What he is waiting for

As I mentioned on the Darkstream last night, it is very obvious what the God-Emperor is waiting for before he unleashes The Storm. There is absolutely no point rushing in and arresting all of the Swamp’s denizens if the swampy judges are just going to let them all go like they did with the Antifa members who were charged with various felonies. First, it’s necessary to transform the federal judiciary.

HISTORIC RESTORATION OF THE JUDICIARY: President Trump is transforming our judiciary – appointing a historic number of Federal judges who will interpret the Constitution as written.

  • Working with the Senate, President Trump has now had 158 judicial nominees confirmed to the Federal bench – a historic transformation of the judiciary.
  • President Trump has nominated and had confirmed, two Supreme Court justices, 44 Circuit Court judges, and 112 District Court judges.
  • President Trump has appointed more circuit judges by this point in his presidency than any president in recent history.
  • Approximately 1 out of every 4 active judges on United States Courts of Appeals has been appointed by President Trump.
  • This historic transformation is only accelerating, with President Trump on pace to have more judges confirmed this year than in 2017 and 2018 combined.

This also puts the lie to those who claim President Trump hasn’t done anything. What he’s been doing is laying the foundation for substantive and meaningful action that will last beyond his two terms.

The new Dershowitz

Keep in mind this guy is not only representing Eric Ciaramella, fake whistleblower #1, but also Mark Waid of Marvel in Richard Meyer’s tortious interference lawsuit against him.

The whistle blower’s attorney @MarkSZaidEsq has scrubbed the link from his website that went to his YouTube channel.

Here’s the archive showing it was there: http://archive.is/zzikn

Now it’s gone:  https://markzaid.com/zaid/

Here’s the YouTube channel: http://YouTube.com/MarkSZaidEsq

Strange, is it not, that all these nominally elite attorneys have such a strong interest in, shall we say, the younger kind. It’s almost as if some of the strange stories about how these losers obtain their positions are true….

UPDATE: Oh, FFS…. Waid “bragged about his connections to John Podesta.” You don’t say.

Cameras in the can

Apparently there are cameras in airplane bathrooms. What is wrong with these people?

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant says two pilots live streamed video from a hidden camera in a commercial airliner’s lavatory to an iPad in the cockpit, a lawsuit says. The alleged incident happened February 27, 2017, while Renee Steinaker was working on Flight 1088 from Pittsburgh to Phoenix, according to the complaint that Steinaker and her husband, David Steinaker, filed against the airline and the pilots.

About two and a half hours into the flight, Capt. Terry Graham asked for a flight attendant to come to the cockpit so that he could leave to use the restroom, the complaint says. Airline policy requires that two crew members are in the cockpit at all times, the complaint says.

After Steinaker arrived and Graham left, Steinaker spotted an iPad in the plane’s cockpit that appeared to be streaming live video of the pilot inside an airplane lavatory, the lawsuit said. When the flight attendant asked the co-pilot, Ryan Russell, if the iPad was streaming video from the lavatory, he said the camera was part of a “new security and top secret security measure that had been installed in the lavatories of all Southwest Airlines’ 737-800 planes,” the document alleges.

“Southwest does not place cameras in the lavatories of our aircraft.” That’s the official Southwest line and it might even be true. But even if it is true, that doesn’t mean that someone else, such as a federal agency, doesn’t put them there.

The reason the GOP establishment supports impeachment

They are desperate to stop President Trump and his men from uncovering their crimes against children:

The names of some of the largest GOP critics of President Donald Trump are surfacing in the investigation of a politician indicted on charges of fraud, human smuggling, selling children, forgery, conspiracy and ripping off the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System. GOP critics of President Trump, including former US Sen. Jeff Flake, late Sen. John McCain, and Sen. Mitt Romney among others are linked to suspect Paul Petersen. Petersen also campaigned for and is friends with Arizona Gov. Goug Ducey and other politicians, according to records and sources.

But back to the NEW bombshell allegations coming, again, out of Arizona.

The Arizona Senator Farnsworth said that he has been looking into how DCS “lost” more than 550 children last year, roughly half of whom are categorized as either runaways or otherwise missing. The rest appear to be flagged for paperwork errors.

He said he fears the children have been abducted and sold into a global sex trafficking ring, and said he has been holding meetings with DCS, critics of the agency and fellow lawmakers, including Brophy McGee.

Farnsworth said he didn’t believe DCS officials were actively selling children into sexual slavery, but that they are being lax at protecting children from predators who will do so.

While he said he hopes his meetings ultimately prove him wrong, Farnsworth said he is more convinced than ever that Arizona children removed from their parents and put into group homes or foster homes are being sex-trafficked.

“When I first heard about this, I believed that children from Arizona (DCS) were ending up in sex trafficking. Now, after the research I’ve done, I’m confident of it,” he said.

I no longer trust ANY organization that says it is “for the children” or even expresses any particular interest in them at all. Increasingly, such organizations are filled with those who prey upon children in one way or another. Never forget, predators always go where the prey is. 

Cutting off the cash

The Deep State is raging at Trump’s persistent attempts to cut off the flow of funding to them:

High-placed federal law enforcement sources dropped a bombshell, claiming the renewed push to impeach the president is rooted, in part, in President Trump’s move to pull the United States out of the conflict in Syria — and stop untold millions in dirty cash from flowing into the deep state’s pockets.

“This isn’t about the Kurds, it’s about the cash,” one FBI source said.

And that cash is no chump change; it’s millions and millions of dollars flowing into the coffers of crooked politicians and deep-state pockets worldwide.

Federal sources paint a dark picture here, alleging crooked politicians and their benefactors are fuming. For years, it is alleged, deep state players have been raking in millions in illicit profits through the manufacturing and distribution of narcotics in Syria.

But that profitable network could stop producing its riches for U.S. players if the cease-fire Trump negotiated continues and if Trump’s plan to remove U.S. personnel from Syria commences.

Well, that and trying to keep themselves off the scaffold for their treason, of course.

It is worse than you IMAGINE

You might look at the terrible events described in The Last Closet and thank your lucky stars that nothing like that has ever happened around you. And you might be wrong:

Dozens of predators, 100s of kids: Decades of trained stars and scorched lives at Children’s Theatre.

Shortly after Children’s Theatre Company was founded in 1965, critics were calling it the greatest children’s troupe in the world. The extraordinary feats of its cast and crew, bright kids from across America, afforded the Twin Cities a reputation for artistic excellence.

The Minneapolis company was an insular institution with mysterious methods, helmed by the brilliant and volatile John Clark Donahue. He was also a predatory abuser of children. It was common knowledge that the boys in starring roles tended to be those who serviced Donahue sexually.

When Donahue was finally caught in 1984, Judge Charles Porter skewered the Twin Cities arts community for its complicity.

“‘Genius has to be given their idiosyncrasies, or genius has its funny side, and you have to forgive those sort of things. The theater would have collapsed if anything happened to John Clark Donahue, and the Twin Cities could not afford to have that happen.’ I have heard that so much,” Porter said at sentencing.

“Large family and company money, Dayton’s, Pillsbury, etc., supports the theater, and that they would not allow this to happen. The allegations would be squelched to protect their reputations.”

The judge understood that Donahue was just the spearhead of a larger deceit.

Underneath him were dozens of other staffers who sifted freely through the company’s turnstile of children. Some predators were friends Donahue hired to teach. Others were former students who’d been raped when they were very young, in an earlier decade, and raised in a boundaryless reality to become perpetrators in another.

But because many within the company worked to deflect probing questions from the outside world, the institutional nature of the abuse was hidden for decades. The company survived. It scoured its history.

My parents were patrons of the Children’s Theatre and we attended every show there for years, including at the height of this period of rapacious abuse. Neither they nor I had any idea about any of this, of course; I knew nothing of it until Spacebunny brought my attention to it this weekend.

And it is an object lesson in understanding that the murky depths of evil may lurk considerably closer to you than you would ever assume.

Please to not Epstein

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe really, really, really doesn’t want to be Epsteined in prison:

“Will you take a deal in order to go on with the rest of your life if there is no big criminal attachment — you don’t have to do any time or anything like that?” CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked McCabe in an interview.

“Absolutely not, under any circumstances,” said McCabe, who joined CNN as an analyst Aug. 23.

“No deal?” Cuomo asked.

“Absolutely not, under any circumstances,” McCabe repeated.

Epstein assumed he was either too important or beyond their reach. McCabe obviously knows better.

Pewdiepie trolls the ADL

Unintentionally, as it appears. But still, it’s good to see that he’s not funding one of the most shamelessly evil organizations ever to operate on US soil:

YouTube celebrity PewDiePie has canceled his $50,000 pledge to the Anti-Defamation League, calling it a mistake, after his fans wondered if “blackmail” made him back a group that had declared him and other creators anti-Semitic.

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg had promised the donation to the ADL on Monday, in a video celebrating his milestone of reaching 100 million subscribers. On Wednesday, however, he said the announcement was made at the suggestion of his sponsor, the coupon company Honey.

“I made the mistake of picking a charity that I was advised, instead of picking a charity that I’m personally passionate about. Which is 100 percent my fault.”

As a general rule, never listen to anyone else’s advice on where to give your money.

Exposing Epstein’s allies

The Director of the MIT Media Lab and NYT board member resigns:

Dozens of rich and influential men surrounded Jeffrey Epstein. They knew that what they were doing was wrong. That’s why they were so secretive about it.

Driving the news: In the aftermath of a blockbuster report from The New Yorker’s Ronan Farrow — which details that MIT Media Lab’s director Joi Ito flew to Epstein’s private island twice and accepted more than $8 million of donations from him — Ito resigned on Saturday from MIT Media Lab, left his board seat with the New York Times Company, and resigned from the MacArthur Foundation.

  • Leon Black remains the chairman and CEO of private equity giant Apollo; he’s also the chairman of the board of the Museum of Modern Art. Black donated $5.5 million to the Media Lab at Epstein’s behest, on top of a $10 million donation that he made directly to Epstein’s own foundation in 2015.
  • Bill Gates donated $2 million to the Media Lab in October 2014; Ito claimed at the time that the gift was “directed by Jeffrey Epstein”. Gates asked that his name be kept out of any public discussion of the donation.
  • Reid Hoffman, the venture capitalist and founder of LinkedIn, hosted dinners for Epstein featuring the likes of Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. He also sits on the jury of the Media Lab’s Disobedience Award. (Epstein received an orb, which looks exactly like the Disobedience Award, for his service to the Lab.) When author and fellow juror Anand Giridharadas raised questions about the award’s ties to Epstein, Hoffman was the man who slapped him down.
  • Outside the Media Lab there are many other names. The UK’s Prince Andrew was close to Epstein both before and after Epstein’s conviction, as was lawyer Alan Dershowitz. There are multiple connections between Epstein and Harvard, including a “special connection” with Lawrence Summers. 

Naturally there are ties to Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, too.

Epstein’s enablers flew on his jets and visited his island and did multi-million-dollar deals with him even after he was convicted and jailed on a charge of soliciting underage girls for prostitution. Now they are starting to be held to account for their complicity.

None of these men are giving straight answers to questions about their involvement with Epstein.

Except, of course, for Donald Trump, because unlike the others, he has nothing to hide.