Gammas gonna gamma, part 532

Deltora Bear writes to the Kurgan on some social media platform or another:

Hey Kurgan, just letting you know that Owen completely lost the plot. He betrayed his OG bears. ALL of them. The ones that asked logical questions about UnauthorizedTV that is. Even for defending those that questioned. I got banned by him myself for asking why this guy Captain Cutler was banned on sight even though he rarely participated with Owen’s DLive streams. Just go and look yourself and see how he behaved in his latest stream. I’m done with Vox as well because I don’t trust his true intentions but you know more than me about that. I’ve been with you for months and trust that you’re an honest man and will perhaps do right if something’s up.

The Kurgan responds, kurganly:

Why are you telling me?

I’m not Owen’s dad or priest or anything. I don’t really have the time to watch his streams, especially lately, but that aside, I’m not the Internet policeman. If you don’t want to watch Owen anymore then don’t. I’m not clear why you think telling me is required. Ditto Vox and what Vox does.

I am however intrigued about how you don’t trust his TRUE INTENTIONS! You have a magic ball that shows you everyone else’s but not his? And if not… what could his true intentions possibly be? Poison the water supply of Gotham? Expose Jordan Peterson as a drug-addled fraud?

What dastardly evil deed do you think he’s plotting? Global domination? The eradication of Gammas? Pray do tell, I am curious.

I wonder to whom Deltora Bear will go to complain about the Kurgan? It’s becoming abundantly clear that the most grievous sin a man can commit in the eyes of the average Gamma is to fail to take the Gamma as seriously as he takes himself.

The sad thing is that the Gamma never grasps that everyone else, especially all the women, are not only not appalled by the way he has been treated, they are actively applauding his banishment.

This is why you eject gammas

This is quintessential gamma behavior in action. Ex-fans bitter about their rejection by the object of their adoration are now devoting themselves to attacking those who have not been similarly rejected:

Fyi those hit by the ban hammer are organizing against Owen and his ass kissers that haven’t been banned. You bears only accept ass kissing as legitimate, anyone else gets banned. Ex bears are bear hunting.

This is precisely why you should never admit anyone you even suspect of possibly possessing gamma traits into your organization, no matter how enthusiastically they volunteer or how helpful they appear to be. The usual pattern is that they fail to do what they say they will do, but instead come up with all sorts of things that they think other people should be doing. They particularly like to question and criticize the strategies and policies being formulated by the people at the top. Then, when their suggestions are not promptly adopted, they start attacking others in the organization and attempting to undermine and discredit them, at which point it usually becomes necessary to eject them.

After his ejection, the gamma then turns on the very people he previously professed to admire and declares himself a sworn enemy of them and their projects. That’s why, as with SJWs, it is always best to keep them out from the start.

Speaking of addition by subtraction, it is perhaps worth pointing out that those who erroneously believed that moderating the comments at this blog would lead to an inevitable decline in traffic have again proven to be incorrect. VP had been averaging 96k daily pageviews for the last month, but since turning on full-time moderation, the average daily traffic has increased to 104.5k pageviews.

Statistics and the gamma

As bad as the comments here can be, they can never hope to devolve to the level of gamma lunacy one encounters on YouTube. One DM offers us the usual Gamma Wall of Text in the customary attempt to demonstrate that he is a Smart Boy:

I was really interested in this topic and the first 10 minutes of the stream – preparing for our reaction to stress is extremely important. However, you spent the rest of the stream dealing with one comment from the chat and about that person’s banning. You didn’t end up getting into the topic. I was/am genuinely interested in your thoughts on the matter.

Messaging/The Chat is a terrible form of communication – you can’t tell the person’s tone of voice and there is a massive space for misinterpretation. I do agree that banning is not a sign of weakness nor strength. I do agree that you do need to be banning people. However, I completely disagree that you know that your level of banning is “absolutely worth the risk”. You do not know that for certain. People can have an off day, be in a bad mood, forget for a moment the context of the chat, write something in a way that doesn’t exactly reflect their thoughts, they could be responding to another comment in the chat and not you, and sometimes they might have a point that is true but you just don’t want to hear it. Conversely, you could be having an off day, an off week, misinterpret a comment, or who knows whatever else.

More importantly, if there were 10 other Vox Day’s out there in the world (yes there are other very intelligent people in the world) and they found themselves in your chat I would be willing to bet that you would have likely banned some or all of them over time. If that’s true then how would that benefit your community? My hypothesis is – your bannings gets rid of a portion of the very top and very bottom IQ/Value members of the chat/community. Yes you get rid of the bottom feeders but Im quite confident that you are also getting rid of a good portion of your highest value members. Now, before you call me a gamma I want you to know that the reason I am saying this is not because I’ve been banned, or Im worried about being banned, or that Im trying to take a shot at you. The reason I say it is because I genuinely want you to do well and thrive, just as I want Owen to do well and thrive.

Conversely, what would the other 10 Vox Day’s think (assuming you hadn’t banned them) if they are taking a piece of their evening to listen to your channel only to hear you say to them “you are not my equal, you are nobody, you are totally irrelevant, there are tens of thousands of you, there is one of me, Im the only one who truly matters here”. How many times would you listen to someone saying that to you?

I get that you are speaking to a broad audience that you can’t see and hardly know so that must be very difficult to navigate. I also get that it is very easy for me to come in and run my mouth at you. I am certain that I couldn’t do anywhere near as good a job as you and Owen do and I appreciate what both of you are doing. My suggestion is to re-listen to this episode and imagine the high IQ/ high value viewers point of view – one who is busy doing their own projects and want to stop in and hear your thoughts about preparing for our reactions to stress – hoping to learn something or hear another point of view from someone they respect.

My response: The other 10 Vox Days would never pay any attention to these videos. I don’t watch videos. Your entire argument is based on a false foundation. 

As you would expect, this highly informed and relevant observation immediately caused him to understand and admit that he was wrong. I jest, of course. It did nothing of the sort.

When I made my comment I thought you might use this out but I assumed you wouldn’t take that backdoor exit. I meant someone of similar intellect level. You can’t possibly be implying that not a single person in your community is at your level. If you don’t want high level people in your community then yes I take it back, you might be banning appropriately. Also, that was only one part of my argument – take away 10 Vox Days and my point still stands.

Also, of the 10 other manifestations of Vox Day Im sure some of them would watch videos.

My second response: First, you’re absolutely wrong. Zero manifestations of Vox Day would watch videos. Second, from the statistical perspective, given that there are less than one thousand people watching live, precisely none of them are at my IQ level. 

I invite you to join me in anticipating the next Wall of Text which will call into question everything from my integrity to statistics to the legitimacy of the Stanford-Binet test.

UPDATE: The anticipated Wall of Text:

First, you definitely watch videos sometimes and so would many if not all manifestations of you – everyone knows this is a silly claim. In order to have any sense of the social/political climate you need to be watching some videos sometimes – there is no way around that. Second, you said we were one of tens of thousands in the stream, what happened to that figure? Third, based statistics claiming there are “precisely zero” people at your level is dead wrong. Maybe there are very few at your level, maybe it’s unlikely there are any – but “precisely zero” is statistically repugnant – unless you believe you are literally the smartest person alive – in which case we need to have another conversation.

You should not be talking down to your audience. This is a major mistake. For example: the reason Norm MacDonald is so beloved and respected is because not only is he brilliant but he never assumes his audience is dumber than he is. He has said this in several interviews. Even though he is very often the smartest person in the room he never talks to his audience as though he is smarter than they are. There isn’t a comic on the planet who doesn’t universally respect Norm’s talent. Yes he is brilliant but there are other brilliant comics. Norm is the top dog because he is the one who never ever talks down to his audience – and because of this every other brilliant person out there listening to Norm is attracted to this trait. The top end minds do not like being talked down to – for obvious reasons but also because they also have bigger egos just the same.

The Vox Day algorithm has a flaw and it is repelling high IQ individuals. Deal with this or lose high IQ members of your community. Hate me, insult me, ignore me, this is constructive criticism and nothing else. As A Christian I want to see good Christian leaders thrive, grow, and have their communities increase in quantity AND quality.

If there really are no people at the same IQ level (or close) as yourself among the tens of thousands, perhaps it’s because you have driven them away.

Followed in rapid succession by a second after I utilized this exhibit as an example of typical gamma behavior in last night’s Darkstream.

If I respond in detail then Im a doing a wall of text. Dig my heels in and Im an SJW doubling down. And it seems like no matter what I say Im a low IQ gamma. Here goes. I never said I am right and you are wrong. I might be completely wrong here. I was simply stating my case and in doing so pointed out one detail that I knew you were wrong about – the math. You are definitely wrong about the math. It’s you who didn’t do your homework. You don’t understand random distributions. Just because 1 in 850 is at your IQ level, and you are there, that doesn’t necessarily mean that nobody in the chat is higher than you. It means that there is an average of 1 in 850 each time. Some times 0 , some times 1, some times 2, some times even 3. If you had any mathematical inclination you would never use the term “precisely zero” when describing the number of people in the chat at your IQ level. Precisely zero means precisely zero. The number of people in the chat and in the community on a given day is NOT precisely zero. Do YOUR homework. I was making a YT comment and I made sure to get it right. You did a public stream (which to me is a wall of text to the N) about my comment and you didn’t bother to do the work. Also, as you conveniently avoided mentioning, I was doing these numbers based on your claim that the community was “tens of thousand” large – meaning your community likely has many people with a higher IQ than you – some of which show up to the chat randomly (assuming you haven’t banned them already of course).

More importantly, the IQ thing isn’t even the main point I was making. I was saying that being super trigger happy with bannings was possibly cutting out both the gammas and potentially some of the top IQ folk. It’s just a theory I had. I wasn’t telling you not to ban gammas.

You have now wasted 2 streams reacting to comments from people you believe are gammas while simultaneously claiming that you aren’t bothered by the comments. If you weren’t bothered by my comments then why do a stream about them the very next day? You say you caught me in a trap? You’ve been trapped by what you believe are gammas 2 days in a row!

If you want me to be a low IQ wall of text gamma and explain in further detail why I am right about the math in an email I’d be happy to do so.

Standing up for yourself isn’t gamma. Pushing back isn’t low IQ.

Holy crap dude. I’m on your side. I like you. I genuinely respect you and Owen greatly. My intention wasn’t to get into an argument. Like, can nobody ever push back about anything without being attacked and called a low IQ gamma? “Gamma” is turning into the new “Anti-semitism” – you can’t just use it every time someone calls you out or makes a point you don’t like.

This is why there is no need to pay any attention to anything Gammas say, much less respond to it. Just let them do their thing once they’ve been triggered. There is no more effective way to demonstrate how hopelessly wrong they are than their own desperate flopping around as they repeatedly double down on their initial errors.

Gammas redefine gamma

It’s amusing how predictable they are. Notice how gammas consider themselves to be a higher form of alpha in this definition provided by Google:

Gamma males love having fun but don’t shrug off their responsibilities at the same time. They’re definitely adventurous and fun-loving and tend to get very restless if they’re left idle for too long. It is possible an alpha male might mature into a gamma male, because gamma males are a more refined version of them.

Slowly, they began to grok

Whitecloak finally understands:

These threads have made me sick of the MGTOW, hedonist, etc. contingents. I think I understand why VD doesn’t want to take the time to deal with gammas now. Gammas are fucking tiresome.

My perspective on gammas is fundamentally Aristotelian.

“Before some audiences not even the possession of the exactest knowledge will make it easy for what we say to produce conviction. For argument based on knowledge implies instruction, and there are people whom one cannot instruct.” 

Gammas spend their entire lives constructing delusion bubbles capable of preventing facts, logic, and readily observable information from entering their minds. Literally nothing is capable of even getting through to them, much less persuading them, until their delusion bubble pops and they finally admit their social failure and desperate unhappiness to themselves.

They literally are not worth the time it requires to deal with them. That’s why I simply ignore them and don’t hesitate to ban them the moment they start acting up. They have nothing to offer but self-justification, which is why they attempt to turn every discussion towards themselves.

Reprehensibly stupid

MGTOW are not only cowards and liars, they are reprehensibly stupid, as one Hop Light demonstrates on YouTube in response to my Darkstream entitled Men Going Evil’s Way:

Absurd stream.

“Is the legal system stacked against men? Yes.”
“Are there really bad outcomes? Well, yes.”

But…uh statistics are just statistics.

Vox, you’re smarter than this. It is only a true gamma fool of a man who gets married in this day and age. Completely suicidal in some states. It’s not fear, it survival and adaptation. It’s what men do.

I’m certainly considerably smarter than he is. My point was that the statistics are not applicable. What MGTOW do is attempt to apply GENERAL statistics derived from a population of millions to their own individual situation despite the fact that such statistics are totally meaningless when applied to ONE SPECIFIC individual.

What they’re doing is analogous to deciding one can afford to buy a $2 million house with a 7.84 percent mortgage interest rate because the average US housing price is $279,500 and the average mortgage interest rate is 4.39 percent.

Gammas destroy everything

Even a Navy SEAL team:

Andrea said it all began when her husband was tapped to lead the worst-performing SEAL Team platoon into the final battle to finish off the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria in Mosul, Iraq, in 2017. It would be his eighth combat deployment and his second time to Mosul. During the workup to the deployment, Eddie turned it into the No. 1 platoon, she said. However, on the deployment beginning February 2017, things quickly soured between Eddie, who was the platoon chief, and his much-younger subordinate SEALs in their mid-20s.

Some of the platoon members started to complain constantly about the battle rhythm, she said. Eddie scolded them, saying, ‘You guys are not performing…on the SEAL teams, this is how we do it.” He told them to their faces, “You guys are performing like cowards and pussies,” she said.

Her husband pulled those who were not performing “off target,” she said. He started to send a group back to rest, and leave a group on target, alternating a week on and a week off. Meanwhile, Eddie, and the officer-in-charge Navy SEAL Lt. Jacob “Jake” Portier, and the assistant officer-in-charge Navy SEAL Lt. Tom MacNeil were the only people who stayed on target, she said.

Andrea said since her husband stayed on target the entire deployment, back at the rest house a “revolt” started. “They would all just b-tch and moan and piss…like high school girls,” she said. She said the initial campaign was started by four people, including some who had never been in combat before and were not handling the battle rhythm. She said Eddie told them, “What we’re doing is not anything over and above what the call of duty is. This is standard operating procedure.”

She said at that time, both Portier and MacNeil took Eddie’s side and were reprimanding the platoon members for lack of performance.

“It’s just very weird juxtaposition of this warrior community that’s been infiltrated by these weaker minded individuals that can’t be told what to do, they don’t respect authority, in fact they usurp authority and they don’t think that they’re accountable to anyone or anything,” she said.

If you ever wonder why I am absolutely ruthless about purging gammas from my projects and dev teams, to the point that I don’t even mind if a few innocent deltas or omegas get swept out with the cancer, this story of a gamma infestation gone septic should help explain why. It doesn’t matter how talented the gamma is, it doesn’t matter what level of fractalization he is on, sooner or later he is going to meltdown over something and devote himself to destroying the organization and its alpha.

This is so perfectly typical of gamma behavior it is to the point of being exemplary: the accusers decided they wanted three things. “They decided that what they wanted — the end goal was three things, they wanted my husband off of TRADET, they wanted my husband stripped of his silver star that they had put him in for. They also wanted him not to pick up E-8,” she said.

For the gamma, the point is always about harm caused to the hated alpha whether it does them any good or not. They are intrinsically focused on the negative, which is why you can never count on their own positive interests restraining them in the slightest.

Ever so clever

Further evidence that gammas will never, ever, understand that men who are higher up the social totem pole simply do not think like they do or share their concerns. Some illuminating comments in this regard from the Darkstream on YouTube.

Billy Barnett
Revenge of the the sissy gammas are winning. don’t let them. They ain’t shit but shit posting faggots that havent done shit besides dogpile on the weak. Slap those bullies in the face and send em home crying to mommy.

Billy Barnett
Vox stop being a bitch and confront these gamma bitchs. Ask them wtf they have done and that you will teddy spaghetti all over their bitch ass faces. Its like yoir running bro. Dont!

Roland Black
Vox- you can turn the tables on ROTC by just embracing teddy spaghetti. Seriously, come out with a big bowl of spaghetti and chef boy ardee hat. It’s actually getting you tons of free publicity, embrace and enjoy. Show you have a sense of humor. Memes are part of the recipe to Alex Jones’ massive success. Embrace it!

Notice how the gamma first pretends to be on your side, then attempts to convince you to do what he wants through appeals to what he assumes are your concerns about how you look to others. He never realizes either the transparency of his actions – the gamma always thinks he is fooling everyone – or the fact that normal men are much less concerned about what other people think than the gamma is.

Their problem is that I simply don’t care what these irrelevant YouTube gammas think, do, or say. Are they really under the impression that they are the first group to target me for a campaign of one sort or another? Just to put these things into perspective, I was targeted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations back in 2001, was attacked by Tor Books and its various authors and hangers-on in 2005, then by the entire SFWA in 2013, then by the international media from Popular Science to the New Zealand Herald in revenge for the success of Sad Puppies in 2015. I’ve been a subject of hit pieces by National Public Radio and Wired, just to name two, and was pointed out as a malignant influence in the New York Times as recently last week.

So, perhaps that brief and very incomplete summary will help people can understand that my level of indifference towards a hate campaign by a few attention-seeking YouTubers with a microscopic audience approaches infinity. They will have to find their Internet drama elsewhere. And if something becomes tedious for me, I simply shut it down. Considering that I abandoned a popular blog simply because I grew bored with the repetitious nature of the comments there, it should hardly be surprising that I am not even remotely reluctant to shut down the YouTube chat.

Hard moderation

Thanks to the repeated refusal of a pair of worse-than-useless gammas, namely, Haxo Angmark and Philip George, to accept the fact that their unsolicited contributions to the discourse were determined to be undesirable, I have permanently instituted comment moderation here.

This shouldn’t have much of an effect on anyone but them, other than a slight delay in your comments appearing, but it means that the moderators no longer have to waste time hunting down and deleting comments from banned commenters.

If you’re a gamma, it may help to understand that this total inability to respect the social order is precisely the reason why people not only hate you, but hate everyone who even reminds them of you. In a better, more just world, gammas would simply be taken out and shot after their high school graduation given their proven inability to function in adult society.

The midwit’s pain

Nothing burns a gamma’s soul like public humiliation:

Dr Jordan B Peterson@jordanbpeterson
I’ve never encountered a writer as self satisfied by his own intelligence as this one

Dr Jordan B Peterson@jordanbpeterson
With the clear exception of Vox Day.

Some readers have asked me why Peterson is mentioning Jordanetics now after ignoring it for several months. The reason is that he’s had a very bad week and discovered that despite his success, he’s still not accepted by the intellectual elite whose approval he craves, so he’s lashing out at everything that is causing him emotional pain.

Gammas never forgive and never forget, which is why they’re capable of erupting angrily over something that happened years ago, even when everyone else has forgotten it. In Peterson’s mind, his rejection by Cambridge and the contempt with which he is treated in Jordanetics are essentially the same thing, it’s a malicious refusal to grant him Special Smart Boy status.

Speaking of midwit:

Thank you Niall, for your support @nfergus I’m going ahead with a series of Exodus lectures, regardless, but I think they will be lesser because I will not have had the opportunity to consult with a diverse group of experts.

I think they will be “lesser” too, but more because Dr. Peterson’s grasp of both the Bible and the English language are questionable.