The lawless Parliament

The desperate Remain Speaker is demonstrating that there is no law in the current British Parliament:

Remainer MPs will mount an all-out bid to block No Deal today after Speaker John Bercow bent parliamentary rules to help them.

A cross-party motion being voted on this afternoon would effectively seize control from the government – and pave the way for a ban on the UK leaving without an agreement.

The Labour-backed move is seemingly timed to coincide with Boris Johnson’s Tory leadership campaign launch – after he vowed to force through Brexit by the end of October at all costs.

Mr Bercow has been accused of ‘constitutional vandalism’ for allowing the Opposition to table a business motion – which can usually only be done by the government.

If it is passed, a Bill will be brought forward within weeks that could make it illegal to suspend parliament to force a No Deal – a proposal mooted by some Tory hopefuls. Rebels say they could broaden the legislation to ban crashing out altogether.

The move to wrest control of Parliamentary business from the Government has the support of former Cabinet minister Sir Oliver Letwin, as well as all the Liberal Democrats, SNP and Greens.

One would have thought that the Members of Parliament would have learned the importance of working within the confines of the law from the assassination of Labour MP Jo Cox in 2016. If the politicians refuse to follow the law, why on Earth would they expect the people to do so?

Boris Johnson should put a stop to this Parliamentary lawlessness as soon as he becomes the Conservative Party leader by forging a Leave alliance with Nigel Farage, then calling for a General Election that would be followed by a Brexit-Conservative parliament.

UPDATE: the unlawful Remainer gambit to block No Deal Brexit failed anyhow, 309-298.

No one wants Fake News

The media appears to have finally converged itself into a corner:

The mass migration of advertising to U.S. technology giants such as Facebook, Google and Amazon has hammered revenues while more than half the world’s population now has access to news via an internet connection.

But will people actually pay for news?

The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism said in its annual Digital News Report that most people would not pay for online news and that there had been only a small increase in the proportion of people willing to do so in the last six years.

Even among those who do pay, there is “subscription fatigue” – many are tired of being asked to pay for so many different subscriptions. Many will opt for films or music rather than pay for news. So some media companies will fail.

“Much of the population is perfectly happy with the news that they can access for free and even amongst those who are willing to pay, the majority are only willing to sign up for one subscription,” Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, director of the Reuters Institute, said by telephone.

“A lot of the public is really alienated from a lot of the journalism that they see – they don’t find it particularly trustworthy, they don’t find it particularly relevant and they don’t find it leaves them in a better place.”

Why would anyone pay to be told what isn’t true? The advertising model propped up the mainstream media and allowed it to fold, spindle, and otherwise mutilate the truth because there was no direct link between the news consumer and the news provider. Now that Google and Facebook have broken the advertising model, and Amazon has taught people to go direct to the source, the ABCNNBCBS cabal is discovering that they don’t actually have any real fans.

People will pay for quality content. People will pay for truthful content. Unauthorized is proof of that. But they won’t pay to be insulted, mocked, despised, and deceived.

“If they want to convince people to pay for their journalism then they must convince people that the journalism they publish has value for them, for the public.”

Good luck with that.

They left their Ebola in San Francisco

It goes nicely with the sewage on the streets:

U.S. Cities Overwhelmed With Numbers of Illegal Migrants Arriving From Ebola-Stricken Countries
Some U.S. cities are becoming overwhelmed with the number of illegal African migrants arriving from Ebola-stricken countries, with Portland Maine complaining that they are beyond capacity.

Large groups of migrants are arriving from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which has been hit by one of the biggest ebola outbreaks in history, with 2,000 recorded cases in the last 10 months.

Border Patrol officials said that 500 people from African countries had been arrested by Border Patrol’s Del Rio Sector in Texas alone in the six days after May 30. Hundreds of the migrants are being sent to a city-owned shelter in San Francisco.

Congress should pass a federal law saying all immigrants, legal and illegal, must be divided between New York City, Washington DC, and San Francisco. Imagine how much their local economies will benefit!

Bringing back the old books

As part of our mission to save the remnants of Western Civilization, we are seriously considering having Castalia publish print editions of certain public domain books. The idea is to crowdfund each project, thus making sure we don’t waste any time, effort, and expense on books that no one wants.

Unless, of course, I just really want to do that particular series….

Anyhow, the first candidate is the Collier Junior Classics, as it’s something I consider a must for every homeschooling family. We’d probably also look very hard at a Great Books series, as well as some of the more important military history works.

Let me know if this concept is of genuine interest to you, and what books would be of sufficient interest to you to back the crowdfunding of them.

Culturally enriching Fargo

It’s simply astonishing how crime rates coincidentally change in harmony with the changing demographics.

Jones was out walking his dog around 1 Friday morning by the corner of 4th Street and 6th Avenue North near downtown Fargo He had a funny feeling about two men who were walking nearby.

“When I saw them watching me and I looked back at my dog and I heard pow, pow, pow, pow, pow,” Jones said. “I saw my neighbor who was running and he fell face down and was like help me, help me.”

Jones called 911 and ran back to the victim until Fargo police arrived.

Authorities say the man was taken to a nearby hospital where he died.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Jones said. “I could not believe it because I’m from Alabama and down there crime runs rampant and I moved up here to get away from it and not in a million years did I see something like that up here.”

19-year-old Kareem Byrd and 30-year-old Charles Harris the third, both of Fargo, were taken into custody in the murder of 38-year-old Jason Halvorson.

In Clown World, everything is inexplicable and coincidental. And in another ten years, writers will be writing science fiction stories about going back in time to assassinate Norman Borlaug before he goes to college in order to save the human race.

Gone in six months?

Fake Science is beginning to face the cruel realization that Nature is calling its bluff:

In recent years the National Park Service prominently featured brochures, signs and films which boldly proclaimed that all glaciers at Glacier National Park were melting away rapidly. But now officials at GNP seem to be scrambling to hide or replace their previous hysterical claims while avoiding any notice to the public that the claims were inaccurate. Teams from Lysander Spooner University visiting the Park each September have noted that GNP’s most famous glaciers such as the Grinnell Glacier and the Jackson Glacier appear to have been growing – not shrinking – since about 2010. The Jackson Glacier—easily seen from the Going-To-The-Sun Highway—may have grown as much as 25{d95326ee5ea65e892c2d26437d890471edde2c6e603231f0d9f2e7742fd3a7fa} or more over the past decade.

Apparently those computer models that indicated the glaciers will be gone by the year 2020 are inaccurate. That, or it is going to be one serious inferno of a summer.

A collection of curious anomalies

Ron Unz observes an intriguing anomaly in his review of a Jewish historian’s account of anti-semitism in US military intelligence:

Oliver’s peremptory dismissal of the standard Holocaust narrative led me to take a closer look at the treatment of the same topic in Bendersky’s book, and I noticed something quite odd. As discussed above, his exhaustive research in official files and personal archives conclusively established that during World War II a very considerable fraction of all our Military Intelligence officers and top generals were vehemently hostile to Jewish organizations and also held beliefs that today would be regarded as utterly delusional. The author’s academic specialty is Holocaust studies, so it is hardly surprising that his longest chapter focused on that particular subject, bearing the title “Officers and the Holocaust, 1940-1945.” But a close examination of the contents raises some troubling questions.

Across more than sixty pages, Bendersky provides hundreds of direct quotes, mostly from the same officers who are the subject of the rest of his book. But after carefully reading the chapter twice, I was unable to find a single one of those statements referring to the massive slaughter of Jews that constitutes what we commonly call the Holocaust, nor to any of its central elements, such as the existence of death camps or gas chambers.

The forty page chapter that follows focuses on the plight of the Jewish “survivors” in post-war Europe, and the same utter silence applies. Bendersky is disgusted by the cruel sentiments expressed by these American military men towards the Jewish former camp inmates, and he frequently quotes them characterizing the latter as thieves, liars, and criminals; but the officers seem strangely unaware that those unfortunate souls had only just barely escaped an organized mass extermination campaign that had so recently claimed the lives of the vast majority of their fellows. Numerous statements and quotes regarding Jewish extermination are provided, but all of these come from various Jewish activists and organizations, while there is nothing but silence from all of the military officers themselves.

Bendersky’s ten years of archival research brought to light personal letters and memoirs of military officers written decades after the end of the war, and in both those chapters he freely quotes from these invaluable materials, sometimes including private remarks from the late 1970s, long after the Holocaust had become a major topic in American public life. Yet not a single statement of sadness, regret, or horror is provided. Thus, a prominent Holocaust historian spends a decade researching a book about the private views of our military officers towards Jews and Jewish topics, but the one hundred pages he devotes to the Holocaust and its immediate aftermath contains not a single directly-relevant quote from those individuals, which is simply astonishing. A yawning chasm seems to exist at the center of his lengthy historical volume, or put another way, a particular barking dog is quite deafening in its silence.

I am not an archival researcher and have no interest in reviewing the many tens of thousands of pages of source material located at dozens of repositories across the country that Bendersky so diligently examined while producing his important book. Perhaps during their entire wartime activity and also the decades of their later lives, not a single one of the hundred-odd important military officers who were the focus of his investigation ever once broached the subject of the Holocaust or the slaughter of Jews during World War II. But I think there is another distinct possibly.

As mentioned earlier, Beaty spent his war years carefully reviewing the sum-total of all incoming intelligence information each day and then producing an official digest for distribution to the White House and our other top leaders. And in his 1951 book, published just a few years after the end of fighting, he dismissed the supposed Holocaust as a ridiculous wartime concoction by dishonest Jewish and Communist propagandists that had no basis in reality. Soon afterward, Beaty’s book was fully endorsed and promoted by many of our leading World War II generals, including those who were subjects of Bendersky’s archival research. And although the ADL and various other Jewish organizations fiercely denounced Beaty, there is no sign that they ever challenged his absolutely explicit “Holocaust denial.”

I suspect that Bendersky gradually discovered that such “Holocaust denial” was remarkably common in the private papers of many of his Military Intelligence officers and top generals, which presented him with a serious dilemma. If only one or two of those individuals had expressed such sentiments, their shocking statements could be cited as further evidence of their delusional anti-Semitism. But what if a substantial majority of those officers—who certainly had possessed the best knowledge of the reality of World War II—held private beliefs that were very similar to those publicly expressed by their former colleagues Beaty and Oliver? In such a situation, Bendersky may have decided that certain closed doors should remain in that state, and entirely skirted the topic.

Translation: just about everything you think you know about 20th century history is wrong.

Trans-Exclusionary Bio-Essentialism

As predicted, once they were done expelling all the thought criminals, the SJWs in comics are now actively devouring themselves:

Mockingbird writer Chelsea Cain has deleted her Twitter account after facing mounting backlash and accusations of transphobia due to a creative choice present in the latest issue of her comic book series Man-Eaters.

Cain’s self-described “feminist” series Man-Eaters, published by Image Comics with art by Elise McCall, follows the exploits of a twelve-year old girl named Maude as she navigates a world wherein a mutation causes women’s menstrual cycles to change a woman into a ‘were-cat’ creature and the ensuing harsh, fear and paranoia motivated response from the government.

Cain has repeatedly faced waves of criticism and accusations of holding Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist (or TERF) beliefs due to the alleged trans-exclusionary nature of the series’ concept, as some believed associating the monstrous change in women with a biological menstrual cycle excluded persons who were not biologically female but identified as such. In an interview with Kat Overland from Women Write About Comics, Cain specified that the series “is a story about what it’s like to be a cis gendered female coming of age in a culture that consistently reinforces the messaging that periods are shameful, that our bodies are shameful, and that womanhood—and the biology that goes along with it—is something gross and not for polite company” and clarified that she believes that “You don’t have to have a uterus to be a woman. Anyone who thinks that hasn’t been paying attention.”

I found this particularly amusing as Miss Cain is the SJW writer who was championed by Reveal in the very hit piece that targeted Chuck Dixon and me. As if the idea of a menstruation-themed feminist comic co-written by 14-year-old girls wasn’t amusing enough….

Reality wins.

Lauren Southern and the sociopathic saboteurs

If you ever wonder why I don’t respond to anyone’s enthusiastic emails volunteering to help, why I absolutely refuse to be drawn into Internet drama concerning anyone on the Left or Right, why I keep my distance from most e-celebs, and why I refuse to place much trust in anyone outside the VFM, this explosive story by Milo Yiannopoulos should help you understand my standoffishness:

If you’ve ever donated to Tommy Robinson, the British free speech and anti-Islamist activist dubbed the “backbone” of Britain by Steve Bannon, there’s a fair chance your money didn’t end up paying for his tour bus or security guards, but was instead diverted to pay for champagne-fueled gay soirées in some of London’s most expensive zip codes. The culprits? A homosexual couple who produced both of Lauren Southern’s documentary films, and who last month released their own movie, You Can’t Watch This, about free speech.

More than a dozen former coworkers, friends and acquaintances say Caolan Robertson and George Llewelyn-John bragged to them about these and other betrayals, thefts, frauds and sabotages, including a secret, years-long collaboration with a George Soros-funded far-Left activist group that endangered the lives of Gavin McInnes, this reporter and Tommy himself. Leaked documents, revealed here for the first time, confirm many of the claims….

Yet it remains true that Tommy Robinson and Lauren Southern both employed Caolan Robertson and George Llewelyn-John knowing they were accused of stealing money from their previous employer, and that Levant had publicly alleged that they had extorted him for ever-larger sums long after they left the company. It was only thanks to their close relationships with Tommy Robinson and Lauren Southern that other conservatives granted the pair access and interviews. Tommy kept the boys around for too long, hoping they would change. But Lauren Southern’s relationship with the pair was especially close and lasted until May 2019. Not only did she live with Robertson and Llewelyn-John in London for a time, but Llewelyn-John wrote the majority of the script for Borderless, as well as Southern’s speech at the European Union.

Southern, famously, writes very little of her own material, and has often embarked on sexual liaisons with men who have helped her with video scripts or notes for her content. While giving speeches about the “trad life,” which typically refers to fidelity in same-race nuclear families, Southern was, in the indelicate words of one major YouTuber, “throwing herself around what seemed like the entire conservative movement in exchange for help with her writing.” We approached four of the men she has been linked to romantically, each of them a prominent Right-wing media figure in a position to help Southern succeed professionally. All four begged not to be named in this story.

 As a general rule, don’t trust anyone who blows up quickly to become the conservative media star du jour. Chances are, if they’re not Approved or Controlled Opposition, they are controllable opposition that comes armed with an easily-triggered self-destruct. And there are a LOT of grifters out there, all across the political spectrum.

The Red Petition

Disney, Netflix, and Hulu hate you, your family, your Christian faith, and America. So why support them with your financial resources, asks the Red Petition.

The mainstream media and entertainment companies have come out in full force against conservative values and it’s time we show them that our voice matters. Perhaps they just don’t realize how much the conservative audience is worth?

From large cities, to rural America those who hold to conservative values still have a massive financial influence and it’s time we see just how much their opposition to our core values really costs.

With that we are asking you to stand with us to stand up to the liberal agenda against families, and basic morality.

But this is not just a petition.

Every time someone signs up and fills out our petition, it automatically calculates your value as a customer, and your loss to media companies per year. The latest total loss per year is posted at the top of this page for Netflix, Disney and others to see.

I would sign the petition myself, but then, I’ve never subscribed to any of the three services involved. On a not-unrelated note, it’s interesting to see that DC has officially denied rumors that it is shutting down its DC Universe streaming service, which tends to suggest is only a matter of time before it confirms that it is, in fact, doing so.