LAST DAY to back Will Caligan’s Comic

Today is the last day of the one-week campaign for Will Caligan’s Comic, which currently stands at $48k and 675 backers. Since we’re within striking distance of the Book #3 stretch goal, we’ve decided to add new rewards of Paperback #3, Hardcover #3, and The Works #3 for those who are interested.

You will notice that there is no “this reward will not be provided if we don’t hit the stretch goal”. That is because Arkhaven Comics has decided that whether we hit the next two stretch goals or not, we will produce Book #3, whatever the backers decide it will be, and we will produce it in full color. In addition to the ace colorists at Arklight Studios who are contributing their considerable talents at a steep discount for the covers, we have also hired an excellent professional colorist who will color Will’s interior illustrations for Books 1, 2, and 3. An example of his work is below. Imagine what this guy could do with The Feast of the Elfs or the space battles in Back from the Dead!

If you haven’t backed the campaign yet, note that an Iron Star backing will now get you 18 digital comics for only $25. It would be nice for PR purposes to hit 750 backers before this is over, so please spread the word this morning.

We were warned

Of course, there is a certain amount of irony in this guy citing (((Cathy Young))) in response to the problem of social justice spilling out of the universities and into everything else, including the law:

For quite a while now, readers of SJ have “informed” me that they agreed with my posts about criminal law, but hated my posts that addressed the blight of identity politics and social justice. How could I be so right about one thing and so wrong about . . . wait for it . . . JUSTICE!!!

But it wasn’t just that I was wrong, but needlessly and gratuitously wrong, since none of this had anything to do with the real world. Until it did.

For some time, a fixation on identity politics, a culture of reflexive outrage, and a scorched-earth approach to trivial transgressions have been all hallmarks of student activism and academic radicalism. They are now becoming increasingly evident in American life as a whole. In the name of defending women and ethnic and sexual minorities — all reasonable goals — progressives on and off campus are taking illiberal stances that polarize society, put a chill on free speech, and erode respect for due process.

Not long ago, tropes such as “white privilege” or “rape culture,” which reduce a vast range of social dynamics to racism and misogyny, were seldom heard outside the radical wing of the academy; today, they’ve joined the mainstream.

But let us not get caught up in the genetic fallacy. The point he and Young are making is relevant, which is that all of those little lunatics are now out of the asylums and creating havoc everywhere from the NFL to Marvel and Google.

Coming soon to a company near you, if it hasn’t already.

Mailvox: Lessons in Gamma, extended edition

Back in October 2016, a website designer named Allen Ayler deigned to offer his assistance to Infogalactic. I turned him down because I did not like the way he approached me. After he angrily demanded on Gab that I make our email discussions a matter for public discussion, I did so. This was how it ended, or so I thought.

Guys, I admitted already that my initial “dignify me wit a response” was too pushy, however it wasn’t an insult like his response was when he proceeded to throw at me by insinuating I am a “diva big dog.” I took offense to that, and proceeded to unload and make myself look ridiculous. I apologize for my unprofessionalism. I was not necessarily approaching this like I typically do, since in my mind I wasn’t “applying” for a job. Regardless, I should have kept my demeanor and offense in check.

That being said, I will retain that I have zero interest in working with anyone who says,  “If you can’t deal with the fact that the big dogs on this project are insanely busy, you won’t fit in. There simply isn’t space for divas and egos on the team” to people trying to help. It’s a completely asinine and hypocritical response, and was uncalled for. I am honest enough to admit my fault, yet all I hear is unaccountability and yet more insults from Vox. I can tell you, if you didn’t insinuate I was a diva ego we would be square and I would never have popped off. I would have apologized for my pushy request for a response after getting ignored and dicked around for two weeks.

But let me dissect this a bit, you say an alpha just doesn’t respond to gammas, and gammas just use baseless insults and never stop messaging looking for revenge, right? How does that differ from you posting my info so you can have your biased minions seek me out and attack me? Basically you are taking the weight of the gamma work off your shoulders and having every here do it for you. Gammas use baseless insults, but nearly everyone who simply disagrees with you, you call a gamma, yet that is not a baseless insult in and of itself?

Everyone clearly sides with Vox here, yet I didn’t open up the dialogue with insults. I may have been a tad pushy after getting ignored for two weeks, but at least it was not an insult.

Another thing, in the professional field, when someone responds to you by saying, “If you can’t deal with the fact I am busy then…” Basically what it says is, “I am important than you.” And when you have people offering to give their time and services way for free, it’s pretty offensive.

So yea, you dicked me around and ignored me for two weeks, my request for a response was not an insult (but yes it was pushy), but your reply actually was insulting, and oozed of self-importance, as I have outlined. Now all my responses after your reply was totally unprofessional. I make no lies or excuses about that. And yes I do regret the way I asked for a response, but not because I want to join the team, but because we are playing on the same #MAGA team, and we really need to stick together at a time like this instead of create divide. Now, if there is any empathy and rationality in you, Vox, then you will accept my apology and hopefully at least acknowledge that your response to my pushy request for a reply was also a bit too harsh. That is all I ask for.

Also, since you proved me wrong about your website traffic, I will humbly remove my false review claim that you are being dishonest about it. I really do try to be a man of integrity, it’s too bad we got off like this. I hope this gesture can help show that.

To which I replied on Oct 26, 2016: No worries. It’s over and done with as far as I’m concerned. I also publicly accepted his apology at Alpha Game.

But of course, nothing is ever over when a Gamma is involved. Hadley wins his bet. Today, 15 freaking months later, I received this pair of emails in quick succession, both completely out of the blue.

ugh… hey deluded big dog, your site looks horrid. LMFAO. And your wife is a slut cunt bitch, btw.
Allen Ayler

How mentally and emotionally stunted to you have to be to make it part of your life’s missions to paint yourself as an “alpha”? LOL still hilarious to this day.
Cheers again,
your #1 gamma, fucking dork child.

How very professional. The underlying reason here is that Gammas never forget a crime against them, and by crime, they mean anything that causes them to feel humiliation. And once humiliated, they never stop looking to seek revenge for it and take the shot that will restore the balance of the universe. Needless to say, I feel entirely justified about my decision to keep this gentleman well the hell away from Infogalactic and every other project in which I have any involvement whatsoever. This is why an understanding of human socio-sexuality is so important. You simply cannot permit Gammas in any position of importance and it is vital for every project leader to avoid relying upon them for any critical matter.

The problem is that while Gammas are often very knowledgeable and detail-oriented subject matter experts, they are socially fragile, emotionally volatile, and can seldom bear to take any criticism or endure any reaction to their advice or assistance other than enthusiastic acceptance. To make matters worse, they are often ambitious and pursue responsibility, only to shirk it once they have it and try to avoid making decisions or actually doing anything due to their crippling fear of failure. Think about John Scalzi and his successful decade-long pursuit of a big book contract, which was promptly followed by his inability to deliver books on the contract’s schedule. That is a textbook example of Gamma success gone awry; if events proceed according to form, Scalzi will probably blow up the publishing arrangement in some way long before delivering the final book.

Gamma is not an insult per se. It is a clearly defined, demonstrably observable male behavioral pattern. The relevant fact of the matter here is that this pattern of behavior is familiar and predictable, because that is simply how gammas tend to react in certain specific situations. And the reason that gammas get called out so often for it here is because non-gammas don’t behave this way and therefore don’t require being addressed in a similar manner.

Every gamma would do well to recall four things:

  • You don’t get any say in how other people treat you. You can only control how you respond to it. People will judge YOU by that response, not the people to whom you are responding.
  • When angry or upset, keep your mouth shut until you cool down.
  • When you screw up, stop digging. Just stop.
  • Everyone knows you aren’t laughing no matter how vehemently you insist you are.
And if you ever wondered why I neither like nor tolerate Gammas, this should suffice to explain why. They simply cause more trouble than anyone can possibly be worth.

Inspiration for the old guys

The Greatest of All Time, Roger Federer, has won his 20th Grand Slam, beating Marin Cilic at the Australian Open 6-2, 6-7, 6-3, 3-6, 6-1.

To be honest, I thought he was out of gas when Cilic broke him twice in the fourth set. He came back hard and went up 30-love in the first game of the fifth set, then seemed to have exhausted himself in doing so when Cilic came right back to make it 30-30. But Cilic seemed to crack under the pressure, as he put a relatively easy shot wide to give Federer the advantage, and from that point on, Federer just poured on the gas.

Once he broke Cilic and held serve again to go up 3-0, it was over. What a legend.

The BBC’s take on this cracked me up:

Federer, 36, becomes only the fourth player after Margaret Court, Serena Williams and Steffi Graf to win 20 or more major singles titles.

Yes, that’s exactly why he’s so well-regarded. Because he’s the fourth-most-accomplished tennis player in tennis history….

A shriek and a miss

Wired discovers that no one is buying Senior Technology Writer Nitasha Tiku’s lame attempt to launch a point-and-shriek swarm at the behest of those 15 poor, besieged Googlers who can’t harass and physically threaten their colleagues with violence and disemployment without their behavior being exposed to the public. Not even the sane non-SJW Left, who are beginning to understand that they are every bit as liable to be targeted by SJWs as the Right, and they are even more vulnerable to their swarmings.

As it happens, these were the highest-rated comments among Wired‘s own readers:

“goading them into inflammatory statements”

How do you force anyone into writing a statement or saying something inflammatory if they don’t already want to say it? Personal responsibility is outdated I guess. Or maybe it’s just for white males.

So “diversity advocates” are upset that tactics that have been used for years against those who don’t agree with the diversity advocates are now being used against themselves? Huh.

Only insecure idiots would want diversity to be forced from above by holding back some racial / gender groups and promoting others. It implies that the very people promoting diversity secretly believe that some groups are less able to win on merit alone than others. The only way to promote true diversity is via fair hiring and job promotion policies that emphasize individual merit, and merit alone.

John Reece
DIversity is swell, turning it into an obsessive-compulsive fetish thing is something else. ‘Diversity’ has also become leftist code for “don’t like white males”, when after all, it was mostly white males who invented Silicon Valley and most of modern science and technology.

So…you are saying it would be wrong to leak the internal conversations on controversial subjects like diversity in the workplace if the person could experience backlash or doxxing. I wasn’t there but I can only assume the keyboard burst into flames from the irony.

Well, to quote ‘liz fong’ ” claiming she “could care less about being ‘unfair’ to” them, ‘them’ being white males…just because they’re white and male. That is most repugnant, unfair attitude ever. Perhaps that is why people hit back at this nitwit because now they’re saying ‘I could care less about being unfair to liz fong and her band of diversity pushers’. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it fool…. DISGUSTING! Wired, why didn’t you print WHAT these ‘minority group’ neanderthals actually wrote openly and were cheered on by other bigots within Google? Read the damn lawsuit. These people were mean, vicious, ignorant. There is NOTHING ‘diverse’ about picking on another group. EVER.

Mayrode Parashkov
It’s reminds me of Jordan Peterson interview and how Cathy Newman and Channel 4 played the victim card after losing the debate and the intellectual battle. Google, YouTube and Twitter and the leftist employees are not the victims here. You fire and harass people and now people are fighting back.

Of course, the article never mentions what those poor besieged Googlers actually did and said about their colleagues. Allow me to correct that sad journalistic deficiency.

You can believe that women or minorities are unqualified all you like – I can’t stop you – but if you say it out loud, then you deserve what’s coming to you. Yes, this is “silencing”. I intend to silence these views; they are violently offensive.
– Colm Buckley, Google

I’m not going to delude myself into thinking that nobody holds these opinions and feels marginalised in a genuine way. To those folks I would say “Doesn’t feel nice, does it?”. Leave it at home. If you’re not prepared to leave it at home, then leave yourself there.
– Dave O’Conner, Google

I will absolutely go out of my way to make sure that I never work anyone involved with or who endorsed that garbage. Because Nazis. And you should absolutely punch Nazis.
– Anthony Baxter, Google

I’m going to devote at least the first third of my 45 minute interview time to a discussion of experience with diversity. If the first fifteen minutes doesn’t satisfy me, I’ll continue the discussion. If need be, it will take forty-five minutes. I would encourage others to do the same. Judging “googliness” by a vague gestalt with no deliberate attention to such things is inadequate.
– Thomas Bushnell, Google

Fun fact! Keeping a list can get you called out on a certain reprehensible internal mailing list, and have threats of being reported to HR. Threats I ignored, naturally, and which ironically grew the list substantially.
– Paul Cowan, Google

While Google appears to be doing very little to quell the hostile voices that exist inside the company, I want those hostile voices to know:

  • I will never, ever hire/transfer you onto my team. Ever. I don’t care if you are perfect fit or technically excellent or whatever.
  • I will not actively work with you, even to the point where your team or product is impacted by this decision. I’ll communicate why to your manager if it comes up.
  • You’re being blacklisted by people at companies outside of Google.

– Adam Fletcher, Google

I keep a written blacklist of people whom I will never allow on or near my team based on how they vew and treat their coworkers. That blacklist got a little longer today.
– Collin Winter, Google

The only way to deal with all the heads of the medusa is to no-platform all of them.
– Liz Fong-Jones, Google

It wasn’t just the highest-rated comments that opposed Tiku’s SJW spin either. Some comments were considerably more biting.

Something I Said?
AS A contributor to Wired #1 I have to say that the authoress of this solid slab of slop has flatulated the most unbalanced article in memory. And, as for the cited Vox Day, he has this authoress’ number when he notes: ” This is particularly effective if the SJW and his allies have connections in various media organizations, which allows them to rapidly transform a minor event into something that is perceived by the public as a major one. The purpose of the media campaign is two-fold: to stamp the Narrative with an “objective” perspective that echoes the SJW’s accusations and to let other potential allies know about the hate campaign in the hopes that they will add their weight to the hogpile.”

Here’s Your Sign
So…. Wired interviewed 15 people from one side of the debate and only threw in a few inflammatory comments from the other side? Modern journalism…

So much for the idea that Googlers are inclusive. Or intelligent and well-educated, for that matter. Let’s face it, that’s the real reason the SJWs at Google are so furious. They have been publicly exposed as highly politicized, intellectually fraudulent do-nothings instead of the smart, productive, 21st-century rocket scientists they consider themselves to be.

More missing texts

The DOJ may have them all. Or they may not. But either way, they haven’t turned them all over to Congress. Yet.

The Justice Department has given Congress less than 15 percent of the texts between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page – and that is all Congress is likely to get, at least until department experts finish an effort to recover an unknown number of previously lost texts that were sent and received during a key five-month period during the Trump-Russia investigation.

There is much confusion over some basic facts of the Strzok-Page texts. How many are there? How many relate to the two most politically-charged investigations in years, the Trump-Russia probe and the Hillary Clinton email investigation? How many have been turned over to Congress? And how many are left to be turned over to Congress?

The answers are complicated, but here is what I have been able to figure out from conversations with the Justice Department and Capitol Hill investigators.

The Justice Department has identified about 50,000 Strzok-Page texts. But that is apart from the texts between Dec. 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017 that were declared missing a week ago but are now being recovered. So, the total is apparently 50,000 plus the currently unknown number of formerly missing texts.

But that number refers only to the Strzok-Page texts that were sent and received on FBI-issued Samsung phones. There are a number of instances in the texts in which the two officials say that they should switch the conversation to iMessage, suggesting they continued to talk about FBI matters on personal Apple phones. For investigators, those are particularly intriguing texts – what was so sensitive that they couldn’t discuss on their work phones? – but the number of those texts is unknown. And of course, they have not been turned over to Congress.

How many texts have been turned over? Both Justice Department and Capitol Hill sources say the total number is in the 7,000 range, which includes all the texts handed over on two separate occasions.

The question is, is “an effort to recover” actually what it appears or is the DOJ going to follow the example of the FBI and the NSA and declare a third successive “oops, we seem to have deleted everything”?

No problem, Sam

Sam Harris never thinks anything through:

“Alt-right: You can’t keep blaming us for our ancestors crimes against other people
Also Alt-right: We are just as responsible for our ancestors accomplishments as they are

You can’t have it both ways.”

Absolutely. Stop blaming us for our ancestors’ crimes against other people. We are not responsible for our ancestors’ accomplishments, only for our own accomplishments and our own crimes.

Now will you stop? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

GoogleGate begins

Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender. This is the tactic that Google’s SJWs are relying upon as they try to enlist the mainstream media on their behalf, as demonstrated by this article, The Dirty War Over Diversity Inside Google, published in Wired. But it won’t work for them any better than it did for the game journos attacking GamerGate, because their narrative is a false one and the increased scrutiny will only further reveal as much.

In interviews with WIRED, 15 current Google employees accuse coworkers of inciting outsiders to harass rank-and-file employees who are minority advocates, including queer and transgender employees. Since August, screenshots from Google’s internal discussion forums, including personal information, have been displayed on sites including Breitbart and Vox Popoli, a blog run by alt-right author Theodore Beale, who goes by the name Vox Day. Other screenshots were included in a 161-page lawsuit that Damore filed in January, alleging that Google discriminates against whites, males, and conservatives.

What followed, the employees say, was a wave of harassment. On forums like 4chan, members linked advocates’ names with their social-media accounts. At least three employees had their phone numbers, addresses, and deadnames (a transgender person’s name prior to transitioning) exposed. Google site reliability engineer Liz Fong-Jones, a trans woman, says she was the target of harassment, including violent threats and degrading slurs based on gender identity, race, and sexual orientation. More than a dozen pages of personal information about another employee were posted to Kiwi Farms, which New York has called “the web’s biggest community of stalkers.”

Meanwhile, inside Google, the diversity advocates say some employees have “weaponized human resources” by goading them into inflammatory statements, which are then captured and reported to HR for violating Google’s mores around civility or for offending white men.

Engineer Colin McMillen says the tactics have unnerved diversity advocates and chilled internal discussion. “Now it’s like basically anything you say about yourself may end up getting leaked to score political points in a lawsuit,” he says. “I have to be very careful about choosing my words because of the low-grade threat of doxing. But let’s face it, I’m not visibly queer or trans or non-white and a lot of these people are keying off their own white supremacy.”

I am shocked – absolutely shocked – that they deadnamed me in this very article! I am literally shaking. Speaking of this infamous anti-SJW guide, it’s interesting to see that the Google-SJWs are playing their hand almost exactly as it is described in SJWs Always Lie. Emphasis added.

STAGE THREE: Isolate and Swarm

Immediately following on the heels of the Stage Two pointing and shrieking is the third stage. This stage involves two parts, the first of which focuses on the isolation and marginalization of the target, while the second involves overwhelming the target with social pressure brought on by other SJWs and any moderate parties who can be persuaded, or bullied, into joining the witch hunt.

The primary objective of both the isolating and the swarming is to demoralize the target by separating him from anyone who is likely to give him emotional support, and to elicit an apology for his actions. Typically the SJW will have a number of close allies who will immediately leap to the attack on command, and then turn around and cite those allies as evidence that the outrage is widespread and significant in an attempt to turn the “reaction” to the target’s offense into a story that will garner media attention. This is particularly effective if the SJW and his allies have connections in various media organizations, which allows them to rapidly transform a minor event into something that is perceived by the public as a major one. The purpose of the media campaign is two-fold: to stamp the Narrative with an “objective” perspective that echoes the SJW’s accusations and to let other potential allies know about the hate campaign in the hopes that they will add their weight to the hogpile.

All of the language used to describe the target will be chosen to marginalize him and render him as unsympathetic a figure as possible. These days, it is almost de rigeur to refer to any SJW target as racist, sexist, and homophobic in addition to any specific qualities that may be relevant to the matter at hand; some adventurous SJWs are already adding “transphobic” to the standard list. In fact, this set of accusations is so common now that if you merely type “racist se” into Google, Google will offer to autocomplete the phrase as “racist, sexist, homophobic”.

Notice how well this describes the Google-SJW campaign against me, as the Wired article was timed to appear on the same day as this article published in USA Today. Of course, what they don’t realize is that the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil cannot be isolated. Other SJWs and other media outlets have tried, and failed, before. And if there is any swarming to be done, the Vile Faceless Minions will do it before they devour the hapless enemy alive. We’ve not only been here before, we’ve been here before and won on more than one occasion.

Several Google employees told USA TODAY that Damore’s firing marked an escalation in the harassment campaign, with the small group of instigators stepping up efforts to target diversity advocates inside the company. Among the tactics: camouflaging harassment as free speech and goading diversity advocates with seemingly innocuous questions into making inflammatory statements that were then reported to human resources as violations of Google’s rules.

By far the most chilling behavior is the public harassment incited by coworkers, says Fong-Jones.

According to Wired, at least three Google employees had their phone numbers and addresses posted publicly. Far-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos shared an image of the Twitter profiles of eight advocates at Google, many of them transgender employees, with his 2.5 million Facebook followers.

Fong-Jones had her name and face plastered on a website run by far-right blogger Theodore Beale, also known as Vox Day. Beale published excerpts of a conversation between Fong-Jones and a colleague, where Fong-Jones argued that Damore should not have been allowed to publish his memo on an internal Google channel.

“Google’s SJWs (social-justice warriors) are starting to get nervous as evidence of their internal thought-policing begins to leak out into the public,” Beale wrote.

Fong-Jones was targeted by violent threats and transphobic slurs. Commented one person on Vox Popoli, which promotes white nationalism and identifies itself as part of the “alt-right:” “They should pitch all those sexual freaks off of rooftops.”

The attacks have had a chilling effect.

“In recent months there has been a pattern of taking diversity advocates and doxing them by putting them on blast to the ‘alt-right’ communities,” Yusuf said. “Now they have to be careful. ‘How much of myself do I want to put out there?’ Which is ironic because one of the big mantras of the company is being able to ‘bring your whole self to work.’”

Except Jessica Guynn, who is an SJW whose articles betray an obsession with diversity, didn’t do her homework and inadvertently stepped in it. USA Today had better issue a correction, because Vox Popoli does not promote white nationalism. Quite the contrary, as it happens. I have sent the following email requesting a retraction and correction to the author, Jessica Guynn, who can be reached at, and to the corrections editor at

Dear Ms Guynn,

I am requesting a correction of your article entitled “Google employees say the company’s not doing enough to protect them from harassment, threats.”

Your claim that “Vox Popoli, which promotes white nationalism” is false, libelous, and Fake News. Even a cursory search of the blog would have shown you that I a) am an American Indian, b) am not a white nationalist, and, c) do not promote white nationalism on Vox Popoli. To the contrary, I assert that white nationalism is an incoherent and ridiculous American concept that is as hopeless as the pan-Arabism and pan-Africanism of the 1960s.

Please correct the article at your earliest opportunity.

Thank you,

Vox Day 

And when you’re commenting, notice that it is again the comments that are being used as the locus for the  SJW attacks on me. They’ve been doing this since 2013; the SFWA did precisely the same thing in its 130-page report. So, be disciplined and be aware that SJWs will quote-mine you in order to attempt to discredit and disqualify me. If you must bravely posture and preen as a hard-talking fellow, this is not the right place to do it. Yes, I am aware there will be SJWs false-flagging in this regard. That’s nothing new. They’ve been trying to do so for years.

But this is all good news. We all know what this sort of flak indicates. And why they’re so fearful.

As the internal debate raged in the wake of Damore’s memo, McMillen says that he knows of at least 10 coworkers who were called into HR for making political statements related to the document, with consequences ranging from verbal warnings to a reduced performance-review score. McMillen was told by HR not to do anything hiring or promotion related for a year. Altman got a verbal warning for writing on an internal board that certain employees should be fired. “I meant only bigoted white men should be fired. They interpreted it as applying to all white men,” Altman says. 

That wasn’t the funniest aspect of the Wired article, though. That would be this, which appeared at the end of an article attempting to paint me as a villain for publishing information provided to me by whistleblowers.

Want to share information with WIRED securely? Get in touch with us through SecureDrop. 

Of Left and Right

At its core, the left-right divide all comes down to the most basic principles.

Left = Plato. Anti-Christian. Anti-family. Imperialist.
Right = Aristotle. Christian. Pro-family. Nationalist.

This heuristic will allow you to quickly and easily categorize any ideology correctly and cut your way through even the most determined fog of nebulous redefinitions attempting to ideologically mischaracterize a person, a party, or a movement.

Anyone who is against Christianity is necessarily against the West, also known as Christendom. Remember that the concept of ideology is, in itself, an intrinsically Western concept.

UPDATE: based on my personal observations, you could reasonably add a fifth element to the heuristic.

Left = Redefinitions, complications, explanations, interpretations, penumbras, emanations, and appeals to authority, credentials, and the sacred spirit of Science.
Right = Truth

Mailvox: they don’t forget

A military wife would like the backers of the Will Caligan’s Comic campaign to know that your efforts have been noticed and are deeply appreciated by the military community:

My husband recently retired from 20 years mixed service Airborne and National Guard. His uncle is a Desert Storm vet.  My dad was in Vietnam.  Our collective family military histories go to the Revolution.

What you are doing for Caligan means the world to us.  You are not just offering brother Christians and vets support.  You are offering spouses and families support and encouragement.

I’ve been sharing the campaign on Facebook with my vet and spouse friends.  I’m not sure who has contributed, if anyone.  But we don’t forget these things.

The campaign has reached 573 609 backers and $40k $42.3k. It will end on Tuesday (Alt-Hero backers will remember that 1 day left means the NEXT day is the final day.) Please continue to spread the word.

In case you need any reminder of what we’re up against in the long term, this should prove to be a useful reminder. Nice hat, right? Note that the editor of that particular series is the new Marvel editor-in-chief. Which suggests that as bad as it has been, the convergence at Marvel is only going to get worse now that they are shutting down some of their most converged comics due to poor sales.

A sensible individual might conclude that means that the executives there have learned that convergence doesn’t sell. But those who understand that SJWs always double down will know it means that they’re simply going to transfer the convergence to the better-selling series.