Winning: Arkhaven edition

An Arkhaven reader emails:

My son was recently punished, not allowed to play on his computer. I offered him some comics, because he is always allowed to read, no matter what; I offered him my World War Hulk, Dark Phoenix, House Of M, Decimation, X-Cutioner’s Song (w/ Stryfe), Age Of Apocalypse, etc.

His response: But I Like Fazer!

From Avalon #1: The Street Rules.

That’s winning.

That is indeed. And now it’s time to call upon the Arkhaven fans in the UK. Ingram and Arkhaven are about to launch our mailing campaign to all the comic book stores in the UK, which will put the first two Alt-Hero comics, plus Chuck Dixon’s Avalon #1, in the hands of the comic book store owners so they can see the quality for themselves. The idea is to a) convince all the stores to sign up with Ingram, and, b) convince them to carry Arkhaven’s comics.

If you are a UK resident and you’re willing to call upon a few stores, either by phone or in person, to help follow up on the mailing, please email me with ARKHAVEN UK in the subject and include the name of your local comic book store, if any, in in the body of the email.

I can also confirm that Castalia/Arkhaven Direct will begin shipping in the UK before December.

Mailvox: an open letter to Vox Day

Spencer Quinn writes an open letter to me, to which some Darkstream viewers have asked me to respond. I’ll address the relevant sections:

Here is your position, as far as I can tell: White nationalism is unworkable, but the two main kinds of white nationalism are not the same thing and are therefore unworkable for different reasons. European white nationalism is a “non-starter” because Europeans are too ethnically disparate to make a pan-European country work without empire. Indeed, you believe that the indigenous French, Finns, Irish, et cetera are all separate nations in and of themselves, and so wouldn’t be interested in homogenizing Europe in any case.

As for American white nationalism, you seem to allow for white nationalism in theory but you question the timing. You believe it would take a thousand years or so for all the whites in America to interbreed well enough to form a real nation, one that would have a genuinely unique identity apart from the European nations from which it sprang. You also believe that the United States has between fifteen and thirty years before it breaks apart due non-white immigration and racial strife. Therefore any effort to stuff a thousand years of change into thirty is doomed to fail. Does this sum it up more or less accurately?

More or less, although the actual trigger for the political breakup is going to be economic in nature, so the effects of mass immigration and the increased racial and religious strife are merely going to multiply the consequences of the inevitable economic breakdown and ensure the shattering of the single polity into what could be anything from five to several hundred pieces.

So if American whites are completely incapable of functioning as a nation, then what were they doing between 1790 and 1965? Were they failing when they enjoyed a ninety percent majority of the country? Did they consider themselves ‘deracinated’ as well? Were the tiny proportions of non-whites in the United States the glue that held it all together? Is there anything in the American literature from that time period that tells us the American identity is a “false identity,” as you put it? What sources can you produce to back up such an uncompromising position? And can you explain why sources that don’t are unreliable?

Between 1790 and 1965, they were mostly spreading out across a mostly empty continent and fighting a brutal civil war. These other questions strike me as disingenuous and I will not bother to answer them, nor do I have any interest in playing the source game. But I will point out a few relevant facts: the USA is not a nation, it is an empire held together by the threat of military force. The American identity from 1790 through 1920 was British, hence the bits about “British brethren” from the Declaration of Independence; it was the British Crown from which the American Revolutionaries were declaring independence, after all, not the European nations in general. It was generally believed that non-British whites from Germany and other European nations would be able to become ersatz Anglo-Americans over time, although there were skeptics such as Ben Franklin from the start. In my opinion, the skeptics were correct and the optimists, such as George Washington, were wrong. It is clear that, for the most part, the descendants of the Spanish-Americans, German-Americans, Irish-Americans, Scandinavian-Americans, Italian-Americans, and various other European-Americans have never truly understood or supported limited government or the traditions of the English Common Law.

But according to your logic, white America would have broken off into ethnic enclaves before 1930. According to your logic, white Americans would have felt enough allegiance to the European powers they fought against in the world wars to rise up against American power. 

This is an inept and incorrect attempt to apply my logic to American history. That being said, many European-Americans most certainly did feel an allegiance to their European homelands, particularly during World War I.

When news of the war reached the United States in August 1914, immigrants from all over Europe reacted with sympathy and concern for the citizens of their home countries. Among those immigrants were thousands of German reservists who rushed to German consulates in the U.S. in an effort to return home and join the fight. German-Americans also held patriotic meetings in cities such as New York and Chicago and collected for war relief funds. Such enthusiastic “war fever” was prevalent among all immigrant groups, but since people of German origin made up a high percentage of the American population, they came under heightened public scrutiny….

In the fall of 1917, the fight against Germans in Europe was extended to their Kultur in the United States. This battle against all things German included a ban on the use of the German language in schools, universities, libraries, and religious services. Additionally, German societies, musical organizations, and theaters were shuttered and the German-language press in America was forced to shut down.

Note that this was a classic imperial reaction by a ruling nation to a restive subject one, even if it was a subject nation that had been voluntarily subjugated. To the extent German-Americans have been assimilated, it was through the ruthless suppression of their language, culture, and identity in the 20th century. But their genetic inclinations remain intact. Remember, even mass interbreeding will favor the dominant genetics.

One attempt you make is to point to tradition. When a reader asked you, “Why can’t the mixed whites in America band together as white and form a new nation and a new identity?” you answered “Because they all have different traditions.” As an example of such divisive traditions, you then how describe different Scandinavian peoples open Christmas presents on different days.

I believe that sound you’re hearing right now is the sound of everyone’s jaws dropping to the floor.

Not to offend you, Vox, but such an absurd objection to American white nationalism invites mockery.

Spencer can mock away if he likes. His inability to understand the obvious implications is not my problem. It is the multiplication of a thousand such seemingly small differences that irretrievably divide one identity from another. Few outside the Balkans can tell the difference between a Croat and a Serb, but that did not prevent them from fighting a war in the 1990s; the differences between a Prussian German and a Bavarian German or a Veneziano and a Napolitano are considerably less than the breadth of the “mixed whites in America” and yet they continue to have profound implications for the political instability of those modern states.

Spencer is welcome to imagine that blue-haired SJWs and Swedish-American DFLers and Italian-American mafiosi are going to join forces with him against the rising tide of La Raza Cosmica and the expanding global empire of the Han Chinese due solely to the color of their skin, but I wouldn’t bet on it. The mistake he and other pan-white nationalists are making is to believe that most people are capable of making an identity shift on the basis of abstract information, which is directly contrary to everything we have learned about human nature since Aristotle. For example, most German Jews did not abandon their German self-identity until after they were personally arrested by their “fellow Germans”. In like manner, the vast majority of white Americans will not identify themselves as part of as an intrinsically white nation until they are personally and explicitly and physically attacked for being American by non-whites who reject an American identity. Even then, some will not be emotionally capable of making the conceptual shift, not even if they are rejected by members of their own identity-complicated family.

How can someone believe in the fourteen words and not be a white nationalist?

Because, again, pan-white “nationalism” is not nationalism. There is no pan-white nation and there never will be a pan-white nation anymore than there will ever be a pan-Arab nation, a pan-Asian nation, or a pan-Red nation. Every historical attempt at pan-national supranationalism has eventually failed, from the American Indian alliances to the United Arab Republic. Destroying the European nations in order to save the white race is an epically stupid and historically ignorant strategy. Even if a “mixed-white nation” were to somehow come into existence over time, it would identify itself separately from other white nations. All there has ever been, all there will ever be, are empires where one identity rules over the others by force and/or numbers.

I do believe most white nationalists would agree with you that the civic nationalist option you seem to favor is still a pretty good option, especially if it could come without the price of a war.

I don’t favor the civic nationalist option. That too has proven to be a false and failing form of nationalism. Spencer quite simply hasn’t understood my position at all. There will be war. War is inevitable, and it will probably take place on a global scale. There has never been any movement of people of human history even one-tenth as large as the post-1965 invasion of the United States that has not either a) led to war, or b) been imposed by lethal force as the result of war. I believe the die is already cast, as do more than a few military historians of my acquaintance.

Like many people, Spencer does not understand that I am not an activist. I am not a politician nor am I part of any movement. I am an observer, a chronicler, and perhaps one day, a historian. I seek primarily to understand the patterns and trends of history, I do not seek to alter them nor do I really believe that is even possible. And I am far from the only one who expects the next American civil war to be worse than its predecessor.

The difference between the America of today and the America of what seems like just yesterday is that we once had a common culture. As recently as 1990, Ken Burns could make a Civil War documentary for PBS and let historian Shelby Foote wax eloquent on the martial prowess of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest —  something that now would likely get them both tarred, feathered, and Twitter-banned.

Yes, there were big differences between North and South a century and a half ago. The South was a slave-holding, free-trading, libertarian-leaning, conservative Christian, agricultural, aristocratic Sparta, while the North was a commercial, industrial, protectionist, Transcendentalist, social gospel, democratic Athens. But they held far more in common than separated them — beginning with the fact that, as Lincoln observed, “Both read the same Bible and pray to the same God.”

In the end, the war was fought over a single legal issue: whether the states that had freely ratified the Constitution to form the Union could freely leave the Union if they felt it no longer served their interests…. Today, however, our divisions are so deep and fundamental that Americans cannot even agree on what marriage is or what a man or a woman is (which is pretty darn fundamental).

Mailvox: the technical entry point

A reader points out how Agile development provides an entry point for converging technology companies:

It took a while to notice but there is something happening in even non-converged companies. They call it “Agile” in the instances I know of, but that has been around and revised for the last two decades.

It is being sold as what Apple, Amazon, Facebook, etc. use to get great gains in productivity and measure their teams’ performance. Instead, it is where the cancer can hide.  That doesn’t mean you don’t yet have cancer, only that you won’t be able to tell as the nerves are dead.

Having been involved with it being “imposed from above” and discovering it in other companies I finally know why some of the stupid or meaningless kabuki is being used.

If something in your software development process seems either meaningless, stupid, or even counterproductive, it is because the purpose is not coding quality, probably is being celebrated elsewhere as a product of SJW convergence, but is being adopted and imposed on your team.  I doubt it is even intended to weaken or destroy competition, but that is the result.

First, there is no measure of individual productivity. All that matters is the “team velocity” which is basically socialism coding (to paraphrase GitHub). This is bad enough when you have a fixed size of similarly capable coders working on the same thing. But what if the team consists of some HTML people, some CSS people, and some JavaScript people who do nonot know much about the other domains, or worse just 3 people, one of each? Yet the measurement is overall. Worse is you typically have a few stars, and supporting actors. So what happens when your two best Java Jockeys are replaced with Danny Diversity and Betty Bugwright that are actually a negative? The powers go into a tizzy and complain about the TEAM slowing down. Everyone on the team knows why but can’t say. And what is your evaluation and/or bonus or whatever based on? Being a team player, not a team winner.

Second is “the two week sprint”. Why two weeks? Imagine a complex subproject that will take someone good three months to go from start to finish, but you know that he can do it as he has been reliable. What this new process does is require it to be broken down into a dozen individual 2 week tickets with what needs to be completed – yes, a real deliverable – a each point. You might recognize this as the hardest part of any nontrivial change or addition. But Danny Diversity can’t even begin to understand how to do anything for the complex subproject, but can copy a bubblesort routine when it is needed for sprint #9. It is worse than that because 2 weeks is the MAXIMUM granularity, but the idea is to have half-day sized projects.

Note there will be “customers” that request a feature, and “the team” is supposed to estimate it, but in the new paradigm design is either omitted, relegated outside the team, or is done in parallel (usually as resented tickets trying to do a mini-waterfall inside the “agile” – usually it is the reverse). If you are making small patches, easily reversed to something like a website (e.g. add popup for shopping cart), this can work because the granularity is small, testability is high, it is a small mod, not a major design, and can be backed out instantly. Imagine if an OTA update bricks or introduces a huge vulnerability to a smartphone.

Third, one of the foundations of Agile is constant refactoring, often built in to the process, to avoid accumulating technical debt. If refactoring is one of those things that is avoided or treated like something that we haaaave to do, you are doing the converged version of “Agile”. Why? Because Betty Bugwright and Danny Diversity will get their tasks done in the sprint, but either any review will reject them or a clean-up tech debt ticket will have to be added. Can’t let there be a visible pattern of where the accumulation of technical debt is coming from. Like San Francisco wondering why the spontaneous appearance of the feces and needles on the side walks.

Fourth, Participation (a)Trophy Test driven code. Actual regression tests are very useful, but hard to do and take time and effort to code. Expecially cross module unit and system tests. Instead, we get kabuki where Danny writes a routine to verify Add(2,2) returns 4, which is still better than letting him modify any used part of the code. But you can add thousands of lines of meaningless clutter, imply that the quality is improving because it is now “tested” while the system is collapsing, and give the deadweight something nondestructive to do for the kabuki.

True Agile is a toolbox, with screwdrivers to remove screws, hammers for nails, and wrenches or at least pliers for bolts. But when all you have is a hammer…

This is an astute observation. I may have to include it almost verbatim as an example in Corporate Cancer.

Mailvox: the Truth will out

No matter how converged the institutions become, God can always renew the human heart and rebuild new ones. A reader writes of attending Mass this weekend.

I have recently made small efforts to attending the Mass again after a long layoff. I found a parish here in my Florida diocese that happens to administer the pre-Vatican Latin Mass after attending one for the first time on Easter in Germany. Talk about a night and day difference between services.

Anyways, to the point… I was floored when the celebrating priest stepped up to give his Homily and focused on this particular Mass’ Introit prayer, an excerpt from Psalm 53: “the Lord is the protector of my soul; turn back the evils of mine enemies, and cut them off in Thy truth.” He spoke frankly about the… unsuitability of this exhortation for Godly vengeance for the modern sensibilities of the Church and related it to the recent revelations of an American cardinal who has been in the news for abusing seminarians for years, and yet continuing to rise in the Church hierarchy.

To hammer it home even more, the priest spoke of how – at least in the States – the Conference of Catholic Bishops has put zero tolerance rules in place that effectively deflect blame away from themselves down to the priests and parishioners in cases where abuses are brought to light, saving their own asses while offering up those of the flocks they ought be tending to. He even uttered those three magic words – Social Justice Warrior – and excoriated them from the pulpit for separating Christian charity from their works while putting all of their efforts into grandstanding and focusing on the worldly aspects of said works (i.e. politics) This is a far cry from a mass I attended some months ago where the Celebrant was urging us all to call our representatives and cry a river over the Dreamer babies amongst us because – well, because.

This Sunday’s priest said, specifically, “If you open your eyes, and begin to pay attention, and learn what to look for, you will not like what you see.

“And many Christians must be prepared – and yet will not be – to learn just how deep the darkness runs.”

I was brought immediately back to a Darkstream you recently posted, speaking on the depths of depravity of the power brokers in our world and in our institutions, and how few people are truly prepared for the revelations to come about said institutions. God Bless this guy for having some balls to speak truth to power when it seems like all of Christendom has been castrated.

The darkness runs deep. But it does not run deep enough to escape the light of Truth or the sword of Justice. Even the noble pagans knew this.

When you close your doors, and make darkness within, remember never to say that you are alone, for you are not alone; nay, God is within, and your genius is within. And what need have they of light to see what you are doing?
– Epictetus

Be free. Be fearless. And when the Day of Deus Vult arrives, be ferocious.

The Chickenhawk squared

Some of the newer Ilk are learning to trust my instincts:

I doubted Vox when he predicted that Shapiro would eventually come out in defense of Jewish Hollywood rapists. But here we are.

It’s really not that difficult. Everything a tribalist does will be in defense of his tribe, even if that requires declaring that 1+1=2 one minute, then turning around and declaring that 1+1=fuchsia the next. I have known that Ben Shapiro was a dishonest little snake since 2005.

When are you all going to understand that you can NEVER give a snake a pass just because he happens to mouth a few words that you like every now and then? NEVER! Once someone reveals their snakish character, that means you cannot trust a single word that he wrote, said, or implied, either in the past or in the future.

That’s how I knew Jordan Peterson was an evil and corrupting influence before I’d watched any of his videos or read either of his books. That’s why I have never had any respect or regard for Ben Shapiro, even before his star ascended in the usual conservative circles and the New York Times anointed him a leading figure of the Approved Opposition. It’s just a matter of time before pictures of both of them with black eyes appear.

The following are the words of a snake. Compare and contrast the two statements.

I think @JamesGunn is an a**hole, as my exchange with him earlier this week made clear. I also think that firing him for vile old joke tweets is bad precedent and a mistake. There is no limiting principle to the outrage mob.
– Ben Shapiro

Of course there are legitimate racists and we should target them, We should find them and we should hurt their careers because racism is unacceptable.
– Ben Shapiro

So, racism is unacceptable, but pedophilia is just fine with the Littlest Chickenhawk. Quelle surprise…. Anyhow, it’s beyond stupid to claim that any “precedent” is being set here. There is no dearth of well-established precedent for people being fired for a single tweet, let alone dozens of seriously sketchy ones.

A reader points out another snakish juxtaposition.

And by the way, I don’t give a good damn about the so-called “browning of America.
– Ben Shapiro

If Germans, who had a centuries-old connection to the newly created Polish territory, could be expelled, then surely Palestinians, whose claim to Judea, Samaria and Gaza is dubious at best, can be expelled. It’s time to stop being squeamish.
– Ben Shapiro

The Palestinians have a much stronger historical claim to Judea, Samaria, and Gaza than the Jews do to any land from Maine to California. Shall we take this to mean that Ben Shapiro would support the expulsion of the Jewish people from the USA?

Mailvox: MPAI in action

A reader encounters a pair of Jordaneticians on an airplane:

You may find this interaction I had with a random couple interesting.

While on a plane flight, a couple across the aisle were both reading 12 Rules for Life.  I waited for the flight to land to ask them what they thought about the book so far.  Both of them were only a couple chapters into the book.  The husband responded with:

“Oh my God I love it, it’s just so good.”

As much as I wanted to just sit down and have a lengthy conversation with them about how he’s a charlatan, I recognized this was not the time or place and they were complete strangers.  So instead I told them, “the more I read and study JP, the less I like him.  And that the book is just completely incoherent, how do gorillas having black sclera have anything to do with his rules?

The husband paused for a second and acknowledged that JP does go on too many irrelevant tangents.  But his wife had another answer in mind:

“But that’s just how JP thinks! His mind is just wired that way, not only does he write that way he speaks that way too!  He’s just on a completely different level than us!”

At this point the people in front of me started leaving, so I gave my pleasantries and walked away.  But while walking through the jet bridge I can hear the wife continue to talk to her husband about how JP is just too smart, and that his mind is just too difficult for us to understand.

Now it was only a 2-minute conversation, but what would you have done?  Is there some good rhetoric or elevator speech that can enlighten these lost men?

I would have said something like: “He’s on a different level, all right. The psychopathic level. You know he admits to dreaming about killing and eating the cousin he still thinks was the most beautiful woman in the world, right? You’re taking advice about life from Hannibal the cannibal. Why not just watch Silence of the Lambs while you’re at it?”

Mailvox: created equality

AP observes that equality is ideology, not theology:

Good response to Rob re: being “created in the image of God” on this morning’s post. I hadn’t thought of that one.

I did a little research into the use of the words “equal” and “equality” in the Bible not too long ago that turns out to support the point you’re making. The words are never used in the Genesis account (as you probably already have noticed), and while erek (the Hebrew) and isotes (Greek for “fairness”) appear here and there throughout scripture, at no point are they used to describe any sort of equality in God’s eyes between one man and another. That concept is simply not there in our Bibles, whether in Testaments Old or New.

Further, to say that two people are both “created in the image of God” is not the same as saying they are equally created in the image of God. There are always more accurate likenesses and less accurate likenesses, as we all know from portraiture, genetics and funhouse mirrors.

Even among Christians there is no “equality” in the sense that is being claimed here. 1 Corinthians 12 talks about how the Body of Christ is constituted of many members, some of which appear “less honorable”, “weaker” and even “unpresentable”. They serve purposes that appear ignoble, and the more “presentable” body members therefore have an obligation to care for these. The apostle Paul hints that these unpresentable members often have hidden value (probably both to God and to us; personally, I suspect their value consists largely in the graces they were created to cultivate in the other members of the Body), but what is very clear is that they were created to function differently. Further, whatever value they do have, no claim whatsoever is made in the passage that the various parts are “equal” in any way, or anywhere else in the Bible, only that they need each other to function properly

This is evident from the real world: nobody functions better and more admirably than the godly mother of a disabled child. The graces cultivated in her by caring for a “lesser part” speak eloquently to God’s real purpose in creating living beings that just don’t work, look, act, think or function as well as others.

Those who claim the Bible teaches equality are reading their early childhood Western propagandization back into scripture with no warrant.

As a general rule, if there is any doubt about a theological position, look with extreme skepticism at the position that is in line with the world’s approval.

But is his room clean?

A reader writes:

20 years ago, when faced with adversity or challenge, I may have given up. I did many times. Raised by a gamma and public school, I was taught too much backward bullshit.

Then I started reading Vox Popoli.

This week I had a serious medical situation. The thought to feel sorry for myself never crossed my mind. Business, family, friends, projects. I was seriously still trying to get out of bed to take on the world. I kept asking myself: okay, how will I work around this? What can I accomplish?

Between eviscerating his enemies and leaving their charred bones on the battlefield, the Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil occasionally makes time to inspire people too. The horror!

I have always felt that we Dark Lords are woefully underestimated. I mean, consider Sauron, for example. Has anyone ever given any thought to how charismatic he must have been, how inspiring, to not only convince whole kingdoms, whole races, to support his vision for Middle Earth, but even convince some of his most avowed enemies to abandon their fellows and throw in with him?

Mailvox: shaking off the dust

A reader realizes that his church is politicized, cucked, and anti-Biblical. Time to find a new place of worship:

We’ve been attending a church for some time now that has pretty good doctrinal foundation, but there have been noticeable cracks.  I was content to stay for the time being, but today was the last straw.  After the worship set, we were subjected to a morbidly obese, unmarried, nose ring-wearing black woman, claiming the title and mantle of a Deacon, taking to the pulpit and instructing us as a congregation to have a time of special prayer on behalf of the children being separated from their families at the southern border.  She was sure to say “this is not political”, but then proceeded to levy Deuteronomy 10 in order to emotionally blackmail us, deceitfully using “sojourner” to represent permanent and illegal invaders. The Lord has a heart for these children, of course, and so should we, but the political implications and undertone were clear.

Furthermore, not once have I heard anyone take to the pulpit and ask for a special time of prayer for orphans in our own state or city.  Not once have I heard them ask for a special time of prayer for something that substantially affects our own community, such as the opioid epidemic.  Not once have I heard them address the severe negative effects that our society has borne (and will bear) due to mass immigration – from crime, physical and career displacement, increased debt/taxes, to the eventual collapse of federal finances due to the increased welfare, etc.  No, we had to have a special time of prayer over a mere 2,000 children that might have been temporarily separated from their “parents” as their bullshit asylum claims were adjudicated.  It was all I could do to not stand up and confront this shameful display by shouting her down.

The wife and I left immediately after, and are now seeking a new church home, however I have little hope that we would be able to find any American church that will boldly stand up for our own people first.  If I were so equipped, I would start one myself.  For now, the best I can do is to try and positively influence my family and friends to be aware about what is happening to our civilization, and do what we can to stem the tide.

If Christians would simply do a better job of a) following the clear instructions in the Bible, and, b) policing their institutions and organizations, this mass exodus would not be necessary. But for some reason, welcoming everyone is almost always accorded a higher priority than anything else, despite Paul’s explicit warning about wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The one thing I would recommend to the reader is to not disappear, but be sure he informs the pastor and the board of deacons why his family will not be attending that institution that used to be a church. Any church that has female priests, pastors, or deacons is already dead, I am not aware of a single example of a church that has adopted them that has not subsequently seen a rapid decline in both its teachings and its attendance.

Mailvox: Blue-collar wakeup call

White Americans are gradually learning that their good intentions don’t mean a damned thing when they interfere with an identity group’s self-interest or objectives.

This isn’t news to you but is interesting for me to watch. I work in a foundry. We have [hundreds of] employees. Around 90 percent are men. All of the older workers, engineers, and upper management are white.

HR says they deal with 27 different first languages. Many employees are Mexican, SE Asian, and Africans (even fewer black Americans). English is sometimes their 3rd language. We used to have more eastern European & Russian but most have moved on.

The department I work in is all male, over 40, and white. A few of them are California and Nevada transplants. One of the transplants recently was called racist, by a dark-skinned Mexican, for not mounting a fan on his forklift as soon as the Mexican complained about being hot to HR. Only the office & lunch room areas, in [very large] facility, are air-conditioned. The Mexican’s old white female manager is backing him on the racist label and escalating the situation. Last fall HR hired two new people. Both are textbook SJWs. Your books have been very helpful in learning what to look out for.

The transplant is a friend of mine. He’s a nice guy to work and hunt with but a cuck in the culture war. Multiple of his biological grandkids are White-Mexican mixed. I talked to him about the southern border invasion a couple of years ago. He got angry over what I said. After a couple of days he realized it was the truth. He lived in California for over 45 years. He saw the changes that happened there. He moved due to the rise in crime.

Unfortunately he hasn’t taken my advice to buy your books and read them. So now he finds himself pissed and confused.  I told him to quickly contact the other places that have recently offered him a job and run out of here. This company is collapsing again. It’s SJW-infiltrated. He won’t win and if he fights it here he could get a racist label stuck on him, which will kill any chance of a decent blue-collar job at any company with an HR department in the area. Especially if they also have any SJW infiltration.

I hope he gets a new job fast and learns his place in the culture war. Especially before it goes hot.

Don’t let this happen to you, your friends, or your family. Read SJWAL and SJWADD instead of learning your lesson the hard way.