Hard moderation

Thanks to the repeated refusal of a pair of worse-than-useless gammas, namely, Haxo Angmark and Philip George, to accept the fact that their unsolicited contributions to the discourse were determined to be undesirable, I have permanently instituted comment moderation here.

This shouldn’t have much of an effect on anyone but them, other than a slight delay in your comments appearing, but it means that the moderators no longer have to waste time hunting down and deleting comments from banned commenters.

If you’re a gamma, it may help to understand that this total inability to respect the social order is precisely the reason why people not only hate you, but hate everyone who even reminds them of you. In a better, more just world, gammas would simply be taken out and shot after their high school graduation given their proven inability to function in adult society.

The midwit’s pain

Nothing burns a gamma’s soul like public humiliation:

Dr Jordan B Peterson@jordanbpeterson
I’ve never encountered a writer as self satisfied by his own intelligence as this one

Dr Jordan B Peterson@jordanbpeterson
With the clear exception of Vox Day.

Some readers have asked me why Peterson is mentioning Jordanetics now after ignoring it for several months. The reason is that he’s had a very bad week and discovered that despite his success, he’s still not accepted by the intellectual elite whose approval he craves, so he’s lashing out at everything that is causing him emotional pain.

Gammas never forgive and never forget, which is why they’re capable of erupting angrily over something that happened years ago, even when everyone else has forgotten it. In Peterson’s mind, his rejection by Cambridge and the contempt with which he is treated in Jordanetics are essentially the same thing, it’s a malicious refusal to grant him Special Smart Boy status.

Speaking of midwit:

Thank you Niall, for your support @nfergus I’m going ahead with a series of Exodus lectures, regardless, but I think they will be lesser because I will not have had the opportunity to consult with a diverse group of experts.

I think they will be “lesser” too, but more because Dr. Peterson’s grasp of both the Bible and the English language are questionable.

A society of Secret Kings

Gamma World must resemble the hierarchy of Hell. Another key attribute of the Gamma male is that they cannot endure their own behavior in others.

Kanye East
Vox- I want to talk with you. That’s all- I used insults to get your attention- but I’m really concerned about your positions. I just want to talk- but you keep deleting my comments.

Okay, very well, Kanye East. You said you would provide your name, address, and telephone number in order to debate. Post your full legal name, address, and telephone number here in the comments and I’ll arrange for you to get a telephone call. If you don’t want to do that, go away and stay away.

Kanye East
No- Vox- I’ll email you in a way where we can talk without the rest of the trolls attacking me.

No deal, Kanye. You’re observably a cowardly little gamma boy. You were willing to troll and attack me, but you aren’t willing to endure the very behavior in which you engage yourself. You had your chance. Now you’re banned. And you’ve demonstrated to everyone that you’re nothing but talk.

This is why it’s best to simply eject Gammas from your social circles, your businesses, your organizations, and your projects as soon as they show their true nature. They simply are not compatible with the smooth functioning of any group; even Gammas can’t abide their own behavior in others.

Note the complete social dysfunctionality in the gamma’s reasoning. “I insulted you so that you would talk to me about my concerns.” So, the gamma insults someone repeatedly, harasses them, and then wonders why the target of their insults and harassment has no interest whatsoever in engaging with them? No wonder women have a hair trigger and go nuclear on men whose behavior betrays even the slightest whiff of gamma.

“I want to talk without trolls attacking me.” The hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness here is astounding. Why should the gamma be exempt from the very behavior he has modeled? What if those trolls just want to talk to him? This is why gammas constantly attempt to glom on to new groups and newly encountered high-status individuals: they don’t want to be around their own kind any more than anyone else wants to be around them.