Darkstream: A Journey Into the Mind of Humanity’s Greatest Thinker

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

Q: I’m not sure about this Vox guy. I was reading a Scott Adams blog about systems and watching a Prophet Peterson video about falsehoods, it’s all very complex.
A: Well, that’s true, because remember, falsehoods have consequences and that’s what makes them false. So deep! I’ve been having a good time figuring out which Peterson quotes to use for the chapter heading quotes, you know he has some real humdingers.

Q: Did the book just flow?
A: You know, most nonfiction books come pretty easily to me. This was particularly easy because I had the help of a friend of mine who did a lot of the initial heavy lifting and that worked pretty well.

Q: Any illustrations in the book?
A: Yes, of course. Ethan Van Sciver has graciously provided us with a number of illustrations for the book, so we think that that will be a really big deal.

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Darkstream: she looks beautiful in chains

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

Megyn Kelly made a classic, classic mistake. She went and apologized and there’s a very good chance that she would not have been dumped if she had stood her ground. But what she realized is that a white woman who is identified as being a conservative – I mean megyn kelly is not a conservative we know that but the fact that she was identified as a conservative – meant that the two black men were higher on the SJW totem pole than she is. So she needed to not apologize because it was a classic SJW situation.

Instead of saying what was wrong with that, what are you trying to claim was wrong with that, that’s how she should have responded. Instead she pled guilty. What you need to realize is that apologizing under pressure is exactly the same thing as telling a police officer that you’re guilty, and just as telling a police officer that you’re guilty does not cause the police to go away and tell you, “oh well you’re guilty? Great everything’s fine, let’s go back to the way things were , carry on.” They don’t do that, it doesn’t work that way. With SJWs if you apologize, then they go, “okay, great, you just pled guilty, now it’s time to go to the punishment phase.”

For all that Kelly is supposed to be a savvy, veteran journalist, still at her age she hadn’t figured that out. She obviously never read SJWs Always Lie or she would have known that.

Darkstream: Use that word!

From the transcript of the Darkstream, in which you may notice we have finally upped our audio game.

If you look at other forms of fake nationalism, the worst one in the United States is civic nationalism. And what civic nationalism does is it turns the state into an ersatz nation. But it’s fake. You know, Americans like that idea, Americans romanticize that idea, but that idea is mostly imposed upon them… That was not an American concept. If you read the Declaration of Independence, what do they talk about? Who are they declaring independence from? They’re declaring independence from King George, who is the king of Great Britain, and it even discusses “our British brothers” in the Declaration of Independence. They knew that Americans were intrinsically British and that the American nation is not the same as the United States of America.

They’re two different things and so Jeremy puts it correctly: civic nationalism is to nationalism what social justice is to justice. The adjective modifies and transforms the noun, and turns it into something that it is not.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having an emotional attachment to civic nationalism, you know, the whole USA, USA thing, the idea of unity, out of many, one, and so forth. It’s not the worst thing, but it is also not true nationalism, and that’s why it’s so much weaker. This is something that Americans are always going to struggle with, they’re always going to lack true national identity, and that’s why it’s so important, it’s more important in the United States that elsewhere, to build up a sense of nationalism, a sense of extended family, a sense of unified purpose.

Darkstream: Jordan Peterson stars as Wormtongue

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

It’s really amazing to see how someone like Jordan Peterson simply doesn’t understand that people pay attention to what you say, and that people pay attention to what you said yesterday. People pay attention to what you wrote! He seems to think that as long as you fold, spindle, and mutilate the ideas that are coming out of your mouth, as long as you pretend to be thinking very seriously, really debating with yourself and thinking very hard like you’ve never ever thought about the subject before, then you can say whatever you want. Because, you know, you don’t think you’re right, it’s just a thought experiment, it’s just an idea, just, you know, contemplating various options and throwing ideas out there. It’s total bullshit! It is from the start, it is all the way through, it is at the finish.

Let me make it clear for you: Jordan Peterson is a used car salesman, except the used car he is selling is himself. Okay? He’s not your dad, he’s not your uncle, he is somebody who is making a lot of money off of you and people like you because you’re dumb enough to fall for this guy! Look, I’m a writer, I am an editor, and I knew before I finished the first chapter of 12 Rules of Life that Jordan Peterson was an intellectual charlatan. Now, I will admit that I wasn’t aware that he was a complete lunatic until I read Maps of Meaning. I didn’t realize that there was something genuinely wrong with him until I read Maps of Meaning and I didn’t realize how totally full of bullshit he is until I watched some of his videos.

Look, when you see him pull this move, “no, I’ve never thought about this before, I’m really just working my way through the same thing that I’ve been asked about 50 times before, but I want you to think that I’m really trying to puzzle my way through this and I don’t want you to hold me accountable for anything that I say,” I mean, you should be embarrassed! You should be irritated with yourself for listening to this guy at all!

Darkstream: the dirt is not magic

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

If you move 100 million Chinese settlers into Africa, what is the resulting society is going to be? It’s going to be Chinese. If you move one hundred million Hispanics and Africans and Asians into the United States, what is it going to be? Well, the only thing that we can be certain of is that it’s not going to be what it was before.

The dirt is the same, the physical geography is the same, but English colonists coming to the geography of North America did not become Indians. Their culture did not change, they did not suddenly start living in wigwams and dividing up into small tribes. You know, every single day we see this, and yet we see most of our government policies, we see most of the media narrative affirming something that we know to be false. Now, I’m encouraged by the fact that we’re starting to see the term Magic Dirt appear in many places that you wouldn’t expect to see it.

Darkstream: Why no one believed Blasey

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

One thing that I haven’t seen much discussion of despite all the jibber and jabber and rambling on about the various implications of the Kavanagh confirmation, and whether he was going to be confirmed or not, is the fact that nobody – and I mean nobody – believed Christine Blasey Ford. And so the interesting question is, why not? You know, people talk about these things, and the giveaway during the discussion of the allegations and so forth, the term that that people always used, was, “well she’s credible.” She’s credible. Now, think about it. When someone asks you if somebody else is telling the truth, and you say, “well, they’re credible,” what does that actually mean? All it means is that I don’t believe them but they’re not observably crazy, you know, their accusations are at least modestly plausible.

It was possible for Kavanagh to have misbehaved in the way that Blasey Ford was saying. It was not plausible to believe that he was involved as part of a regular gang rape machine that was taking place. So the thing is that when all these people were saying “she’s credible,” for example,  even Trump initially said that Blasey Ford was credible, yeah, we all knew he didn’t believe a word she was saying. Most of the people who were on her side, most of the people who voted against Kavanagh because she gave them an excuse to do so,  did not believe her either. Whenever you see people saying, “yeah, well, I believe victims” and that sort of thing, that means they don’t believe this particular alleged victim. You didn’t have people there saying “look what’s wrong with you people, she’s obviously telling the truth,” because she obviously wasn’t She was obviously lying,  but why was her lying so obvious? Why was it so readily apparent to so many people right away?

Darkstream: Jordan Peterson sells out America

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

I warned you about Jordan Peterson. A lot of people were unhappy when I first came out and pointed out that Jordan Peterson is not a good guy, that Jordan Peterson is not on our side, that Jordan Peterson is not an enemy of the SJWs, and that he is not someone who’s good for the Right. Now, the thing is, either you stand for what is right or what you don’t, and when Jordan Peterson came out today against Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation and explicitly came out and said that if Kavanaugh is confirmed  -which he will be, by the way, in case you haven’t heard,  two of the four maybe votes in the Senate have come out openly and confirmed that they are going to support Kavanaugh’s confirmation and more significantly one of them is actually the West Virginia Democrat – so you know,  for years Jordan Peterson has said he’s terrified of making the mistake that is going to ruin his career.

Now I don’t know if this is actually sufficient to sink his career or not, but it should be,  because this makes very clear that Jordan Peterson is in league with the SJWs. Jordan Peterson is, in American terms, a Democrat and there’s absolutely no question that the intellectual dark web, the Ben Shapiros the Eric Weinsteins, the recycled New Atheist known as Sam Harris, and Jordan Peterson himself, are all on the side of the Left. This is not a surprise, I mean,  I’ve been telling you guys this for ages. I knew that he was not a good guy, that he was not on our side, that he was part of the problem rather than part of the solution from the time I read his book. There are so many people who say such incredibly dumb things about Peterson because they happen to like one thing that he said, they happen to like two things that he said. Here’s the thing you can always find something that somebody says that you agree with. That doesn’t mean that their objectives are aligned with yours

Darkstream: ComicsGate vs Marvel

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

The interesting thing about this particular lawsuit is that number one, the defamation claim is ridiculous. It is very, very hard to win a defamation claim in the United States. If this was in England or in a couple other legal jurisdictions maybe there’s a decent chance, but not in the States, with a few specific state-based exceptions. However, the tortious interference claim is quite possibly serious and it is quite possibly legitimate. We don’t know, however, because we do not know what went into Antarctic Press’s decision-making.

Now the circumstantial evidence does tend to indicate that Mark Waid’s call to them and the contract subsequently being withdrawn was causal, that there was a causal relationship between those two things, but for all we know at the moment it’s just circumstantial evidence. This is why there is a part of the legal process called discovery, when you get to interview the other side under oath, take affadavits, and then of course request any and all communications that were related to that decision. And so you know, again, we don’t know! Antarctic has very publicly stated that Mark Waid’s phone call had nothing to do with their decision, but of course they might be lying. They can say whatever they want and it’s totally meaningless at this point in time. Given their obvious desire to stay in with the comics industry mainstream, I don’t think that their word can be taken seriously, and so we’ll find out down the road.

I don’t think if this will ever go to trial. I think that if discovery reveals that Mark Waid’s interference did cause Antarctic to break their contract with Richard Meyer, then Waid is going to be advised to settle, and given that he may not even be paying for his lawyer himself, he may not have a whole lot to say about it. So here’s the thing: at this point in time I don’t think that either Richard Meyer and his attorney, or Mark Waid and his attorney, actually know what the truth is. The only people who really know what the truth is are not party to the lawsuit, and they are the people at Antarctic Press.

That being said, a lot of the stuff that people are talking about and what people are saying about the whole lawsuit is totally ridiculous. You know, they’re they’re trying to bring up stuff related to past comments that Richards made, they’re trying to bring up comments that Mark Waid has made, and all that sort of thing. What you have to understand is that none of that matters. You can check this out on InfoGalactic to confirm it, but there are six elements to a claim of tortious interference. Now if you listen, you’ll notice that all of the self-appointed legal experts on sites like Bounding Into Comics and Bleeding Cool and whatever, they’re not even addressing the relevant points.

So the six points. First, the existence of a contractual relationship or beneficial business relationship between the two parties, was there one between Richard Meier and Antarctic Press? Yes, there was a contract. Number two, knowledge of that relationship by a third party, there was knowledge of that? Mark Waid knew about it. Three, intent of the third party to induce a party to the relationship to breach the relationship. Did Mark Waid have that intent? Yes, we know he had that intent, he publicly stated it. Four, lack of any privilege on the part of the third party to induce such a breach. Obviously as a freelancer working for Marvel, Waid had nothing to do with either company, so four is also confirmed. Five, the contractual relationship is breached. Was it breached? Yes it was, that’s also yes. And then six, damage to the party against whom the breach occurs. Now that’s the one area that might be the weak link for Richard Meyers’s case.

(Note that it is NOT necessarily required to conclusively demonstrate causality between the interference and the breach. It can be sufficient to demonstrate that the interference was intentional, improper, and the desired breach subsequently took place. The legal focus is on the improper nature of the interference, not establishing that the interference was the sole or primary cause of the breach.)

You know, it is somewhat troubling that he is saying things that are manifestly not true, saying, “well I couldn’t get it published by any other publisher.” I can’t speak for any other publisher, but all I know is that we never heard from Richard Meyers. Dark Legion never heard from Richard Meyers. Arkhaven Comics would not have published him, but Dark Legion might have, and so if he didn’t talk to us, then he probably didn’t talk to Top Cow, he probably didn’t talk to DC, he probably didn’t talk to IDW, or to Image. I don’t know who he talked to, but to claim that you could not be published by any other publisher when at least one other publisher knows that you never contacted them… I think that you need to be careful about making obviously false claims like that. If you make a false claim, if you make a claim that everybody knows is false, it’s going to be shot down.

Now that doesn’t mean that Richard Meyers hasn’t been damaged. I think that you can probably make a pretty good case that his reputation was damaged considering the level of the incendiary attacks and so forth on him. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the guy. I don’t know the guy, literally the only thing I know about the guy is that he does nothing but badmouth me and Arkhaven and Dark Legion and everything to do with us, so as far as I’m concerned we’re definitely not standing with him. We’re also definitely not standing with Mark Waid, we’re just sitting here watching this from the sidelines and learning as much as we can about the industry.

But what I can also say is that if the lawyers who finally contacted me about the ComicsGate trademark via email are responsible for Richard Meyers’s case, he’s going to lose. Because if they are so dumb, if they are so lazy and incapable of doing their homework, as to send me personally a cease-and-desist email for something that I haven’t done and to which I am not even a relevant party, then there is absolutely no way they are going to win a case against a top-notch lawyer like Mark Zaid. That’s my perspective, you can take it or leave it, but the fact of the matter is that when you see incompetence and ineptitude of the sort that we’ve witnessed from some of the legal folks surrounding the ComicsGate people, I don’t think that it’s likely that they’re going to be very successful even if they have a pretty good case.

In further support of my observations, a Darkstream viewer commented:

You make a good point about the lawyers. I was arguing with Rekieta Law about the trademark thing and he didn’t realize the burden of proof is on the plaintiff not the defendant. This is something I found from 15-30 min of internet research so how he got it wrong boggle the mind. Just shows he didn’t bother to research it. It doesn’t surprise me he didn’t even bother to consider that maybe you sue the company, not management or the figurehead.

UPDATE:  I dug out the “cease-and-desist” email from 2VS’s attorneys and can confirm they are a Pennsylvania law firm that is not the same as the Texas firm that is handling Meyers’s case. So, perhaps the Texas lawyers are more on the ball.

I can also confirm that I am in no way sponsored by, approved by, or affiliated with Two-Face Van Sciver or ComicsGate. I most certainly am none of those things. At this point, who the hell would want to be?