More restaurants to boycott

Unless, of course, they are owned by Israel. If the Republican Senate gets its way, that would be illegal. In any event, Tucker Carlson is now in the sights of the corporate speech police:

Red Lobster has joined a wave of advertisers that have cut ties with the conservative Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s show.

The chain confirmed to Business Insider on Monday that it was no longer advertising during “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Critics had pointed out that the seafood chain was one of the few brands that continued to advertise on the prime-time opinion show after recent controversies.

At least 19 brands have stopped advertising on the show since December.

IHOP did the same thing recently. Unless and until conservatives stop supporting the corporate brands that use their brand power to try to silence conservative views, corporations are going to keep attempting to buy influence over the few pro-American voices in the media.

And this is why conservatives will keep losing.

I lived on the Gulf Coast too long to think that Red Lobster is quality seafood. But where I live now if I don’t go to Red Lobster my only other seafood option is filet-o-fish at McD’s. 

Big Bear doesn’t take the bait

I could probably learn something from the way Owen Benjamin handles those who are interested in stirring up Internet drama between various personalities with potentially differing opinions.

Next time you talk to Vox Day, would you be interested in stress-testing your conflicting opinions of Dennis Prager? Vox not a fan to say the least?

No. because all his points were valid! I like Prager. I mean, Vox doesn’t hate Prager, he just thinks he’s a fake nationalist, which he kind of is, according to the strict definition of what nationalist means. And in this world of nonsense, you’ve kind of got to start, like, words matter! What the word means matters! This whole conflation of state and nation, like a nationalist and a statist, your government is not your nation!

And Vox just is one of those guys that, thankfully, pays very, very close – he’s a fucking book editor! He pays very close attention to the definition of words. And when someone says something like “Judeo-Christian values,” it drives him crazy. Because Judeo-Christian, do you know what Judeo-Christian means, actually? It means a Jew who became Christian. Andrew Klavan is Judeo-Christian. It doesn’t mean Jewish and Christian! That’s fucking insane!

I don’t know. What do you guys think?

The definition of words is the biggest problem we face.

100 percent. I’m going to start saying Judeo-Islam. It’s just as insane. It makes no sense. And people are like, “Jesus was Jewish”. That’s like saying George Washington was British. It’s so intentionally fucking stupid.

No, let me think of a good example of what that would be. Do you guys have any funny examples? Judeo-Buddhist, that’s hysterical. I had a great one earlier when I was doing fence work, I just didn’t write it down.

George Washington was indeed British. 

To say George Washington was British is intentionally fucking with all of history. He was America’s first President. He’s debatably the most American dude ever…. I listened to the whole thing. It didn’t sound like he was trashing Prager. He was just calling out the guy’s vagueness. Like, he’s at least misinformed, if not intentionally doing wizardry. Judeo-Christian is not a word. America was not founded on Judeo-Christian values. There’s a better argument that America was more founded on Masonic values.

Owen is right. I don’t hate my former WND colleague Dennis Prager. I also don’t trust him, nor would I recommend Prager U to anyone who wants an objective and reliable account of history, especially American history. Whatever his various strengths and weaknesses might be, they are colored by the fact that he is not an American, he is a Neo-Palestinian whose primary concern is for the Neo-Palestinian people who are every bit as Palestinian as the people who were there when they arrived, or, in the case of Dennis Prager, didn’t actually ever quite get around to arriving.

Words mean things. And those who obscure, fold, spindle, and mutilate the meaning of words for their own ends are wizards who are pursuing ends and serving masters that they wish to conceal from you.

Later in the stream, Big Bear explains that he’s not afraid of labels, why he’s not afraid to talk to Flat Earthers and others who challenge the current narrative, and how the perception of those who challenge the narrative changes over time.

Vox Day has an actual plan. That motherfucker was so ahead of schedule that people found him terrifying. And now that some of his predictions, decades ago, are coming true, half the population finds him terrifying, and the other half are like, “oh, he’s a really good guy.” It takes balls to go against the narrative. It takes fucking balls.

It has been fascinating to see how much less crazy people seem to think I am now compared to the middle nineties. I am old enough to remember when people denied that the National Security Agency existed, and declared, with much the same self-assurance as the Moonies today, that anyone who believed the Federal government was capturing and recording everyone’s emails and telephone calls was paranoid.

But all I’ve ever done is observe current events and interpret them through the various trends I have learned about from others and personally observed in the written historical record. I do have a Christian filter, because that is the philosophical model I believe makes the most comprehensive sense of everything, but I’m perfectly capable of doing my analyses without utilizing it.

Bleeding Cool’s Top 100

Apparently Bleeding Cool releases its Top 100 Power List for the comics industry every year. While I tend to doubt they would dare to put me on it even if I bought Marvel Comics from Disney and personally authored the top-selling comic of the year, at least we have been provided an objective measure of just how big 2VS is in the comics industry.

Although you’d think I’d get at least a modicum of credit for getting their Editor-in-Chief fired for the mere crime of daring to speak with me.

97. Mark Waid
A major comic book writer, editor and publisher, he is currently the ongoing writer on Doctor Strange. Being sued by Richard Meyer over his involvement, or not, in the decision of Antarctic Press to cancel the Jawbreakers graphic novella, whatever the merits of that suit, demonstrates that some, certainly, see his actions as impactful. Reducing his social media interactions, no longer co-owing a comic store and the mothballing of his Thrillbent digital publisher has seen his listing number drop, but he was able to wrangle a significant portion of the comics industry to back his legal defence.

74. Ethan Van Sciver
Leaving DC Comics after prominent creators refused to work with him anymore, he used the usual mixture of Comicsgate virtue signalling, identity politics and mocking hater videos to raise over half a million dollars on Indiegogo, for his still-upcoming Cyberfrog comic revival. The highest amount raised on crowdfunding by any comic creator in the year, it helps that he can actually draw. This helped him take the position as leading Comicsgate figure as Richard Meyer stepped back, due to his legal case with Mark Waid, and not wanting to give the defence further ammunition.

All news is fake news

It’s the metahumor here that is the funniest aspect of this story:

He had launched his new website on Facebook during the 2016 presidential campaign as a practical joke among friends — a political satire site started by Blair and a few other liberal bloggers who wanted to make fun of what they considered to be extremist ideas spreading throughout the far right. In the last two years on his page, America’s Last Line of Defense, Blair had made up stories about California instituting sharia, former president Bill Clinton becoming a serial killer, undocumented immigrants defacing Mount Rushmore, and former president Barack Obama dodging the Vietnam draft when he was 9. “Share if you’re outraged!” his posts often read, and thousands of people on Facebook had clicked “like” and then “share,” most of whom did not recognize his posts as satire. Instead, Blair’s page had become one of the most popular on Facebook among Trump-supporting conservatives over 55.

“Nothing on this page is real,” read one of the 14 disclaimers on Blair’s site, and yet in the America of 2018 his stories had become real, reinforcing people’s biases, spreading onto Macedonian and Russian fake news sites, amassing an audience of as many 6 million visitors each month who thought his posts were factual. What Blair had first conceived of as an elaborate joke was beginning to reveal something darker. “No matter how racist, how bigoted, how offensive, how obviously fake we get, people keep coming back,” Blair once wrote, on his own personal Facebook page. “Where is the edge? Is there ever a point where people realize they’re being fed garbage and decide to return to reality?”

The amusing thing is the way that the guy doesn’t realize that he’s merely replicated the situation that has existed on the Left for decades. They believe literally everything the mainstream media reports, despite the fact that what is generally known as “the news” is a false narrative that has little more than an incidental relationship with the objective truth of what actually happened.

One should also keep in mind that as Owen Benjamin notes, humor is often predictive. The very humor produced by the overstatement tends to come from the discomfort created by the extrapolation of the current trend, which is why his Gay Town is now at least partly real.

Translation: don’t bet on undocumented immigrants not defacing Mount Rushmore in the next ten years or California not recognizing sharia.

Who cares?

I’m just wondering, why on Earth should anyone give a fragment of a quantum of a damn for the fact that the poor moderate media whores are now being treated in public the way that many of us have been treated online for the last five years?

Kat Timpf@KatTimpf
 I was just ran out of an establishment because of where I work. Chewed out, abused. But I guess that’s the norm now.

And let’s be honest, Kat Timpf is really pretty moderate in the grand scheme of things so to attack her of all people at Fox? That’s just someone who doesn’t really pay attention. At this point, we are not sure where Kat was but we’re hoping she’ll post it soon so we can share …

Because those who are really pretty moderate don’t deserve to be attacked, unlike those awful right-wing extremists, right? These people now looking for our sympathy and support are the very people who didn’t lift a finger when hundreds of people, up to and including Alex Jones, were driven off Facebook, Twitter, GoDaddy, IndieGoGo, Paypal, and other platforms for their badthink, who didn’t bother to denounce the culprits, let alone stop utilizing their services.

Now they’re being driven out of restaurants. So my response is, sowhat? Especially given the fact that the likes of Kat Timpf are still far too moderate to so much as name the place where they were victimized, for fear that someone will actually do something besides cringe and cower.

Shut them down

Given that they are the enemy of the American people, CNN is fortunate that the God-Emperor has merely denied the media a press pass or two rather than ordering drone strikes:

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta accused the Trump administration Wednesday evening of trying to shut down critical press coverage by revoking his credentials.

In an interview with CNN colleague Anderson Cooper, Mr. Acosta denied assaulting a White House intern earlier in the day — the stated reason — saying he was merely “trying to hang onto the microphone” after President Trump had instructed the young woman to take the microphone to give it to another reporter.

“It’s unfortunate that the White House is saying this,” Mr. Acosta said, going on to accuse the White House of trying to intimidate the rest of the press corps.

“I do think this is a test for all of us,” he said after Mr. Cooper had shown several supportive tweets from other White House reporters.

“I think they’re trying to shut us down … send a message to our colleagues,” Mr. Acosta said.

When their coverage is 98 percent critical, why give them any access at all? What is the benefit to either the Trump administration or the American people in doing so?

“That is our job”

A gaffe is when someone mistakenly says something they believe to be true. The media really is the enemy of the people and has been for a long time. A reminder from February 2017:

The hosts of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ commented on President Trump’s efforts to “undermine the media.” Co-host Mika Brzezinski commented Wednesday morning that she is upset to see President Trump has moved in on the media’s turf when it comes to the area of mind control.

“He is trying to undermine the media and trying to make up his own facts,” she said about Trump. “And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think.”

“And that, that is our job,” she noted, referring to the media.

The entire purpose of the media is to control what people think. That’s why they are so enraged by the God-Emperor correctly describing them as Fake News. Everything they say is a lie. Everything they say is meant to establish a false narrative. Everything they report is intended to spin things in a manner to influence people’s behavior.

Look at the NPR hit piece on Chuck Dixon and me. Even though Amanda Robb obtained nothing effective that she could use against me in the three hours she spent interrogating me, she and her co-conspirator still successfully planted the false narrative of dark money in the minds of people like Jason Yungbluth and IndieGoGo.

Al Letson: So Vox Day claims to have gotten money to produce these comic books through a crowdfunding website. I’m on that site and it says he started off trying to raise $25000, but he raised close to $236000. That just amazes me.

Amanda Robb: It’s actually pretty unbelievable.

Al Letson: Where is that money coming from?

Amanda Robb: Well that’s the $236000 question. It’s very hard to tell. Most of it’s from a anonymous donors and a lot of it comes in very large increments, some up to $5000 each which is weird because the average donation to a crowdfunding project is about $66.

Al Letson: But we don’t know if he actually raised that money. It looks like it, but we don’t know that for a fact.

Amanda Robb: I think that’s a really good point because Alt-Hero was raising money on a crowdfunding site called, and apparently Vox Day helped create it. It’s a private site. It’s totally black box. There’s no way to find out who made most of the donations, where the money came from, where it went, if it actually existed. I did find out that the company that processed the credit card payments decided to stop working with FreeStarter a few months back, and I tried to get in touch with the company to find out why and they wouldn’t talk to me. Then Alt-Hero had already way surpassed its fundraising goal and is publishing now a series of comic books.

First, I didn’t help create Freestartr. Fake news. Second, notice what Robb conveniently failed to report. She claims that the average crowdfunding backing – not a donation, also fake news – is  $66. But while she mentions a) the total, and b) the largest backing amount of the Alt-Hero campaign, she completely fails to note that since there were 2,190 backers, the average backing for Alt-Hero was only $107. That’s certainly higher than the average but it is not even remotely remarkable; the leading boardgame now being crowdfunded on Kickstarter has an average backing of $101 and a retro sports watch that is trending with 20 days left has an average backing of $248.

Again, fake news, false narrative. Mika Brzezinski inadvertently admitted the truth about the media. They actually are trying to control exactly what people think and they are ferociously opposed to anyone who stands in their way and prevents them from doing that.

The amusing thing is how she belatedly tried to backtrack and control what people think about what she actually said about controlling what people think.

Mika Brzezinski@morningmika
Today I said it’s the media’s job to keep President Trump from making up his own facts, NOT that it’s our job to control what people think.

Mika Brzezinski@morningmika
 Of course, that is obvious from the transcript but some people want to make up their own facts. SAD!

Again, fake news. She quite literally said it was the media’s job to “actually control exactly what people think.” There is no possible grammatical construction or interpretation that allows any objective reading of her statement to conclude that she actually said it was the media’s job to prevent President Trump from making up his own facts.

But instead of claiming that she misspoke, which at least would have been a credible lie, she chose to try to create an observably false narrative about her own words. Meta fake news!

Whom the gods would destroy

They first set against the God-Emperor:

Megyn Kelly is OUT at NBC just 48 hours after defending blackface as she and the network fight over whether she will be paid out her $69M contract in full.

It’s not as if literally everyone didn’t know that wasn’t going to end well. I’m only surprised that it ended so quickly. The Token Conservative gig just isn’t viable these days; the SJWs won’t tolerate the tokens. Kelly was doomed from the moment Trump didn’t show up for the Republican debate on Fox.

We wouldn’t hire her in a million years. She’s toxic and her personal brand is finished.