Mailvox: the tarantula’s dilemma

A gamma asks why he should not seek revenge for his unhappiness:

What do you do if you respect conservative views, you like the ideology and the principals they convey, but no matter no hard you try, no matter your character, how much you give you will never be equal simply because you were not born beautiful enough to be considered as worthy. For me I will never have a family, never feel loved. Never get any recognition. I Will always need to work harder than others for less reward. I would say I’m a 6 but have had almost no positive attention from anyone in 10 years while giving my best, working overtime often 10 or more hours per week, trying desperately to connect with people and going out of my way to make them feel welcome and understood but never getting the same in return. There is no happiness in my life, there is no prospect of happiness only an abyss. I’m a gamma born of a narcissistic single mother and a cucked pathetic father, indoctrinated in leftist schools, starved of humanity. Should I follow your doctrine? I know I was lied to. How can I not seek revenge? Why would I not seek revenge?

First, conservatism is not an ideology and it has no principles. So, there is nothing there to respect, it is merely a “sensibility” one may happen to share with others, which is of absolutely no more significance than a shared preference in music or video games. Second, upon whom are you going to seek revenge? Upon those who did this to you or to those who are innocent of everything but being less unlucky than you?

Understand that you were created to be a weapon against those you envy. Why would you ever want to do the will of those who turned you into a tarantula? Why not seek vengeance upon them by rejecting the fate they chose for you and becoming the man you were meant to be?

In the end, your choice will come down to whether you hate the lies or you hate the truth even more.

Mailvox: a perspicacious analysis

RS points out how the Narrative is pushed in the media:

You’re an intelligent enough gentleman that I don’t have to hold your hand and provide a play-by-play as to exactly why and how this article is propagandistic. Suffice to say that given the political climate in the West and saying (as I do)that skinheads, neo-Nazis, and the like aren’t a problem in the West as this article assumes, It basically demonises whitey and Trump supporters.

I just want to point out something. We know of documented incidents of violence, hatred, and intolerance of SJWs, abortion-supporters, the Orwellian- Antifa, amongst others. We know how “the Left” likes to accuse anyone who disagrees with them: conservatives, nationalists, Christians.

So, with that in the article carefully. This is what I got out of it:

1. Isolation – TPTB will try to isolate individuals away from communities that provide support – whether psychologically or materially. This might be done in a simple divide-and-conquer methodology, or just by simple distraction.

2. They’ll provide some of these isolated individuals with alternate communities that feed and reinforce only the narrative they believe is socially acceptable.

3. “The narrative” – note that the “expert” references *narratives*, not truth…but stories. And they are no longer interested in persuading with truth and reason, but avenues of mind control and manipulation.

4. The planting of seeds – which I call gentle coercion. This actually begins in the news and entertainment media.  It is not..maybe coercion is the wrong word for it..perhaps subtle indoctrination.

Here’s an example: this article exists. It assumes that violent racism is a serious problem which needs to be solved, but the assumption is not explicitly described. It just provides a solution to a problem that we are expected to accept. We must submit first to the idea that this is a problem, before we can deal with the solution fairly..but if we work backwards? The game is up. It’s like the game of Jeopardy. What is the question, Alex? And we are expected to provide the question and, in that sense, delude ourselves into thinking that it was our own thoughts, that we came up with it by ourselves. Vox, does this sound right to you? It’s insidious! I love how they trot out the expert and a rabbi. It’s just another manipulation tactic. All we need is the gay guy and a bar and the joke’s on us. Oh wait, they did trot out the gay guy!

5. The love-bomb – this is indicative in their description of taking people on a roadtrip to find nice people. Oh…that person was kind to me! Therefore, illegal immigration or Islam or SJWism or Christian persecution or whatever isn’t a problem! It’s another logic inversion. Now, possibly those things aren’t a problem! But that doesn’t follow from “there are some nice Hondurans who don’t traffic children”. Yes. Obviously.

Wherever you encounter inversion, you know you are dealing with the servants of the Lie. That’s the scent of sulfur that informs you that what you’re dealing is not merely error, but evil.

Mailvox: deplatform yourself

A YouTube commenter describes how he achieved a degree of self-enlightenment

I got off Facebook in 2012-13, somewhere in there, when I found myself being emotionally and mentally overtaken by propaganda and kindergarten-politics every day all day. All I could think about and talk about(or more accurately complain about) was conspiracy theory and leftists. One day I looked at my post history and thought, “Holy shit I must be annoying.”

Was wasting my life away being concerned about shit I can’t change, posting to a bunch of dummies I barely knew, who wouldn’t care enough to even know what I was going on about. Best thing I ever did. Also got banned from worldnews reddit a few weeks ago based on subject matter. Nothing but a blessing on all fronts. Keep them spirits high people!

Or as I see it, not all battles are worth fighting. When you have a surfeit of enemies, some degree of prioritization is necessary. Focus on defeating the important ones first, avoid the battles that cannot be won for one reason or another, and ignore the anklebiters.

Mailvox: why is civic nationalism wrong?

DK wants to know why an unlimited number of people from different nations should not be permitted to immigrate even if they accept Western Civilization Values:

I am trying to understand how to take the leap intellectually from a Civic Nationalist to a Nationalist. My view thus far has been that as long as people from different nations immigrate, take on and accept Western Civilization Values that there is no reason that we should not accept them into the country. Do you have a particular blog or video posted that would give me more insight into why my view is incorrect.

Thank you for all the free information you have provided. I was a JBP and Ben Shapiro fan before you and you have open my eyes to how deceitful they actually are so thank you.

Go ahead. Demonstrate what you’ve learned here over the years. Seeing as I’ve already co-written a book on the subject, I’ll leave this one to you all.

The sickness in science fiction

The evil that Moira Greyland describes in The Last Closet is neither unique nor is it anathema in the science fiction world. From a recent comment at the Castalia House blog.

My brother is a lesser known science fiction author and I can confirm all of this is true. Pedophilia is a serious problem in the community and no one is doing anything to stop it!

Sadly, I had to cut off ties with my brother because not only does he condone relationships with young boys, but he has had several young lovers in his time on the Sc i-Fi Con circuit. His ex-wife will not even allow him to see his own daughter. His behavior – which once again – IS CELEBRATED in the sci fi community has destroyed countless lives and families. Including mine.

The fact that we’re not paying attention to this does not mean that it is not happening anymore. To the contrary, the evil is now spreading slowly to a mainstream that is being gradually permeated with it.

Mailvox: Graduating Gamma extended

A gamma working to modify his patterns of behavior shares his thoughts on applying the Graduating Gamma series. I expect it may be helpful to others seeking to do the same.

I’ve been ironing out my Gamma tendencies and thought it might be helpful if I emailed in a small addendum to the Graduating Gamma series. I’ve noticed that a lot of Reprehensibles are also motivated to upgrade their behaviour and a few things have worked for me that might be of use to others on the same path.

I’m not a full-blown delusional Gamma but those that far gone won’t be reading this anyway. I’ve listed some of the concepts linked to the sources right here:

Recommended reading for Gammas seeking to graduate to Delta.

SJWs Always Double Down:

  • Know thy bad habits
  • Gammas are delusional cowards
  • Gammas are annoying
  • Gammas pretend to be above things they are not

No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert Glover:

  • the need to play team sports
  • the need to develop male friends in order to stop desperately needing the approval of women
  • understanding the key role of toxic shame
  • understanding that controlling parents were often the cause of gamma

Essays on masculinity by Mike Cernovich

  • 8 traits of masculine men article

Jordanetics: 12 Real Rules for Life

  • The need to lift weights
  • The need to tell the truth in kindness
  • The need to do what’s right

Core concepts learned from the Darkstream:

  • The need to accept reality instead of raging against it
  • The need to accept that nobody cares about your feelings
  • The need to avoid mic drops that attempt to hurt feelings and establish yourself as the secret king
  • The need to learn to forgive yourself, others and more
  • Learn to embrace failure and to learn to love to fight
  • The need to pray for what you need usually:
    •        Courage
    •        To be able to endure negative emotions
    •        To forgive
    •        To accept

If this is helpful please feel free to share it with those looking to upgrade their lives.

Diversity has not been their strength

Apparently the good ship USS Intel is discovering that its much-vaunted commitment to diversity in tech is not helping it compete in a global marketplace, as it abandons the 5G modem business to Qualcomm. An engineer explains in an email:

Intel is throwing out many years of engineering.  Again!  10 nm is not working for them.  And this latest shrink is on them to develop.  Too bad they hire so many Indians who are unqualified to do this kind of work.  AMD is doing much better and shipping chips in a timely manner.  AMD owns the server market hopefully they can take over the desktop and laptop markets too.  Much better engineering departments at AMD.  The laptop market is being driven by other chip makers working on a variety of new designs.  Intel can no longer innovate gadgets which people are using.  Apple is also feeling the engineering gap.

All those H1B visa folks are cheap workers but unproductive and mostly untrained. If a company could break themselves of the H1B habit they could hire American engineering students who have been trained.  I don’t think companies understand their bottom line is highly effected by the quality of the product they produce.  It is not dependent on cheap labor but on skilled labor.  Luckily AMD understands this. They will prevail.

Diversity = commitment to shorter and shorter time preferences. This is an intrinsically dyscivilizational development and will eventually lead, not only to technological stagnation, but technological regression.

Nations rising: Finland edition

A Finn describes the current situation in light of today’s national elections:

99 percent of the votes are counted and we pretty much know what the result of our election is. It’s the best result one could realistically have hoped for, but it’s not going to save the country. However, it still keeps us in the game, for reasons that need a little bit of unpacking.

Now, just the result: Social Democratic Party, which is your basic vanilla socialist party – like Democrats in USA – came first. Finns Party, lacking one seat behind SDP, came second. The rest don’t really matter.

Everyone will ally against Finns Party, and keep them out of government. This is absolutely guaranteed. It’s the only thing all parties agree on. However, there was a time when the Finns Party had essentially gone so far down in polls that they were just on the brink of being considered a minor party. Now they are pretty much exactly back to their high point.

But there is something very important: Between the last two elections there was a cuck rebellion in Finns Party. They conspired with each other, formed a new party (Let’s call it Cuck Party) and were able to keep their senate positions, while the rest of Finns Party that was now being led by the most hardcore nationalist politician in the country. He’s been convicted in court on several counts of hate speech against Islam. Incidentally, he (Jussi Halla-Aho) just received the highest number of votes of any individual candidate in the election.

The Cuck Party received zero seats. ZERO. And Halla-Aho has already stated a year ago that he will not accept any of them back in Finns Party, in any role. So, what this means is that cucks are successfully purged from the party, and since they achieved their original popularity, they are in an immensely better position with all the cucks gone, than they were at the time with the cucks ready to stab them in the back at the first opportunity.

One more election cycle is required in Finland. Let this be a lesson to nationalists everywhere: purge your cucks! They will betray you.

Mailvox: What about MEEEEE?

Fortunately, I now have an answer for every “whataboutmeeist” who is in some sort of mixed-race marriage, interracial relationship, has mixed-race children, or has a half-Chinese step-brother married to a Filippino woman who has adopted Congolese orphans. Read this paper:

When competition between groups becomes violent the female of a mixed marriage and her offspring are often vulnerable to violence by not only the group from which her male partner is assigned but also to violent acts by members of the group with which she is identified. When the goal of an adversary is to eliminate manifestations of identity the role of the individual within a society, including children and other non-combatants, is of little consequence. Using the conflict in the former Yugoslavia and in Rwanda as a focus this essay takes a bio-social and cultural comparative approach in exploring the situational factors underlying genocidal behavior wherein the woman in a mixed conjugal union and her offspring are disproportionately vulnerable to violence. The possible co-evolvement of individual behaviors with group-level institutions is considered as worthy of more focused attention in an attempt to understand the intense vulnerability of some women and children in environments of lethal conflict.

Be sure to bookmark the URL, as no doubt it will prove useful for commenters here in answering the inevitable questions from the What About Me crowd in the future.

And to all of those who have wonderful [nationality] [family members] and wish to dispute the probable outcome of mass immigration and demographic change in their [political entity], I cordially invite you to take the matter up with Ralph Hartley at the Department of Anthropology, University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Mailvox: Bye, Gamma

Professor Julian checks all the boxes in a single email.

Although your narcissism has been quite amusing, I’m afraid I must ban you now. Your rants haven’t convinced me that your IQ is anywhere above 105, and as one administering IQ tests weekly, I should know. Regretfully, I don’t like to associate with average IQ people.

To which I simply responded “Bye, Gamma.” What else is there to say?

Do you see how easy it is to spot these characters? So much so that we can safely conclude that this guy isn’t even a genuine professor at a university, but is actually some sort of less-credentialed non-academic who has granted himself the title.

UPDATE: His inevitable response:

Gamma…LOL Not that smart, are you?…LMAO

Gammas must have such a wonderful life. They’re just laughing so hard all the time….