Do NOT respond to an email that looks like it is from Owen. The Reddit Gammas are trying to harvest your email addresses in order to harass you by sending out emails that appear to be from Owen Benjamin.

Notice that “laugh” is spelled “lauhg” in the example below:

From: Owen Benjamin []
Cc: “”
Sent: Friday, June 5, 2020
Subject: Patreon Lawsuit

Those squirt boys at Patreon are bluffing. Hang in there. But save your money because we will need it to put up a good fight against these grabblers.


Beating Gammas for fun and profit

It’s also highly educational, for the observer, if not the subject of The Kurgan’s tender ministrations:

Beating gammas like dead horses can be entertaining if done with a view to educate those they try to fool with their assumed “superior intellect and knowledge”.

More importantly, it teaches people to think clearly and see through their never-changing methods, which can be listed as follows:

  • Conflation – mixing two or more topics together in an erroneous fashion in order to come to some new fake “conclusion” that pushes their narrative.
  • Sophistry – the endless arguing about the exact meaning of a word or phrase with a view to twisting it into some abomination if not its exact opposite. The general conflation of words and meanings to try and produce a new and false narrative that supports their lies.
  • Appeal to false authority – “I have a PhD in physics (or nose picking) therefore my ideas on physics (or nose picking) are correct” – No. No they are not. Correct ideas are correct. Wrong ones are wrong. 
  • Appeal to authority falsely – “Jesus said homosexuality/raping children/sexual slavery by Saracens/whatever perversion suits me personally is just fine” – No. No He did not. Not even hinted it might be ok. And specifically stated the opposite. 
  • False Charity – “Well, we can’t PROVE the man who raped that child to death meant harm. It’s an accident, we must be charitable” – No. Burn him at the stake.
  • Outright lying – This one is hard for normal people to actually believe because the lies can be so outrageous and in your face that it’s hard to believe anyone sane would even say such things. But they range the full gamut and can be subtle but insidious or blatant. And very often are based on the conflations and sophistry they laid down to begin with.
  • Gamma Forever – The general endless arguing without ever settling anything in order to frustrate as well as give the impression that the topic is too complex for normal people to care about or alternatively be able to follow. This activity can’t actually be helped by the gamma. They NEED to get the last word in no matter how obviously and thoroughly they have been shown to be wrong, liars and fakes, so that in their own minds (and nowhere else) they “won” and can continue being the secret king!

He then goes on to apply it to a Roman Catholic defender of “papal” heresy who has been resorting to a respectable amount of the aforementioned shenanigans.

Whenever you’re dealing with someone who keeps resorting to “don’t you think” and “isn’t it really” and other justifications of redefinitions, ask yourself, “is this consistent with letting ‘yes’ be yes and ‘no’ be no” or is it more consistent with “it depends what the meaning of ‘is’ is.” There are times when genuine complexities and gradations simply do not permit clear-cut answers, but words do have definite and distinct meanings nevertheless.

Jordanetics happened

A writer at New Republic wonders whatever happened to Jordan Peterson, the erstwhile self-appointed secular saviour of humanity:

The Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson has been described as “the most influential public intellectual in the Western world.” He is an exponent of the Jungian concept of the hero’s journey, in which an ordinary person heeds a call to adventure and goes out into the world to struggle and suffer, only to return with heightened self-knowledge. (He has described himself, without apparent irony, as being “raised and toughened in the frigid wastelands of Northern Alberta.”) His stern ethos of self-help and bootstrapping has made him a darling of the so-called intellectual dark web, and a gateway drug for countless budding right-wingers who have stumbled upon one of his lectures on YouTube.

So it was something of a surprise to learn, in early February, that Peterson had spent eight days in a medically induced coma at an unnamed clinic in Russia…. If Peterson’s sad story has a moral, it’s that a drug problem is neither a dragon to be slain nor a sin to be ashamed of. It’s a mundane health problem that should be treated scientifically, without heroics.

I tend to disagree. The real moral is this: it is unwise to elevate gammas to positions of leadership, intellectual or otherwise. Peterson always knew he was a fraud, so the psychological shock of being so brutally and publically exposed as an intellectual charlatan was more than he could take without retreating into chemical reinforcement of his delusion bubble, especially when his wife’s reported illness deprived him of her maternalesque support.

To say that I was not surprised by Peterson’s retreat from the public stage would be an understatement. I fully expected some sort of theatrical dramatics from Peterson, I simply didn’t know what form it would take. I was assuming it would probably be some sort of fake overdose on Vitamin C or something equally ridiculous. “Definitely not meth” most certainly exceeded my expectations.

Predictive models. It’s all about the predictive models.

The gamma in literature

One thing that gradually begins to strike the reader of better-quality literature who is familiar with the socio-sexual hierarchy over time is the way the SSH was regularly utilized in implicit form by the more perceptive novelists of the past. It can be observed in everything from Homer’s Iliad to Murasaki’s The Tale of Genji, so it should not be a surprise that Tanith Lee also picked up on it and used it to great effect in her storytelling.

In Delusion’s Master, the Lord of Madness, Chuz, is bitter because the Lord of Evil, Azharn, has rejected him as godfather to Azharn’s daughter. So, out of pure spite, Chuz puts events in motion that will destroy the only mortal woman that Azharn has ever loved.

Chuz laughed softly. His awful eyes were fixed on her back. The jawbones spoke to him.

“Azhrarn should not have refused the gift to his child. Azhrarn should not have set himself against me.”

Chuz drew the mantle over the foul side of his face; he gazed at the sand, lowering his eyes. He was now beautiful. He himself murmured: “Sweet Azhrarn, who plays at usurping my title, I have no quarrel with you, I make exchange. Barter is not war. Be then yourself Delusion’s Master. And Chuz shall be the Bringer of Anguish, the Jackal, the Evil One.”

Needless to say, after Dunizel is killed as a result of Chuz’s machinations, Azharn is furious with his not-cousin, who is foolish enough to approach Azharn’s daughter and attempt to befriend her after the murder of her mother.

At sunset, Chuz entered the temple and crossed the mosaic with a cat’s-paw tread. He came up to the chair where, throughout the day, the blue-eyed child had lain on its belly, staring at him through the doorway.

Chuz was attired somewhat differently. On his left foot he wore a shoe, and on his left hand a glove of smooth purple cloth. The left side of his face was masked by a half-face of the blondest bronze, a face that matched the fleshly handsome side exactly. His hair was concealed. He was now a most beautiful, if quite abnormal sight.

“Pretty child,” said Chuz, to Dunizel’s daughter, Soveh, “I will conduct you from this uninteresting fane.”

The child, Soveh, lowered her eyes, much in the manner of Chuz himself, though not for the same reason.

“Should you not,” said Chuz, “wish to behold your inheritance? Do not be alarmed. I will shield you from the dregs of the sun, though it is almost out. I waited until sunset, from courtesy to you. I regret your mother and father have been called away on business. As your uncle, I propose to adopt you. In token of good faith, here is a gift.”

The blue jewels came up again, and focused on an amethyst one. It was the die.

Soveh did not take the die, but she regarded it, and as she did so, Chuz regarded her, and it might be noted that both his extraordinary optics were covered by sorcerous lenses of white jade, and black jet, and amber, that precisely mimicked a splendid pair of natural eyes. From a slight distance, one might be deceived entirely. Chuz had come out in his best, and no mistake, to woo the daughter of Azhrarn.

But still she did not take his gift, though she glanced at him occasionally, without mistrust or trepidation, while the day’s last spangles perished on the threshold.

“This is most hurtful,” lamented Chuz eventually. And, perhaps intending to provoke her, he turned his back to her. And found himself face to face with Azhrarn the Prince of Demons, who had that instant come up through the lake and the floor to stand seven paces away.

Chuz did not seem abashed. He smiled delightfully, and the bronze mask smiled with him in complete coordination.

“Well,” said Chuz, “I am not, it transpires, to play uncle after all. And I thought you had forgotten her, despite what it cost you to bring her about.”

Azhrarn’s face was hard to be sure of. Cloud seemed to enfold him. But his eyes smote through the cloud. Few but Chuz would have been ready to meet them.

“You and I,” said Azhrarn, “un-brother, un-cousin, are now also un-friends.”

“Oh, is it so? You sadden me.”

“Oh, it is so. And you shall be saddened, even if I must hunt you over the world’s edges to come at you.”

“I see you condemn me out of hand. You suppose I incited the stone-worshippers deliberately to attack me, that my toys might be scattered and the lethal thing with them. Yet who permitted the whip to cut his palm and the three drops of his blood to fall and change to adamant?”

“Chuz,” said Azhrarn so quietly he was barely to be heard, yet not a mote of dust that did not hear him, “find a deep cave and burrow into it, and there listen for the baying of hounds.”

“Do you think I shake at you?” Chuz said idly. “I am only the world’s servant. I have done my duty. And you, my dear, have known madness. Did you relish it?”

Azhrarn’s face came from the cloud; it was the face of a black leopard, a cobra, a lightning bolt.

“There is a war between us,” Azhrarn said. “And I have done you the kindness of informing you.”

“I admire you too well to wrangle.”

And like a wisp of vapor, Chuz was gone, though somewhere an ass brayed wrackingly, three times.

This conflict between the two Lords of Darkness is a veritable masterclass in the conflict between Alpha and Gamma. Notice in particular the relentless dishonesty of Chuz, both with himself and with others, the sardonic pose of superiority, the denial of responsibility for his own actions, and, when his transparent narrative-spinning fails in the end, the inevitable attempt to avoid direct conflict through flight, complete with a verbal Parthian shot. Even his rejection by the young girl flawlessly fits the model.

And, of course, underlying the entire conflict is the Gamma’s rage at the Alpha’s refusal to accept him as an equal, even though he knows perfectly well he does not merit it. Remember, this was written in 1981, decades before I first articulated the hierarchy. It has always been there, we simply didn’t happen to have the words to describe it.

Mailvox: SSH utility

A reader finds the socio-sexual hierarchy to be of use:

Thanks for discussing the very real phenomenon of the socio-sexual hierarchy on your blog and Voxiversity. I’d seen it in the wild occasionally but was never been really aware of it until now. Now that I know, I can spot the gamma right off, especially on message boards.

I encountered one yesterday on Voat and realized I was reading a live specimen after his second preachy, nagging, know-it-all, condescending, and really bizarre wall of text. Not worth your time for me to summarize it — hell, I wasn’t even interested — but I found it fascinating to see how he reacted like an aggrieved porcupine when I said I wasn’t going to read his comments any further.

This will be a very useful tool for me.

I find it’s a particularly useful tool for the corporate world or anyone who has to run an organization.

Gamma, guaranteed

Then again, it was a moment that was beautiful in its own way:

Italy has been through hell and that moment was magical and raw and so very human.

However, the reason it was all of those beautiful things is that it happened organically, it came from the heart at a moment of desperation and maybe even some hopelessness. Those moments that come from such raw emotions are hard to recreate, even when the circumstances are similar.

A quarantined man in New York City discovered that the hard way when he tried to recreate that very magical moment by singing out his window.

However, instead of inspiring others to sing along, he was told to “shut the f*ck up!”

That New Yorker is like the little kid at the wedding who goes up to the microphone and repeats the same thing that someone else just said that got a laugh. Neither the kid nor the New Yorker has any understanding of why his predecessors inspired a response, he just sees the opportunity to try to make himself the center of attention.

It may sound strange to higher-ranking individuals, but gammas are constantly thinking about how they can somehow impress everyone, when they’re not plotting revenge on those who inadvertently humiliated them in junior high, or stole the heart of their soul mate du jour, or called them out on YouTube, or…. you get the picture.

Mailvox: the new Gamma

A woman in a female-dominated company writes about the reaction of her fellow employees to a new Gamma male:

Repellant to women. That phrase just keeps coming back to me, as it perfectly describes the reaction of nearly everyone at my workplace to the recent hiring of a Gamma.

We work in a small office with around 20 people, only three of whom are men. I would assess two of them as Deltas: hard working, polite, able to give – and take – a joke without causing or taking offense. The girls all love them in a brotherly sense, have little inside jokes with them, etc. However, the New Guy™ is an entirely different story. He perceives himself to be charming, witty and attractive, tries to engage all of us with “witty bon mots” and other conversational gambits.

Scuttlebutt around the lunch table yesterday consisted of, “He’s not going to last long.” “Well, I wish he would hurry up and quit then. “ “I don’t like him.” “I don’t appreciate his sense of humour”. As well as comments about what a girls’ blouse he was for nearly bursting into tears when one of the girls complained to the boss (he was eavesdropping) about how she found his habit of asking for too much personal information unsettling. He stormed out, and then had to be talked into returning to work. They should have just let him leave. I also heard through the grapevine that the reason his nose “looks like that” is that he has been punched in the face so many times over the years that it has been broken more than once.

Every afternoon I find myself muttering shut up-shut up-shut up-shut up-shut up under my breath, as his talking escalates toward the end of the day.

I’m counting down the days until the petty sabotage begins. It’s going to be awful.

If you’re a gentleman who considers himself to be witty and charming, respectful of women though just ever-so-slightly roguish, and always capable of dropping the perfect movie quote at just the right moment, you should probably take this advice to heart. Yes, she is absolutely talking about you.

And shutting up is a very good place to start.

Cernovich smacks the gammas

Don’t dither or debate. Just delete them without hesitation:

FYI asking “sources?” or other Reddit speak is an instant block.

I don’t post on that site of 115 IQ “secret kings.”

If you speaking like them, I’ll assume you’re one of them and reject you from our tribe.

Only gammas assume that a lack of citation is equivalent to an absence of sourcing. This is because they project their own tendency to simply invent “facts” out of thin air.

Terry Pratchett knew the Gamma

From his very good NIGHT WATCH:

“You couldn’t trust either of them. But they hated Keel with that gnawing, nerve-sapping hatred that only the mediocre can really bring to bear, and that was useful.”

Novelists are, first and foremost, observers of human behavior. This is why one can clearly see Gammas described and portrayed, though obviously not identified as such, throughout the literature of cultures that range from Heian Japan to modern America.

Gammas gonna gamma, part 532

Deltora Bear writes to the Kurgan on some social media platform or another:

Hey Kurgan, just letting you know that Owen completely lost the plot. He betrayed his OG bears. ALL of them. The ones that asked logical questions about UnauthorizedTV that is. Even for defending those that questioned. I got banned by him myself for asking why this guy Captain Cutler was banned on sight even though he rarely participated with Owen’s DLive streams. Just go and look yourself and see how he behaved in his latest stream. I’m done with Vox as well because I don’t trust his true intentions but you know more than me about that. I’ve been with you for months and trust that you’re an honest man and will perhaps do right if something’s up.

The Kurgan responds, kurganly:

Why are you telling me?

I’m not Owen’s dad or priest or anything. I don’t really have the time to watch his streams, especially lately, but that aside, I’m not the Internet policeman. If you don’t want to watch Owen anymore then don’t. I’m not clear why you think telling me is required. Ditto Vox and what Vox does.

I am however intrigued about how you don’t trust his TRUE INTENTIONS! You have a magic ball that shows you everyone else’s but not his? And if not… what could his true intentions possibly be? Poison the water supply of Gotham? Expose Jordan Peterson as a drug-addled fraud?

What dastardly evil deed do you think he’s plotting? Global domination? The eradication of Gammas? Pray do tell, I am curious.

I wonder to whom Deltora Bear will go to complain about the Kurgan? It’s becoming abundantly clear that the most grievous sin a man can commit in the eyes of the average Gamma is to fail to take the Gamma as seriously as he takes himself.

The sad thing is that the Gamma never grasps that everyone else, especially all the women, are not only not appalled by the way he has been treated, they are actively applauding his banishment.