UN backs Soros

The UN and the EU are desperately trying to get nationalist Hungary to back down and accept foreign invasion before more countries are inspired to defend themselves against the globalist evil:

Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has accused the UN human rights watchdog of “spreading lies” about his country, saying that immigration was not a “fundamental human right.”
The official took aim at the “independent experts” with the UN Human Rights Council, stating they “should not be independent from the truth.”

“Recently, unfortunately, some UN officials started to spread lies against and about my country,” Szijjarto told the UN body’s meeting on Wednesday.

Such officials would like to “force on us impossible things,” namely allowing illegal migrants into the country, Szijjarto stated. “They say that migration is a fundamental human right, which is a lie,” he stressed.

The harsh statement of the foreign minister came as a response to criticism against Hungarian anti-immigration policies. Last week, the UN rights body blasted the so-called ‘Stop Soros’ law, adopted by the country’s government back in July. The UN paper said Hungary “attacks against civil society, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers” with the law, adding that it’s against the international human rights law and poses a threat to the “values” of the whole European Union.

It added that it targets the critical “civil society” and fuels “hostility, xenophobia and … discrimination against migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and all those trying to provide them support.”

The ‘Stop Soros’ law has imposed restrictions on foreign NGOs, which work with migrants, obliging them to seek licenses from the government. It also criminalized aiding migrants, namely “providing financial or property benefit” to them or simply informing them about the asylum-seeking procedures. Those who do so could now face 12 months in jail.

Hungary is nationalist because Hungary understands the long-term costs of being invaded much better than most nations do. The Hungarian leadership is doing what the Right far too often fails to do, which is go on the offensive against its enemies. If all you do is play defense, you will lose. It’s guaranteed. Every party of the Right, from Myanmar to the USA, would be well advised to start aggressively pushing for laws banning the principles, funding, activities, and organizations of the Left.

So-called “freedom of speech” was always a trap. As others have noted, they simply define your speech as violence even as they define their violence as speech.

Doubling down on globalism

Emmanuel Macron has gone the not-British, not-German, and not-Swedish “nations of immigrants” one better and is openly denying the existence of the French and Danish people.

France has a “deep and complex identity, which has always been thought of as universalism”, the former investment banker said, before stating he believes he has succeeded in provoking “cultural change” in the native since his election last year.

“People are changing their minds, they are much more open to risk,” he told the event, which was broadcast on Danish television.

“You will see France transformed by its people.”

Asked by a Danish student about the future of national identities in Europe, Macron said that “the ‘true Dane’ does not exist — he is a European”.

“Even your language is not just Danish — it is European. The same is true for the French”, he added.

To say that these people are unfit for national leadership doesn’t even begin to describe their despicable treachery. They are literally seeking to eliminate their own nations.

30 percent+

The immigrant youth in Sweden seem determined to prove the accuracy of my prediction about the electoral performance of the Sweden Democrats in the 2018 election:

Masked youth torched dozens of cars overnight in Sweden and threw rocks at police, prompting an angry response from the prime minister, who on Tuesday spoke of an “extremely organized” night of vandalism.

Police spokesman Hans Lippens said Tuesday that initial reports indicate that about 80 cars were set ablaze overnight, chiefly in Sweden’s second largest city, Goteborg, and nearby Trollhattan, an industrial city.

Fires were also reported on a smaller scale in Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city.

In Trollhattan, northeast of Goteborg, where at least six cars were burned, rocks were also thrown at police and roads were blocked. Goteborg is 400 kilometers (250 miles) southwest of Stockholm.

Lippens added that because the fires started within a short period of time, “we cannot exclude that there is a connection between the blazes.”

Photos posted by Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet showed black-clad men torching cars on a parking lot outside a Goteborg suburb. Sweden’s news agency TT said witnesses had seen “masked youngsters” running away. No arrests have been made.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven lashed out at the perpetrators, asking them “what the heck are you doing?” In an interview on Swedish radio, he said he was “really getting mad” and that “the society must react in a tough manner.” He said the fires seemed to be “extremely organized.”

The Viking clan chieftains of yore must be turning over in their graves at the feeble cowardice of their descendants. It is becoming increasingly obvious to the historically-aware observer that there are now three, and only three, choices facing the nations of the West:

  1. Continued adulteration, degradation, and collapse.
  2. Deus vult and mass deportations.
  3. Caedite eos.

Forza Italia

Under the guidance of Santo Matteo, Italy is cleansing itself, street by street, quarter by quarter:

Police in Rome on Thursday cleared nearly 400 people, including dozens of children, from a shanty camp inhabited for years by members of the minority Roma community, despite a European Union court ruling halting demolition. Residents stood outside the camp with mattresses and other belongings piled alongside vehicles, some protesting against the move with chants of “Racists!”

Some residents complained that police used force during the eviction. Police commander Antonio Di Maggio denied the claims.

Mayor Virginia Raggi wrote on Facebook that the shantytown, established in a former campground called Camping River on Rome’s northern periphery, was closed for hygiene reasons. Parts of the camp had been without electricity and running water. She said that the move was meant to provide greater protection to the Roma, especially minors, some of whom do not attend school.

“It is unacceptable to continue to finance places like this that create ghettos, and above all, where the living conditions don’t protect the rights of children, women and men,” Raggi wrote in a Facebook post.

The European Court of Human Rights on Tuesday asked Italian authorities to suspend action until Friday and outline plans to rehouse the community, following an appeal by three camp residents. But city officials said that they had long been working to relocate residents, and had delayed the planned closing by more than a year.

Raggi noted that some who were not Italian citizens had returned to their native Romania in recent months. While many members of Italy’s sizeable Roma community, also known as Gypsies, are of Italian nationality, many living in the camp were from Romania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Serbia.

But wait, there’s more:

Condannato per violenza sessuale su una minorenne, che in seguito a quegli abusi si ammazzò, un uomo di 45 anni è stato ucciso ieri sera a Frasso Telesino, un centro del Beneventano, dove era tornato da un paio di giorni grazie a un breve permesso ottenuto dopo nove anni di detenzione. L’assassino ha raggiunto Giuseppe Matarazzo fin dentro casa, per poi allontanarsi senza essere notato da nessuno, almeno stando alle prime indagini avviate dai carabinieri. Che per ora non si sbilanciano sul movente, ma certo Matarazzo difficilmente può avere avuto il tempo di farsi qualche nemico nelle poche ore di libertà di cui ha goduto in questi giorni, quindi è più che probabile che l’omicida avesse con lui un conto aperto da molti anni, e vista la colpa di cui si macchiò, non si può escludere che chi ha deciso di ucciderlo abbia ritenuto che l’uomo meritava una condanna superiore a quella inflittagli in corte d’assise e poi in appello. 

Translation: a priest in Napoli who was jailed for molesting a 15-year-old girl, who later killed herself, was let out of prison for two days after serving 9 years of his 11-year sentence. At the end of the two days, he was found shot to death in his home. His death was not believed to be a suicide.

Peaceful multicultural societies don’t exist

Even the Dutch have figured this out:

Peaceful multicultural societies don’t exist and the EU won’t be able to force “equal” migrant distribution on Eastern Europe, where people of color are beaten to a pulp, the Dutch FM said according to a leaked video.

The explosive comments were delivered by Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok during a private meeting attended by some 80 people working for the Netherlands’ international organizations. Footage of Blok speaking to the audience via video link was leaked to the current affairs program Zembla on Wednesday, and the inflammatory remarks promptly spread through the Dutch media.

“I have asked my ministry this and I will pose the question here as well,” Blok can be heard saying in the video. “Give me an example of a multi-ethnic or a multi-cultural society, in which the original population still lives, and where there is a peaceful cohabitation. I don’t know one.”

The minister went further and said it might be all fun and games to go to a “Turkish bakery on Sunday” if you live in a well-off part of a city, but a “number of side effects” promptly become tangible if one lives in a migrant-packed neighborhood. You very quickly reach the limits of what a society can take,” Blok stated.

One of the event goers gave Suriname as an example of a peaceful multicultural society. Bok, however, brushed off the claim, branding the former Dutch colony “a failed state.”

“And that is largely to do with the ethnic divisions,” Blok said.

It’s going to be an interesting contest between which ideology was more objectively insane and which was the most harmful between a) communism, b) feminism, and c) multiculturalism. At this point, I’d say it’s a two-horse race between (b) and (c). Even 70 years of murderous communism left most nations more or less intact.

Better late than too late

The European nations are finally getting around to shielding their soft southern underbelly, fortunately before the coming African overpopulation crisis gets completely out of hand:

Europe will shut its southern doors to migrants under plans to be discussed by Germany, Austria and Italy next week, it has emerged. Germany’s hardline Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said talks would take place between the three nations on how to close the Mediterranean route into the EU. His announcement comes after a meeting with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and amid plans being considered by Germany’s government for new immigration measures at their shared border.

It’s a good first step. The second step will be to launch Salvini’s quarter-by-quarter repatriations. Preferably on a continent-wide scale.

Break it

The sooner that the political abortion that is the EU collapses, the better. Today would be ideal.

Merkel warns the migrant crisis will ‘make or break the EU’ if European leaders cannot solve the problem during summit today ‘Europe faces many challenges, but that of migration could become the make-or-break one for the EU. Either we manage it, so others in Africa believe that we are guided by values and believe in multilateralism, not unilateralism, or nobody will believe any longer in the system of values that has made us strong,’ she said. ‘That’s why it’s so important.’

Merkel’s Bavarian CSU allies have given her until the end of the EU summit to reduce the burden of immigration on Germany, which has taken in 1.6 million migrants since 2014. Otherwise, they will defy her and impose border controls, which could collapse the chancellor’s fledgling coalition. If she fails to secure bilateral deals and show progress is being made to deal with the influx of migrants who have entered Europe, she will return to Berlin a lame duck chancellor, or possibly even out of a job.

Merkel has to go, the sooner the better, and Germany must begin to repatriate all 1.6 million of the migrants that she foolishly permitted entry. But if Merkel’s idiotic action does break apart the European Union, we will at least owe her a modicum of gratitude for that.

The neo-liberal world order, or as it should more accurately be known, the Trotskyite World Revolution, is collapsing. What will replace it is not yet known, but a collection of homogeneous nations living in relative peace would be a worthy objective.

Shutting down the seaborne invasion

Angela Merkel’s African flotilla is finally being stopped by Italy’s new government.

Italy is seeking to have seven boats carrying roughly 1,000 migrants needing rescue off Libya taken back to North Africa, according to a Spanish aid group. Proactiva Open Arms, which has rescued thousands of migrants in the Mediterranean, said the Italians want the Libyan coast guard to conduct the rescues and return the migrants.

Proactiva said in a tweet that Italian coast guard authorities who coordinate rescues sent out advisories to all ships in the area but told the aid group: ‘We don’t need your help.’

In a tweet on Sunday, hard-line interior minister Matteo Salvini said: ‘It’s right that the Libyan authorities intervene, as they’ve been doing for days, without having the NGOs interrupt them and disturb them.’ It comes days after Salvini refused to let a rescue boat with 224 migrants on board dock in Italy, saying those on board ‘will only see Italy on a postcard’.

My guess is that Italy is going to start seizing the NGO ships first, then forcing the boats to return to Libya. That would probably be the most politically palatable place to start, since no one has any sympathy for them anymore. It would be more effective to simply sink everything that enters Italian waters pour encourager les autres, but that will probably not be necessary once Salvini starts the street-by-street repatriations he has stated are necessary. After all, there isn’t much point in paying traffickers to bring you to Italy if you’re just going to be sent back to a camp in Libya right away.

It’s going to be interesting to see the next political polls in Italy. I expect the fast-growing popularity of Salvini and La Lega is going to astonish the world. It’s very interesting to see how the 5 Stelle leaders are speaking in much more aggressively nationalist terms as well; 5 Stelle may be the senior partners in the alliance, but it’s clear that La Lega is the driving force.

The BBC is whining that Salvini’s “ferocious anti-immigrant rhetoric is proving very popular.”

Also in Italy, we need a mass cleaning, street by street, quarter by quarter, piazza by piazza. A strong manner is needed, because there are entire areas of cities, entire parts of Italy that are out of control. 

Compare that strong and forthright language with Trump’s indecisive civic nationalism that is too much for even the average US conservative to stomach, despite the fact that the genuinely American portion of the US population is already a relatively small minority. That is why Italy will ultimately survive and the USA will not. It appears that even when faced with an clear, present, and existential danger, Americans, like the white South Africans, will not even contemplate defending themselves or their nation until it is far too late. Apparently they prefer to instead redefine their nation out of existence.

It is highly unlikely that whatever calls itself “America” in the year 2100 will have any meaningful connection to the Christian English nation that declared itself independent of the British crown in 1776. The dirt that once belonged to the Iroquois and the Americans will belong to someone else.

Denmark begins cleaning house

Even the Scandinavians are now looking for legal ways to free their nations from anti-Western influences:

 In recent years, the rise of the rightwing anti-migrant Danish People’s party has led to previously radical positions becoming mainstream. And the country’s Muslim population in particular feels under siege. Earlier this month Danish MPs  that, in effect, bans the burqa. It imposes a penalty of 10,000 kroner (£1,200) for repeat offenders.

In another move greeted with dismay by Denmark’s Muslims, a citizen’s proposal to ban the circumcision of children got the 50,000 signatures it needed to go to a parliamentary vote.

The European approach of banning the undesirable behavior instead of the identity with which it is customarily associated is working very well in a number of countries from Denmark to Switzerland. Banning the burqah, halal meat, kosher meat, human sacrifice, and circumcision without consent are all effective ways to legally ban deleterious religious identities from the West without violating any delicate Enlightenment sensibilities.

No one expects Aztecs to be permitted to sacrifice prisoners and offer their still-beating hearts to the sun, after all. If it’s not Christianity, then it is not beneficial to the West and there is absolutely no need to accommodate its practitioners in any way, shape, or form.

Like it or not, these behavioral bans are coming and they will be in place sooner than anyone expects.

The eurocrumble continues

The Sweden Democrats want out:

The leader of the far-right anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats is calling for a referendum on EU membership, hoping for a ‘Swexit’ result. Jimmie Åkesson, 39, branded the EU ‘a large web of corruption’, and said Sweden should hold a referendum after the general elections this September. ‘We pay an enormous amount of money and get overwhelmingly little back. But the main reason is ideological: we should not be in an ideological union.’

The Sweden Democrats is currently the second biggest party in the Scandinavian nation, boosted by the European migrant crisis which saw Sweden take in more refugees per capita than any other EU country. 

Meanwhile, Matteo Salvini remains staunchly opposed to the invasion by sea:

Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini on Saturday warned another migrant rescue mission off the Libyan coast that it would not be allowed to land its “human cargo” at an Italian port.

The new rightwing and anti-immigrant Italian government last week banned the French NGO operated vessel the Aquarius, with more than 600 rescued migrants on board, from docking in Italy, causing uproar and a sharp spat with France.
Spain subsequently offered to take the Aquarius and it is expected at the port of Valencia on Sunday.

Salvini showed no sign Saturday of softening his position.
“While the Aquarius is sailing towards Spain, two other Dutch NGO operated vessels (Lifeline and Seefuchs) have arrived off the Libyan coast, to wait for their human cargos once the people smugglers abandon them,” Salvini said in a Facebook post.
“These people should know that Italy no longer wants to be any part of this business of clandestine immigration and they will have to look for other ports to go to,” he said.
“As minister and as a father, I take this action for the benefit of all,” he added.
After Rome’s decision to ban the Aquarius, French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte met on Friday and agreed that the EU should set up asylum processing centres in Africa to prevent “voyages of death.”