Yes conspiracy. Get it?

Ron Unz and Israel Shamir join forces to further beat the dead horse that was Jordan Peterson’s pathetically dishonest attempt to explain away the overrepresentation of Ashkenazi “in any occupations/interests for reasons other than intelligence and the associated effects of intelligence on personality and political belief.”

[Ron Unz] discovered and proved with hard data that Jews discriminate against you to a degree you could not even guess. While you queue at the front door of the Elites, they enter freely by the back door. Chances of a smart non-Jewish “white” American kid getting there are ten-fold lower than that of a Jew. There are ten times more smart non-Jewish white American kids than smart Jewish kids, but there are more Jewish students in the Ivy League than white non-Jews. The system is biased, and not in your favour.

Once you could work your way up to success, like Henry Ford did. That was the American Dream. Not anymore. Now the only way to the best jobs, into the American elites leads through a few top colleges of the Ivy League. You can’t bypass this funnel of opportunity. “A greater and greater proportion of our financial, media, business, and political elites being drawn from a relatively small number of our leading universities” (all unattributed quotes are from the Unz essay). Unless you get the imprimatur of Harvard or Yale, your future is dim. Well-paid middle class jobs in the manufacturing sector for those lacking college degrees are scarce, and workers are being paid less now than forty years ago. When America’s richest 1 per cent has as much wealth as the bottom 95 per cent, it is winner takes all, and this winner is probably a Jew.

The elites have duties, too. The elite universities are supposed to pick the best boys and girls to lead America to its glory and greatness. By your own experience you already know that it does not happen; that the new US elites lead themselves to prosperity, while pushing you to poverty and perdition. The new elites failed you, failed your country, failed the world (always excepting the Jewish state). This failure is the main reason to explore how the elites produce their new generation.

The great surprise is that WASPs, the legendary descendants of the Founding Fathers, have lost their privilege, or even their fair chance to success. Unz proves that a smart Christian American boy of English or German parentage has ten times less chance to get into these crème-de-la-crème universities than an average Jewish boy. This very unfair way of forming tomorrow’s elites has been made possible by the sheer nepotistic networking of the universities’ admission offices. Clannishness, the Jews were (justifiably) accused of.

In actual words of Ron Unz, “Jews are enrolled at Harvard and other elite colleges at a rate some 1,000{51060298616648a432127aa487592f15c981010bc8b0ce296b7f79f7f5f50574} greater than white Gentiles of similar academic performance”. One thousand per cent, OMG! Provided that these Ivy League colleges are the only sure-fire way into American elites, into best jobs and into good and important positions, this biased enrolment guarantees the Jews their position of the top dog well into next generation.

In 1920s, Jews accused the WASPs of discriminating them at university admission. The WASPs kept them under 15{51060298616648a432127aa487592f15c981010bc8b0ce296b7f79f7f5f50574} of admissions. Now with Jews at the top they show what real discrimination is all about. However, there is one major difference. Then, the Jews volubly complained, now the Christians do not even dare to complain….

Unz is very meticulous, very cautious in his approach. He asks an almost-insulting question: perhaps the Jews are so smart (after all, that is the kin of Einstein and Freud) that their share in the Ivy League is a result of meritocratic selection? And he provides an almost-insulting answer: no, they aren’t. There are some universities that admit strictly by merit; in these universities Jews do not exactly star. Caltech, the California Institute of Technology is one of them. The Jewish presence there is quite small; Hillel, the Jewish students’ body, gives it as zero. In reality, it is about 6 per cent, like in other merit-based competitions.

Even when I simply accepted the assertion at face value for lack of any direct evidence to the contrary, I always found the myth of Jewish superintelligence a little dubious, which was probably due to the fact that, besides the very hard-working Blacks, the only group of students at my Ivy League-reject school observably less intelligent than the average were the Jews. Literally none of the top students in any of my classes or in the economics department were Jewish, which was likely because, as with the Black students, most of the Jews capable of succeeding there were in well over their heads at more prestigious universities thanks to affirmative action and the Ivy League admissions conspiracy.

Now, this sort of distribution does not happen by accident. The truly damning thing about the Unz report is that the more objectively meritocratic the measure, the worse Jews observably perform. The more political and easily obscured the measure, the better they manage to perform; just look at the massive difference between Harvard and Caltech. Jews are more intelligent on average than the U.S. mean and they are demonstrably smart enough to BS their way past the midwits, especially naive white midwits who are easily manipulated by crying “racist” or “anti-Semite” or through appeals to a nonexistent “Judeo-Christian heritage”. But even the smartest con artist finds it much more difficult to deceive those who genuinely possess very high intelligence, first, because we recognize it when we see it, and second, because we can also also see through those who are utilizing their verbal skills to strike false poses.

Here is another thing to keep in mind. I happen to be a member in good standing of Jordan Peterson’s vaunted 3SD+ set. I have also met a number of people smarter than me, people with higher IQs and more significant intellectual accomplishments, up to and including the Fields Medal. After college, I lived in a house where four of the five residents were in that high-IQ set. And virtually none of the VHIQ and UHIQ people I have met over the last 35 years, in the USA, in Japan, or in Europe, have been Jews of any persuasion. To say this observation is statistically improbable if Peterson’s claim concerning the makeup of the 145+ set was correct would be putting it mildly.

If you want to know why neither Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, or Sargon of Akkad will ever dare to debate me on this subject, this Twitter exchange from 2017 may help you understand why they always run.

Sargon‏ @Sargon_of_Akkad
Has the alt right come to terms with the fact the Jews are just better than they are?

Greg Matusow @gregmatusow
sounds like something a jew would say

Sargon‏ @Sargon_of_Akkad
Sounds like something a race realist who depends on IQ scores to say, you mean.

Supreme Dark Lord‏ @voxday
Your metric is incorrect, Sargon. First, there are 48 high-IQ Han, 11 high-IQ Europeans, and 5 high-IQ Japanese for every high-IQ Jew.

Sargon‏ @Sargon_of_Akkad
Of course, but that’s only because of population size.

Supreme Dark Lord‏ @voxday
Obviously. But you cannot claim they are not overrepresented in X because intelligent when there are 64 more intelligent non-Jews per Jew.

Notice how Sargon blithely contradicted his own position without even realizing it in response to my appeal to population statistics. He’s not merely overmatched, he’s completely inept. Both Ben Shapiro and Sargon are good examples of midwits who attempt to present themselves to their low-IQ followers as highly intelligent thinkers. Shapiro is perhaps a little more successful than Sargon in this regard, but mostly because he speaks quickly enough to prevent the average individual from following what he is actually saying, which is seldom original or insightful even when it isn’t dishonest or deceptive.

The fact that the Ivy League admissions offices are now desperately defining Jewish identity downward in order to try to conceal the level of their corruption and conspiratorial bias proves that they have been ruthlessly practicing anti-European and anti-Asian discrimination for decades. This also explains why white Americans have no choice about accepting the challenge of identity politics, because their rivals have been aggressively playing identity politics at their expense since the 1920s.

The forgery of knowledge

A team of three ethnographicists conclusively demonstrate how modern scholastics is a complete forgery of knowledge:

Our approach is best understood as a kind of reflexive ethnography—that is, we conducted a study of a peculiar academic culture by immersing ourselves within it, reflecting its output and modifying our understanding until we became “outsiders within” it.

Our objective was to learn about this culture and establish that we had become fluent in its language and customs by publishing peer-reviewed papers in its top journals, which usually only experts in the field are capable of doing. Because we came to conceptualize this project as a kind of reflexive ethnographic study in which we sought to understand the field and how it works by participating in it, obtaining peer reviewers’ comments about what we were doing right and what needed to change to make absurd theses acceptable was central to the project. Indeed, the reviewers’ comments are in many ways more revealing about the state of these fields than the acceptances themselves.

While our papers are all outlandish or intentionally broken in significant ways, it is important to recognize that they blend in almost perfectly with others in the disciplines under our consideration. To demonstrate this, we needed to get papers accepted, especially by significant and influential journals. Merely blending in couldn’t generate the depth necessary for our study, however. We also needed to write papers that took risks to test certain hypotheses such that the fact of their acceptance itself makes a statement about the problem we’re studying (see the Papers section, below). Consequently, although this study does not qualify as being particularly controlled, we did control one important variable: the big-picture methodology we used to write every paper.

Our paper-writing methodology always followed a specific pattern: it started with an idea that spoke to our epistemological or ethical concerns with the field and then sought to bend the existing scholarship to support it. The goal was always to use what the existing literature offered to get some little bit of lunacy or depravity to be acceptable at the highest levels of intellectual respectability within the field. Therefore, each paper began with something absurd or deeply unethical (or both) that we wanted to forward or conclude. We then made the existing peer-reviewed literature do our bidding in the attempt to get published in the academic canon.

This is the primary point of the project: What we just described is not knowledge production; it’s sophistry. That is, it’s a forgery of knowledge that should not be mistaken for the real thing. The biggest difference between us and the scholarship we are studying by emulation is that we know we made things up.

The papers they managed to get published are hilarious, including one that is literally a feminist rewrite of a chapter from Mein Kampf. One paper, Human reactions to rape culture and queer performativity at urban dog parks in Portland, Oregon, even “gained special recognition for excellence from its journal, Gender, Place, and Culture, a highly ranked journal that leads the field of feminist geography. The journal honored it as one of twelve leading pieces in feminist geography as a part of the journal’s 25th anniversary celebration.”

Where the prey is

If parents had any idea how many pedos have infiltrated the public schools and turned them into child porn production centers, the public school system would not only lose two-thirds of its students over night, but suburban America would look like The Purge.

A week and a half into school we received an email saying that he had been scratched by another child on the playground. No big deal, kids will be kids.

Two weeks later our sons got off the bus. I asked my older son if he had seen his younger brother in school. He put his head down, said no and ran in the opposite direction. I thought it was odd but I didn’t push. He came back a few minutes later and said “I saw him in the nurse’s office”. We questioned why and his response was “to look at our bodies” the entire time he smacked his body and cried. We didn’t push and comforted him the best we could.

Meanwhile, I called and left the nurse a message. That night she called me back. I asked why my children were in her office and why was she looking at their bodies. She said she did it every day to them. Her reason for them being together during this process? My younger son wouldn’t comply. He cried and tried to run so they brought his older brother in to coerce him into compliance. She said it was “protocol”. I asked where the protocol was and she just kept repeating that it was protocol. I asked to see the written protocol. She replied with “it isn’t written”. I informed her that this was against my beliefs on bodily autonomy. She told me that she didn’t need my permission and didn’t need to tell me that it was being done. I informed her that she was grooming my children for a predator. She became angry. She said she had been doing it to my older son for 3 years and it was done twice a day. Wait? Did you just say 3 years? Twice a day? For 3 years you’ve been searching my child’s body without my permission or knowledge? How long did it happen to my younger son? Every day for almost 4 weeks….

I went home and called the police and filed an internal abuse report. The principal spoke to the police and said that we had agreed to body searches but couldn’t provide documentation. The internal abuse investigator came out and talked to our children. He said that if there was no written policy then it was clearly illegal but his investigation could take 90 days.

That night I sat with those records from the nurse and went through them 1 by 1. I found the names of other autistic children on the papers, crossed out to make room for my children’s names.

You know how when these pedophile arrests are announced and the police talk about how they found thousands of images on the evil bastard’s computer? Well, where do you think those photographs are being taken? I’ll bet that a lot of them are being taken at elementary schools, in the nurse’s office, by school employees. Notice that the entire administrative system of the school, including the principal and the superintendent, was immediately summoned to try to defend the nurse against charges that should have resulted in her immediate dismissal and arrest by the police.

The problem is that there is an entire system that has been constructed to protect pedos who have been exposed and caught. Remember that President of the Manhattan Young Democrats and Hillary Clinton activist who was arrested just over one year ago after being found in possession of over three thousand illegal images? Mike Cernovich describes the legal fallout, or lack thereof:

Bill de Blasio aid and well-connected Democrat leader Jacob Schwarz, who was President of the Manhattan Young Democrats, was arrested over a year ago for possessing child p-rnography.

De Blasio administration employee, 29, is arrested for ‘having 3,000 photos and 89 videos of child pornography depicting children as young as six months old’

Schwartz was released on $7,500 bail, and has been free since. In fact, no motions have been filed in his case at all, court records reveal.

What is going on here?

Schwartz is facing up to life in prison for the charges, and he has no credible defense against them.

The judge is thus leaving him out on bail as a way to delay the inevitable.

Here are the court appearances in the Jacob Schwartz case. As you can see, nothing is happening. The case is completely stalled.

All of this is related to what Qanon has been telling us. The overall scale of the corruption in the United States is so vast, and so shocking, that even those who are heavily armed preppers and survivalists are going to find it very hard to believe. And even good Christians are going to find it very hard to accept the reality of the literally Satanic evil.

Predators go where the prey is

Yet another reason to homeschool your children. Teachers are more likely than anyone else outside the family to try to abuse your child.

A devastating report will this week expose the scale and impact of child sexual abuse across the UK. Researchers have found that abuse is widespread across all communities and social classes – and believe it has been perpetrated in schools and other institutions much more widely than previously thought.

The report – obtained by The Mail on Sunday – is based on the biggest archive of evidence by abuse victims and survivors ever assembled in this country.

It is often claimed that most sexual abuse takes place within families. But only 28 per cent of witnesses say they were abused by relatives. Shockingly, around a quarter were abused by teachers or other educational staff, and a fifth by adult family friends or ‘trusted members of the community’. Fourteen per cent were abused by members of the clergy, 12 per cent by professionals such as doctors and social workers, and nine per cent by residential care workers.

Rebekah Eglinton, one of IICSA’s clinical psychologists, works closely with the Truth Project. She said: ‘We’re learning that many people have put themselves in positions of trust and authority to have access to children.

Of course, this is a historical report. I’m pretty sure that “Asian grooming gang” is the group most likely to be abusing British children today.

And conservatives are supposed to care?

To whom does this woman think she is going to appeal for help? Conservatives and Christians have been relentlessly driven out of academia for the last 50 years!

A former University of Maryland professor is preparing for a legal battle against school administrators who she claims discriminated against her over a trip to Israel.

Dr. Melissa Landa, a Jewish professor who worked in the Education Department at UMD until last June, claims that her contract was not renewed by administrators due to discrimination against her pro-Israel beliefs and her stance against the “Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions” (BDS) movement.

“Once my involvement with Israel became political, that is when things started to change.” 

According to its official website, the BDS movement claims to work “to end international support for Israel’s oppression of Palestinians and pressure Israel to comply with international law.”

In a video published on her website, Landa, who has been vocal regarding anti-Semitic, pro-Palestine movements, argues that her active stance contributed to her being “ostracized” by colleagues and eventually dismissed from the university. Landa also alleges that the acts taken against her are not unique, and are just one example of the “one-sided” administration that she believes are biased toward the BDS movement.

“Across the country, Jewish professors and Jewish students are being intimidated and silenced for their opposition to the BDS movement,” Landa states in the video. “This must stop.”

I, for one, couldn’t care less about Jewish professors and Jewish students being driven out of academia across the West. This is isn’t just the future they wanted, this is the very future they demanded. To paraphrase Thomas More, they cut down the trees of academic freedom and now there is nothing to protect them from the devil that is coming for them.

Clearly, these strategic cretins have learned absolutely nothing from the predictable consequences of their actions, given that the astonishingly stupid response to the growing popularity of the BDS movement has been to launch an organized attack on the 1st Amendment rights of Americans. Even Americans who don’t care about Israel one way or the other are going to be supporting BDS soon.

Willem Griffioen, Executive Director of the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) issued the following statement in response to Governor Haley’s signing of H 3583.

“We applaud the State of South Carolina for making H 3583 the law and delivering a historic piece of pro-Israel legislation in doing so.  The timing and importance of this groundbreaking legislation cannot be overstated. It was truly an honor for our organization to contribute our expertise and educational resources to this effort.”

“Our work on this issue has only just begun. IAF’s team of experts have merged South Carolina’s H 3583 with Illinois’ SB 1761 into one piece of model legislation. IAF has now proven its preparedness to help lead the legislative battle against the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) in all fifty states. We are offering all of the supporting resources legislators need to accomplish this important point of public policy. IAF is pleased to announce that a bloc of sponsors across 18 states has already committed to introducing similar legislation in their next legislative cycle.”

This is “Ground Campaign Against Russia”-level political stupidity.

Just homeschool already

Five more reasons to homeschool.

On April 23rd of this year, parents across America staged a “walkout” (taking their kids out of schools) to protest the sexually explicit and perverse instructions by Planned Parenthood that are being taught in their schools. PJ Media has previously reported exactly how the Planned Parenthood curriculum uses pornography to teach sexual deviancy.

Is this the kind of education you want for your kids in elementary school, middle school, or high school? If not, then maybe you should consider having a protest at your school. It might help. Or it might not. My hunch is that the educrats in charge of your public schools by and large will not care. The educrats in charge might remove a thing or two today, but they will bide their time  and eventually sneak in more destruction later — when parents are not looking.

(This article is not a cut against the many dedicated and courageous teachers who slug it out day after day in the public schools. They are missionaries, trying to be lights in a very tough environment. I am simply asking if parents should continue to keep their kids in environments that are increasingly harmful to their moral, physical, and academic wellbeing.)

Instead of just walking out of your traditional neighborhood public school for a day, why not pull out your kids permanently? Parents should consider the following list of disturbing trends and reconsider their child’s education in the public schools.

Then again, if at this point you still haven’t figured it out, perhaps you might as well leave the little cretins in the lobotomy factory. They’re obviously not going to be rocket scientists… or literate, for that matter.

DOJ investigating Harvard’s anti-Asian discrimination

This expanding lawsuit against Harvard University is not entirely unrelated from the recent discussion of intelligence, success, and ethnicity:

The Justice Department is actively investigating Harvard University’s use of race in its admissions policies and has concluded the school is “out of compliance” with federal law, according to documents obtained by CNN.

The Justice Department’s battle with Harvard potentially sets the stage for the first major legal test of affirmative action policies under the Trump administration. Last year, the US Supreme Court ruled that race can be one among many factors universities use in making admission decisions. Two letters from the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division indicate that Harvard has challenged the department’s authority to investigate, and further state that if the school fails to provide documents to the department by December 1, the agency may file a lawsuit against the school….

Additional correspondence obtained by CNN shows that the Justice Department formally notified Harvard it was under investigation on September 20 and since that time, lawyers for the agency and the school have been trading letters over the scope of the department’s document requests, despite what Harvard noted were “its concerns about the highly unusual nature of this investigation.” The Justice Department’s interest in Harvard’s policies stems from a 2015 federal complaint that accuses the school of discriminating against Asian-Americans in admissions. When The New York Times reported in August that the Justice Department was looking for lawyers to work on “possible litigation related to intentional race-based discrimination in college and university admissions,” the department said that the posting was related to an ongoing case rolled over from the Obama administration.

But these more recent letters from the Justice Department, first reported by The Wall Street Journal, mark the first confirmation that the school is currently under investigation.

Who knows whether Harvard will be able to wave its magic wand and make it all go away somehow. But if they can’t, here is what the statistics very strongly indicate they are trying to hide:

  • Asian-Americans are being heavily discriminated against.
  • White Christians are being moderately discriminated against
  • White residents of Midwestern, Southern, and Southwestern states are being heavily discriminated against.
  • Many unqualified Jews are being admitted by Jewish admissions officers
  • The majority of the Jews who attend an Ivy League university would not qualify for acceptance without affirmative action on their behalf.
The last bullet point is the big one, as it will have significant societal repercussions going forward. It’s a little difficult to convincingly claim that you are merely a smart and meritorious elite when most of your children can’t qualify for the top schools on an objective, merit-based standard. And, of course, there may be even more egregiously corrupt goings-on that the statistics do not even suggest. Regardless, Harvard would not be fighting this tooth-and-nail if it the release of the relevant information did not promise to be seriously damaging to its reputation and that of its alumni.

Avoiding the elephant

It’s remarkable how this article on 10 reasons why things are going wrong with public education didn’t mention the single biggest problem:

Something is wrong—very, very wrong. Teachers across the country at all grade levels, in all subjects, teaching a wide variety of student populations, can sense it. There is a pulse of dysfunction, a steady palpitation of doom that the path we are on is not properly oriented.

There is a raw and amorphous anxiety creeping into the psyche of the corps of American teachers.

We may have trouble pinpointing the exact moment when something in our schools and broader culture went wildly astray, leaving in its wake teachers sapped of optimism and weighted with enervate comprehension. The following is a small sampling—this list could easily have been twice as long if my conversations with fellow teachers are any indication—of problems that teachers were not facing ten years ago.

Every failure of civil society—institutional rot, political cynicism and polarization, tattered family and other filial relations, depressed expectations of student behavior, a preening and non-apologetic narcissism, extravagant self-regard, anti-intellectualism in our minds and moral relativism in our hearts—manifests itself in our schools. The result is a weight of responsibility, an anvil of obligation, now pushing against the outer periphery of what schools can realistically achieve given their inherent limitations. It is no headline to announce that schools mirror the dysfunction of society writ large. With this in mind, I offer the following list of ten things teachers did not have to deal with just a decade ago.

Translation: the percentage of white American students is now too low to maintain the pretense. There is no longer a “school community”, or even a “town community” thanks to the post-1965 immigration. Sure, all the educational fads and new management philosophies don’t help, but none of those things would have made much of a difference in your average 1950s or even 1980s suburban high school.

This isn’t really debatable. The busing battles of the 1970s and 1980s was fundamentally based on the idea that blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities can’t be successfully educated without being surrounded by a sufficient number of whites. So, what are they going to do now that they are running short on white students?

Why Johnny still can’t read

The Atlantic simply cannot solve the mystery of ongoing US illiteracy:

Every two years, education-policy wonks gear up for what has become a time-honored ritual: the release of the Nation’s Report Card. Officially known as the National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP, the data reflect the results of reading and math tests administered to a sample of students across the country. Experts generally consider the tests rigorous and highly reliable—and the scores basically stagnant.

Math scores have been flat since 2009 and reading scores since 1998, with just a third or so of students performing at a level the NAEP defines as “proficient.” Performance gaps between lower-income students and their more affluent peers, among other demographic discrepancies, have remained stubbornly wide.

Among the likely culprits for the stalled progress in math scores: a misalignment between what the NAEP tests and what state standards require teachers to cover at specific grade levels. But what’s the reason for the utter lack of progress in reading scores?

My guess is because the teachers have lower-than-average IQs and they can’t read either.

So I graduated from college, and when I graduated there was a teacher shortage and I was offered a job. It was the most illogical thing you can imagine – I got out of the lion’s cage and then I got back in to taunt the lion again. Why did I go into teaching? Looking back it was crazy that I would do that. But I’d been through high school and college without getting caught – so being a teacher seemed a good place to hide. Nobody suspects a teacher of not knowing how to read.