The End of Holocaustianity

I don’t think David Cole demonstrates a very good grasp of basic human psychology in his article addressing the implications of the recent Schoen survey reporting that Millennials don’t know about the Holocaust, don’t care about the Holocaust, and are nearly as likely to blame the Jews for it as the National Socialist German Workers Party:

All the hand-wringing over the survey is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the problem. A half century of high-decibel Holocaust education hasn’t failed…it’s worked too well. Millennials hate Nazis with the passion of someone actually wronged by Nazis, which is ironic because no millennial has ever met an actual Nazi. Mind you, they think they have. According to the survey, 54{5274a41d3bd2aa3d5829764fe19e8a7ecbc79c108731aad5f1ff2d292e60e2b4} of millennials think the U.S. is crawling with “neo-Nazis.” Where’d they get that impression? Take a guess: from Jews who’ve misused the Holocaust to smear any white who displeases them as a “Nazi.” That 30{5274a41d3bd2aa3d5829764fe19e8a7ecbc79c108731aad5f1ff2d292e60e2b4} of millennials blame the Holocaust on America, FDR, and Jews shows just how well the propaganda has worked. White = Nazi, “full stop.” Sure those kids can’t name an actual concentration camp, but who cares? It was never about that. It was always about smearing non-Nazis as Nazis. It’s not about remembering the genuine Nazi menace of the past, but rather creating a phantom Nazi menace for the present.

To conservatives responding to the Schoen survey by mindlessly repeating, “We need more Holocaust education,” be careful what you wish for. I’d wager that, among American whites, there’s a direct correlation between receiving massive doses of Holocaust education in well-funded suburban schools, with yearly visits to Holocaust museums and in-class lectures by survivors, and a fanatical desire to punch Nazis, which in today’s political climate translates to “punch anyone on the right.” Or any Trump voter. Or any straight white male who doesn’t detest himself.

Holocaust education has always been weaponized. Jews will make a big deal about how appalling it is that millennials can’t name Ravensbrück, Oranienburg, or Gross-Rosen, but it’s insincere outrage. Holocaust ed has panned out exactly as planned. “Never again” is not about looking back, but looking straight ahead, stopping and stomping the present-day “enemies” of a hate-filled Jewish establishment that despises the West, its traditions, and anything white, Christian, or European in origin.

I wouldn’t say the program has panned out exactly as planned. To the contrary, it is observably going seriously awry, at least if one is to take it at face value. Incessant indoctrination results in one of four things. The stupid and the indifferent ignore it. The average resent it. The midwits embrace it as Gospel. The intelligent reject it. So, the more the Promethean professional victim class pushes their “we dindu nuffin” history of an ancient genocide that occurred for absolutely no reason at all, the more the younger generations will resent and reject the relentless historical propaganda of the last 50 years.

And then history will repeat itself. Again.

Conspiracy History

Conspiracy is not theory, it is history. In Machiavelli’s History of Florence, he records literally dozens of conspiracies aimed at controlling the government of a single city. Whether it is the conspiracy to assassinate Giuliano and Lorenzo de’ Medici or the conspiracy of the Duke of Milan with the Canneschi family to dislodge the Bentivogli family from its position of primacy in Bologna in order to disrupt that city’s alliance with Venice and Florence, his history of the Italian peninsula is literally full of documented conspiracies in every single chapter.

And there is evidence – copious evidence – of the Promethean conspiracy to rule the entire world dating back centuries, with more being uncovered all the time.


Hotels play an important role in the story of the Deep State conspiracy against the President who, aptly, made his fortune building hotels. One hotel, however, stands out from the rest. Andaz

The site where the Andaz hotel stands today in the City of London was originally occupied by the Bethlem Royal Hospital. 

The hospital was founded in 1247 by the Italian Bishop of Bethlehem, Goffredo de Prefetti, to care for those deemed insane. By the 1600’s, the institution had become synonymous with madness itself. The locals called it ‘bedlam,’ the word has since entered the English language to mean chaos and disorder.

Due to the cruel and inhumane treatment received by patients, the hospital  closed and moved to another site.

In 1884, the Liverpool Street Hotel (later changed to the Great Eastern Hotel) was built on the former site of the hospital. The architectural giants, Charles and Edward Barry, were the designers. In Bram Stoker’s classic horror novel, Dracula, the vampire hunter Van Helsing stays at the Great Eastern Hotel on a visit to London.

In the 1990’s, as the hotel was in the process of being refurbished, engineers noticed discrepancies in the blueprints. Upon further investigation, they discovered a majestic Masonic temple hidden behind false walls.

But it’s all just conspiracy theory, right?  I mean, how crazy would it sound to insist that a famous hotel has a secret Masonic temple hidden inside it? And who, one wonders, was taking part in the occult rituals being performed there? At some point, you are going to have to admit that your blindness to the increasingly apparent reality of the spiritual war surrounding you is an intentional choice on your part.

Hanlon’s Razor is an aphorism designed to mislead the midwitted. “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity” is simply false. It would be far more accurate to say: “Never attribute to stupidity that which could be motivated by evil.” This is because evil, being intrinsically subject to falsehood, is inevitably going to look stupid at times to anyone who possesses even a modicum of the relevant truth.

This too shall pass

Americans should not despair overmuch about the decline of their nation. As Machiavelli observed in his History of Florence, a society reaching a pinnacle of power is inevitably followed by a subsequent decline.

It may be observed, that provinces amid the vicissitudes to which they are subject, pass from order into confusion, and afterward recur to a state of order again; for the nature of mundane affairs not allowing them to continue in an even course, when they have arrived at their greatest perfection, they soon begin to decline. In the same manner, having been reduced by disorder, and sunk to their utmost state of depression, unable to descend lower, they, of necessity, reascend; and thus from good they gradually decline to evil, and from evil again return to good. The reason is that valor produces peace; peace, repose; repose, disorder; disorder, ruin; so from disorder order springs, from order vitue, and from this, glory and good fortune.

Hence, wise men have observed, that the age of literary excellence is subsequent to that of distinction in arms; and that in cities and provinces, great warriors are produced before philosophers. Arms having secured victory, and victory peace, the buoyant vigor of the martial mind cannot be enfeebled by a more excusable indulgence than that of letters; nor can indolence, with any greater or more dangerous deceit, enter a well-regulated community.

Cato was aware of this when the philosophers, Diogenes and Carneades, were sent ambassadors to the Senate by the Athenians; for perceiving with what earnest admiration the Roman youth began to follow them, and knowing the evils that might result to his country from this specious idleness, he enacted that no philosopher should be allowed to enter Rome.

The bad news is that Americans, forgetful of history, were not wise enough to keep out the philosophers. The current disorder that was the inevitable consequence of their wicked influence will be followed by ruin. The good news is that order and virtue will eventually rise up from the ruins.

Machiavelli and the Holocaust laws

From The History of Florence by Niccolo Machiavelli:

Nor is it possible for a public to enact a law more pernicious than one relating to matters which have long transpired.

Machiavelli was discussing here the fate of the ammoniti, or the descendants of the Ghibellines who were banned by law from holding any office of government in Florence after the victory of the Guelphic party in 1356. He states that this law “laid the foundation of many evils” and noted “none felt so particularly injured with it as the Ricci; for they knew themselves to have occasioned it, they saw it involved the ruin of the republic, and their enemies, the Albizzi, contrary to their intention, became great in consequence.”

History always repeats itself. The direct attacks on the First Amendment rights of Americans by U.S. citizens who are not, and never will be, Americans, are not only going to fail, they are going to ruin the republic and make great their enemies.

There is a reason the Prometheans don’t want you to study history and why the Shapiros and Pragers relentlessly lie about it and retroactively attempt to revise it. There is nothing new under the sun. If you know history and you recognize which patterns apply to current events, you will have a very good idea what is going to happen.

The devil in the details

I never understood why King Edward abdicated, since marriage vows clearly never meant anything to the man. This excerpt from a book by one of his courtiers finally makes sense of his real reason for exiting the British throne.

My impression is that the Prince of Wales was caught napping by his father’s death; he expected the old man to last several years more, and he had, in all probability, already made up his mind to renounce his claim to the throne, and to marry Mrs S.

The comparatively sudden death of George V upset any such plans. But I believe that even then, he would have clung to them (he always hated changing any scheme he had evolved himself) but for the provisions of his father’s will.

The will was read, to the assembled family, in the hall at Sandringham. I, of course, was not present; but, coming out of my office, I ran into him striding down the passage with a face blacker than any thunderstorm. He went straight to his room, and for a long time was glued to the telephone.

Under the will, each of his brothers was left a very large sum — about three-quarters of a million in cash; he was left nothing, and was precluded from converting anything (such as the stamp collection, the racehorses, etc.) into ready money.

It was, doubtless, a well-intentioned will; but, as such wills often do, it provoked incalculable disaster; it was, in fact, directly responsible for the first voluntary abdication of an English King.

Money, and the things that money buys, were the principal desiderata in Mrs Simpson’s philosophy, if not in his, and, when they found that they had been left the Crown without the cash, I am convinced that they agreed, in that interminable telephone conversation, to renounce their plans for a joint existence as private individuals, and to see what they could make out of the Kingship, with the subsidiary prospect of the Queenship for her later on.

The events of the next ten months bear out this supposition; for, throughout them, he devoted two hours to schemes, great and small, by which he could produce money to every one that he devoted to the business of the State.

Indeed, his passion for ‘economy’ became something very near to mania, despite the fact that his private fortune, amassed while he was Prince of Wales, already amounted to nearly a million — which sum he took with him, of course, when he finally left the country.

It was substantially increased by the considerable sums which his brother paid him for his life interest in the Sandringham and Balmoral estates, so that, by the time he married, having no encumbrances, no overhead charges and no taxes to pay, he was one of the richest men in Europe — if not the richest.

But what worked out well enough for him, at least monetarily, doesn’t appear to be working out so well for his great-grandnephew. Another example of how tragedy is followed by farce. And it appears the people of England may owe a great debt to Mrs. Wallis Simpson for saving them from a longer rule by such a fundamentally dysfunctional man, not that Queen Elizabeth’s long reign hasn’t been a complete disaster for them.

What else are they lying about, Seth?

Seth Rogen belatedly discovers that there were people living in Palestine before the Jews arrived:

I also think that as a Jewish person… I was fed a huge amount of lies about Israel my entire life,” he said. “You know, they never tell you, that oh by the way, there were people there.” 

It’s a bit ironic, considering that the information is right there on Wikipedia. In the 1931 census of Palestine – which, by the way, has been the proper name for the region since the Romans merged its province of Judea with the province of Syria to form Syria Palaestina in 135 Anno Domini – Jews made up 18 percent of the population since there were 174,610 Jewish Palestinians and 794,658 non-Jewish Palestinians.

That was a considerably increase from their population just 11 years before, when the British government published its Interim Report on the Civil Administration of Palestine

There are now in the whole of Palestine hardly 700,000 people, a population much less than that of the province of Gallilee alone in the time of Christ. Of these 235,000 live in the larger towns, 465,000 in the smaller towns and villages. Four-fifths of the whole population are Moslems. A small proportion of these are Bedouin Arabs; the remainder, although they speak Arabic and are termed Arabs, are largely of mixed race. Some 77,000 of the population are Christians, in large majority belonging to the Orthodox Church, and speaking Arabic. The minority are members of the Latin or of the Uniate Greek Catholic Church, or—a small number—are Protestants. The Jewish element of the population numbers 76,000. Almost all have entered Palestine during the last 40 years. Prior to 1850 there were in the country only a handful of Jews. In the following 30 years a few hundreds came to Palestine. Most of them were animated by religious motives; they came to pray and to die in the Holy Land, and to be buried in its soil. After the persecutions in Russia forty years ago, the movement of the Jews to Palestine assumed larger proportions.

Does this demographic history negate Israel’s right to exist by virtue of its right of conquest? Of course not, anymore than the right of the United States to exist is negated by the conquest and dispossession of the American Indian tribes. But any time a group of people feel it is necessary to lie about their own history, it naturally calls into question both a) their motivations and b) their veracity concerning other historical matters.

The evil of the Devil Mouse

The pure evil of Disney appears to go back considerably further than you might think. Remember its version of Pinocchio, circa 1940? Disney was already talking about a “Pleasure Island” to which small boys were taken, and from which they never returned, decades before the Magical Kingdom Cruise Line was offering excursion trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s island.

The Einstein Fraud

The propagandistic myth of genius that was constructed around Albert Einstein is rapidly crumbling:

One of the greatest mythical frauds in history is that of Albert Einstein, the famous physicist who invented the Theory of Relativity, E=mc² and so many other esoteric things. But this is all fabrication. The claims about Einstein inventing any theory of relativity, or light and photons, or time, are false. Almost every claim – almost everything – attributed to Einstein is simply a lie. Einstein was an inept who contributed nothing original to the field of quantum mechanics, nor any other science. Far from being a competent physicist, he once even flatly denied that the atom could be split and, much later, admitted that the idea of a chain reaction in fissile material “had never occurred to me”.

Einstein was a third-class clerk at the government patent office in Bern, and never progressed beyond this level even with years of experience. By all contemporary reports, Einstein wasn’t even an accomplished mathematician. It has been well documented that much of the mathematical content of Einstein’s so-called theories were well beyond his ability. Walter Isaacson, president of the Aspen Institute, stated that Einstein’s first wife Mileva Marić was a “Serbian physicist who had helped him with (his) math . . .” Other prominent scientists have made the claim that his wife did most of his math for him.

Henri Poincaré was the foremost expert on relativity in the late 19th century and the first person to formally present the theories, having published more than 30 books and over 500 papers on the topics. Extensive documentation exists that Einstein and his associates had studied Poincaré’s theories and mathematics for years, yet when Einstein published his almost wholly-plagiarised versions he made no reference whatever to these other works.

In the accepted historical account, Einstein is credited with having written the correct field equations for general relativity, an enormous falsehood. It is an undisputed fact that David Hilbert sent Einstein a draft of his work (which had already been submitted for publication), containing precisely these equations, evidenced by the existence of a letter from Einstein to Hilbert thanking him for doing so. Yet a few weeks later, Einstein delivered a public speech of Hilbert’s work, claiming full credit for the derivation of Hilbert’s equations. Similarly, E=mc², the famous equation relating mass, energy, and the speed of light, had been published several times by Italian physicist Olinto De Pretto, long before Einstein was suddenly given credit for it. In multiple thorough reviews of scientific literature, prominent scientists have unanimously stated that there is “absolutely nothing to connect Einstein to the derivation of this formula.”

Einstein’s papers, theories, mathematics, documentation, were almost 100{4e01b0bc4ab012654d0c5016d8cbf558644ab2e53259aa2c40b66b3b20e8967d} plagiarised from others. He combined the prior published works of several people into one paper and claimed ownership of all of it. His so-called theories were nothing more than a composition encompassing the prior work of men like James Maxwell, Hendrik Lorentz, Joseph Larmor, Olinto De Pretto, Robert Brown, Ludwig Boltzmann, Friedrich Hasenöhrl, and many more.

In a paper he wrote in 1907, in part responding to (already-virulent) accusations of plagiarism, Einstein declared that plagiarism was perfectly acceptable as a form of ethical research, stating “… the nature [of physics is] that what follows has already been partly solved by other authors. I am [therefore] entitled to leave out a thoroughly pedantic survey of the literature…”[6][7][8] In other words, scientists all build on each others’ work, so Einstein could freely compile the work of everyone before him and re-present it as his own, with no obligation to even mention them or their work. His view of ethical science was like building a tower where each person adds one stone and, if I add the last stone, I not only take credit for the entire design and construction of the tower, but I own the building.

Perhaps the most damning evidence was when in 1953 Sir Edmund Whittaker published a very detailed account of the origin and development of all these theories and equations of physics, with extensive reference to the primary sources, documenting beyond doubt that Einstein had no priority in any of it, and clearly stating so. Einstein was alive and well when Whittaker published his book, yet he offered no dispute to the conclusions, no refutation of Whittaker’s claim that he (Einstein) had been irrelevant to the entire process. Einstein made no attempts in his own defense but simply hid in the bushes and refused to make any public comment whatever.[9]

Einstein was almost certainly the greatest fraud and plagiarist in modern science, an unashamed intellectual thief but, according to sources like Wikipedia, this is all just a minor “priority dispute” about who said what first in the realm of relativity physics. These sources misleadingly imply that several people made a discovery independently and more or less simultaneously, and we are simply debating who went public first. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Wikipedia is renowned as being virtually useless as an information source due to widespread ideological bias and censorship.

Einstein was Jewish and had the support of the Jewish-controlled media who conspired to create yet another historical myth. His fame and popularity today, his status as a hero of the scientific world, are due only to decades of a well-planned force-feeding of the Einstein myth to the masses by the media. The propaganda machine simply airbrushed out of the history books all the physicists who formulated these theories, and credited everything to Einstein. Without the extravagant generations-long PR and propaganda campaign, Einstein would have remained in the dustbin of obscurity where he belongs.

There are many Einstein apologists who produce reams of heavily-documented irrelevancies masquerading as proof, items such as a schoolmate who claimed “the flight of his mathematical genius was so high that I could no longer follow.” Many scientists and scientific historians know the truth of all this, and the accurate historical record is readily available, but many appear afraid to speak out for fear of damaging their careers.

I always had my doubts about Einstein’s so-called “genius” after reading a few of his writings; his thinking simply didn’t exhibit any evidence of high, let alone superlative, intelligence. But lacking any rationale for why anyone would bother to construct a myth around a single individual, I simply assumed that he was strong in some areas and normal in others.

It wasn’t until I kept seeing judeochristians repeatedly pointing to Einstein and various Nobel Prize winners as proof of their own ethnic superiority, combined with the absolutely unjustified lionization of literary mediocrities such as Philip Roth and Saul Bellow, that I began to understand why the Einstein Myth had been constructed, and to pay attention to the scientific history that completely undermined his fraudulent claims to genius. It’s stupid, really. Why build up fake figures like Einstein instead of celebrating the accomplishments of legitimate geniuses from their tribe, such as Martin van Creveld?

But the 20th Century judeochristian propagandists are hardly the only ones to have built up obviously false myths around famous individuals. As Larry Romanoff points out, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and the Wright Brothers are three previous frauds that served a similar role as elements in the construction of the mythology concerning American ingenuity.

The decision was correct

It’s fascinating to see “rule of law” conservatives decrying the Supreme Court decision to honor an 1833 Indian treaty that was never abrogated and is still in force:

The Supreme Court’s recognition of half of Oklahoma as Native land appears to right centuries of historic injustice. It could also make the state a chaotic mess of overlapping jurisdictions where hardened criminals walk free.

In a stunning 5-4 ruling on Thursday, the court found that a massive swath of eastern Oklahoma should be recognized as a Native American reservation. The state’s largest city, Tulsa, sits on this land, along with 1.8 million people, of whom only 15 percent are Native Americans.

It doesn’t right any injustices. It doesn’t actually even change anything. It simply respects the actual language of the still-extant treaty. The fact that the US government broke its treaties with casual disregard for the legalities doesn’t justify the consequences or seal them in stone. Every signed treaty should be honored to the letter.

And the appeal to “hardened criminals” walking free is a complete joke in a country that already has tens of millions of criminal invaders due to its failure to stop immigration.


Republicans see President Trump as the fourth-greatest president ever, on par with Ronald Reagan and just behind Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, according to a new survey.

Any serious historian will recognize that the God-Emperor should be regarded as the second-greatest president ever, behind only Andrew Jackson.