Who broke Jordan Peterson?

He’s actually breaking down and crying in interviews because he’s out of meth someone tweeted mean things at him.

I’ve enjoyed his work, but Jordan Peterson is lost. He had a horrific mental break during his recent interview with Rex Murphy where he literally cries about getting mean tweets. 

Here is the transcript:

You were asking about courage earlier, you know, um, one of the things that I have watched quite frequently is the way people respond to being mobbed on Twitter.


You know, I’ve almost stopped looking at Twitter. It’s been about three months that I’ve taken a Twitter hiatus, let’s say. I still post… I don’t even have my password anymore. I send what I want to post to a third party and they post it because it keeps me out of

An antiseptic distance.

That’s right. Exactly. And that’s exactly the right way of thinking about it. You know, people, civilized people, and I mean that civilized, social people cannot tolerate being mobbed. Because there’s a reason for that, you see. You said, with regards to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal, if there’s 16 people on one side and one on the other, you might be thinking that the 16 people are right.

More or less.

Right, right! But you think of the situation where you said something on Twitter and a thousand people mob you. Publicly! Your first response, if you’re… your first response is going to be to examine your own conscience and see how you transgressed. It’s not really much different psychologically… I mean it’s lesser… it’s not that much different than waking up one morning, coming to your door, and finding a mob of your neighbors angrily aggregated on your lawn! It’s a terrible shock for people. It really hurts them! They’re often, often, by all accounts, damaged for lengthy periods of time by this.  And their first impulse is to apologize, which is truly the wrong thing to do!

It is.

Well, the right thing to do is to understand that if you haven’t done anything wrong, you don’t apologize. Now that’s very difficult. Very difficult. And to wait. If you wait two weeks, people will come to your defense.

Yeah, they will.

But it takes two weeks for them to get their act together, whereas it takes the activists, who are unbelievably organized, fifteen seconds to mob.

This guy is such a drugged-out emotional train wreck, it’s almost not even funny anymore. Almost. Not that he doesn’t deserve every single bit of criticism and mockery he receives, because he merits it on the basis of being a complete charlatan who should never have posed as any sort of lifestyle philosopher for young men. He’s now quite obviously the frail and weepy shadow of the towering intellectual figure he pretended to be.

And remember, this is the very same man who claimed community doesn’t matter, family doesn’t matter, and every man should stand on his own, by himself, and without any allegiance to a group identity, because group identities are “pathological”. Now he’s literally crying in public because others don’t come to his defense soon enough when he’s legitimately attacked for his charlatanry.

What a pathological liar. What an utter freaking fraud. And, of course, he gets it absolutely wrong, as Captain America explains the correct way to address a howling, wrongheaded mob.

He is not your father figure

A Roosh reader observes that Jordan Peterson’s parenting skills have turned out to be more than a little suboptimal.

Peterson’s daughter finally confirms she’s “separated” from her husband and has been “co-parenting” (not that this is remotely a surprise to anyone who has been glancing at her Instagram etc.)

Not that this is a new thought here but it’s rather damning that his daughter has turned out be “attempting to find herself” (in the usual fashion) even with a toddler child and seemingly very supportive and at least somewhat redpilled father. Very disheartening, obviously the fame and attention got to her head a bit but I’m well past the point of seeing Peterson as any sort of personal role model. Having read 12 Rules twice I can tell you there’s some valuable proto-morality that can set others in the right direction but “You will know them by their fruits” (Matt. 7:16a).

Perhaps we’ve seen enough of Peterson’s fruits to move on to deeper traditions as a whole.

This guy gets it.

Peterson made millions writing a book telling people how to live. But look at how someone turns out that had all the benefit of his advise 24/7.

No one who has read Jordanetics will be even remotely surprised by this. Jordan Peterson has been a terrible parent since he was passively permitting other children to mistreat his daughter at the park. The fact that a lot of young men have been looking up to Peterson as an ersatz father figure promises more than a few additional disasters in the future.

UPDATE: Seriously suboptimal.

She shows a screenshot of her prescription history. Two of those prescriptions are used to treat herpes.

Jordan Peterson is a mirror

He reflects back to the insufficiently aware precisely what they want to see:

You can pretty safely judge someone’s politics from his attitude toward Jordan Peterson.  We on the right listen to see if he makes sense.  That’s because our attitudes are shaped by reality.  Leftists, unimpressed by reality and anticipating something they don’t like, shout him down.  Media interviewers stumble over their own assumptions, struggle with their biases, and leap to conclusions rather than grasp that the world is complex and simplistic answers just don’t cut it.  As a result, they regularly end up looking shallow, uninformed and foolish.

Clearly this gentleman of the Right has not listened closely enough to Jordan Peterson or he would realize that Mr. 12 Rules for Meth does not make anything that even remotely approximates sense. Not that his Christian fans have noticed that he’s not on their side.

In a joyful ceremony, Christian leaders gathered to grant Jordan Peterson the status of honorary Christian. Though the Canadian professor has never identified as a Christian and does not attend any church, a vote was taken and the decision was made unanimously that Peterson had earned his salvation and could be drafted into heaven by popular vote.

He took his damn pills

I knew Jordan Peterson was going to find life difficult in the aftermath of Jordanetics, but it now appears that he took his own advice a little too enthusiastically:

Jordan Peterson, the Canadian psychologist and anti-political-correctness crusader, has checked himself in to rehab in New York, his daughter has revealed.

The “12 Rules for Life” author has sought help trying to get off the anti-anxiety drug clonazepam, his daughter Mikhaila Peterson said in a video posted to her YouTube account Thursday.

“I’ve never seen my dad like this,” the 27-year-old diet blogger said in the eight-and-a-half-minute video. “He’s having a miserable time of it. It breaks my heart.”

The elder Peterson, 57, began taking the addictive medication to deal with stress from his wife’s battle with cancer and other health problems earlier this year, his daughter said.

Whatever the truth might be, it almost certainly isn’t what Peterson has been telling his daughter or anyone else. Remember, he is an inveterate liar and this is within the time frame in which he was still publicly going on about the health miracles of his new diet, upon which he never, ever cheats. My guess is that the stress of knowing tens of thousands of people have learned that he is an unmitigated fraud has been constantly eating away at his fragile psyche ever since the book came out last year.

Yes, his wife is ill, but since he’s a narcissist that’s not likely to be a significant factor in the state of his mental health. Just look at how he has successfully made his own wife’s cancer all about him. And no, I’m not even a little bit surprised by either the addiction or the resort to rehab; things will almost certainly get worse over time because Jordan Peterson can’t be cured by pills or rehab or Jungian psychotherapy. He needs to repent and to confess and to stop lying all the time. He needs Jesus Christ.

It is informative, however, to observe that all of those wicked individuals who have attempted to push a completely false narrative about Owen Benjamin’s psychological health somehow managed to completely miss Jordan Peterson’s breakdown even though I anticipated its inevitability more than a year ago.

  • It’s not an insult to observe that Jordan Peterson is mentally ill or that his mental illness has significantly influenced his worldview, his philosophy, and his most recent book. To the contrary, it is a highly pertinent fact. One does not need a PhD in psychiatry or anything else to observe that someone is crazy or to observe the effects of that craziness. Jordan Peterson isn’t wandering through the night with a knife in his hand muttering “don’t be evil” to himself, he’s doing an intellectual version of that by weeping on stage with a mic in his hand as he begs people to not be too ashamed to take their prescribed medication.
  • More and more people are becoming aware that Jordan Peterson is not only a liar, he is a complete lunatic who should be in a padded cell for his own protection.

Of all the words of screen and pen
The most painful are these:
Vox was right again.

Jordan Peterson humiliates himself

Like most of his fans at the Peterson-Zizek debate, The Guardian is unimpressed with the Canadian Charlatan:

Peterson’s opening remarks were disappointing even for his fans in the audience. They were a vague and not particularly informed (by his own admission) reading of The Communist Manifesto. His comments on one of the greatest feats of human rhetoric were full of expressions like “You have to give the devil his due” and “This is a weird one” and “Almost all ideas are wrong”.

I’ve been a professor, so I know what it’s like to wake up with a class scheduled and no lecture prepared. It felt like that. He wandered between the Paleolithic period and small business management, appearing to know as little about the former as the latter. Watching him, I was amazed that anyone had ever taken him seriously enough to hate him.

He said things like “Marx thought the proletariat was good and the bourgeoisie was evil”. At one point, he made a claim that human hierarchies are not determined by power because that would be too unstable a system, and a few in the crowd tittered. That snapped him back into his skill set: self-defense. “The people who laugh might do it that way,” he replied. By the end of his half-hour he had not mentioned the word happiness once.

I read part of the transcript. It was actually worse than The Guardian describes. As I noted in Jordanetics, Jordan Peterson knows nothing about Marxism despite the way in which he blathers on about “Marxist post-modernists”. But at least he read The Communist Manifesto in preparation for the debate!

But that’s a fitting epitaph for Jordan Peterson’s career as a public pseudo-intellectual: “I was amazed that anyone had ever taken him seriously.” His fifteen minutes are already ending because even his biggest fans are beginning to see through his act.

Context and comprehension

It’s true, Jordan Peterson’s defenders only have two defenses for their hapless hero. The first is “you don’t understand him.” Because obviously only losers who believe they have benefited from being told to clean their room can understand the deep brilliance of the man. The second is “you’re taking him out of context,” which is amusing in light of Jordan Peterson’s own difficulties in that regard:

Whenever I hear it I can only remember that one video where Jordan Peterson sat on a couch with two professors and discussed how a womens studies book was insane. They got the quote wrong ( from memory to be fair), they got the point wrong, and none of them even understood the point being made. They didn’t disagree with it – they didn’t even understand it. It was one small quote but they are supposed to be knowledgeable about the subject since they believe it’s destroying the world.

Jordan Peterson who fixates on debate as a kind of masculine battle where the loser is dominated could not wrap his head around a womens studies book saying the exact same thing. It was a quote about how debate as a means of ascertaining “truth” in a social setting was a historically masculine and black female communities used co-operative methods I think. Jordan Peterson who fixates on redefining truth in a social history instead went on a rant how about the book was actually saying “facts and logic are white oppression!” and then all three sniffed each others farts about how the subject was insane. I’ve never studied it but after research I understood what they were saying even if I didn’t agree with their solutions.

Peterson is a man who does not read the people he criticises. He is a person who struggles to understand the people he criticises as the creators of the next holocaust when they’re discussing similar topics. He doesn’t read context, he doesn’t read, and he demonstrated it regularly.

But everyone else has to listen to his fanfiction of history and religion for hours to understand him.

The more you hear Peterson babble about anything that isn’t himself, the more it becomes apparent that he’s simply not very intelligent or very well-read.

It needs to be said

Dr Jordan B Peterson@jordanbpeterson
Because it needs to be said, apparently here’s what the Alt-Right, in its own words, thinks of my work (much as I hate to advertise the book).

The amusing thing is that anyone who reads Jordanetics is going to realize that Jordan Peterson isn’t an “alt-right darling”, in fact, he isn’t of the Right at all, he’s something much worse and considerably more disturbing than even his most vociferous left-wing critics are claiming.

I look forward to the inevitable one-star fake reviews from the buckos. Because that will TOTALLY stop people from reading it. LEAVE JORDY ALONE!

JBP vs VD: a rational assessment

This video series promises to be interesting, particularly if James Fox Higgins carries through by completing a comparative analysis of Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life versus my Jordanetics. He’s done six videos to date, taking him through chapter four of the latter.

Not to give the whole thing away, but the answer, of course, is yes. Jordan Peterson is lying to you.

On a not-unrelated note, the Voxiversity video The Madness of Jordan Peterson just hit 50,000 views. YouTube instructs us to celebrate.

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So, that was fun….