The cleanup artist

There a connection appears to have surfaced between the convicted billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and the ex-FBI Director, Special Investigator Robert Mueller, aka Swampy D. McSwampenstein. The middle initial, one presumes, stands for Deep.

Now, in light of the recent miscarriage of justice in the Epstein case, documents that surfaced over the summer have again reemerged. The docs show that Special Counsel Robert Mueller may have personally intervened in the FBI’s investigation of billionaire pedophile, striking a deal that allowed him to avoid prosecution.

According to a series of bombshell FBI documents that were first made public in May, known child predator Epstein had a professional relationship with then-FBI Director Robert Mueller. “Epstein has also provided information to the FBI as agreed upon,” says one of the FBI documents. “Case agent advised that no federal prosecution will occur in this matter as long as Epstein continues to uphold his agreement with the state of Florida.

According to True Pundit, Twitter sleuth @Techno_Fog mined an interesting gem from the files, showing that Epstein likely served as an informant to the FBI.Robert Mueller’s FBI in 2008.

This wouldn’t be the first time that someone convicted of underage-sex-related crimes had most of the charges mysteriously disappear without explanation on Mueller’s watch.

Robert Mueller’s name appears on the agreement in his capacity as U.S. Attorney, as well as on the original indictment. He would have been responsible for signing off on the deal, which is remarkably favorable given the quantity of material discovered in the reclusive Asimov’s Sonoma County home. Since summaries of these court documents appeared online, people have been asking just how responsible Mueller was for the terms.

Despite possessing thousands of images of underage children, David Asimov pled guilty to just two counts of possessing illegal images and received no jail time. Instead, he was given probation, told not to drink alcohol, and asked to pay a $200 fine.

These Houdini-esque legal escapes may explain the seemingly bizarre video released by Kevin Spacey the other day. Anonymous Conservative suggests that Spacey is looking for a similar rescue from whoever helped Epstein and Asimov escape justice.

I know what you want. Oh, sure they may have tried to separate us; but what we have is too strong, it’s too powerful. I mean, after all, we shared everything, you and I. I told you my deepest, darkest secrets. I showed you exactly what people are capable of. I shocked you with my honesty, but mostly I challenged you and made you think.

He’s confirming he’s been asked to flip and that he knows how desperately they want him silenced. He maintains that he prefers the company of the cabal, where he’s able to express the darkest parts of himself and reminding them that he knows (or even may have evidence of) all their most vile acts.

And you trusted me, even though you knew you shouldn’t. So, we’re not done no matter what anyone says; and besides…I know what you want. You want me back. Of course some believed everything and have just been waiting on baited breath to hear me confess it all. They’re just dying to have me declare that everything said is true, and I got what I deserve. Wouldn’t that be easy? If it were all so simple? Only you and I both know it’s never that simple…not in politics and not in life.

He’s taunting them with a reminder that they know he’s motivated by self-preservation, and yet their trusted him with their secrets. It’s a threat that he is willing and able to snitch or testify, and is getting a lot of pressure or incentive to do so. But it’s not a done deal.

But you wouldn’t believe the worst without evidence, would you? You wouldn’t rush to judgements without facts…would you?—Did you? No, not you; you’re smarter than that. Anyway, all this presumption made for such an unsatisfying ending. And to think it could’ve been such a memorable send off! I mean if you and I learn nothing else these past years, is (it is in life and art) nothing should be off “the table”. We weren’t afraid, not of what we said and not of what We did and We’re still not afraid.

He’s telling them that stories of his flipping are only rumors, and he can still decide either way. He chastises them for throwing him under the bus when he was willing to fight all the way with them.

We have no need to ask why the most wicked prosper. We know. But it is galling all the same.

The return of Q?

Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in. Neon Revolt is pretty stoked about the latest Qvelations:

A 2nd #ClintonFoundation Whistleblower!!

Oh, what a wonderful surprise!

Q didn’t seem too upset with the “leak” but he was stern; DO NOT reveal more.

And this comes hot-on-the-heels of Comey’s efforts to challenge his own subpoena, requiring him to testify on Monday as well. Comey, as we all know, has tweeted out a lot of grandstanding about making the hearing public – which would (conveniently) allow him to skirt around any questions regarding classified material, as well as allow other bad actors to coordinate their stories.

My take on Q is the same that it has always been: Q is a useful morale booster. I hope that the Q team is in some way real, just as I hope that the Storm will take place, the Wall will be built, and the Swamp will be drained, but as always, only time will tell.

But I do know that Alt-Hero:Q will be awesome. The Legend and I are having a blast working on it. Seriously, it may be better than James Bond in the end.

Portrait of a non-leader

Gavin McInnes disassociates himself from the group he founded:

The founder of the Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes, has said he is quitting the group “in all capacities” and “forever” a day after the FBI designated it “extremist.” McInnes blamed Democrats and the media for vilifying the group.

“I am officially disassociating myself from the Proud Boys, in all capacities, forever. I quit,” McInnes announced on Wednesday in a newly-released YouTube video

The co-founder of Vice Magazine has been making headlines as the de-facto leader of the pro-violence right-wing organization, which McInnes himself describes as “Western chauvinist.” McInnes took an active part in the group’s protest activities, showing up at rallies across the country, including the infamous Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, that left three people dead.

In his final appearance as the group’s public face, McInnes argued that he “was never the leader, only the founder” and that the term “stepping down” cannot apply to him.

Regarding his motivations for ditching the group, McInnes said that he was told by his lawyers that him disowning the group could help “alleviate sentencing” for nine members of the group who were arrested by the NYPD following a brawl with Antifa in October. The clash erupted outside the NYC Republican headquarters with both sides engaging in acts of violence. Three left-wing activists were subsequently arrested on misdemeanor assault charges.

McInnes said that, while he was following the lawyers’ advice, he was doing “all of this reluctantly,” blaming “terrible journalism, rumors and lies” for penetrating the court system and demonizing the group.

While it’s perfectly understandable that McInnes doesn’t wish to endure the arbitrary and unfair media and legal pressure to which he is now being subjected, leaving those you have led into trouble in the lurch is no way to accomplish anything. And I very much doubt that “not stepping down, but quitting” is going to help McInnes or any of the members of the group he founded avoid the attacks of the SJWs to whom he has now publicly shown his weakness.

It’s important to understand that these media celebrities are not, and can never be, leaders. They don’t possess any of the characteristics of a good leader and their primary objectives seldom involve anything beyond personal fame and fortune. Once more we see the fate of those organizations and movements that fail to learn the most important lesson of GamerGate: no leaders.

Leaders are a point of organizational weakness, a point of structural failure. That’s precisely why the media is constantly seeking to determine who is the leader and to anoint someone, anyone, no matter how improbable their claim, as the leader, because that is how they seek to destroy the organizations and movements they consider to be threats. The All-Seeing Eye of Sauron focuses like a laser on those who are climbing to the top of the various glass pyramids, and cannot be defeated, cannot even be effectively resisted, by anyone who is outspoken and in the public eye.

Think about how easy it would be to turn back an army of ants, or an army of locusts, if they were dependent upon leaders. It’s so much easier to squash a single insect than turn back a rampaging horde; the only thing that saved the West from the Mongol invasions was the fortuitously-timed death of Ögedei Khan. The most counterproductive thing you can do for any anti-establishment movement in these days of the panopticon is to run to the front of the parade and declare yourself to be leading it, which, of course, is why you should always be inclined to reject the various the various narcissists, shills, and fame whores who will invariably attempt to do so.

Bono is evil

The Big Bear takes on the unsuspected evil that is Bono.

After several comments told me I was way off on Bono, given my personality, I had no other choice than to do a bunch of research on him and dedicate an entire episode to further prove my point that he is vile. Enjoy! The pope, harvey weinstein, bill clinton, ONE charity, tax evasion, hypocrisy, theft, fake environmentalism, weird album covers, and much much more! 

It’s pretty bad. Bono is considerably weirder and more hypocritical than even those who instinctively dislike him tend to suspect. The fact that his charity ONE has given less than two percent of the money it has raised to anyone in need is merely the tip of what appears to be a deeply troubling iceberg of the usual evil. I even contributed in a very modest way to this video, as I sent the Big Bear my observations concerning some lyrics from the U2 song “One” that he noticed seemed a little strange in a previous video.

Love is a temple
Love a higher law
Love is a temple
Love the higher law

Love is a temple = Ordo Templi Orientis, an occult order to which Aleister Crowley belonged. From Infogalactic: After spending time in Algeria, in 1912 Crowley was initiated into another esoteric order, the German-based Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), rising to become the leader of its British branch, which he reformulated in accordance with his Thelemite beliefs.

Love the higher law = The Book of the Law, the sacred text of Thelema, a pagan cult religion. From Infogalactic: The central sacred text of Thelema, written down from dictation mostly by Aleister Crowley. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.” The law of Thelema was developed in the early 1900s by Aleister Crowley, an English writer and ceremonial magician.

When Truth is Hate

Robert McCain doesn’t leave any doubt about who is the father of these Children of the Lie in the American Spectator:

George Soros has been a major funder of much of the institutional infrastructure the Left has built during the past 20 years. David Horowitz’s site Discover the Networks says that “a strong case can be made for the claim that Soros today affects American politics and culture more profoundly that any other living person.” Such organizations as Media Matters for America are beneficiaries of Soros’s vast wealth. While the total of his political expenditures over the years is perhaps beyond calculation, it is known that between 2003 and 2011, for example, Soros spent more than $48 million to fund media properties. Given his enormous influence on the Left, it is understandable that conservatives suspect that Soros is behind every allegedly “grassroots” left-wing activist group. It’s not a paranoid conspiracy, but a documented fact that, for example, the Black Lives Movement received more than $30 million from Soros’s tax-exempt organizations. Likewise, it has been documented that so-called “Antifa” groups, implicated in riots in Berkeley and elsewhere, got money from Soros-funded foundations. And it should surprise no one that Soros has spent many millions in support of an open-borders immigration agenda.

“Soros’s agenda is fundamentally about the destruction of national borders,” researchers David Galland and Stephen McBride wrote in a 2016 article titled “How George Soros Singlehandedly Created The European Refugee Crisis — And Why.” Galland and McBride documented the involvement of Soros’s Open Society Foundation in the crisis that flooded Europe with millions of Muslim migrants. When Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban took action to halt the influx of “refugees” into his country and named Soros as the sponsor of this invasion, Soros responded: “[Orban’s] plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle. Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.”

This was a startling admission, and it is clear that Soros also views America’s borders as an “obstacle” to his plans. In their book The Shadow Party, Horowitz and his co-author Richard Poe explained that a massive 2006 pro-amnesty rally in Los Angeles involved no fewer than eight groups funded by Soros, including the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) and the National Council of La Raza. As for the current migrant caravan from Honduras, it is being supported by the so-called “CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project,” a coalition of four organizations, three of which receive funding from — you guessed, didn’t you? — George Soros.

To identity Soros as the sponsor of this open-borders agenda, however, is to be guilty of hate, as explained last week in a Washington Post headline: “Conspiracy theories about Soros aren’t just false. They’re anti-Semitic.” You will not be surprised to learn that the author of that article, Talia Levin, works for Media Matters, which is funded by Soros. Levin previously worked at the New Yorker, but was fired in June after falsely accusing an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent of having a Nazi tattoo (the agent, it turned out, is a Marine Corps combat veteran who lost both legs in Afghanistan). So here we have a Soros-funded writer declaring in the pages of the Washington Post that it is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory to say that Soros is doing what he’s actually doing.

In other words, telling the truth is now “hate speech.”

Let’s apply logic to what we’re being told here. If telling the truth is now speaking hate, and taking an anti-Satanic position is now anti-Semitic, doesn’t that necessarily require the conclusion that George Soros and others who share his religion do not worship the Christian God, but rather, the god of this world?

Scott Adams is always wrong

Scott Adams attempts to construct a false dichotomy about the Fake Bombs:

Scott Adams@ScottAdamsSays
If the bomber theories come down to either a crazy Republican or a super-clever Democrat false flag mission, one of those things is far more common than the other.

Scott Adams@ScottAdamsSays
The “false flag” hypothesis for the bomber assumes the bomber is clever enough to do this clever subterfuge while being the only person in the United States who doesn’t know there is a 100{461ad34fd95ed0af8996f6f09a13b192cf13c719616d6cf9c9bfba66684d3567} chance this type of crime will be solved.

That’s just it. They don’t. The false flag hypothesis actually assumes that the fake bomber is actually rather stupid. Most hoax crimes are transparently obvious and are committed by relatively low-IQ individuals who completely fail to anticipate being identified and caught. Neither the construction nor the delivery of the fake bombs was clever; one reason why people are becoming increasingly adept at immediately identifying false flags is due to the ineptitude with which the scenario is presented to them. They recognize the usual patterns at work in the process.

And another pattern worth recognizing is the way in which Scott Adams often likes to espouse two contradictory positions, so that he can claim to have been correct later in the hopes that enough people will forget that he was also incorrect. His con game is more self-serving and harmless than the cons being run by Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson, but it is an intellectual con game all the same.

Post-confirmation investigations

Kevin McCullough of KMCRadio says the Kavanaugh hearings are going to result in at least three criminal investigations.

BREAKING: Multiple sources now telling me 3 additional investigations are about to open:

1. FBI – felony lying to Congress by accusers making false claims.
2. Congress – SenFeinstein’s handling of Ford letter.
3. DC Bar – into Ford’s attorneys malpractice.

The first two are fairly obvious, but the third one is interesting.

Ford’s legal team is facing an investigation by the Washington D.C. bar association. More than one person has noted Dr. Ford’s apparent shock while testifying upon learning that Senator Grassley had offered to send his staff to California to privately depose her. What was equally shocking was Ford’s lawyers literally jumping in front of the microphone to block her.

Senator Hatch expressed his concern in a letter to FBI Director Wray about her lawyers’ behavior. And now Senator Tom Cotton has confirmed that the D.C. bar is going to be looking into why Ford’s lawyers did not convey that to her.

What’s particularly intriguing about the third investigation is what it has the potential to uncover in the process, which is Ford’s decades-long Deep State background and the fact that the entire charade was concocted by the anti-Trump clowns. The whole thing was a stage-managed operation that looked about as genuine as the average “school shooting” these days.

A new Kavanagh bombshell

This one is hard to believe, but the accuser is indubitably credible:

I’ve always thought, as most people do, that John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theater on April 4, 1865.  But after spending six days talking with lawyers from the Democratic Party to help me refresh my memory, I’ve come to realize that it wasn’t John Wilkes Booth at all, but rather Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

I had no memory of this happening as recently as last week, but today, it is as clear as day.  I remember Kavanaugh coming up from behind the president of the United States and aiming a pistol at him.  Only I’m not sure it was at Ford’s Theater.  It might have been at Ford’s Theater, but it might also have been on the Mall, or in the White House, or on Capitol Hill.  I’m a little hazy on the day, too.  It might have been April 4, 1865, but it also could have been a few days before or after, maybe even as early as 1864.

The problem is that I had a few minor memory gaps.  I don’t remember what happened right before or right after the shooting.  I don’t remember exactly who was there and who wasn’t.  All I remember clearly is that Brett Kavanaugh did it.

Why hasn’t the Secret Service arrested Brett Kavanagh for the murder of Abraham Lincoln already? We need a Special Counsel to investigate the Trump administration’s actions concerning this potentially unlawful coverup!

UPDATE: If you want to comment on Ford’s appearance in front of the Senate, this would be the place.

The Return of the Grand Inquisitor

Rumors are flying that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is going to unrecuse himself concerning RUSSIA-RUSSIA-RUSSIA and the Mueller investigation:

Didn’t Q WAY back when Kennedy retired tell us that we’d see 2 Supreme Court Justices leave due to a scandal.

And now Q drops that Sessions sent 1 & 2 a letter.

He was telling them that THEY have to recuse based on declas info and that he is unrecused.

It is Kagan and Soto.

The interesting thing to note here is that Q’s drops are getting more and more specific. Soon there won’t be any room for either doubting his legitimacy or denying that he is a fraud. I still tend to favor the legitimate interpretation, simply because the increased panic in the media is palpable and tends to confirm the overall theme of the drops.

And transparency is a good thing, particularly in government.