Those faces….

Faith Goldy notes: TFW the Trump family and TPUSA realize: “We’ve brought a senile narcissistic gamma male in to lecture a paying crowd. We’re screwed.”

I’m not sure which is funnier, the expression on Jack Posobiec’s face or the one on Donald Trump Jr.’s face. They both clearly recognize word-salad when they hear it.

UPDATE: Upon further review, it’s definitely the melange of disgust and contempt on Kimberly Guilfoyle’s face.

“Is that… is that the stink of GAMMA that I smell? Get away from me, you creep!”

The review war

Honest readers of Jordanetics are battling the lobster cultists in the reviews at Amazon. First, the recent one-star reviews from the cultists:

Intellectually Inaccurate
Joshua Richardson

I thought that this was satire at first because a lot of what was written in this book is the opposite of Dr. Peterson. Unfortunately, I was wrong, and this guy actually believes this nonsense.

Looks like someone is jealous of Jordan Peterson
Sarah Young

Anyone who actually believes this hogwash has grossly misinterpreted the writings, beliefs and assertions of Peterson in a way that only SJW’s and safe space snowflakes have been capable of for the past twenty years. This is a petty, childish attempt to besmirch Jordan Peterson because of the epic levels of success he’s had with young men and women today. Assigning malice and evil motives based on absurd misunderstandings of Peterson’s work is a truly detestable and ugly thing to do. In fact, it makes me wonder if the writers and minds behind this book actually do understand Peterson’s views, but have chosen, purely out of spite and jealousy, to lie about them in order to slander his name. Grow up, haters.

He didn’t read Maps of Meaning

I would recommend reading this. But first read and understand Dr. Peterson’s first book Maps of Meaning (he has a free pdf of it on his website). 12 rules is a footnote to the book Dr. Peterson spent 15 years writing. In CHAPTER 5: THE HOSTILE BROTHERS: ARCHETYPES OF RESPONSE TO THE UNKNOWN Jordan describes the motivations behind Jordanetics, and the personality structure of the type of person the author is. With that as a reference Jordanetics made me laugh out loud a couple times.

Against which stand the recent five-star reviews. Note the difference between the extensive detail provided by those who read and appreciated the book and the defensive retreat to the very dismissals predicted in the book itself by those seeking to defend their false father figure.

A precise account of a purposely imprecise figure

In Jordanetics, Vox Day does a fantastic job shining light into the shadowy philosophy, spirituality, and rhetoric of Dr. Jordan Peterson. I had been a curious follower of Dr. Peterson for about a year after I discovered him. He struck me as a fascinating and unique intellectual and as a Christian, I was surprised (and skeptical) to hear such a figure discussing theology at length in interviews and lectures. I also thought it was refreshing to hear a cultural voice discussing human suffering without resorting to full blown leftist, SJW rhetoric. However, The more I delved into his work, the more I discovered that Dr Peterson frequently misrepresented and twisted the Biblical accounts, the Gospel, and the Christian world view in general. I then learned and observed several things that made me stop following him altogether. 1. He charges $100 to $400 for tickets and meet and greets at his speaking events. 2. He signed with the talent agency CAA. The same agency that created the #metoo movement while also repping Harvey Weinstein. 3. He began strategically associating himself with any individual, group, or movement, that could potentially gain him more money, power, audience, and influence. 4. His Kavanaugh tweet. The tweet that single handedly contradicted every ethical, moral, and spiritual principle he had endlessly preached. Rules for thee, but not for me indeed. In Jordanetics, Vox Day confirms my suspicions and adds far more to the growing case against one of the most successful and widely lauded charlatans of modern times. The book is very well researched and builds a very strong case against Peterson’s slippery debate tactics, dishonest character, occult religiosity, and cultish power seeking. The fabulous Milo Yiannopoulos also stops by to contribute an excellent foreword full of substantial incites and great wit. In conclusion: whether you’re an avid follower of Jordan Peterson or an individual casually familiar with his work, you owe it to yourself to read Jordanetics. You will close it’s final chapter feeling clear headed about Peterson’s intentionally cloudy teachings, and develop your ability to discern in a meaningful way.

A total rebuke of Jordan Peterson’s philosophy

Jordanetics is a thorough investigation of the map of meaning provided by Jordan Peterson in his 12 Rules for Life. Jordanetics illuminates numerous threads that go unseen to the naive reader, but are exposed in full by Vox Day, who identifies the full meaning of each rule. One finds that the 12 Rules are scarcely elaborated on themselves, and function as camouflage for the esoteric idea of Peterson’s Balance between Order and Chaos, which is bound by a deep occultism. Jordanetics rips apart the false Christian signaling that hides a pagan or post-Christian religion, which can even be described as Satanic in certain respects. One simply cannot hold Jordan Peterson in the same as esteem as one formerly might have once having read this stunning breakdown of his ideas. The book has a bit of a slow wind-up period as it builds its case, but around the halfway point, the pieces start to come together in an undeniably compelling counter-narrative to Peterson’s public persona, which is forever shattered in the eyes of any Jordanetics reader by the time one reaches the conclusion of this remarkable work.

Best peterson take down I have read yet!!
cypress heldt

Peterson always gave me a odd feeling when listening to his videos and lectures. This books explains very clearly why that is so. Voxday does the topic of justice when it comes to the mindless drones of JBP fans who place the rhetoric before there grammar. JBP will be getting a copy of this master piece in the near future if he does not relapse first.

Must read

Well written, easy to read. Sobering perspective on the sudden popularity of JBP. Snapped me out of my uncritical consumption of You Tube videos.

Note that you can still get the paperback edition of Jordanetics in time for Christmas from Castalia Direct.

Even the brightest can be dazzled

La Divina Paglia has an incisive take on the Deep State and the failure of secular humanism, but like most atheists, she is a sucker for spiritualist psychobabble:

The deep state is no myth but a sodden, intertwined mass of bloated, self-replicating bureaucracy that constitutes the real power in Washington and that stubbornly outlasts every administration. As government programs have incrementally multiplied, so has their regulatory apparatus, with its intrusive byzantine minutiae. Recently tagged as a source of anti-Trump conspiracy among embedded Democrats, the deep state is probably equally populated by Republicans and apolitical functionaries of Bartleby the Scrivener blandness. Its spreading sclerotic mass is wasteful, redundant, and ultimately tyrannical.

I have been trying for decades to get my fellow Democrats to realize how unchecked bureaucracy, in government or academe, is inherently authoritarian and illiberal. A persistent characteristic of civilizations in decline throughout history has been their self-strangling by slow, swollen, and stupid bureaucracies. The current atrocity of crippling student debt in the US is a direct product of an unholy alliance between college administrations and federal bureaucrats — a scandal that ballooned over two decades with barely a word of protest from our putative academic leftists, lost in their post-structuralist fantasies. Political correctness was not created by administrators, but it is ever-expanding campus bureaucracies that have constructed and currently enforce the oppressively rule-ridden regime of college life.

In the modern world, so wondrously but perilously interconnected, a principle of periodic reduction of bureaucracy should be built into every social organism. Freedom cannot survive otherwise…. From my perspective as an atheist as well as a career college teacher, secular humanism has been a disastrous failure.

As a longtime Camille Paglia fan, I’m not even remotely surprised to learn that she was impressed by Jordan Peterson. She is a left-libertarian academic who is naturally inclined to assume that anyone who can sling citations around so glibly possesses a brilliant mind. However, I suspect that were she to actually trouble to read his works, check those citations, or spend more time in his company, she would swiftly pick up on his mental illness and aberrational psychosexuality.


There are a number of signs that will alert us if Jordanetics begins to transform into a full-blown religious cult. For example, if Peterson’s followers start to establish international connections around the world and start founding institutions for the study and propagation of the 12-Rule Path, that will be a reliable indicator that what one fan has told us “feels like a movement” has evolved into an advanced form of Jordanetics that represents a realization of the post-Christian vision originally proposed by Yeats.
Jordanetics, Chapter 19: The Cult of Jordanetics

Yeah, so, about that….

The level of deception

In case you think I overstate my case in Jordanetics, consider how his fans are STILL reacting to their first encounters with my Jordan Peterson videos:

This guy is so far off that its almost comical. Nobody knows who this guy is so I guess by attacking JP he’s hoping to make a name for himself. I used to tell my children when they were young that people knock other people down to raise themselves up. Thats whats going on here. JP is a globalist based upon what evidence …you say he is ? Sorry but that dont fly with me nor most of those who have heard him speak. How do you come up with this stuff ? You must be over educated, this seems like a clear example. 

Well, there is this little document, in addition to his frequent statements about nationalism and group identity being deeply pathological.

All this criticism directed at  Peterson is just Ad Hominem attacks on him. You clearly miss the point of the social manifestation of the ethos through individuality. The soul is an extension of the individual and the individual has a room, and that must be in order before you can even begin to take on the challenges of life. Once you have order you can allow yourself to take on the radical Marxist progressives who serve the egalitarian divinity  at all COST’s. Clearly you are driven by malice because the criticisms presented  are weak and hollow.

It depends what you mean by Ad Hominem, bucko.

Appendix C

In response to a number of requests from readers, I am adding a third appendix to Jordanetics: A Journey Into the Mind of Humanity’s Greatest Thinker. It consists of 12 rules for life that I consider to be superior to the rules of the 12-Rule Path, on both levels. Here are five of them.

  1. Embrace the iron. Lifting weights will not only help you stand up straight, it will make you stronger, healthier, and more confident. The iron teaches the weak to be strong and it teaches the strong to be humble.
  2. Take the wheel. You are the ultimate architect of your own decisions and actions. Even if you were dealt a bad card by life, even if your genetics are inferior, your upbringing was terrible, and your instincts are suboptimal, you are the only one who can improve yourself. You are driving and only you can determine the destination.
  3. Be the friend that you want to have. Smiles are contagious. Loyalty inspires loyalty. Stand by those who stand by you. Give every friend who fails you a second chance. Only abandon those who have repeatedly proven they cannot be trusted and do not wish you well.
  4. Envision perfection and pursue excellence. You will never achieve perfection. But if you envision it and you strive for it, you may well achieve success, and perhaps even excellence.
  5. Put a ring on it. Marriage is the manifestation of love. Children are the manifestation of hope. Raising a family to serve as the foundation of future generations is how Man rebels against an uncaring universe, a fallen world, and the spirits of despair and destruction. Yes, there are real risks, especially in the current social and legal environment. But they are well worth taking nevertheless.
The forthcoming paperback will contain Appendix C. The digital edition will be updated with it as well as the various corrections that went into the paperback, as usual. The response to the book continues to be polarized, as evidenced by a pair of recent reviews:

Waste of money
Mostly YouTube comments, childish name calling, full blown narcissism and declaring Tammy ugly. It takes a small, vindictive personality and truckload of resentment to like this.

The Truth about Jordan Peterson
A lot of Jordan Peterson fans are seriously triggered by this book. They insist that Vox Day is jealous. They insist that Vox Day and Milo are “smearing” Jordan Peterson. The problem is that Vox Day has a solid argument and vast amounts of evidence to support it.

The argument, as laid out by Milo is a great introduction, is that Jordan Peterson is not what he seems. He is a chameleon of the worst type. Someone who deceitfully lies all the time.

If you aren’t satisfied with the examples Milo provides, Vox Day takes over and provides all the evidence you will ever need. One example after the next of Jordan Peterson saying one thing to one audience and then something completely contradictory somewhere else.

Which leads to the question of whether Jordan Peterson is a pathological liar. Is Jordan Peterson mentally stable? Could he be the Jim Jones of 2018? Vox Day admits that he doesn’t know himself. It is very brave of Vox Day to write this book. He and Milo have been viciously attacked by Peterson’s rabid followers. But the truth needs to be known.

“Almost everything I said was untrue”

Jordan Peterson deceives his deluded followers even when there is no real reason to do so:

Jordan B Peterson
I spoke a few days ago in Ljubjana, Slovenia, at the behest of my publisher, Družina,  there, to an audience of about 2000. 

Sure, that’s why you were in Slovenia. Because your publisher wanted you there. Just a simple book tour, that’s all. Hey, wait a minute… are you sure your little trip to a rather out-of-the-way destination didn’t have anything to do with the 42nd European Meeting of the Trilateral Commission?

From February to Sunday more than 200 most influential individuals will be literally from all over the world in Ljubljana. Ten years after the collapse of Lehman Brother’s, which was the beginning of the global economic crisis, one of the worst in the last hundred years, the economic future of Europe will be discussed in Ljubljana. Former President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, former President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy, three former heads of state, and six former presidents of the government come from many distinguished thinkers and businessmen from all over the world, including Nigel Higgins of the Rothschild & Co of London, Jacob Frenkel, JPMorgan Chase International, head of Munich Security Conference Wolfgang Ischinger, former Secretary General of NATO Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, star globally-sold psychologist Jordan Peterson, Internet startup from Israel Yossi Vardi, former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, KBC Bank Group Thomas Leysen, former head of EBRD Jean Lemierre , Franz Fischler, Forum Alpbach, Lionel Barber of The Financial Times, President of the Atlantic Grupa Group of Companies Emil Tedeschi, Stanford’s Jure Leskovec and so on and so on. Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, the last moment of cancellation of the arrival due to urgent obligations in Brussels, is one of the candidates for the future President of the European Commission. 

One can’t help but wonder for what influential position Jordan B. Peterson is a candidate. Prime Minister of Canada? Witch-King of the Third Theosophic Temple? In the meantime, former Peterson fan Buck Daniels reviews Jordanetics. I think it’s a particularly valuable review precisely because it is presented from a perspective that does not view me favorably:

With most intellectuals, it is possible to summarize their arguments in a way that conveys their essence to ordinary people who have not read their work. For example, one could summarize Nietzsche’s “slave morality” argument by saying something like: “Nietzsche believed that ancient ‘morality’ was based around the polarities of ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ He believed the good was aligned with the nobility; it is described by things like power, pride, and happiness. The slave-class were resentful of the nobility’s power and happiness, and so they used words to create a new system of values, in which up was down and down was up. They defined noble ‘bad’ (the slaves) as the new ‘good,’ and the noble ‘good’ (the aristocracy) as ‘evil.’ Nietzsche believed that because the noble ‘good’ are the most procreative and pro-life values, the reversal of values and invention of modern morality, and its institution in Christianity in particular, creates a culture that is, in its moral values, hostile to life itself.” Different people may phrase it differently, but I would wager that basically everyone who has read Nietzsche would agree that this is, in essence, his argument.

With Peterson, such a distilled summary is not possible. Ask five Peterson fans what his philosophy is, or what he means when he talks about “truth,” you will likely get three different and mutually exclusive answers. Does he subscribe to a pragmatic definition? A coherence theory? A strange variant of an identity theory? Based on his conversation with Sam Harris, it isn’t a theory that is easily understood or believed even by experts who are nominally on his side, politically.

In philosophy, adversaries are expected to respect the methodological principle of charity which requires interlocutors to interpret each other’s argument in a manner that is the most coherent and rational, if multiple interpretations are possible. If someone says, for example, that it is 11 AM and the sun isn’t up, we could easily conclude that they are delusional—of course the sun would be up at 11 AM. But it is possible that their language loosely meant that the weather was overcast; this interpretation would make more rational and coherent sense of their two statements than simply accepting them on their face.

So would it be possible to apply the principle of charity to Dr. Jordan B. Peterson? Might we be able to stitch together his seemingly disconnected and incoherent philosophy? And if so, what would it look like?

Vox Day’s book—Jordanetics: A Journey into the Mind of Humanity’s Greatest Thinker—is that charitable book. But it is only charitable in the philosophical sense of the term. The worldview that emerges is coherent, but it is not pretty.

It’s really not. That’s why it’s a very good idea to understand what the evil love-child of Tony Robbins and L. Ron Hubbard is actually teaching the unsuspecting.

The Wrong Kind of Chameleon

An excerpt from Milo’s Foreword to Jordanetics.

I’m a smart person. Really smart, actually, and very expensively educated! But half the time, I just can’t understand a bloody word Jordan Peterson says. And I’ve been thinking recently about why that could be. Ordinarily, I can listen to someone prattling on and quickly get to the heart of what they are trying to express. That’s one of the skills you pick up as a journalist: You learn to quickly identify the core of a problem, the essence of what’s being said. You learn to filter out the noise—and to identify bullshitters. But with Jordan Peterson, once I’ve filtered out the noise, I don’t find a lot left to work with. And there’s another problem. He lies.

When he first began to speak about me, Jordan Peterson described me as “an amazing person.” This was around the time he called me on the telephone, expressing sympathy for the failed assassination attempt on me in February 2017, when I was wrongly accused of supporting child rapists. He offered to do a series of on-camera interviews with me. He described me publicly, and correctly, as “a trickster figure,” explaining that “trickster figures emerge in times of crisis. And they point out what no one wants to see. And they say things that no one will say.”

He continued: “[Milo’s] brave as can be…. And he’s unstoppable on his feet. He just amazes me. I’ve never seen anyone I don’t think—and I’ve met some pretty smart people—I’ve never seen anyone who can take on an onslaught of criticism and reverse it like he can.” Fast-forward to an on-stage interview with Bari Weiss in June 2018 at the Aspen Ideas Festival. Weiss is talking about about a professor who paired me with Hitler and gave us as examples of Very Bad Things. She alleges that I, the interracially married man, am indeed a racist. To which Peterson replies: “Well, possibly, yeah … I haven’t followed Milo that carefully.”

What happened? By his own definition, this is the way demagogues work: by listening to their audience and adjusting their responses accordingly. Why was Peterson suddenly going along with something he knew wasn’t true and rewriting history, pretending he didn’t know that much at all about someone he had on numerous occasions so intelligently explained? I realize that by asking this question, this you’re going to think I’m just wounded that someone I once admired has since soured on me. But that’s the thing. From the first time I heard Jordan Peterson speak, my nostrils picked up a whiff of sulfur in the air—and not just because he dresses in that awful, drab, monotonous Victoriana.

Read the whole thing there. The irony is that I began writing the book to make a certain case, and wound up being led by the evidence to wind up making Milo’s case in the end. Regardless of what you think of Milo, never underestimate his insight.

This Reddit thread full of Postulants of the 12-Rule Path waxing wroth will make for amusing reading afterwards, as apparently the only reason to criticize Jordan Peterson is envy, and Milo, Owen Benjamin, and myself are all just jealous of a mentally ill man with a Messiah complex. If the thread doesn’t convince you of the vital importance of this book, nothing will.

Yeats the Baptist

Greg Johnson writes of what he considers to be the hopeful message of Yeats’s Second Coming:

And the poem seems to indicate a reversal of that flight, and a reversal of the birth of Christ. Could Mary, resting on the flight into Egypt, rocking Jesus cradled between the paws of a sphinx, have vexed the stony beast to nightmare? Could it have finally stirred from its troubled sleep, its womb heavy with the prophet of a new age, and begun the search for an appropriate place to give birth? “And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?” And what better place than Bethlehem, not to repeat but to reverse the birth of Christ and inaugurate a post-Christian age.

One can ask, however, if the poem ends on a note of horror or of hope. As I read it, there are three distinct stages to Yeats’ narrative. The first is the age when Christian values were the unchallenged core of Western civilization. This was a vital, flourishing civilization, but now it is over. The second stage is nihilism, both active and passive, occasioned by the loss of these core values. This is the present-day for Yeats and ourselves.

The third stage, which is yet to come, will follow the birth of the “rough beast.” Just as the birth of Jesus inaugurated Christian civilization, the rough beast will inaugurate a new pagan civilization. Its core values will be different than Christian values, which, of course, horrifies Christians, who hope to revive their religion. But the new pagan values, unlike Christian ones, will actually be believed, bringing the reign of nihilism to its end and creating a new, vital civilization. For pagans, this is a message of hope.

I think his interpretation of the three distinct stages is correct. Which is why it is really going to be fascinating to see what Greg makes of Jordanetics, which I understand he plans to review. Because, despite the best efforts of fools, false prophets, and philosophers, no Man has been able to coherently conceive, let alone construct, a viable post-Christian civilization.

Jordan Peterson, Trilateralist

On the off-chance you still doubted that Jordan Peterson is a globalist sell-out, he is currently attending the 42nd European Meeting of the Trilateral Commission, which is entitled Liberal Democracy in the Age of Political and Technological Disruption.

From February to Sunday more than 200 most influential individuals will be literally from all over the world in Ljubljana. This will be the annual European Meeting of the Trilateral Commission, which has nearly 400 members. The host is the head of the European section Trilaterale Jean-Claude Trichet, together with the host, the first husband of Gorenje, Franjo Bobincom, who is the Slovenian trilateral at the invitation of the first member of Trilaterala from Slovenia, former chairman of the NLB Board, Marko Voljc , who then went to the Belgian bank group KBC. The young guard of the successful and successful are Trilateral Slovenians Žiga Vavpotič , Chairman of the Board of Directors Outfit7 and co-organizer of the Ljubljana meeting, and Mark Boris Andrijanič from Uber Warsaw.

Ten years after the collapse of Lehman Brother’s, which was the beginning of the global economic crisis, one of the worst in the last hundred years, the economic future of Europe will be discussed in Ljubljana. Former President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso , former President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy , three former heads of state, and six former presidents of the government come from many distinguished thinkers and businessmen from all over the world, including Nigel Higgins of the Rothschild & Co of London, Jacob Frenkel , JPMorgan Chase International, head of Munich Security Conference Wolfgang Ischinger , former Secretary General of NATO Jaap de Hoop Scheffer , star globally-sold psychologist Jordan Peterson, Internet starter from Israel Yossi Vardi , former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti , KBC Bank Group Thomas Leysen , former head of EBRD Jean Lemierre , Franz Fischler , Forum Alpbach, Lionel Barber of The Financial Times, President of the Atlantic Grupa Group of Companies Emil Tedeschi , Stanford’s Jure Leskovec and so on and so on. Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, the last moment of cancellation of the arrival due to urgent obligations in Brussels, is one of the candidates for the future President of the European Commission. The president of the Republic Borut Pahor is taking over the trilateral on Friday in the presidential palace, and on Saturday he is hosting a gala dinner at the National Gallery.

How fortunate that upon his arrival home the next day, the globally-sold one will be able to pick up a copy of the forthcoming Jordanetics: A Journey Into the Mind of Humanity’s Greatest Thinker, which is currently on preorder for release on November 19th.

Now what could the Commission’s interest in Jordan Peterson possibly be? He is post-ideological, right? Are we not reliably informed that he has no interest in politics? And we are told he doesn’t do philosophy either, right? So, are we to assume that a few of these global leaders are simply in need of a therapy session or two?