Right, but wrong. Again.

ESR is an intelligent man, but he is fundamentally handicapped by his stubborn commitment to irreligion and his left-liberalism, which is why his diagnoses of the Left’s evils tend to be accurate, but his predictions and prescriptions are reliably off-target:

One of the clearest lessons of recent times (exemplified not just by kaffiyeh-wearing western leftists but by Hamas’s recent clobbering of al-Fatah in the first Palestinian elections) is that po-mo leftism is weaker than liberal individualism in one important respect; it has only the weakest defenses against absolutist fervor. Brittingham tellingly notes po-mo philosopher Richard Rorty’s realization that when the babble of conflicting tribal narratives collapses in exhaustion, the only thing left is the will to power.

Again, this is by design. Lenin and Stalin wanted classical-liberal individualism replaced with something less able to resist totalitarianism, not more. Volk-Marxist fantasy and postmodern nihilism served their purposes; the emergence of an adhesive counter-ideology would not have. Thus, the Chomskys and Moores and Fisks are running a program carefully designed to dead-end at nothing.

Religions are good at filling that kind of nothing. Accordingly, if transnational progressivism actually succeeds in smothering liberal individualism, its reward will be to be put to the sword by some flavor of jihadi. Whether the eventual winners are Muslims or Mormons, the future is not going to look like the fuzzy multicultural ecotopia of modern left fantasy. The death of that dream is being written in European banlieus by angry Muslim youths under the light of burning cars.

In the banlieus and elsewhere, Islamist pressure makes it certain that sooner or later the West is going to vomit Stalin’s memes out of its body politic. The worst way would be through a reflex development of Western absolutism — Christian chauvinism, nativism and militarism melding into something like Francoite fascism. The self-panicking leftists who think they see that in today’s Republicans are comically wrong (as witnessed by the fact that they aren’t being systematically jailed and executed), but it is quite a plausible future for the demographically-collapsing nations of Europe.

That’s not the worst way, it is the only way. If you want Western civilization to survive, then militant Christian nationalism is the only way that is going to happen. Period. Fools decry Franco, but he was one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century simply because he a) prevented his people from falling into the hands of the Communists, and, b) kept his nation out of World War II. Spain lost 4,500 soldiers from the Spanish Blue Division serving with the German Army in the USSR and promptly withdrew them. That was it. Italy, by contrast, lost 500,000 soldiers and civilians.

ESR notes that he and the Left were wrong about the past and that the Right was essentially correct. But note that this essay on suicidalism was written 12 years ago, and it’s already obvious that he was totally wrong to again put his faith in the liberal Left’s ability to control its extremists.

I remain more optimistic than this. I think there is still an excellent chance that the West can recover from suicidalism without going through a fevered fascist episode and waging a genocidal war. But to do so, we have to do more than recognize Stalin’s memes; we have to reject them. We have to eject postmodern leftism from our universities, transnational progressivism from our politics, and volk-Marxism from our media.

The process won’t be pretty. But I fear that if the rest of us don’t hound the po-mo Left and its useful idiots out of public life with attack and ridicule and shunning, the hard Right will sooner or later get the power to do it by means that include a lot of killing. I don’t want to live in that future, and I don’t think any of my readers do, either. If we want to save a liberal, tolerant civilization for our children, we’d better get to work.

The cure for suicidalism is not suicidalism lite. There is no saving “a liberal, tolerant civilization” because liberal tolerant civilizations are intrinsically suicidal. Most tolerant, civilized liberals can’t even bother to have children, let alone seek to save Western civilization for them.

China plays the debt card

I’m not sure which is more amusing, the consternation of the anti-imperialists who are tempted to shoulder the White Man’s Burden to protect the Africans from themselves or the hypocrisy of the IMF for worrying about China engaging in the debt-trap diplomacy they have been utilizing in Asia and Latin America for decades:

Zambia is reportedly in talks with China over a possible takeover of the country’s electricity company, ZEWASCO, after defaulting on loan repayment. This is according to a report by Africa Confidential titled Bills, Bonds and even Bigger Debts claiming that Zambia risks losing its sovereignty to China which is bound to seize its national assets once the government defaults on loans.

“A major worry of the IMF and US is that China’s BRI strategy is first to encourage indebtedness, and then to take over strategic national assets when debtors default on repayments. The state electricity company ZESCO is already in talks about a takeover by a Chinese company, AC has learned.

“The long-term outcome could be effective Chinese ownership of the commanding heights of the economy and potentially the biggest loss of national sovereignty since independence,” the report read.

It’s a bit ironic that SJWs in a post-imperial West that has been in decline for nearly 70 years are still actively attempting to destroy it while remaining entirely blind to the fact that a much more numerous, more unified empire is expanding in its place.

Compassion is not a virtue

The Manchester bombings, like the Battle of Adrianople and the unconstitutional anti-BDS laws in the United States, demonstrate why refugees should never be permitted to enter or settle in a civilized country.

The Manchester suicide bomber was rescued by the Navy from war-torn Libya three years before his pop concert atrocity, the Mail reveals today. HMS Enterprise plucked Salman Abedi, then 19, from the Libyan coast and took him to Malta for a flight home to Britain in August 2014.

Last May he set off a bomb in Manchester Arena that killed 22, including seven children.

Abedi’s younger brother, Hashem, who is in jail in Tripoli facing trial over the attack, was also rescued by HMS Enterprise.  The presence of the Abedi brothers among the 110 evacuees from Libya in 2014 was confirmed by family friends in Libya. One said: ‘They were sent together by the Royal Navy to Malta.’

They also demonstrate the utter foolishness of giving citizenship to foreigners practicing alien religions. Even the Muslim countries don’t permit their fellow Muslims to settle in their nations, so why should the West do so?

Terror attack in Toronto

  1. 9 dead, 16 injured after van strikes pedestrians in Toronto, sources say suspect is Alek Minassian.
  2. Minassian is an Armenian name.
  3. Armenia’s opposition leader has demanded a snap parliamentary election in the wake of former Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation over widespread anti-government demonstrations.
  4. Why was Armenia mentioned recently? Clowns losing control. Q
Which makes me wonder if the Toronto attack could be revenge for Sargsyan being forced from office. Then again, it may be just another case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

And we are supposed to care?

Perhaps the old (((French))) woman should have cried Holocaust while her fellow !Frenchmen! were stabbing her to death. Surely the magic words would have saved her from the inchoate evils of anti-Semitism!

An 85-year-old woman who as a child narrowly escaped France’s most notorious wartime roundup of Jews has been murdered in Paris, and the authorities are calling it a hate crime.

The body of the woman, Mireille Knoll, was found on Friday in her apartment in the city’s working-class 11th arrondissement. She had been stabbed to death, and her body was partly burned after her attackers apparently tried to set fire to the apartment.

The Paris prosecutor’s office said on Monday that Ms. Knoll had been killed because of the “membership, real or supposed, of the victim of a particular religion” — a roundabout way of saying she was killed because she was Jewish….

Francis Kalifat, the head of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France, said, “This makes one feel something absolutely terrible. She escaped the anti-Semitism of the Nazis, but in the end her destiny followed her because she was killed because of anti-Semitism.”

No, she was killed because her fellow Jews have been aggressively pushing open immigration into the West for nearly 100 years. There is certainly an amount of irony involved, but it isn’t the irony that the media wishes to perpetrate.

“Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies [sic] that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”
– Barbara Lerner Spectre

Apparently Ms Spectre and Mr. Soros didn’t think through what “the throes of that transformation” would necessarily involve. Or perhaps they simply didn’t care about their lesser co-nationals. Because the “rise of anti-Semitism” across Europe and in the USA is nothing more than a massive Jewish own goal of historic proportions with nightmarish potential. And none of the Western nations being adulterated and devastated by the policies advocated by these (((diasporans))) are going to shed any tears for them this time.

For example, I tend to doubt this woman, who fled Sweden as a result of the very immigration championed by Ms Spectre and Mr. Soros, is going to be particularly amenable to the usual sob stories. Watch the whole interview. She makes it very clear that the situation in Sweden is considerably worse than the media is reporting and I do not imagine that she appreciates those who have taken a leading role in making it happen.

This is why a strong and stable Israel is absolutely vital if the omni-destructive anti-Semitic cycle is ever to be shut down for good. Israel is skin in the game, as NN Taleb would put it. That is something that rootless (((nomads))) like (((Simon Schama))) and (((Jonathan Weisman))) observably lack.

There is nothing wrong, as Weisman counsels, with Jews standing shoulder to shoulder with those most damaged and threatened by tribalist populism, as Jews like Abraham Joshua Heschel did in the heyday of the civil rights movement. Ultimately, though, what is needed is an aggressive defense of those things that not so long ago could be taken for granted in America, and under which Jewish life has prospered to a degree unique in the world: the integrity of the democratic process, the protections of the Constitution and the preservation of the ideal of a “nation of immigrants,” a phrase just deleted from the Immigration Service’s mission statement.

Yes, there is something absolutely wrong with it, (((Mr. Schama))). There is something more than wrong with it, as it is literal treachery if we are to take your pretenses to citizenship at face value. And speaking as an American Indian, I can testify with authority that the USA was never a “nation of immigrants”. That is self-serving 20th-century (((immigrant))) propaganda. So, shed no tears for the deceivers who sow the seeds of their own destruction.

As Buzz Mohawk wrote at Steve Sailer’s site: We are not a nation of immigrants. We are a nation of Citizens descended from pioneers who wrote the Constitution to secure the blessings of Liberty for themselves and for their Posterity, for us.

To paraphrase one commenter here, you may recall that the Jews did not become Egyptians despite having lived in Egypt for 300 years. They did not become Canaanites after invading Canaan, and they did not become Palestinians after immigrating to Palestine. So, why would you ever imagine that a mere generation or three of residence in the United States would make them real Americans?

Lauren Southern denied entry to Ukistan

Meanwhile, what presently passes for the British government allows jihadists who have fought for ISIS to enter freely. Given what Britain’s Home Office now deems “the public good”, it would not be at all unreasonable for President Trump to declare a travel ban on all citizens and residents of once-Great Britain.

A Canadian journalist has become the third so-called anti-Muslim activist accused of racism to be barred from Britain in just 72 hours.

Border guards quizzed Lauren Southern for six hours in Calais where she was preparing to come to the UK to interview English Defence League co-founder Tommy Robinson.  It is understood the 22-year-old was hauled in for questioning over concerns surrounding an incident last month in Luton where she is accused of distributing racist material in the form of Islamic posters.

On Friday, right-wing Austrian activist Martin Sellner and his American girlfriend Brittany Pettibone, a YouTube commentator and author, were detained by the British government.

Southern took to Twitter to document the incident, and said: ‘I’m not kidding about this, but during my questioning by the UK police.

“I was asked about my Christianity and whether I’m a radical. I was also asked how I feel about running Muslims over with cars.”

A British security official confirmed all three had been refused entry and said when Sellner and Pettibone landed at Luton Airport, north of London, on Friday, border police refused to allow them to enter Britain. They were detained and then deported on Sunday.

The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the couple had been banned from entering by Britain’s Home Office on the grounds that their ‘presence in the UK was not conducive to the public good’.

Britain appears to have not only left the European Union, but the West as well. I was considering going to a business event in London to which I was invited, but this certainly helps me make up my mind regarding that. I definitely won’t be attending it now.

Now are you starting to understand the central importance of Christianity to Western civilization, atheists? Going into a civilizational war without a religion is like showing up for a gun fight without a firearm… or a pocketknife.

Reconquista in Myanmar

It’s rather remarkable how, with Muslims running murderously amok all across the West, the Western media still finds the time to cry about how a nation is fighting back against Islamic terrorism in its midst:

Thousands of stateless Muslims have fled ‘genocide’, telling refugee camp workers their people are being hacked to death. The UN estimates almost 50,000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar for Kutupalong Refugee Camp in Bangladesh, claiming they were forced out by a genocidal army.

About 20,000 remain stuck in no-man’s land between Bangladesh and Myanmar, whose government has denied attacking the minority and instead blamed ‘terrorists’ for initiating violence. Myanmar’s military says almost 400 Rohingya have died since then in a Facebook post by the country’s top commander.

Nobin Suna told said the military order the community to stay in their homes. ‘If we stay inside then they set our houses on fire, shooting at us or slaughtering us. Muslims have no rights.’

The minority Muslim group are denied citizenship despite having lived in Myanmar for generations. The military’s statement said all but 29 of the 399 killed were ‘insurgents’ and reported 90 armed clashes. The army launched clearance operations after 30 attacks by insurgents on Friday, with Advocates for Rohingya reporting security forces and vigilantes burned villages and shot civilians, killing hundreds. 

Thanks to the multiculturalists, the West now faces a choice between this and the sort of violent civil war that is tearing apart Nigeria and the Sudan. Myanmar will complete its reconquista soon, and then everyone will marvel at how peaceful it is, just as Spain became considerably more peaceful once Ferdinand and Isabella took back Granada.