Leave Jordy alone!

The YouTube community is rising to the defense of the beleaguered Jordan Peterson:

 Hi Darkstream,

Your video Voxday Darkstream 04.25.2018 The Problem with Jordan Peterson was flagged to us by the YouTube community. Upon review, we have placed restrictions on how the video will be shown. Please note that your video will continue to be available on YouTube.

Video content restrictions

We believe in the principles of free speech, even when that speech is unpopular or potentially offensive to some viewers. However, YouTube doesn’t allow hate speech or content that promotes or incites violence. In some cases, flagged videos that do not clearly breach the Community Guidelines but whose content is potentially controversial or offensive may remain up, but with some features disabled.

Your video will be shown after a warning message. In addition, certain features such as comments, sharing, thumbs up, and suggested videos have been disabled. Your video is also ineligible for monetization. 


Owen Benjamin, Vox Day, David the Good, and Infogalactic are pleased to announce UNAUTHORIZED.TV.

The Intellectual Outlaws of the Internet

Daily streams and premium content from the most intelligent, the most outrageous, and the most innovative minds on the planet.

Hours of free content every single day!

We launched this a little sooner than we’d planned, due to the fact that YouTube demonetized the Big Bear yesterday afternoon. But we already have over one hundred hours of content, including the Darkstreams, Voxiversities, and Owen’s shorts and live shows.

The premium content is coming soon, but there is no real difference between the $10 Basic subscription and the $25 Premium monthly subscriptions, it’s just about how much support you’re willing and able to offer the channel. Most of the content is, and will remain, free. The $5 Feed the Bear subscription is a replacement for Owen’s YouTube memberships and primarily supports the Big Bear.

There is beta streaming functionality already built into UNAUTHORIZED, so I will do a subscribers-only stream test today to see how it works. If possible, I’ll also test it with Restream to see if simultaneous streaming is an option.

This may amuse you

It’s a little bizarre to see the difference in the way I am perceived by the Reprehensibles, which is to say the Darkstream viewers, as opposed to the way the Dread Ilk see me. This comment by EA may amuse some of the more longtime readers:

I wonder why Vox is so interested in ranks and titles among men and organizing in general. He calls himself sigma which I take means a reluctant leader. Yet it seems to me that he has a desire to lead or organize people in some fashion. Otherwise why be so interested in military strategy and even go as far as inventing labels to apply to people that he percieve to behave a certain way?

I’m not going to pretend to understand how men think. But is not a reluctant leader more likely to mind his own business and prefer solitude over the constant grind that is modern drama and politics on the internet. I imagine a sigma to be a hermit or a quiet man that’s able to face any situation calmy. That if given the opportunity would be the greatest alpha on the planet, but he don’t want it.

I think Vox might actually be a bit of that which he hates the most, a gamma. A self aware or rehabilitated gamma maybe, because unlike a real sigma he is rattled by people that challenge him on the internet. In role playing terms I think this if Vox:

Name: Vox
Title: Dark Lord
Class: Multi-class – 25{e5873ef35c49232e29b64cdfe957a2c94da2fd9855660473ec610b770b20216b} Alpha | 25{e5873ef35c49232e29b64cdfe957a2c94da2fd9855660473ec610b770b20216b} Gamma | 50{e5873ef35c49232e29b64cdfe957a2c94da2fd9855660473ec610b770b20216b} Delta
Proficiency: Charisma, Intellect.
Weakness: Illusion and mind altering spells (Psychologically fragile, emotional)

But what do I know, I’m happy not being a part of the hiearchy at all. I’m just a mischievous woman.

I’m so interested in the subject that I stopped posting at Alpha Game and I’m so desperate for attention that I turned down multiple requests for interviews from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation earlier this week. I don’t talk to the media, I don’t accept speaking invitations, and I don’t do book signings or book tours.

Where do people get these ideas about motivations and objectives of others? Is it all just solipsism and projection?

A secret king in action

I’ve been asked on occasion what I mean by “Secret King wins again!” This example should help demonstrate what I’m talking about. It’s in reference to a question about my recent Darkstream addressing Jordan Peterson’s appearance at the Trilateral Commission:

Badbadnotgood Goodgodnotbad
Why didn’t you use the video where someone questioned him about holodomor, a far better example to show his intentional blind spots.

Because the point is not to show his unwillingness to address a specific issue, but rather, his inability to intelligently answer a straightforward question even when he is willing to do so.

Badbadnotgood Goodgodnotbad
Darkstream ugh caught you out mr Vox…. Your main point of the video was how he intentionally avoids answering questions and reverts to rehearsed dialogue to divert away from the questions topic. Not that he is a useful idiot and doesn’t have the ability to, as you specifically point out his subversive flip flopping of meanings and focusing on the notion of the state rather then the nation. The holodomor video Would have been a perfect example of addressing his true intentions of which you were trying to show with the first.

This is a perfect example of why everyone hates gammas, even other gammas. They can’t ever accept an answer to a question, because they never ask an honest question. Every question is simply a trap designed to allow them to show everyone what a Smart Boy they are. If you ever want to know why I simply ignore many questions that are posed to me, well, now you know.

Notice that almost every other comment testifies to what an effective demonstration the video and the related commentary were. But that’s not good enough for the gamma male, because his way is always the better way, especially when it obviously isn’t. After all, the fact that he’s now banned just proves how threatened I am by his obvious intellectual superiority, right? Secret King wins again!

On a more positive note, this comment definitely won the thread:

Q- Dr. Peterson, how will democracy survive?

I’ll admit it. I laughed.

Pattern recognition

From the comments in last night’s Darkstream in which the recent Voxiversity on Alpha was discussed:

Mister Sick O
so what are you?

Mister Sick O
who am i listening to?

Mister Sick O
tell us what you are

Mister Sick O
you’re just back in high school, trying to #*@! anything

Now, do you really still think these behavioral patterns are figments of my imagination? But wait, there’s more, from the comments here:

C1: Taleb blocked me, and I’m one of his biggest supporters, apparently for quibbling with his silly opinion that organized medicine is “science.”

C2: Have you considered the possibility he blocked you for the simple reason your quibbles don’t add anything of value to his life and he already has a bazillion people quibbling with him all the time?

C3: That’s what the mute button is for. Or notification filters. Or just accepting that not everyone is going to $*{65108b33d47dec3ed9356a280856d243f70f2cb9c21b43b9b4712c810a35415b}^ your #*#! over every opinion you put out.  Blocking is the one option that makes it completely obvious that you did it, because then the person can’t see your content anymore. Brilliant plan, cutting off a follower who might have given you money in the future just because you were butthurt. I’m off Twitter for good now—it’s pure poison in more ways than one—but when I used it I was blocked by most of the e-celebs I ever engaged with, and it was almost always over something trivial like asking for clarification on a point or politely disagreeing with them. I’m not saying Taleb is a typical e-celeb (and he never blocked me) but *{65108b33d47dec3ed9356a280856d243f70f2cb9c21b43b9b4712c810a35415b}^! if there aren’t a lot of fragile {65108b33d47dec3ed9356a280856d243f70f2cb9c21b43b9b4712c810a35415b}*^($)#$ on Twitter.

Because they are both myopic and solipsistic, gammas never grasp that others readily recognize their pattern of behavior because they have seen it many times before. Because they are not, for the most part, much in demand themselves, gammas have no conception whatsoever of how annoying it is to have a thousand people all “respectfully offering a correction” or “politely asking you for clarification on a point”, usually in an obvious attempt to show you what Special Smart Boys they are, and how much you have in common, and how you should totally become best friends.

Even though the initial communication is usually innocuous in itself, the experienced e-celeb knows perfectly well that any response is only going to generate additional requests, demands, and eventually, drama. Even the most minor e-celeb has learned to dread answering an email and promptly receiving a gushing wall of text in response. This is why serious celebrities like Taleb preemptively block fans who show even the slightest sign of being a potential problem; they simply don’t have time to put up with the inevitable nonsense.

As for the assumptions of butthurt and fragility, that is nothing but emotional projection. In comparison to the average individual, most e-celebs are actually very psychologically hardened. They have to be or they could not endure the constant negativity they have to endure.

Stream.me shut down

Ethan Ralph explains why the owners took it down:

Ethan Ralph, the owner of news and talk show Killstream, Stream.Me’s biggest channel, has attempted to defuse speculation. He just now stated via a provisional youtube edition of his show that he spoke to the streaming platform’s owners and been given an explanation for the disappearance.

“What is going on is, there’s a board on 8chan — they doxxed the owners of Stream.Me,” said Ralph, referring to the /cow/ board on the infamous imageboard popular with edgelords, neo-nazis, and communists. “They doxxed their family, there were calls made to the owners saying ‘we know where your kids go to school, we know where they live’ — and they decided to pull the plug on the entire site.”

The owners’ wives also received photos of themselves covered in the trolls’ semen….

I certainly understand why they decided that it’s not worth the bother. Although it’s a pity to lose what was a steadily improving streaming alternative. These days, you need to have an action plan in place for when the SJWs come after you. Because it wasn’t ordinary channers doing this, it was Antifa, of that you can be sure.

Darkstream 20k

To celebrate this subscriber milestone for the Darkstream, I’ve uploaded this one-hour 43-minute excerpt from the Jordanetics audiobook, which includes Milo’s Foreword, my own Introduction, and chapters one and five. If you haven’t read or listened to the book yet, this extended audio sample provides a solid foundation for the book’s case against Jordan Peterson and his evil philosophy.

It includes one of my favorite sections of the book, which addresses the oft-heard claim that Jordan Peterson’s thinking is simply too advanced for less-refined intellects to understand. The claim is particularly amusing for me in light of how few recognize, or even notice, my occasional literary pyrotechnic.

Objection 1: Jordan Peterson is a complex thinker with a Platonic approach that is easily misunderstood by those who don’t carefully follow him. You just don’t understand him.

I answer that, It is true that Peterson is inclined to excessive wordiness and run-on sentences, his references are often obscure, and the examples he provides are frequently too loosely connected and meandering for the average person to easily follow. But the nebulous word salad Peterson customarily presents in lieu of logical arguments is not at all typical of a genius-level intellect, to the contrary, it is much more commonly observed among academic poseurs who wish to be mistaken for one.

If you have actually read the great thinkers of whom Peterson is almost entirely ignorant, one thing that will often strike you is the intense clarity of their thought processes. Their genius stems from the way in which they enlighten the reader, from the way they turn dark chaos into orderly light. They do not confuse, to the contrary, they clarify.

As an exercise, compare the following four sentences, all of which are more complex than the norm these days. I ran each of them through the Gunning-Fog Index, a weighted average of the number of words per sentence, and the number of long words per word. The index provides a number that is supposed to indicate that the text can be understood by someone who left full-time education at a later age than the number; the higher the number, the more complicated the text. But it’s really just an objective measure of textual complexity.

  • We must be able to employ persuasion, just as strict reasoning can be employed, on opposite sides of a question, not in order that we may in practice employ it in both ways (for we must not make people believe what is wrong), but in order that we may see clearly what the facts are, and that, if another man argues unfairly, we on our part may be able to confute him. (GFI 31.6)
  • In like manner the poet with his words and phrases may be said to lay on the colours of the several arts, himself understanding their nature only enough to imitate them; and other people, who are as ignorant as he is, and judge only from his words, imagine that if he speaks of cobbling, or of military tactics, or of anything else, in metre and harmony and rhythm, he speaks very well –such is the sweet influence which melody and rhythm by nature have. (GFI 21.9)
  • The great dramatists and religious thinkers of the world have been able to grasp this fact, at least implicitly, and to transmit it in story and image; modern analytic thinkers and existential theorists have attempted to abstract these ideas upward into “higher consciousness,” and to present them in logical and purely semantic form. (GFI 18.2)
  • We have considered that students in this doctrine have not seldom been hampered by what they have found written by other authors, partly on account of the multiplication of useless questions, articles, and arguments, partly also because those things that are needful for them to know are not taught according to the order of the subject matter, but according as the plan of the book might require, or the occasion of the argument offer, partly, too, because frequent repetition brought weariness and confusion to the minds of readers. (GFI 40.2)

Were you able to distinguish the Peterson quote from the Aquinas, the Aristotle, and the Plato quotes? If you noticed, the Peterson sentence, which is the third sentence, is considerably shorter and less structurally complex than the other three examples, but it is also observably less clear than them. Whereas the Aristotle sentence in particular is rich with meaning, as it implies a vital distinction between rhetoric and dialectic that many today have trouble grasping even when it is explained to them in no little detail, but nevertheless clarifies the relevant point for the reader, the Peterson sentence unnecessarily complicates what is a fairly simple and straightforward observation about the mythopoetic human response to the concepts of good and evil.

And yes, the GFI on that last sentence was a respectable 36.3. But it wasn’t actually that hard to follow or understand, was it? Complexity is neither ambiguity nor nebulosity, and insight does not require complexity. Also, in case you’re interested, the authors of the four sentences, in order, were: Aristotle, Plato/Socrates, Peterson, Aquinas.

Burning the deadwood

There is certainly nothing like the mention of the state of Israel and one’s opinion concerning it to bring out the lurking spergs, alt-retards, and other undesirables on a YouTube channel. I’m no enthusiast of the “look how virtuously moderate poor little me is because I am attacked by Left and Right” approach, but I will confess that it can be a little bit bewildering to find oneself being accused of a) antisemitism and b) being a Mossad agent within the space of two comments.

MPAI but SPASC. Which is to say Most People Are Idiots but Some People are Seriously Crazy.

Anyhow, the good thing about YouTube is that unlike Blogger, it makes it very easily to permanently disappear a commenter and his comments for good with just a single click. This is absolutely necessary there, as otherwise every single channel would have the comments turned off for good.

But the good news is that the video offensive continues making solid progress. The Darkstream now has nearly 20k subscribers, and if you haven’t subscribed to it yet I would encourage you to do so even if you’re not a big video watcher, for the extended audiobook samples if nothing else. Voxiversity has been on inadvertent hiatus due to the high demand for its producer, and that demand is only going to grow from here for reasons that will be clear in due course, so I’ve hired another producer who is very good at his recommendation and we anticipate releasing at least two Voxiversities in March.

There is also a third video front that is going to launch very soon for which I am seeking an tech-savvy volunteer from the VFM who has a) plenty of free time and a good Internet connection, b) doesn’t mind dealing with tedious uploads, and c) has some ability to create simple image collages of the sort that I create for the Darkstream every night. I’m only looking for VFM at the moment, so if you’re not VFM, please don’t volunteer. If you qualify and you’re interested, please email me.

In other news, multiple arbitration processes have formally commenced. I can’t say more than that at the moment, and I may not be able to say much more once they have concluded, but I will share what I permitted to share. And to those who have expressed a desire to bring independent actions, I would recommend continuing to hold fire for the time being.