It’s go time

If you’re an Arkhaven backer of a certain project that has been in the works these past few months, please check your email and respond accordingly. The public announcement will be tomorrow evening.

UPDATE: we’re going to make the initial public announcement in about 8 hours, so if you haven’t been able to follow through yet, you might want to do so before everyone else has the chance to get on board.

UPDATE: No Darkstream tonight, I’ll be appearing on Owen’s livestream instead at 7 PM EST. If you want to know what’s going on with all these cryptic comments and so forth, be sure to tune in.

Cancel your accounts

I’ll be sending out an email to all of the Arkhaven backers involved later today, but if you’ve set up an account on a certain site and have been awaiting further instructions, please cancel that account today. Last night we were informed that we would not be permitted to use the site because badthink and so forth.

This will not have any effect on the project at all, so please don’t worry about that. We have a plethora of options and will be selecting a better one next week. But in order to send a very clear message, it would be good if everyone involved canceled their account today. We do not intend any legal action at this point, as we would much rather not work with any partners who are less than entirely enthusiastic about working with us.

Arkhaven backers

Check your email. Please follow the directions, do NOT ask any questions here and do NOT email any questions to me. All the relevant questions will be addressed in detail at the proper time later this month.

UPDATE: I will be sending out an email Thursday night to the hundreds of respondents. The entire team is blown away by the strength of your response. Thank you all.

UPDATE: There are now 50 40 10 5 0 slots left. Thanks to everyone who is participating. Please follow the emailed instructions to get registered and approved ASAP.

Arkhaven backers

Check your email. Please follow the directions, do NOT ask any questions here and do NOT email any questions to me. All the relevant questions will be addressed in detail at the proper time later this month.

UPDATE: I will be sending out an email Thursday night to the hundreds of respondents. The entire team is blown away by the strength of your response. Thank you all.

UPDATE: There are now 50 40 10 5 slots left, so if you want to be involved, this is the time to jump in. Also, assuming that everyone follows through, the light just flashed green. There is no need to email asking for further instructions. They will arrive in due course.

Right Ho, Jeeves #3 now in print

BERTIE AT BAY is the third issue in the RIGHT HO, JEEVES series, which tells of the travails of the inimitable Bertie Wooster, summoned from the comforts of #3A Berkley Mansions, London to Brinkley Manor by his imperious Aunt Dahlia. Love is in the air and Wodehousian shenanigans are afoot, as Wooster’s well-meaning attempts to help out his friends sort out their romantic difficulties only leads to one hilarious disaster after another.

Adapted from the classic Wodehouse novel by comics legend Chuck Dixon and drawn by SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN illustrator Gary Kwapisz, BERTIE AT BAY is issue #3 of 6 in the RIGHT HO, JEEVES series.

RIGHT HO, JEEVES #3: Bertie at Bay is available in a gold logo edition from Arkhaven Direct for $2.99.

In other Arkhaven-related news, Rorshach of Swindon has reviewed Alt-Hero #4: The War in Paris.

AH:Q is go, go, go

Bounding Into Comics exclusively reports on Arkhaven’s very successful circumnavigation of IndieGoGo’s retroactive cancellation of the successful Alt-Hero:Q campaign:

After IndieGoGo Shuts Down Alt-Hero: Q – Arkhaven Comics Raises Huge Money in Just Two Days!

IndieGoGo recently shut down Vox Day and Arkhaven Comic’s ongoing Alt-Hero: Q crowdfunder without any explanation. The campaign trended #1 on the crowdfunding site when it launched. However, Vox Day ran a stealth campaign where he tells us he raised over $130,000 in two days from over 1100 backers. In fact, he told us he raised over $100,000 in just the first 24 hours.

Day referenced this stealth campaign in a blog post, writing, “As I mentioned previously, we expect to get version 2.0 of the AH:Q campaign up in about two weeks. As always, we’re focused on doing it right rather than doing it fast, so rest assured that work has been proceeding on the first issue regardless of when we relaunch the campaign and how we do it. As The Legend has already declared, those involved will do it for nothing if necessary.”

This stealth campaign was only the first part in Vox’s strategy to successfully launch Alt-Hero: Q. Due to IndieGoGo shutting down the crowdfunding campaign, Vox and his team has begun working on their own independent crowdfunding. In fact, Vox tells us the stealth campaign “was a test run of our independent crowdfunding ability, which we plan on opening to the public later this month.”

For those of you who have been emailing me and wanting to back the AH:Q campaign, we will open it up again as soon as we have the full site operative, complete with the crowdfunding element. We plan to run the AH:Q campaign for 28 more days in order to allow everyone to support AH:Q and to participate in our campaign against the SJWs trying to shut us down.

Thanks to all of the AH:Q backers whose decisiveness and discipline made this possible. Your performance was astounding, even to the AH:Q team. What we are building will not be stopped; this is only the beginning of the Dark Legion’s long march through the comics industry. This is only the first of several announcements that will increasingly dismay and demoralize our self-appointed enemies.

Every time they knock us down, we will come back harder, and stronger, and faster. And we will show them no mercy whatsoever.

Where we go one, we go all.

CBZ vs Kindle Unlimited

Question for Arkhaven fans: We are giving serious thought to taking the comics out of Kindle Unlimited in order to offer higher-resolution digital editions in CBZ format. The files would be about 20 megs apiece and would cost the same $2.99 as the Kindle editions. Despite the files going to the backers free, we still sell literally hundreds of copies of each Kindle edition, not including the KU downloads.

But due to the way Amazon pays virtually nothing for a KU edition, one CBZ sale would be the equivalent to 22 KU sales. Also, since it appears that Amazon has begun playing algorithm games with our books in order to reduce the visibility of our Kindle editions, there is no material benefit to our being on KU anymore.

The resolution would be 3150 x 2100 vs 1280 x 800. Please share your opinions.

Swan Knight Saga poll

An email has gone out to all the Arkhaven backers that concerns the Will Caligan campaign. If you are one of the Swan Knight Saga backers, please read the email and respond to the poll, as we have to make some decisions about how we are going to meet our obligations to you despite a few curve balls that have been thrown our way.

We believe we have several good options that will work out well for everyone involved, but we do not wish to proceed without informed input from the backers. If you have any questions about the various options, you can ask them here, but please do not mention any names. If you have any concerns related to this that you do not feel are appropriate in a public forum, please feel free to email me directly about them.

The print editions arrive

Fresh from the new forums, Vulcha reports the arrival of the first print editions of QUANTUM MORTIS A Man Disrupted #1:

Looky looky what I got today. I was very surprised at the quality. The covers are super sturdy and the interior is superb. Much better than I anticipated. Not sure why I expected otherwise. I’ll be keeping a few and distributing the rest. 

He might want to hang on to a few of those issues marked $2.99 because they will serve much the same purpose as the gold logos. Due to the vagaries of Ingram’s discount structure, we have had to change the retail price to $3.00, which is why future issues, and future editions of the first issue, will not feature a price marked on the cover.

That discount issue is, in part, what has caused the delay of orders made through Amazon, although I have been informed that it’s also connected to a much bigger Amazon problem that has nothing to do with us or Ingram. So, at least until they get that straightened out, I would recommend ordering Arkhaven comics through the Castalia Books Direct store.

They certainly look good, though! As for the sturdiness of the covers, they are not the flimsy coated gloss paper used for normal comics, but are the same rigid construction of a normal trade paperback. If you’ve received your print editions already, please feel free to share your thoughts on the manufacturing and print quality here. I’m still waiting for mine.