Last chance

This is the final day of the Alt-Hero Q campaign, so if you’re interested in getting on board, this is your last chance to do so.  Remember to turn off NoScript if you’re placing an order! Thanks very much to all 1582 backers of the three components of the campaign; this has proven to be a more successful, and more significant, crowdfunding campaign than we had ever anticipated.

Arkhaven still has a long way to go before we can set the cruise control, but we are systematically putting the infrastructure in place for consistent long-term success and we really appreciate the way Arkhaven’s backers are continuing to make that posssible.

In other news, QMAMD #4 and #5 are being completed, Swan Knight’s Saga #1 is almost ready to go to the letterer, and the first Premium editions of Alt-Hero as well as the first Alt-Hero novel will be published in January.

And, of course, the complete Right Ho, Jeeves omnibus edition is now available in a beautiful 152-page paperback that includes all six individual issues.

UPDATE: A high-level back of AH:Q shares his thoughts about backing the original campaign at the digital edition level:

I had no idea it would be so good and really regret only supporting for digital editions. Since then, I have gone for all the editions on the Alt-Hero: Q, during the silent campaign

Two days left for AH:Q

We are rapidly approaching your last chance to take part in the epic, history-making crowdfunding campaign that is Alt-Hero: Q! The campaign is fully funded, the request for arbitration has been fired off, the opt-out backers’ request for arbitration is in the works, as are the waiver backers’ individual requests, and the AH:Q team is hard at work on finishing Issue #1 for release in January.

There are just two days left, so if you’ve been putting it off, do not do so any longer! Note that on a per-issue basis, this has been the most successful Arkhaven campaign by far, despite the various difficulties imposed upon us. While recent developments have not been as flashy as in the past, we have made significant structural steps forward, including the move to a much faster server that helps speed up our production process.

In other Alt-Hero news, the first novel in the Arkhaven universe, Alt-Hero: Covert by Jon Del Arroz, will also be released in January, first to the backers, and then to retail. A selection from the killer cover image, which will be colored by Arklight Studios, is below.

AH:Q Indiegogo update

The action is now underway. Opt-out backers who have not yet sent their information to litle32000 AT yahoo DOT com should do so today, as more than 100 backers will be submitting their class-action claim very soon. If you responded originally but did not hear back, be sure to check your spam/junk folder.

If you don’t know if you opted out or not, then you didn’t. That’s not a problem, but since you waived your class-action rights as part of the Terms of Use, you’ll have to enter your own claim on an independent basis. Doing so will cost $250, but the request for arbitration can be submitted anytime and we will explain the process after the holidays in the new year.

And, of course, if you wish to take part by backing the Alt-Hero: Q campaign, you can still do so for nine more days.

AH#5 Gold Logo now available

The gold logo edition of AH#5: London calling is now available for $2.99 from Arkhaven Direct. Please keep in mind that only the gold logos will be printed in the royal octavo size, as once we switch to the standard logo, we will also switch to the larger standard comic book size.

When London comes calling, death is knocking on the door.

The directors of the United Nations Superhuman Protection Council have learned the hard way that putting pressure on the families of the next-gen renegades is a game far too dangerous to play. But their newfound limitations does not mean they don’t have other resources on which to call, resources that are every bit as dangerous as the superhumans they are hunting.

Alt★Hero is an exciting new line of superhero comics from Arkhaven Comics.

Don’t forget that you can also back the Alt★Hero:Q 2.1 campaign in case you missed the two-day 2.0 campaign.

Alt★Hero: Q 2.1 is go!

Arkhaven Comics is pleased to announce that the Alt★Hero: Q 2.1 campaign is now live.

Alt★Hero: Q is an incendiary 150-page graphic novel in six parts that explores the mysterious phenomenon of QAnon and the war on global evil. The story is written by the legendary Chuck Dixon, who is backed by a first-rate professional art-and-production team.

Arkhaven has assembled a first-rate production team to create the Alt★Hero: Q graphic novel, which illustrates the incredible QAnon phenomenon that is sweeping the planet. Set in the world of Alt★Hero, Alt★Hero: Q is an astonishing action tale of unflinching heroes taking down corruption and evil on a global scale.

The Alt★Hero: Q Team

WRITER: The Legend Chuck Dixon
COLORIST: Arklight Studios
PRODUCTION: Arkhaven Comics

If you missed the successful, but short-lived Alt★Hero: Q 2.0 campaign, you can now take part in its successor on the Arkhaven Comics site. All of the rewards are priced at the same levels as before, but if you wish to back at one of the higher levels that are not offered as part of the 2.1 campaign, please contact us via email.

Please note that some backers are likely to have trouble with their credit cards being accepted; if the system rejects your card, please contact your bank for details, arrange matters with them, then try again later. Given that this is not an American site, it’s possible that the purchase will trigger flags that you don’t realize are attached to your account. Please don’t ask us about this, as we can already see failed attempts in the system and there is literally nothing we can do about them from this end. Once the campaign is over, we will get in contact with everyone to see what we can do to provide for those who are unable to get their cards working with the current system.

The crowdfunding engine we are presently using is far from optimal, but it is functional. You will have to enter the indicated amount manually as clicking on the rewards shown on the sidebar will not do anything. Despite the IGG-imposed complications, we never stopped moving forward on it, as this image from Issue #1 will serve to demonstrate.

Alt★Hero issue #5

Arkhaven Comics is pleased to announce that Alt★Hero issue #5: London Calling, has gone out to the Alt★Hero backers. If you are a backer, please check your email. It is also  available for non-backers on the Arkhaven Comics store in high-resolution CBZ format and Kindle format for a retail price of $2.99. It is also available on Amazon in Kindle format, but it will not be available via Kindle Unlimited.

Alt★Hero #5: London Calling

The directors of the United Nations Superhuman Protection Council have learned the hard way that putting pressure on the families of the next-gen renegades is a game far too dangerous to play. But their newfound limitations does not mean they don’t have other resources on which to call, resources that are every bit as dangerous as the superhumans they are hunting.

Bounding Into Comics has an exclusive three-page preview. This is the last issue that will feature the illustrations of Richard Bonk, as he has moved onto Arkhaven’s Swan Knight Saga series, We expect to bring him back to Alt★Hero for the occasional Premium cover, however.

UPDATE: Alt★Hero #5: London Calling is now available on Amazon.

Fourmilab review of SJWADD

It’s always interesting to know what John Walker’s take on a book is. I’m pleased to learn that he appears to have thought rather well of SJWs Always Double Down in his review of it.

The SJW convergence of the major technology and communication companies which increasingly dominate the flow of news and information and the public discourse: Google (and its YouTube), Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and the rest, previously covert, has now become explicit. They no longer feign neutrality to content, or position themselves as common carriers. Now, they overtly put their thumb on the scale of public discourse, pushing down conservative and nationalist voices in search rankings, de-monetising or banning videos that oppose the slaver agenda, “shadow banning” dissenting voices or terminating their accounts entirely. Payment platforms and crowd-funding sites enforce an ideological agenda and cut off access to those they consider insufficiently on board with the collectivist, globalist party line. The high tech industry, purporting to cherish “diversity”, has become openly hostile to anybody who dares dissent: firing them and blacklisting them from employment at other similarly converged firms.

It would seem a dark time for champions of liberty, believers in reward for individual merit rather than grievance group membership, and other forms of sanity which are now considered unthinkable among the unthinking. This book provides a breath of fresh air, a sense of hope, and practical information to navigate a landscape populated by all too many non-playable characters who imbibe, repeat, and enforce the Narrative without questioning or investigating how it is created, disseminated in a co-ordinated manner across all media, and adjusted (including Stalinist party-line overnight turns on a dime) to advance the slaver agenda.

Vox Day walks through the eight stages of SJW convergence of an organisation from infiltration through evading the blame for the inevitable failure of the organisation once fully converged, illustrating the process with real-world examples and quotes from SJWs and companies infested with them. But the progression of the disease is not irreversible, and even if it is not arrested, there is still hope for the industry and society as a whole (not to minimise the injury and suffering inflicted on innocent and productive individuals in the affected organisations).

Speaking of book reviews, Rorshach waxes extremely enthusiastic about Alt-Hero #2 and Arkhaven Comics in his somewhat belated video review of it.

How am I going to find any DC comic book that does anything near as interesting as what I’m seeing in this book, in this come book here? It’s not going to be possible…. The industry writers, they absolutely disgust me. They are cowardly, they’re far left extremists, they’re not going to tell you the truth about anything in the world today. They’re just going to continue to double down on the far left nonsense and that’s not what you get in the pages of Alt-Hero issue number two. This really is doing everything that I’ve wanted comic books do for a long, long time and this is going to be the future of comic books.

If he likes AH#2, he’s really going to like AH#4….

Message received

VFM #67 asked: “Well Vox you created an indigogo to ask if we wanted Arkhaven to do Q and we have responded, loudly and with a bullhorn. I trust the message was received?”

$102,067 USD raised by 1436 backers
204{bae6047234841f4bc9ec21d646f3588165bd4034987c6b00f442c9a7fb48573f} of $50,000 fixed goal

Message received. Loud and clear. The Legend Chuck Dixon is already on the script, Arklight Studios is already on the next two pages, and Helix Haze has already begun drawing the next 142 pages and covers to which he is committed.

I spoke with the team last night and the entire team wishes to thank all 1,436 backers for the strength of your support. That support not only makes these things possible in the first place, but sends a very clear message to the entire industry that Arkhaven Comics is here, that Arkhaven has a strong foundation of support, and that Arkhaven is going to be a growing force in the comics industry.

We will not let you down.

Now, a question. Unlike Freestartr, Indiegogo has something called InDemand that I believe allows people to buy products from the campaign even though the campaign is over. Should we turn it on? We’ve got a hard limit of 2500 on the collector’s editions and 25 on the posters, which is the only reason I can imagine to leave it off, so that should not be an issue. Anyhow, if you’re a backer, please share your thoughts.

UPDATE: the consensus opinion was to turn it on. I’ve removed the variant-cover paperback from the rewards so that will only go to the original backers. Another possible idea: original hardcover backers could receive the variant cover while post-campaign hardcover backers receive the regular cover.

An interesting note from an AH:Q backer who is new to Arkhaven.

I’ve followed Comicsgate extensively for the past 2 years. The best thing Ethan has done for me during all this is remind me that you exist. I was active during GamerGate and remember you from back then, but I was a semi-blue pilled normie back then. I’ve evolved quite a bit since then, for the better. Its funny that the day I unsubbed from Ethan, I sent him a super-chat calling him out and he called me a “Vox Day minion”. Hilarious because I only became a subscriber of yours the day of the imprint fiasco. While the rest of CG sperged out in your chat, I actually listened to you and heard the wisdom in your words. Proud to have backed Alt Hero Q and recently bought several Arkhaven/Dark Legion titles from Amazon. I’m actually looking forward to your books more than the ComicsGate books (with the exception of Red Rooster, which I eagerly anticipate on par with Alt-Hero.) However I will reserve final judgement for both after I have read them. Keep fighting the good fight! 

As the Dread Ilk know, we neither want nor expect mindless support from our backers. We expect you to continue to push us to pursue excellence. We want you to keep us from getting lazy and complacent. After all, when we need mindless obedience and unrestrained mayhem, that’s exactly what the VFM are for.

AH:Q – the final stretch

There are only 10 8 6 hours left to back Alt★Hero: Q. Trust the Plan! We’re less than 8k away from six digits! Meanwhile, the plot thickens, as Roland Dane serves himself breakfast at the hotel buffet after a very busy night.

5 hours left and the campaign just passed $97k! Six digits is in sight….
UPDATE: Just did an hour-long Darkstream about Kavanagh and the AH:Q campaign.
UPDATE: And we’re done. $102,067 and 1436 backers. Thanks very much, everyone!