What’s good for the citizen is good for the corporation

U.S. corporations are sounding the alarm about the fact that China intends to treat them precisely the way they are treating their employees and customers:

The social credit system is a vast database that monitors Chinese citizens for “good behavior” and aggressively punishes those who fall short. Anything from poor spending habits to ideological impurity can produce a low social credit score, with consequences that might include the unfortunate citizen suddenly discovering he is no longer allowed to board airplanes or trains.

The social credit system has a business component as well, monitoring corporate behavior in much the same way it keeps tabs on individual citizens. Companies with poor social credit scores can face heavier regulatory scrutiny, higher taxes, reduced access to business loans, or an outright ban on doing business in China.

Bloomberg News provided the example of China Railway Construction Corporation, a company that covered up some fatalities on a railroad project in Mongolia, got caught, and was banned from doing business for a year as well as being “subject to more inspections, limits on bidding for public projects and restrictions on issuing bonds and shares.” And those were only the immediate consequences – there is no telling how long the demerits fed into the social credit system will haunt the company and its managers across every province of China.

“The system will be widely used in China to oversee domestic and foreign companies, and firms have to assign resources to keep a real eye on making sure their records are clean,” noted Andrew Polk of the Trivium China consulting firm.

Trivium is currently charging corporate clients $2,500 an hour to consult on the social credit system and $50,000 for a complete audit. Bloomberg News suggested other U.S. and European firms are offering similar services.

Other expert observers pointed out that the rules governing the social credit system are notoriously vague and clearly subject to political tweaking from Beijing, making it quite easy for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to punish or blackball foreign corporations unless the foreigners bend over backwards to maintain good relations with CCP officials.

The Chinese government is not shy about warning that American companies could be blacklisted as part of the trade war, or in retaliation for U.S. criticism of Chinese policies such as the internment of Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps. Publishing the CCP’s thus-far secretive blacklist, as Chinese state media has threatened to do, could cause big problems for American firms in other countries, and would almost certainly produce immediate black marks in the social credit system for every listed entity.

Wait, didn’t the Chinese understand that their people were supposed to be the slaves of the corporations and not their masters? Once again, we see that even communism is better for a nation than globalist corpocracy.

The fake billionaires

Many, if not most, of the “super-rich” don’t actually have all that much money that is actually theirs, as comes out whenever they are forced to actually disclose what they’ve got:

Elon Musk says he doesn’t have a lot of cash.

Musk’s wealth came up in the second day of his testimony before a federal jury in Los Angeles where the Tesla Inc. and SpaceX chief executive is on trial over a tweet in which he referred to a British cave expert as a “pedo guy.”

After an unsuccessful objection from his lawyer, Musk told the jury he has Tesla stock, and SpaceX stock, with debt against those holdings, and his net worth is about $20 billion. But contrary to public opinion, he said, he didn’t have much cash. Musk finished testifying after a total of about six hours on the stand over two days.

As Anonymous Conservative points out, those who are in service to the Prometheans are provided fame and fortune, but they are essentially servitors and don’t actually control the resources that are nominally made available to them. See: Hunter Biden.

A vice too far

Even evil corporations that proudly fly the rainbow flag are unwilling to get behind the P in LGBTP:

Prince Andrew’s supporters are in retreat today as yet another multi-million pound business cut ties with the pet charity project he plugged repeatedly in his BBC car crash interview…. KPMG, one of London’s big four accounting firms, was the first to admit it was protecting its reputation by ending its £100,000 a year sponsorship.

Insurance giant Aon asked for its name be removed from the scheme’s website and drugs maker AstraZeneca said it was reviewing its relationship.

Children’s charities and schools linked to Prince Andrew are also in disarray today as they distanced themselves from the under-fire royal.

A string of major companies and charities are also examining their links with Andrew after his extraordinary TV interview on Saturday.

The Outward Bound Trust, which has the prince’s daughter Beatrice as a trustee, is holding a special meeting this week to discuss the issue.

Children North East and The Children’s Foundation, both charities Andrew lists on his official website, refused to tell MailOnline if he will keep his official role supporting them in light of the Epstein scandal.

Now, I’m certainly willing to give Chick-Fil-A the benefit of the doubt regarding its recent marketing missteps. But I suspect that even its most die-hard supporters will admit that convergence has taken root inside the Christian restaurant chain  if it starts featuring Prince Andrew in its advertising.

The Devil Mouse molests children

The Vice-President of Operations at Disney and two lesser employees were recently arrested and/or convicted of abusing children as young as seven.

A former Disney executive has been convicted of sexually abusing a 7-year-old girl. The Oregonian/OregonLive reports 73-year-old Michael Laney was convicted Tuesday of four counts of first-degree sexual abuse after a six-day trial.

Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Benjamin Souede acquitted Laney of three counts of rape and three counts of sex abuse.

Court documents say Laney began abusing the victim in 2009 and there were multiple incidents of abuse spanning about two years.

The child initially reported the abuse in 2017 in Washington, where she lived at the time.

Another person reported that Laney had sexually abused her in 2007 when she lived in Portland, but the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office said the court couldn’t find sufficient evidence to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

The very few reports that are out there describe Laney in generic terms as “a former Disney executive”. He was a little bit more than that, according to his resume:

  • Senior Vice-President: Warner Bros. Feature Animation
  • Vice-President of Operations: Walt Disney Feature Animation 

Michael Laney has over thirty-five years of senior level executive management experience as President, Chief Operating Officer or Chief Financial Officer for divisions of Fortune 50 companies as well as smaller, privately owned for-profit companies and not-for-profit organizations. During the last four years, Michael has split his time between Portland and Los Angeles serving the non-profit sector providing CFO and consulting services for four non-profit organizations as well as being on two for-profit advisory boards and one governmental entity.

Notice how these sex criminals preying upon children are always reported as “former Disney employees” even when they were clearly working for Disney at the time they committed their crimes. The moral corruption is active on all levels; from top to bottom, Disney is one of the most evil corporations on the planet. It goes well beyond the usual social justice convergence. You should not even consider supporting its new streaming service in any way, shape, or form.

Abandoning Amazon

Nike is the latest brand to run, not walk, away from Amazon:

Nike will stop selling its products through Amazon and instead focus on what it called “more direct, personal relationships” with customers, company officials announced Tuesday.

Anyone looking for Nike can still purchase items on the company website, its app, or at one of the thousands of brick-and-mortar stores where Nike has retail partnerships. The Nike-Amazon partnership was a pilot program that began more than two years ago and is no longer part of Nike’s wider sales strategy, company officials said.

“We will continue to invest in strong, distinctive partnerships for Nike with other retailers and platforms to seamlessly serve our consumers globally,” Nike confirmed.

 Amazon officials on Wednesday declined to comment about Nike’s departure. Nike competitors Under Armour and Adidas continue to sell products on Amazon. Nike officials said they will continue using Amazon web hosting to power the Nike website and many of its apps.

The Nike-Amazon split comes one month after the sports apparel and equipment company named John Donahoe its incoming CEO. Donahoe, the former CEO of eBay, takes over for departing Nike CEO Mark Parker on Jan. 13.

Amazon simply doesn’t make sense anymore for any company that has a direct relationship with its customers. For example, even setting aside campaigns like Alt-Hero and the Junior Classics, the Replatforming + Deluxe will produce more revenue every month for Castalia than our very best month on Amazon ever did. This is the culmination of what began 18 months ago as the realization that KU was inevitably bound to destroy the ebook market.

There is no reason for us to not permit people to buy Castalia books on Amazon, which is why our works will still be available there. But the truth is that Amazon is now an ancillary revenue stream that no longer even factors into our core decision making.

The next wave of deplatformings

A warning about YouTube’s recent Terms of Service change, effective December 10, 2019, from an anonymous on 8kun:

youtube is going full on commie soon if there is anything there you want, grab it now while you can per jim stone

Youtube is going to delete all channels that have been demonitized on Dec 10

‘YouTube may terminate your access, or your Google account’s access to all or part of the Service if YouTube believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable.”

Here’s the obvious clincher:

“Commercially viable” is a pretty broad term. Initially, it will wipe out all channels that have been demonetized. But the next step will be all small channels that are not under central control and do not have ads set up, which is 95 percent of Youtube.

A lot of what makes Youtube great is the random stuff from real people, and that will soon be gone. Getting rid of that aspect of Youtube is going to prevent real people from posting what really happened at a Trump rally, or at some other event, or anything else that might go against the establishment and leave only the official corporate feed plus 50,000+ Jew channels that are all monetized but won’t step out of line anywhere at all, with that “50.000” remaining to provide the illusion of vastness that is in fact just a bunch of stale oatmeal.

You can damn well bet that if you are not actively working to destroy Western civilization in your personal life you’ll be de-monetized even if the only thing you post is cat videos. HEADS UP: 95 PERCENT OF YOUTUBE IS GOING TO BITE THE DUST. They are certainly going to at least try to make it look like it is not so. but just wait.

I understand the concern. It is by no means paranoid or unbased. But the reality is that the change to the terms of service is actually a very small one. YouTube always claimed this right to terminate at will and specifically mentions the phrase “no longer commercially viable” in the terms that are presently effective. The difference is the current terms say “YouTube has reason to believe” instead of “YouTube believes, in its sole discretion”, which in my opinion is legally negligible in light of the fact that YouTube itself is not, and has never been, commercially viable.

That’s why no one has been able to successfully compete with them. They run at an absolutely massive loss that no one except a company with billions in profits or a mid-sized government could afford. Which is exactly as I describe in Corporate Cancer; only very large or externally-funded organizations can afford to be that converged for long without going out of business. And since YouTube itself is not commercially viable, then it is obvious that none of the free channels it allows to operate on its platform are either.

Anyhow, whether the scale of the planned deplatformings is as big as some suspect it will be or not, this is why it is absolutely vital to subscribe to Unauthorized sooner rather than later. That’s precisely why we set it up in the first place.

Devil Mouse shenanigans

It’s not just the fake box office receipts. The Devil Mouse is playing fast and loose with its park revenues as well:

Marketwatch reports that Sandra Kuba, who was a senior financial analyst in Disney’s revenue-operations department, alleges that employees working in the parks-and-resorts business segment systematically overstated revenue by billions of dollars by exploiting weaknesses in the company’s accounting software.

Kuba, who worked for Disney for 18 years said she has met with officials from the Securities and Exchange Commission on several occasions to discuss the allegations, according to Marketwatch. She said she brought her concerns to the SEC in August 2017 and was fired from Disney about a month later….

Disney’s parks-and-resorts business consists of its amusement parks around the world, including the Disney World resort in Orlando and Disneyland in Anaheim.

MarketWatch said it has reviewed the whistleblower’s filings, which outline several ways employees allegedly boosted revenue, including recording fictitious revenue for complimentary golf rounds or for free guest promotions.

Another alleged act involved recording revenue for $500 gift cards at their face value even when guests paid a discounted rate of $395.

The whistleblower filing alleges that in just one financial year, from 2008 to 2009, Disney’s annual revenue could have been overstated by as much as $6 billion, according to the report.

Since leaving Disney, Kuba has reportedly made two additional whistleblower filings. The most recent tip alleges that some Disney employees reclassified guest revenue from high-sales-tax items such as hotel rooms to lower-taxed items, such as food and beverages, in order to reduce sales tax liabilities in Florida, California, and Hawaii.

Marketwatch said Kuba filed a whistleblower-retaliation complaint with the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration in October 2017. Disney replied that Kuba’s employment was terminated because “she displayed a pattern of workplace complaints against co-workers without a reasonable basis for doing so, in a manner that was inappropriate, disruptive and in bad faith.”

While the SEC receives several thousand tips a year, the vast majority of which amount to nothing, one former SEC attorney said that the government appears to be taking the complaint against Disney seriously. “The fact that the SEC has asked for more information more than once and conducted interviews suggests an inquiry is underway,” Jordan A. Thomas, a former attorney in the SEC’s enforcement division, told Marketwatch.

Disney isn’t just an evil, anti-Christian, anti-American organization, it is also a criminal enterprise. As the credit boom evaporates, more than a few Enrons are going to be uncovered and evaporate. Netflix and the Devil Mouse are likely to be two of the corpocracies exposed, although the value of the intellectual property that the latter holds means that it will survive in some fashion, although not necessarily as a singular entity.

Netflix, on the other hand, will simply disappear into the graveyard of forgotten corporatations.

The incipient death of DC

Forbes doesn’t see a future for DC Comics in the wake of the AT&T acquisition of WarnerMedia:

Earlier this month at San Diego Comic-Con, returning attendees noticed a major change on the show’s massive exhibit floor. The booth for DC Comics, which had been a massive standalone pavilion in the center of the publishers’ area in the center of the hall, was gone. America’s oldest and second-largest comic book publisher had retreated to the far back corner of the hall, where it was incorporated into the multi-level WarnerMedia exhibit, in the shadow of banks of giant monitors previewing upcoming shows and cast appearances.

The subtext of this move could not have been clearer. AT&T—now the parent company of WarnerMedia and its divisions, including DC Comics (previously known as DC Entertainment), HBO, Turner, and Warner Bros.—does not seem terribly interested in being in the comic book publishing business….

A generation ago, faced with a similar situation, DC’s then co-President and Publisher Jenette Kahn appealed to Time Warner management that wanted to dramatically cut back on DC’s current publishing in favor of reprints, saying that the company’s new material was the lifeblood of the company, a source of new fans and new IP without which the characters and related merchandise would decline into obscurity. She won that argument and DC, under her stewardship, ended up minting many of the golden coins in which it still trades, including The Dark Knight, Watchmen and Sandman, despite never being a gigantic engine of revenue within the Time Warner corporate umbrella.

Today, DC Comics is in a similar situation. Following a demoralizing mid-decade move from its traditional home in New York to Warner Bros’ headquarters in Burbank, CA, the company has stumbled through various events and line reboots, milking assets like Frank Miller’s once-fresh take on Batman and post-Alan Moore Watchmen for the last dregs of fan appeal and relevance, and relying on high priced milestone thousandth issues of long-running titles like Action Comics and Detective Comics to make up in dollar share what they are losing in unit share of an increasingly crowded comics market.

Recently, DC co-President Dan DiDio publicly fumed that reissues of comics 30 and 40 years old were outselling current stories featuring the same characters, calling that a “failure on us.”

The SJW takeover of DC is precisely why AT&T’s best bet is to shut down the publishing business before the current generation of editors and writers start to harm the valuable brands that were created over decades. The world observably neither needs nor wants new Batman and Superman comics, particularly not those that transform Batman into a black transgirl and Superman into a lesbian Hispanic woman. There isn’t enough money in new comics to be worth the risk of moronic SJWs devaluing the brands that are the only real value of DC’s publishing business.

AT&T’s management will almost certainly do the math and realize this, which is why I expect Arkhaven to see off DC, and probably sooner rather than later, just as it has already witnessed the ugly last gasp and mercy killing of Vertigo.

Neon Revolt sums up the Devil Mouse

Neon’s latest post borders on the mind-blowing, as he’s figured out the reason for the symbolic connection between the Epstein temple and the Turkish bathhouse upon which its design is based, as well as what General Flynn may have actually been doing inside the Obama and Clinton operations.

Obama sets up biofuel credits in order to “legally” fund human trafficking operations (and other nefarious endeavors).

Washakie sets up their operation to defraud the government with the help of government insiders (a fact attested to by the tip-off they received about the raid), and with foreign help/investment from Turkish businessmen and elites.

Why do they do this? Because they know of what the FLDS group has been doing, and think they can not only replicate it, but surpass it. (There are connections between the Kingston group and FLDS, which are outside the scope of this article).

Lev Derman is the US point of contact/man-on-the-ground for Sezgin Baran Korkmaz.

Korkmaz is aware of all that is going on, and Alptekin must too, since he sits on the board of one of a Kingston-owned investment company. Given Alptekin’s proximity to the Turkish Government, its likely Erdogan knows about all that is going on, as well.

Washakie proceeds to launder minors to Turkey for years, where they are raped, tortured, and executed – most likely.

They get most, if not all of these minors, from their home-grown population of child-bearing women, who pop these babies out with extreme regularity. Because when your founder himself has over 300 children, who is really going to notice or care when one or two “troublemakers” disappears overseas for “mission work” or “rehabilitation” or whatever excuse they use.

The wealth of the Kingston clan explodes, since white children fetch higher prices on the human trafficking markets.

Meanwhile, Korkmaz launders his share of the money from the US Gov’t biofuel credits and trafficking operation through his holding company in Turkey. Some of this money goes to Alptekin. Alptekin hires Flynn to help with the Gulen Issue, since megalomaniacs are always trying to deal with perceived threats to their power.

But really, Flynn knows about the trafficking, and dives in to attempt to root out all this evil.

It’s a long and winding post, but read the whole thing. It’s worth it for all the dots it connects as well as the additional it suggests will eventually be connected. At this point, what do you think the odds are that the Devil Mouse is not somehow involved in this child trafficking, especially given the fact that it runs TWELVE massive operations around the world that are specifically designed to entice children to come within its grasp?

I’d say there is a higher probability that the Patriots miss the playoffs this year.

“Snorkel stop”

Is that Disney for “cheese pizza”? Q drops an illuminating note about the Disney Cruise Line:

Afterward, make your way to your second snorkel stop — Little St James Island — where curious fish dart back and forth in the clear blue water, and colorful coral formations nestle next to amazing underwater formations.

It certainly appears to be the case:

Walt Disney VP Sentenced to Prison in Child Sex Abuse Investigation

Former Walt Disney Company executive Michael Laney has been sentenced to 81 months in prison for four counts of first-degree sexual abuse involving a 7-year-old girl. According to WTKR, Laney, who is 73-years-old, “will have to register as a sex offender and pay a $4,000 fine.”

The Devil Mouse may well be the most evil corporation in the world. Disney is Satandom’s PR department.