Mensa qualifying people only (2% of whole population). Good luck for finding friends, acquaintances, colleagues – or spouse.

And it gets worse.

When the average IQ of a group is lower than the lower end of your communication range, the group will see you as a hostile outsider. They will do anything to bully you out of their presence. They will ostracize, excommunicate and oust you amongst themselves.

Sorry, but this is basic human psychology. Human group dynamics dictates that when the diversity grows too big, the group becomes incooperable – the group interaction becomes impossible. And high IQ means exactly that.

You may say that nobody must left behind and that mobbing and bullying is nasty and unacceptable, but our biology dictates otherwise. Exclusion is the basis for co-operation. A group which does not exclude people differing from the norm off or otherwise eliminate their presence, becomes dysfunctional.

Let me put this bluntly: every single human being with IQ of 135+ has experienced this exclusion, ousting and loneliness. The stereotype of a lonely genius does not come from empty air. It is cruel reality. And each and every human being with IQ of 135+ has experienced such unhappiness and misery the mediocre IQ people can not even imagine in their nightmares. I have cried my cubic metre of tears.

And this issue – that unhappiness is due to loneliness and the loneliness is due to the communication range – is something very few high IQ people ever realize.

I suspect it is significant that this piece is written by a high IQ woman. It’s not only harder for them to find friends, it is MUCH harder for them to find romance. A man is just as happy with a less intelligent woman as a more intelligent woman, whereas a woman is unlikely to want to settle for a less intelligent man, just as she’s less inclined to settle for a shorter man.

I knew I was much more intelligent than the average from the age of four, but I had an even smarter friend from the age of five. So, while I certainly experienced my share of exclusion and ousting, I can’t honestly say I ever experienced much in the way of loneliness. And frankly, very intelligent kids tend to be more than a little obnoxious as well as somewhat dishonest with themselves; it’s fine if you decide to reject the way that people have settled on doing things, but then, you have to recognize that you are making a choice.

In that refusal to admit that they are making a choice, many a gamma male is made.

Mailvox: whoop-de-damn-do

TB is concerned about the fact that I am being criticized:

Holy shit, Mike Enoch went off on VD on their podcast from yesterday. I came here expecting a response. Your move, Vox.

I’ll pass, thanks. Mike has a right to say whatever he thinks of me. And I’m not interested in his opinion, least of all concerning a subject I know superlatively well. I see no need to listen to his criticism much less respond to it.

RD informed us that “the TRS guys were quite unhappy that you pointed out Spencer isn’t of the Right.”

In their latest podcast, TDS185 (which is paywalled), they spent from 1h:27m – 1h:44m railing against you (and Cernovich), as they feel betrayed.  They talk about how they respected your work, but that they believe you’ve turned on them since the unfortunate events in Charlottesville.

I can’t help but kind of like those guys.  They’re funny, and they have a lot of energy and have reached a lot of people. But Mike Enoch simply refuses to accept that their cock-up in Charlottesville provided a pretext for the current wave of literal iconoclasm and grave desecration.  And they really don’t have a firm intellectual understanding of actual National Socialism and why it’s defunct.

At the same time, they say they’ve accepted your advice that Nazi flags and so forth are bad optics, and must be avoided.  But they don’t credit you with it.

The truth is what it is. This sort of “Jenny, did you hear what Billy said about Suzy” drama is of zero interest to me. I don’t know what they said. I don’t care what they said. I’m not attempting to curry favor with them or with anyone.

I’ve never been a movement guy. I don’t play particularly well with others, in part because I simply try to do what I think is right at the time. I don’t worry at all about what X is going to think about my opinion of Y. I stand by my friends, not because I agree with them or I believe their ideology to be flawless, but because they are my friends. That may not be enough for you, but it’s enough for me.

Also, I would point out that I have been the object of considerably more criticism than I have meted out. I’m not offering that as an excuse or a reason because it is neither; the criticism was merited regardless of the source. But I do think it suffices to dismiss the idea that I have betrayed anyone.


At the post-dinner table:

Vox: The expression on the face of someone coming out of a Japanese toilet is 40 percent “I think I’ve just been raped”, 40 percent “I’ve never felt this clean in my life”, and 20 percent “I’m not sure if I liked that or not.”

Lucy: That sounds like my average Saturday night.

Sebastian Gorka resigns

Another MAGA figure leaves the Trump administration:

Sebastian Gorka, the brusque national security aide to President Donald Trump, reportedly resigned his post as deputy assistant to the president late Friday.

The Federalist reports Gorka wrote a scathing resignation letter that sharply criticized the president’s newly unveiled strategy for the war in Afghanistan, and savaging White House rivals who he claims oppose the Trump agenda.

“[G]iven recent events, it is clear to me that forces that do not support the MAGA promise are – for now – ascendant within the White House,” Gorka wrote. “As a result, the best and most effective way I can support you, Mr. President, is from outside the People’s House.”

“Regrettably, outside of yourself, the individuals who most embodied and represented the policies that will ‘Make America Great Again,’ have been internally countered, systematically removed, or undermined in recent months.”

It’s disappointing to see Trump surrounded by the same sort of anti-American politicos that made up the bulk of the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama administrations. But – and I cannot stress this enough – do not make the mistake of counting the God-Emperor out. Things are not always as they seem, and like Chesty Puller, Trump is at his best when he is surrounded by his enemies.

They can’t get away from him now.

Why they spy

The Dark Triad Man explains the nature of government power, and why the techno-corporate state has erected the panopticon, in an excerpt from The Nine Laws:

Men rarely understand the nature of military power in the hands of governments.

The idiot believes that it is there to protect him, to enforce justice.

The common man thinks that it is used according to the law, sheltered within the principles of the culture.

The wise man assumes that human beings are fallible and their choices often self-serving; that the best interests and plans often reluctantly settle into the expedient and the tawdry.

The Dark Triad Man knows the truth:

State power is the tool of men with ruthless ambition, remorseless intention and brutal capacity who do not hesitate to shed blood, hide graves and rewrite history in their favor.

Concealment of capacity is among the most crucial components of freedom. For freedom exists in the dark world within a fearsome gradient, between the polarities of anarchy and totalitarianism, and at every spot between them the shade is merely a different hue of blood.

Thus concealment of plans from the organs of the State is vital to the preservation of freedom.

Concealment of networks from the agents of the State is the hypervigilant task of the insurgent.

Concealment of physical power from the intelligence of the State is the fearsome task of free men.

Do not trust the ruling power.

The ruling power always has more resources, more intelligence, more ruthlessness and more cruelty than you can imagine. And your survival depends upon concealment until the moment of decision.

The fool believes that his vote is a determining factor in the policies of the State.

The common man thinks that parties and coalitions and alliances represent his interests.

The wise man assumes that history and culture place boundaries on the system, which rights itself.

The Dark Triad Man accepts the truth: There is always a Caesar waiting with grim and immortal ambition, nestled in the heart of the nation, who seeks to rise to total power and views blood and atrocity and horror as mere laurels of valid drama upon his entitled brow.

Americans have been fortunate in the relatively mild nature of their ruling elite, which generously embraced the principle of noblesse oblige. But that elite has changed greatly in the last 60 years, and has largely abandoned that principle, which means Americans are unlikely to remain so fortunate for long.