GoDaddy bans Gab

Add GoDaddy to the list of corporations deplatforming Gab:

Gab, the far-right social network that the suspect in Saturday’s mass shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue used to share anti-Semitic posts, has gone offline after GoDaddy gave it 24 hours to find a new domain provider. GoDaddy’s decision comes after PayPal, Medium, Stripe, and Joyent banned Gab’s accounts over the weekend.

I’m not going to pretend that I don’t find this extremely amusing, or that I did not anticipate this result when Andrew Torba refused to remove libel, pornography, and fake rape photoshops from his site at my request. As I said more than a year ago, Torba lacks the temperament and the detachment required to run a company, particularly in testing times such as these. But the Gab deplatforming is merely a minor symptom of the real problem, which has been decades in the making.

As I mentioned in the Darkstream last night, what these corporations are doing is literally destroying the basis for a developed economy. And not only what they are doing now, but what they have been in the process of doing for the past 15 years. The EULAs, the Terms of Service, and the selling of software of a service, and the SJW convergence have all collectively routed around the rule of law which is necessary for sustained economic growth over time.

In countries with strong rule of law:

1. Property rights over land, equipment, and personal items are clear and protected by law.
3. Contracts between people, businesses, and the government are effectively enforced by the legal system.
3. Political accountability is high and corruption is low.
4. Business regulations are clear and enforced in a transparent manner.

In such environments people make long-term investments and build large organizations. In contrast, if the property rights and contracts are not enforced and the business regulations are not clear, most of the economy consists of small family owned firms with little modern equipment. A high-tech, prosperous economy would not develop.

Effectively, there are no contracts anymore in the digital economy. There is no predictability anymore. There is no accountability. There is no responsibility. There are no requirements for performance anymore. In sum, the US digital economy is rapidly becoming the equivalent of a third-world economy, complete with crony capitalism and digital robber barons.

They can’t say I didn’t warn them

Gab is discovering that its firm and unshakable commitment to free speech – which is to say its foolish decision to freely permit unrestrained libel and pornography – is simply not tenable:

In the last two weeks both of our payment processors have threatened to or have frozen our service. This is why we are crowdfunding from You, The People, to build our own free speech-friendly infrastructure.

Paypal did not terminate our service–yet. They threatened to a few weeks ago over a meme from 2012 called “Navy Seal Copypasta.” They took the meme literally like idiots who know nothing at all about basic internet culture. We refused to censor the meme because the context and intent were very clear. We have not heard back since we told them this 11 days ago and our account is still active as of now.

Stripe, our other payment processor, is demanding quote:

“Modification of your terms of service to indicate that adult or illegal content cannot be streamed through GabTV or otherwise distributed through the Gab service. The implementation of reasonable controls to ensure that no adult or illegal content is being streamed through GabTV or otherwise available on the Gab service.”

You may recall that I long ago warned Andrew Torba he was absolutely going to have to rein in the slanderers and the trolls, and not because Spacebunny and I were being targeted by the Alt-Reich nasties. Instead, he very publicly chose to embrace them in the name of Free Speech. So, I have no sympathy for Gab whatsoever; unlike others whose accounts have been terminated by the payment processors for dubious reasons, Gab has been in open and avowed violation of their terms of service almost from the start.

Hell, I quit using Gab for precisely the same reason that Stripe is now refusing them service. They were refusing to moderate photoshopped images of gang rape, just to give one example. And as I said at the time, Torba is temperamentally unsuited to run a business and is totally unready for prime time. His childish response to Paypal and Stripe again demonstrates both.

It’s somewhat of a mystery why conservatives are willing to throw away hundreds of millions of dollars on political campaigns, but refuse to simply build a viable alternative infrastructure. Don’t whine, cry, bitch, or complain about these things, roll up your sleeves and help build the alternative platforms and organizations!

Darkstream: Two strikes against Stefan

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

What we have to understand is that if Pewdiepie is not important enough to the platform providers,  nobody is. If Alex Jones is not important enough to the platform providers, nobody is, and that means we have to always be ready to build the platform. We have to build our own platforms, and now maybe I made a mistake a couple years ago in focusing first on replacing Wikipedia. You know, I always have a strategic perspective, maybe sometimes it’s an excessively strategic perspective, but we chose to do Infogalactic first because it was one of the more challenging ones. Twitter, one of these will pop up left right and center. YouTube is difficult because of the way that it’s run at such huge losses. Facebook, you know, we figured it’s doable but a lot of people were also attempting to do that

Now if you look at Oneway, you can see how easy it was for them to have a Twitter functionality yeah there was Freez Peach there was all kinds of stuff, so with Infogalactic what was important to us was making sure that people had a non-SJW-controlled information source and now we do. We haven’t started really pushing it yet because our functionality is not yet different, but the important thing is you need to always be ready. The Darkstream is already on BitChute; most of the the archived videos are already on BitChute, we only really bothered with the last two months or so, you know, that’s kind of when we found our our groove as it were, but we’re ready.

 If you’re listening to this and you’re not subscribed to the BitChute Darkstream channel I would encourage you to do so, because we don’t know how long YouTube is going to permit me to stream. They might leave me indefinitely, you know, I have a small audience and it’s quite possible that they’ve decided the press attention that it would give me would actually be worse than just letting me continue with my three, six, ten thousand whatever subscribers. It’s very clear that they are primarily concerned about the people with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, for the most part, but this thought policing is not going to stop!

There are some who are theorizing that this is only taking place in preparation for the midterm elections, and that once the midterm elections are done and it’s not possible for the big social media influencers to affect the election in any way that they’ll ease up and that sort of thing, but the reality is that they’re not going to ease up. Because they’re going to be very disappointed when the long-prophesied Blue Wave does not arrive, when they realize that the 2018 elections indicate that Trump has overperformed and is almost certain to be reelected in 2020. I believe that we are  going to see the SJW-controlled Left go completely berserk after their  disappointment from the 2018 midterms, and so this isn’t going to stop, and it’s important – I stress again, it’s important – for the Right to be thinking actively in terms of building and supporting infrastructure.

What else did you expect?

I am rolling my eyes at the hysterics that have greeted the news that YouTube has banned the Infowars channel in coordination with Apple and Spotify banning its podcasts and Facebook banning its Facebook page.

Paul Joseph Watson✔@PrisonPlanet
The Alex Jones Channel has been permanently DELETED by YouTube. This is a coordinated PURGE. This is political censorship.

Paul Joseph Watson✔@PrisonPlanet
Apple, Spotify, Facebook and now Google (which owns YouTube) – all within 12 hours of each other. A coordinated purge. This is a total abuse of power.

BFD and book-freaking-hoo. When Alex asked me what the next step would be, I told him that they would be deplatforming the Right and attempting to defund it. This was not merely predictable, it was obvious. This is the exact opposite of a surprise. Complaining and crying about it will accomplish precisely nothing.

This is why we have to build our own platforms, as I have been advising for years. This is why you are shortsighted and strategically-challenged if you allow yourself to be dependent in any way on the platforms of your enemy, even if doing so maximizes your profits and is in your immediate short-term interests.

UPDATE: Before anyone starts worrying that I’ve been banned by Facebook, I deactivated my account myself. I would have deleted it, but the damned DELETE ACCOUNT page would not load no matter which browser I tried. I’ll delete it when I get the chance.

Startup = sellout

Megan Fox covers the Stripe 180 on PJ Media:

Every time reports of conservatives being silenced on social media platforms come out, a large percentage of libertarians shout, “but private companies can serve whoever they want! Build your own platforms.” It is a constant criticism of anyone saying that social media and Silicon Valley need regulation or that political viewpoints need protection under the law. But when marginalized voices create their own platforms, the puppet masters of Silicon Valley who control all the infrastructure shut them down.

Vox Day, a contributor at BitChute and popular author of SJWs Always Double Down, told PJM, “The denial of payment services on ideological grounds is a significant blow to the libertarian idea that private companies can be permitted to operate without government oversight.” Day has significant experience being deplatformed on the major social media sites….

Stripe claimed in their notice of cancellation to Bitchute founder Ray Vahey that it was their “financial partners” who objected to Bitchute’s business model. “We are politically neutral, and have many creators from across the political spectrum,” Vahey told PJM. “Our site is still operational in terms of video streaming, but we have not been able to accept money since the Stripe termination,” he explained. “They gave us only 5 days notice, even though our account was in good standing and we had not broken any of their rules or laws or even had any customer complaints.”

The notice he received from Stripe was strange, filled with rambling excuses for termination with no specifics. Stripe employee “Gus” wrote:

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to overturn our decision regarding your account. Our financial partners have some fairly strict limitations on the type of businesses we can work with, and sadly your business type falls into a category which our financial partners consider to be high-risk. I’m truly sorry about that… this is a restriction imposed upon us directly from our financial partners, who use have [sic] an archaic and frankly antiquated view of non-traditional businesses.

Stripe refuses to say who the “financial partners” are. PJM also reached out to Stripe but received no response.

This tends to indicate the situation is as I suspected. Stripe is looking to cash in, so they are doing whatever their investors and prospective buyers want them to do. Which, in this case, is shutting down the services that allow people to bypass both the ideological gatekeepers as well as the financial gatekeepers.

It’s not an accident that they are attempting to shut down the crowdfunding sites, beginning with the alternative ones. That’s primarily what this is about. Rest assured, they have their sights on Kickstarter and Indie-Go-Go too.

Faith Goldy banned by Patreon

Two days ago, Christian Canadian commenter Faith Goldy was banned from Patreon. In my opinion, the egregious nature of this action makes it clear that it is time for everyone of the Right to STOP USING PATREON! Stop using it to raise money. Stop using it to give money. Stop using it, period.

It took almost two years, but even as powerful an organization as the NFL finally caved to the financial pressure of fans turning off the TV and refusing to buy tickets, which shows the power that comes from refusing to support the enemy. After facing less than one week of mass rejection, the production behind the horrible Show Dogs movie removed the pedophilic grooming scenes from the so-called “children’s film” and has apparently been removed by more than a few theater chains as well.

On the other hand, rumor has it that Disney is now planning to add a Show Dogs display at Disneyworld and Disneyland where children can be felt up by Mickey and Goofy as well as a Show Dogs on Ice tour.

That is why, if you support someone on Patreon, I suggest that you cancel that support and TELL the person you were supporting exactly why you did so. Encourage them to move to some other platform that is not converged and let them know that you will be happy to resume your support there.

There is no warning the Left. There is no fixing the Left. There is no way to productively work or partner with the Left. Leave it to dry up and die.Thanks for the info. All Patreon pledges of support cancelled.

UPDATE: Every journey begins with but a single step. A reader emails:

Thanks for the info. All Patreon pledges of support cancelled.

Stop fighting on their ground

YouTube hits Infowars with a third strike preparatory to deleting Alex Jones’s channel:

After one strike was removed earlier in the week, YouTube hit the Alex Jones Channel with a third strike for a video that had already been appealed and restored.

In the video, Jones clearly explains how the victims of the Parkland shooting were not “crisis actors”.

YouTube’s flagging system is clearly being abused in a flagrant effort to shut down Infowars following a public campaign by CNN.

This sets a horrific precedent for free expression and the First Amendment and YouTube is in direct violation of the Communications Decency Act in adopting this approach.

Protest! Shock! Horror! Unfair! Come on, now. The inevitability of these deplatforming actions is why I have been repeatedly and relentlessly advising people to build their own platforms. There is little point in building up a highly fragile operation on your enemy’s turf that they can literally take out at will without warning.

The high-profile men and women of the Right absolutely need to stop thinking about maximizing their short-term benefit and start looking to support the platforms that are not going to a) silence them, b) sell them out, or, c) leave them completely exposed to their enemies. And they also need to stop “fighting for free speech”. Free speech is little more than anti-Christian Enlightenment propaganda, which very few of its self-appointed defenders seem to know.

In case you haven’t noticed, it is utterly useless to appeal to the ideological purists who run these Big Social platforms. No amount of reason is going to sway them. So stop relying upon them! If you notice, I used Freestartr instead of Kickstarter and Bitchute instead of Youtube for Voxiversity. If even 10 percent of the Right would stop bitching and wailing and whining about their inevitable ill-treatment at the hands of the Left and publicly support the alternative platforms instead, we would have a fully functional Alt-Tech ecosystem before the end of 2018.

Stefan Molyneux clearly gets it. One hopes that others will before it’s already too late.

UPDATE: This again. I had a feeling someone was going to leap in to “call me out” for “hypocrisy” sooner or later. At least this was friendly concern.

This post being made on a Google-owned property, is at best hypocritical (which is fucking horrible to your credibility). Please take a look at platforms like Steemit, Minds, etc. because Goolag can bring the ban-hammer down on Vox Populi in a nanosecond. You’re a sonofabitch, but you’re an excellent sonofabitch, and I do not want to see you banned or discredited.

First, I was reliably informed that my credibility was destroyed back in 2001. So, who cares about that. Second, do you really think I am not prepared for Google to take down the blog without warning for no reason, or that Google does not know that? And third, Blogger is not a critical platform. It is merely a delivery vehicle for text on a screen and literally no one is dependent upon it.

Do NOT question the Narrative!

YouTube threatens Infowars with account termination:

InfoWars, a far-right media organization run by Alex Jones and known for peddling unfounded conspiracy theories, is on thin ice with YouTube after it posted a video that portrayed the survivors of the Parkland school shooting as actors.

The Alex Jones Channel, Infowar’s biggest YouTube account, received one strike for that video, a source with knowledge of the account told CNN. YouTube’s community guidelines say if an account receives three strikes in three months, the account is terminated.

That video focused on David Hogg, a strong voice among survivors of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The attention has given him a powerful platform — but it has also made him the subject of demonstrably false conspiracy theories that claim he is so simply too skilled as public speakers not to be a paid actor.

On Wednesday, YouTube removed the video from InfoWars’ page for violating its policies on harassment and bullying. The video was titled, “David Hogg Can’t Remember His Lines In TV Interview.”

The fact that the mainstream media and Youtube are peddling pure propaganda is underlined by their over-the-top reaction to the accusations that people like David Hogg are crisis actors playing a role to create a false narrative for the public.

If it was actually a “demonstrably false” charge, they wouldn’t be threatened by it. If it were simply nonsense, they wouldn’t be so desperate to shut it down.

From the article: Conspiracy believers think false flags are government operations that seek to divert or steer public discussion and policy.

From the online encyclopediaThe contemporary term false flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that activities appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them. 

The conspiracy believers are correct. That’s exactly what false flags are, Operation Northwoods being but one of many historical examples.

Notice the ludicrously false claims in the linked piece. It’s rather shocking that they actually seem to expect people not to notice them. Their “debunking” is incoherent. Literally no one claims that David Hogg is “simply too skilled” as a public speaker to not be a paid actor. In fact, the headline quoted right in the linked piece points out the precise opposite! It points out that Hogg is such a bad actor that he can’t even remember his scripted lines. As I have repeatedly pointed out, it is very clear to any professional fiction editor that these actors are reciting lines from a script. A very bad and poorly written script that doesn’t sound even remotely like the way real people actually speak in high-pressure situations.

Q is right. These people are stupid. These people are government employees. This is what happens when people with an average IQ of 95 try to produce a live-action movie. And that is why the media has to try to shut down all dubious and skeptical voices, because the obvious questions that are naturally raised are so destructive of the Narrative that the mere asking of them is sufficient to destroy the Official Story that the media is trying, and failing, to uphold.

Who do you think is leaking the info?
Take a wild guess.
Analyze shooter (pawn).
Voices in his head?
We know.
We are taking action behind the scenes.
CNN was set up.

All of these emotionally manipulative events, from Sandy Hook to Parkland, are fake. They’re not even remotely credible, and the more the media tries to clamp down on everyone who is simply asking obvious questions, the more obvious it is that they are in on it.

$45 million, in total, has flowed into Sandy Hook in the last two years.

This is why those who are committed to the truth must build our own platforms. And this is why the God-Emperor would be wise to put a special military commission together to investigate the Deep State’s corruption and control of the mainstream media.

UPDATE: This is the video of David Hogg flubbing his lines that the media doesn’t want you to see. Notice that he’s not breaking down, he’s just not remembering how to say them correctly. It’s also interesting to note that Reddit is now threatening to ban redditors who so much as mention his name.

Cerno, Posobiec banned by Medium

The political censorship of Big Social continues to get worse:

The online publishing platform Medium has suspended the accounts of prominent far-right figures Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec and Laura Loomer. Medium spokesperson Sandee Roston told The Hill that the company does “not comment on individual accounts.”

Roston did point to a Feb. 7 post detailing an update to its rules.

“We have all seen an increase and evolution of online hate, abuse, harassment, and disinformation, along with ever-evolving campaigns of fraud and spam,” Medium’s rules update reads. “We have strengthened our policies around this type of behavior. We do not allow calls for intolerance, exclusion, or segregation based on protected characteristics, nor do we allow the glorification of groups which do any of the above,” the new rules specify.

The platform’s new rules include banning misinformation campaigns and lets the company consider “off-platform action,” in its decision to ban users.

In its previous set of rules, the company had billed itself as a “free and open platform for anyone to write their views and opinions,” and said it believes “free expression deserves a lot of leeway, so we generally think the best response to bad ideas is good ideas, not censorship.

This language has been scrubbed from the current version of its platform rules.

Notice that careful avoidance of the label “Alt-Right” did nothing to save any of them from targeting by SJWs. This is why we absolutely MUST build our own platforms. Without them, the Left will be successful in its determination to deny a platform to everyone who refuses to publicly submit to its dogma of Tolerance, Equality, Progressivism, Inclusivity, and Diversity.

Goodbye Vidme

Remember when I kept telling all the brilliant business geniuses who were waxing entrepreneurial about the pressing need for someone to compete with YouTube that they were clueless idiots who didn’t understand the first thing about that particular business?

This farewell message from Vidme I received in my email this morning was exactly the result I expected from any would-be YouTube disruptor:

We’re writing to let you know that after careful consideration, we’ve arrived at the difficult decision to suspend the Vidme site and apps effective December 15th.

What this means for you:

  •     New sign-ups and uploads will be disabled effective today.
  •     Existing videos will be playable and exportable from your video manager until December 14th, at which point they will be permanently deleted from the Vidme servers. If you want to backup any of your videos, be sure to sign in and visit your video manager and click the export button (displayed below). After a few minutes, you’ll receive an email with a link to download your exported video.
  •     All paid channel subscripitions will be suspended immediately, and subscriber-only videos will be exclusively accessible to their video owners.
  •     Any outstanding earnings will be paid out upon verification within 60 days.
  •     All Vidme paid subscriptions will cease as of today, and subscribers will no longer be billed. 

Thank you for giving Vidme a chance, and we’re very sorry that we won’t be able to continue to support you on the next stage of your creative journey. It has truly been a joy to watch people from all over the world connect, collaborate, and make new friends in this community, and we’re happy to know that many of those relationships will long outlast Vidme itself.

Wishing you the best of luck.

There is a reason I chose Infogalactic as the Alt-Tech priority. Notice that, thanks to the support from a relatively small Burn Unit, the site not only remains fully viable and operational, but the Techstars actually continue to make progress towards the Stage Two engine. Infogalactic is far more efficient and less expensive than Wikipedia and does not rely upon increasingly scarce online ad revenue, and Wikipedia is not a subsidized venture allowed to operate at an annual loss that is measured in the billions.

You can’t just leap into these things and try to do what others are doing, only less SJW. You have to analyze the situation, figure out the strengths and weaknesses of what the prospective competitors a) are doing, and, b) have the ability to do, and then figure out if there is actually any productive territory that can be legitimately taken and held.