Obama’s White House counsel indicted

This unexpected indictment appears to suggest things may get very interesting very soon in Washington DC:

Greg Craig, former White House counsel for former President Barack Obama, pleaded not guilty in federal court on Friday to charges of making false and misleading statements to federal prosecutors related to his work on behalf of Russian-backed former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

A status hearing for his case has been set for April 15 before U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson in the District of Columbia.

Craig, in an indictment a day earlier, was accused of making false and misleading statements to investigators including those on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team. Craig is the first prominent Democrat to be indicted in a case that stemmed from Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling and potential collusion with members of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

Mueller referred the Craig case to prosecutors in New York last year, after uncovering alleged misconduct while investigating former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s unregistered lobbying work on behalf of Ukraine.

Drawandstrike suggests that this is just the first thread of an unravelling sweater:

What you are seeing this week was planned and readied for a long, long time by people who know exactly what they are doing.

All the way back when Paul Manafort’s indictment was first unsealed, I saw this coming. While all the attention of the Trump/Russia kool-aid drinkers was almost totally fixated on Manafort/Gates, I took a really long look at Tony Podesta’s reaction to that indictment being unsealed.

Nobody was supposed to notice that people who had *no connection whatsoever* with the Trump campaign or administration were getting indicted by the Mueller team for illegal lobbying.

The *very first conviction* the Mueller team had, Van Der Zwaan = illegal lobbying.
With that in mind, I watched how Tony Podesta reacted to the unsealing of Manafort’s indictment.


1) immediately dissolved his highly successful lobbying firm
2) went to ground and has made himself extremely hard to find

Podesta may have been the first guy to actually realize where all of this was going.

I’ve long wondered why Podesta disappeared his lobbying firm, but I never connected it to the Manafort indictment. Here is hoping the long-awaited Storm is finally upon us.

Assange expelled?

Reports out of the UK claim that Julien Assange will be kicked out of the Ecuadorian embassy soon:

JULIAN ASSANGE, the fugitive computer programmer, is set to be expelled from the Ecuadorian embassy in London “within hours”, a “high-level” source claims.

The WikiLeaks founder has been in the London building since 2012 after seeking asylum there as Swedish police wanted to question him over allegations of sexual assault and rape. WikiLeaks tweeted on Thursday night: “A high-level source within the Ecuadorian state has told WikiLeaks that Julian Assange will be expelled within ‘hours to days’ using the INA papers offshore scandal as a pretext and that it already has an agreement with the UK for his arrest.” Mr Assange is wanted by American authorities for his role in publishing secret US documents.

I have to admit, I never quite understood why he was so concerned about being put on trial in Sweden, considering the penalties for the crimes of which he was accused. But, I expect there was probably considerably more to it than that, given all the drama that has surrounded Wikileaks over the years.

Lock them up!

You know what the people want, Mr. President. Now it’s time to unleash the Storm and start locking them up.

Donald Trump said Thursday night that there should be ‘accountability’ for Democrats and members of the media who promoted the now dismissed idea that his 2016 campaign colluded with Russia to tilt the presidential election.

‘Their fraud has been exposed,’ he told a screaming crowd of more than 12,500 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, saying that ‘they’ve now got big problems.’

Trump railed against ‘this phony, corrupt, disgusting cloud’ of suspicion that hamstrung much of his policy agenda during his first two years in office. Later, he called the ‘partisan’ investigations and other pressure on him ‘ridiculous bullsh*t.’

And for the first time, a Trump rally crowd chanted their favorite slogan in the plural on Thursday, yelling ‘Lock them up!’

Lock them up. Lock them all up. Then start the trials for corruption, treason, sex trafficking, and child abuse.

Swampy McSwamp

Open Secrets observes some simple facts:

Jeffrey Epstein got 13 months in work-release for child rape & child sex trafficking dozens of underage teen girls. (Special Counsel Robert Mueller personally intervened in the FBI’s investigation of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, striking a deal that allowed him avoid prosecution.)

David Asimov got probation for the largest child porn collection in California history.

Paul Manafort got 4 years. (Mueller recommended 20.)

Robert Mueller personally handled all 3 cases.

I note that Mr. Mueller also devoted two years and millions of dollars into investigating literally nothing with regards to President Trump. These facts demonstrate rather clearly what the priorities of the Swamp are, and are not.

Start a list

One of Obama’s top advisors recently committed suicide:

Alan Krueger, a groundbreaking Princeton University economist who served as a top adviser in two Democratic administrations and was an authority on the labor market, has died after taking his own life, his family said. ‘It is with tremendous sadness we share that Professor Alan B. Krueger, beloved husband, father, son, brother, and Princeton professor of economics took his own life over the weekend,’ a statement from his family reads. 

Why did he do that? We have been given a clue in this regard.

Start a list.
– Q

Meanwhile, photographer Rachel Chandler appears to be the next link in the grand weave to unravel.

Keep digging, Anons. RACHEL CHANDLER IS KEY.
– Q

Pizzagate is just conspiracy theory, right? James Gunn was just telling harmless jokes, right? It’s all just art, right? Perhaps… but perhaps not. And whether you believe Q is legitimate or not, he/they are indubitably correct about one thing: these people are sick.

Wait, what?

Did John Kasich really echo Q’s version of the death of John McCain? On CNN, of all places?

I’d always assumed that rumors of secret military tribunals executing traitorous politicians were absurd on their face, especially considering that the God-Emperor still hasn’t locked her up, but on the other hand, look at the absolute lack of expression on the reporter’s face. It’s like he’s totally focused on not drawing any attention to Kasich’s astonishing little slip there. That, to me, is an absolutely fascinating response.

Of course, CNN would be one of the safest places to make a mistake of this magnitude, considering how few people actually watch it these days.

No conspiracy! No conspiracy!

One accused Jewish pedophile is trying to help a convicted Jewish pedophile keep the legal contemplations of his confirmed sex trafficking crimes under wraps. Also, if you believe that Jews have ever conspired at anything for their self-perceived mutual benefit, you are a hater and an anti-semitic conspiracy theorist manifestly guilty of the crime of Noticing. You’re probably Hitler too.

A court hearing on whether to unseal sensitive documents involving the alleged sex trafficking of underage girls by Palm Beach multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein — and the possible involvement of his influential friends — will play out in a New York City courtroom next week.

But it may happen behind closed doors, with the news media and public barred — at least in part.

An attorney for lawyer Alan Dershowitz wrote a letter to the U.S. District Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on Tuesday, asking whether the media should be excluded from the proceeding because his oral arguments on behalf of his client could contain sensitive information that has been under seal.

The appeals court had not responded to his concern as of Friday, but if the hearing is closed during his lawyer’s argument, it would represent the latest in a long history of successful efforts to keep details of Epstein’s sex crimes sealed.

Dershowitz, a professor emeritus at Harvard, constitutional law expert and criminal defense attorney, represented Epstein, who in 2008 received what many consider an unusually light sentence for sexually abusing dozens of girls at his Palm Beach mansion. Two women — one of whom was underage — have said Epstein and his partner, British socialite and environmentalist Ghislaine Maxwell, directed them to have sex with Dershowitz, 80, and other wealthy, powerful men. Dershowitz and Maxwell have denied the claims.

The (((Chief Judge))) of the U.S. District Court of Appeals for the Second Court could not be reached for comment, as his office reported that he had a meeting scheduled with (((Robert Kraft))), the winner of the $1 million 2019 Genesis Prize for having made a significant contribution to improving the world, being proud of his Jewish heritage, and inspiring young Jews through his dedication to philanthropy and social justice, at the Young Blossoms of Asia Day Spa.

Too little, too late?

Q is back and is still going on about how careful this and cautious that. I have to admit, whether there is any substance there or not, I stopped paying attention a while ago:

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 7390a9 No.5271872  ?
Feb 19 2019 18:43:38 (EST)
The DECLASSIFICATION of all requested documents (+ more) will occur.
This is not a game.
Do not let personal (emotional) desires (“do it now””now””what is taking so long””NOW!”) take over.
Logical thinking and strategy should always be applied.
NEW THREATS (investigations by [SDNY], [AS], [MW] in an effort to delay/prevent release (‘insurance extension’) WILL FAIL.
TRANSPARENCY is the only way forward.

Here is some logical thinking: act while the window of opportunity is open. People are disappointed, bored, and if they haven’t already lost interest in the topic, are rapidly doing so in light of the series of what look like ongoing retreats on the part of President.

My perspective is that if it happens, great. But I’m not interested in actively following along anymore. I’m certainly not with the black-pillers, who are always looking to justify their hopelessness no matter what happens, just so they can say they were right to never believe in anything. I still hope that the God-Emperor is willing and able to take action to at least try to save the American nation from the global evil that is seeking to destroy it.

But if transparency is the only way forward, then be transparent. Stop listening to all the dire warnings of so-called allies and experts, declassify everything, and let the chips fall where they may. This stage management was working beautifully for a while, but what was once a morale booster has become an irrelevance.

Q is still an entertaining concept, and AH:Q is going to be great. But it’s too bad that it appears the comic will become material reality sooner than the inspiration.

The cleanup artist

There a connection appears to have surfaced between the convicted billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and the ex-FBI Director, Special Investigator Robert Mueller, aka Swampy D. McSwampenstein. The middle initial, one presumes, stands for Deep.

Now, in light of the recent miscarriage of justice in the Epstein case, documents that surfaced over the summer have again reemerged. The docs show that Special Counsel Robert Mueller may have personally intervened in the FBI’s investigation of billionaire pedophile, striking a deal that allowed him to avoid prosecution.

According to a series of bombshell FBI documents that were first made public in May, known child predator Epstein had a professional relationship with then-FBI Director Robert Mueller. “Epstein has also provided information to the FBI as agreed upon,” says one of the FBI documents. “Case agent advised that no federal prosecution will occur in this matter as long as Epstein continues to uphold his agreement with the state of Florida.

According to True Pundit, Twitter sleuth @Techno_Fog mined an interesting gem from the files, showing that Epstein likely served as an informant to the FBI.Robert Mueller’s FBI in 2008.

This wouldn’t be the first time that someone convicted of underage-sex-related crimes had most of the charges mysteriously disappear without explanation on Mueller’s watch.

Robert Mueller’s name appears on the agreement in his capacity as U.S. Attorney, as well as on the original indictment. He would have been responsible for signing off on the deal, which is remarkably favorable given the quantity of material discovered in the reclusive Asimov’s Sonoma County home. Since summaries of these court documents appeared online, people have been asking just how responsible Mueller was for the terms.

Despite possessing thousands of images of underage children, David Asimov pled guilty to just two counts of possessing illegal images and received no jail time. Instead, he was given probation, told not to drink alcohol, and asked to pay a $200 fine.

These Houdini-esque legal escapes may explain the seemingly bizarre video released by Kevin Spacey the other day. Anonymous Conservative suggests that Spacey is looking for a similar rescue from whoever helped Epstein and Asimov escape justice.

I know what you want. Oh, sure they may have tried to separate us; but what we have is too strong, it’s too powerful. I mean, after all, we shared everything, you and I. I told you my deepest, darkest secrets. I showed you exactly what people are capable of. I shocked you with my honesty, but mostly I challenged you and made you think.

He’s confirming he’s been asked to flip and that he knows how desperately they want him silenced. He maintains that he prefers the company of the cabal, where he’s able to express the darkest parts of himself and reminding them that he knows (or even may have evidence of) all their most vile acts.

And you trusted me, even though you knew you shouldn’t. So, we’re not done no matter what anyone says; and besides…I know what you want. You want me back. Of course some believed everything and have just been waiting on baited breath to hear me confess it all. They’re just dying to have me declare that everything said is true, and I got what I deserve. Wouldn’t that be easy? If it were all so simple? Only you and I both know it’s never that simple…not in politics and not in life.

He’s taunting them with a reminder that they know he’s motivated by self-preservation, and yet their trusted him with their secrets. It’s a threat that he is willing and able to snitch or testify, and is getting a lot of pressure or incentive to do so. But it’s not a done deal.

But you wouldn’t believe the worst without evidence, would you? You wouldn’t rush to judgements without facts…would you?—Did you? No, not you; you’re smarter than that. Anyway, all this presumption made for such an unsatisfying ending. And to think it could’ve been such a memorable send off! I mean if you and I learn nothing else these past years, is (it is in life and art) nothing should be off “the table”. We weren’t afraid, not of what we said and not of what We did and We’re still not afraid.

He’s telling them that stories of his flipping are only rumors, and he can still decide either way. He chastises them for throwing him under the bus when he was willing to fight all the way with them.

We have no need to ask why the most wicked prosper. We know. But it is galling all the same.

The return of Q?

Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in. Neon Revolt is pretty stoked about the latest Qvelations:

A 2nd #ClintonFoundation Whistleblower!!

Oh, what a wonderful surprise!

Q didn’t seem too upset with the “leak” but he was stern; DO NOT reveal more.

And this comes hot-on-the-heels of Comey’s efforts to challenge his own subpoena, requiring him to testify on Monday as well. Comey, as we all know, has tweeted out a lot of grandstanding about making the hearing public – which would (conveniently) allow him to skirt around any questions regarding classified material, as well as allow other bad actors to coordinate their stories.

My take on Q is the same that it has always been: Q is a useful morale booster. I hope that the Q team is in some way real, just as I hope that the Storm will take place, the Wall will be built, and the Swamp will be drained, but as always, only time will tell.

But I do know that Alt-Hero:Q will be awesome. The Legend and I are having a blast working on it. Seriously, it may be better than James Bond in the end.