Mailvox: outsourcing defense

I don’t think there can be much doubt any longer that the US military is going to lose its next major war:

You have no idea how bad the rot is within US Defense Contractors these days. I work as an engineer for a major [defense contractor] and I regularly hear Mandarin being spoken in our office by the Chinese-born people in one of our testing groups. It is rather insane.

Additionally, their English is terrible and their accents are more exaggerated, comical and less intelligible than those performed by Owen Benjamin in his various, hilarious Chinamen skits. I wouldn’t be surprised if their home nation had entire models of some of our vehicles based on these hiring and employment practices. It has certainly happened before with other companies and Defense projects.

I looked up one of these guys on LinkedIn and he did his undergrad and got his Masters in Beijing, but got his PhD at a US university. Probably paid for by the Chinese government. The Paperwork American mythos is so strong as to begar belief and all logic. Can you imagine a Chinese defense contractor allowing a single American-born individual within a few miles of their facilities, let alone through their doors? I certainly can’t.

Whoever writes The Decline and Fall of the United States of America in the wake of the final US collapse is going to have a very difficult time convincing future generations that the historical Americans were genuinely as stupid as they are being described.

Mailvox: one giant leap for an omega

LE begins to apply his newfound knowledge of the socio-sexual hierarchy:

I’m a noob in this world. I believe I was an omega until one stream you said something angrily like, “just do what normal people do!” to another omega man. I got a haircut, trimmed my beard to stubble, and started wearing clothes that aren’t sweats.

I walked past a house party in my neighborhood, Saturday, July 13th, and a woman yelled, “GQ!” I just kept walking thinking, obviously they aren’t talking to me, but then the a second one screamed, “GQ come here!”

Although it went against my instinct of running home and torturing myself with remorse for eternity, I joined them. Long story short, one of them, a nurse, asked to use my phone, and she saved her number into it. Even if this relationship results in nothing more than a few text messages, I’m forever in your debt.

I wasted the first 30 years of my life as an antisocial pussy, and always thought of the term “carpe diem” as a load of shit. Now, I’m excited to seize every day. I was thinking about your and Owen’s role in turning my formerly worthless life around, while listening to Dean Martin’s Kick in the Head, and this stupid, simple line brought me to tears, “if this is just the beginning/ then my life is gonna be beautiful!” So I felt obligated to write, if only to let you know of my gratitude.

If you want to win, if you even want to score a point or two, you have to a) learn the rules and b) get in the game. Not necessarily in that order.

LE’s instincts are all wrong, obviously, for whatever reason. But he understands this now, and he has a mind and a will that together are capable of overriding those erroneous instincts. And it appears he has better raw material with which to work than the average omega. Regardless, the key is this: if your normal patterns of behavior aren’t working for you, then change them! Stop enviously sniping at the normal, functional people, stop listening to your fellow dysfunctionals, and start simply doing what the normal people do.

If it worked for him, it can work for you.

Gladstone on free trade

A reader sends an informative quote from the great 19th-century British advocate of free trade, Prime Minister William Gladstone:

Advocacy of Free Trade goes back to the United Kingdom of 1846-1860.  However, what William Gladstone actually said as a defense of free trade is “It is a mistake to suppose that the best way of giving benefit to the labouring classes is simply to operate on the articles consumed by them. If you want to do them the maximum of good, you should rather operate on the articles which give them a maximum of employment.”

However, in 1846-1860 English manufacturing was the best in the world, though America had surpassed them in some fields. Free trade meant far larger markets abroad for English goods, and cheaper foodstuffs at home, meaning that the English labouring classes had more money to spend on their own manufactures.

For precisely the same reason, the French have rigorous protections of their somewhat inefficient agriculture, namely it creates a maximum of employment.

For the United States of 2019, our labor is relatively expensive, so in many areas our industries are not competitive with places where labor costs little. Gladstone’s rationale for free trade thus indicates for us that protectionism, not free trade, is to our advantage.

Translation: it is a fundamental mistake for economists to focus on providing the US population with access to cheap imported goods instead of jobs that permit them to pay for more expensive domestic goods.

The Christian view on Diversity

Archcuck David French on why he imported an Ethiopian to the USA:

I’m an evangelical Christian, and ever since I was a young man, two Bible verses have tugged at my soul. The first comes from the Book of James, and defines “pure” religious practice in part as looking after “widows and orphans in their distress.” The second, from the Book of Galatians, declares an eternal truth: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” As a result, my wife and I not only felt called to adopt, but we believed that race was no barrier to unity for a family of genuine faith.

And so, in the summer of 2010, we journeyed to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to pick up our youngest child. Then we chopped off his penis, gave him a girl’s name, and brought him to America where there is neither male nor female, for we are all one in Diversity.

“Ashkelon shall see it, and be afraid; Gaza too, and shall writhe in anguish; Ekron also, because it’s hopes are confounded. The king shall perish in Gaza; Askelon shall be uninhabited, a mixed people shall dwell in Ashdod, and I will cut of the pride of Philistia.”
(Zech. 9:5-6)

Reader Matt notes: In the Bible, the destruction of national identity is a clear sign of the judgement of God, therefore it is very bad for a nation. This speaks volumes about what is happening in the West; multiculturalism is literally a sign that we have been very, very bad. As you said in a recent Darkstream, we need to stop tolerating those who are tempting God to smite them. 

Immigration, diversity, and assimilation are God’s collective curse on a nation, because it is a way of destroying a nation even more completely than war. Just ask your nearest American Indian who belongs to one of the 562 tribes that haven’t been completely extinguished yet.

And I can’t help but wonder how long it will take Churchians to declare transgenderism to be proper theology on the basis of that verse from Galatians.

Mailvox: defending Ben Shapiro

Jew613 rather unwisely attempted to defend the Littlest Chickenhawk’s disrespect for Jesus Christ:

Jews never believed Jesus was anything but a man. This can’t possibly be news to you. There are a series of very specific prophecies, which werent fulfilled. Hence the need for a second coming so Jews rejected him. While the Gemara doesnt mention Jesus, the vat of semen story is not about your Jesus, why do you expect reverence for your divinity from another religion? There isnt any such respect shown to from Christians towards Jews, Rabbis, shuls, or the religion itself.

It’s not news to me or anyone here that Jews never believed Jesus was anything but a man. Hey, at least they believe he actually existed and walked the Holy Land, right? But apparentlyit is news to a lot of PragerU-supporting Christians and conservative Shapiro fans, which has been demonstrated rather clearly by their reaction to Big Bear breaking the news to them.

As to why we expect respect – not reverence, respect – for our Lord and Savior from another religion, it is because you live in our Christian civilization. You don’t live in a Jewish civilization, you don’t live in a Jewish society, you don’t live in the Jewish homeland, you live in a Christian civilization and a Christian society. So, if you don’t want to show respect for Jesus Christ, for Christianity, and Christian traditions, that’s your choice and your prerogative, but then by all means get your fat, subversive, inversive asses out of our collective house.

When I lived in Japan, I showed respect for both their Shinto spirits and the Amidha Buddha worshipped by my hosts, not because I believed in any of it in the slightest, but because I was a guest in their civilization and their society. I didn’t try to forcibly alter their society because I was accustomed to using a fork instead of chopsticks and leaving my shoes on inside the house. How do you not understand that basic principle of decent human behavior?

Now, it is an absolute lie to claim that there is no respect shown to Jews, Rabbis, shuls, and Judaism by tens of millions of Christians across the West. An ABSOLUTE and shameless lie. But that raises the question, on precisely what grounds does the Jewish religion even merit any respect? What is there to respect, exactly? Very, very few non-Jews even know what that religion is, much less what the average practitioner believes. The rabbis literally make it an imperative, if not a capital offense, to share even basic facts about your religion with outsiders. So how can anyone be expected to respect what is purposefully hidden from them?

More importantly, Christians are not living in your civilization or your society. You are living in ours. You are a guest, you are not a co-owner, let alone the proprietor of the place. That means you owe respect and conformity to Christian rules, traditions, and sensibilities, whereas Christians owe you nothing at all unless they happen to live in Israel.

Now, I am aware that God promised Abraham that he would be “a blessing” and his children would be “to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation”. And that was assuming they actually kept their side of the bargain. I note that He never promised the children of Abraham, of which the Jews are a one-thirteenth fraction, that they would heal the world, let alone rule the nations and eat like effendi with thousands of subhuman animals to serve them as slaves.

So, my question to Jew613 is this: who promised you that?

Mailvox: another reason for cancelling student loan debt

A bankruptcy lawyer explains how student loan debt is often just the first domino:

Here’s what practical experience has taught me in the thousands of bankruptcy cases I’ve filed for clients: student loan debt perpetuates bankruptcy filings.

A pattern is emerging. Clients making $25,000-$40,000/year with student loans see us every decade to file a new Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. Why? They take out predatory loans and use credit cards to stay afloat. Why? Because the ~$50,000 in student loans wasn’t discharged in the last bankruptcy. There are limited programs to get around the debt temporarily, but most are stuck in the cycle.

In a sense, the predatory loans and credit cards they are taking out again and not paying are paying the student loans they’re stuck with (i.e. the money being paid on the student loans is offset by dischargeable debt they later take bankruptcy for to stay afloat). It’s a vicious cycle.

There are a number of bad reasons to not discharge student loan debt, but there are no good reasons. Literally nothing good is going to come of trying to squeeze even more blood from those particular stones.

Mailvox: it’s only fair

A MGTOW decides that it is only fair to ask me to give practical help and advice to others:

You’ve stated your case against MGTOW’s like me as liars and Satanists, so now I think it’s fair to ask you to now move on to the next step, which is to give practical help and advice to these young men that you are encouraging to get married regarding what sort of women they should be looking for, and how they can be better and more successful husbands and fathers.

You might think it should be obvious, but when people are young and lack life experience they don’t always see things clearly. The gynocentric feminazi world certainly is not helping men and women figure things out.

I’m still MGTOW my self, because that’s what works for me, I was MGTOW decades before it had the name or the militant political and social aspect to it. Even so, I happily concede some of your points, one of which MGTOW’s call NAWALT, not all women are like that. But young men need help seeing and understanding what these unicorns look like, the kind of attitudes and opinions that are peculiar to the unicorns. It’s more than just their notch counts and selfies, I think.

I never found a unicorn my self, but I still allow that they exist, somewhere, out there, in the big world.

So, young men need help recognizing the qualities of a unicorn, and also they need help developing the qualities of leadership that you point out are necessary to maintaining a healthy relationship with a woman.

I think if you provided a positive message toward that end, you would help the cause of promoting the survival of western civilization more effectively than just calling people names.

You called me a liar, but I would be lying if I did not confess and admit that I have made a deliberate and considered choice to eschew relationships with females, and I’d be a liar if I didn’t tell the truth about how and why I made that choice.

I don’t tell young men what to do or not do, I don’t call them names if they make a different choice. Mainly I tell young men, when I tell them anything, to be careful about women, don’t fall for just a pretty face, and make sure they consult with a lawyer before they sign any legal documents of any kind. How is that bad advice? How is that dishonest and Satanic? I’m not seeing it. But never mind on that, just please think about how to actually accomplish what you claim is your intention, which is a good intention in my opinion.

Hey, calling liars and cowards liars and cowards is just me going my own way. How can they possibly object to that? It’s really rather amazing how sensitive these narcissistic creatures are to criticism of their chosen path when they have very publicly declared that they owe nothing to society and refuse to do anything for anyone. What do they care if anyone calls them names anyhow?

Anyhow, I don’t care what they think is fair. I’m not shaming them to try to change their behavior, I am simply observing their contemptible cowardice and their habitual dishonesty. I don’t care what they think is fair. I don’t care what they think at all.

This is all I have to say directly to the MGTOW: You quit. You’re out. You’re done. You ran from the battle. So be it. You don’t count anymore. Now go off and die alone, as you’ve chosen.

Mailvox: Military-grade Gamma

It’s becoming evident that narcissism bordering on solipsism is one of the stronger elements in the making of a Gamma.

On Instagram, Zammy has become “the world’s therapy dog.” A follower reaches out to me sharing that her boyfriend’s mom and dog died in a terrible auto accident and his brother is now in ICU here in Tampa where I live. I posted an update video on IG…and am paying a visit to the ICU today with Zammy to surprise the boy. Here was a comment to the post:

Pray? I think you’ll find that only science can save him. I’ve really enjoyed watching these posts. However, you’ve ruined it with “pray”. What a shame!

This is why being a Gamma beyond the age of 21 should be addressed as a capital offense. It’s patently obvious that the world would be considerably better off without any of them.

Mailvox: we have an answer

No, Neal Stephenson was not taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to writing Seveneves. Yes, Neal Stephenson has gone SJW, or so we are informed by a reader of his latest:

Neal Stephenson’s last novel Seveneves was just bad.  His newest effort Fall is full of social justice AND bad.  Thank God I got it from the library.

In this story, he has adhered to your theory that the USA will break up sometime in the 2030s, but the “Red State” area is called Ameristan, from which all smart/educated people have fled.  Ameristan has no dentists, so everyone has brown or missing teeth.  If anyone needs medical care, they have to sneak across the border to the “Blue Lands.” Nothing of value is produced in Ameristan, nothing is exported, everyone is dirt-poor.

Furthermore, Ameristan lives under the Levitican Law, which is a literal interpretation of the Old Testament.  Even the most obscure passages from the Bible are enforced, such as executing anyone who wears mixed linen and wool.  They also crucify people and burn crosses a lot.  The countryside is infested with roaming bandits, so everyone has to drive around with AK-47s or even vehicle-mounted machine machine guns, a bit like ISIS territory.  It’s such a heavy-handed parody it’s like something out of Saturday Night Live, but he isn’t joking.

Finally, Stephenson really lays on the feminism here.  The female characters are hyper-alert for “microaggressions” (yes, he really uses that word), for instance in one scene a character “decided to let the microaggression pass without comment.”  Also the women call out a male character for “mansplaining.”

At one point he talks about the bad old days, where women were harassed on the internet all the time, and men didn’t believe women could write good code.  Now (in the 2040s) everyone has an anonymous public ID – no one knows your sex, even when applying for jobs – so OF COURSE it turns out that when code is written anonymously, female-written code turns out to be better than men’s code!

Seveneves pretty much took Stephenson from “buy immediately in hardback” to “borrow from library only” in my eyes.  Now I think I’m just done with the guy.  I guess he was probably always like this, but now has so much money he thinks he can go wild.

I don’t know. It sounds so over the top that in light of his famous account of his duels with William Gibson, I can’t help but suspect him of selling books while taking the piss out of his SJW readers.

The purpose of a man

Last night’s Darkstream about the purpose of a man has stirred up considerable commentary on YouTube as well as in my inbox. What is perhaps most interesting is the rival responses from two omegas – or if you prefer, Men Going Their Own Way – concerning my statements about the importance of establishing a marriage and a family.

DJ writes:

Omega Failure checking in here. Watched many men destroyed. Got too smart for that game. Seemed like the only way to win was not to play. Almost 50. Living alone. Waiting to die basically. Didn’t even get fancy pants. Vox is right. 100 percent. Carry on.

C3 writes:

I have children.  I have an ex-wife.  I love and miss my children very much and I would never want any man to go through the pain I did.  It wasn’t pain with accomplishment like what you get with fighting in the ring or surviving combat, its an empty shell like surviving a crippling car accident injury or prison rape.  There’s no glory in it.  Those who’ve never been divorced constantly minimize just what it is you go through and its rather like listening to someone who plays a lot of video games telling you that combat, isn’t that bad because his game has good graphics and sound so he understands.  No.  Our host has said things in the past like “Well if you’re afraid of losing 20{f33784e39f95a4a537f95eb029d837fe676a3542b2380ed2d704b841b03a8c5e} of your stuff you’re just a coward…” etc. etc.  Such a statement is obviously rhetorical and I take it as such.  He wants married families and rhetoric is a way to do this.  Okay.  However loss of property and income is secondary to the loss of children which dwarfs any loss of income now or in the future.

The list of navy seals, army rangers, US marines and special forces personnel who have seen and survived actual real combat and would think nothing of running at an enemy tank or fortified position regularly swallow the business end of a shotgun upon being divorced. That’s my list of friends and yes I know their stories.  The numbers on this are high yet we’re being told all these brave men are “cowards” because they’re down on marriage?  Even if you think men should line up to commit suicide to create the next batch of single mothers at least be honest with what you’re asking and encourage them to prepare to leave the country.  The financial incentives for women to divorce are very high and the culture rewards them for doing it.  Unless you are signing up for violent revolution John Wick style this won’t change.  Getting married and having children in America grants a man fewer rights than had a slave in the antebellum South.  It was technically illegal to starve your slave back then but modern family law can do this with 65{f33784e39f95a4a537f95eb029d837fe676a3542b2380ed2d704b841b03a8c5e} with-holding plus seizing anything left done by direct deposit as soon as it hits a bank (direct deposit is now required for most employment and all government funds).

The list of people who can relate real world experience in this isn’t some list of omega cowards either… Fred Reed (a writer Vox used to respect and linked too often), Terrence Popp (former Ranger), Big John (former Marine) from MGTOW is freedom, these men are not stupid, they’re not cowards, and they all fought with serious depression, suicidal thoughts, crippling poverty and homelessness upon divorce.  They’ve seen actual real combat – not the kind you see on video games and yet they’d all tell you losing their children was much MUCH worse.  Now they’re warning you about this and they’re all just scaredy cats who aren’t men and they’re the exception?  Right. Divorce isn’t a dragon one fights and emerges with a sense of victory and accomplishment, its like surviving a nuclear blast.  Yes you did it but really where is the glory and pride?  While I agree that having a children changes a man for the good it is being a father that gives you the reward and that is what is taken away.  You are not getting anything but children who don’t know you, are taught to hate you, and your only hope is that they’ll change their mind someday.  Rather like supplying fresh troops for the enemy and this is the goal of the devil of course.  At least if you’re going to recommend this have men move to a place that is not currently headed to the lowest rift of hell on a fast train.

C3’s perspective based on his personal experience is understandable, but it is also narcissistic and twisted. His advice is downright evil; it is his counsel of defeat and despair that is the goal of the devil; Satan does not want men of God to be fruitful and multiply, he wants them to be rendered sterile by fear. The inherent falseness in C3’s advice, such as it is, is underlined by the fact that even C3 does not come right out and say that he wishes he’d never had those children whose absence is such torture to him.

And yes, all those brave men are absolutely cowards in this context. There are different forms of bravery and there are different forms of cowardice. Has C3 never seen the decorated soldier who can’t stand up to the sharp tongue of a woman half his size? The ability to face a quick and painless death without flinching is very, very different than the ability to face years of emotional pain.

As for the rhetorical appeal to military suicides, the fact is that the vast majority of veterans who kill themselves are not even married, let alone divorced. Furthermore, most male suicides are committed well before the average age of first marriage, let alone fatherhood, so the entire appeal is not merely manipulative emotionally, but dishonest.

C3 added a second comment:

Serious question – without resorting to shame or ridicule or intangibles what are the positive incentives for getting married and having children in America today for a man?  Yes I know you’ll call any man who doesn’t do it double plus bad things which is right up there with ‘rayciss’ and ‘sexist’ etc.  But what are the actual positive incentives for a man?  You get to work a lot harder for others benefit, you get to be completely responsible for others under penalty of prison without having any authority to do anything, and you get to be ridiculed non-stop as a blundering idiot by Hollywood 24×7.  She gets the house, the children, the white dress, the stay at home and you get the alimony, the child support (for kids that may or may not be yours), domestic violence charges, prison, homelessness, and cuckoldry.

So yes I realize western civilization and buck up chump and you need to do this for queen and country and GOD etc but in reality people pursue what is good for them directly and not others.  If you don’t believe me look at why socialism fails everywhere – people pursue what they perceive to be in their own best interest, selfishly, and right now there are literally NO positive reasons for a man to get married that I can see.  So no intangible “oh you’ll really FEEEEEEELLL it later because children will magically transform your soul through the dark mirror with the wizard totem and power ups and…” no really in succinct terms …  WHAT ARE THE POSITIVE REASONS FOR A MAN AND FROM HIS (NOT HER AND NOT SOCIETIES) PERSPECTIVE TO GET MARRIED AND HAVE CHILDREN TODAY?  Good luck…

Joy. Happiness. Love. Self-satisfaction. A sense of purpose. Meaning. Respect and self-respect. The fact that C3 considers being “ridiculed non-stop as a blundering idiot by Hollywood” to be a serious factor in his analysis demonstrates how completely warped his perspective is. Why on Earth would he, or anyone, give a damn how a few dozen devil-worshipping pedophiles happen to regard one’s priorities in life?