Dismantling Western civilization

Just in case you weren’t certain it was the primary agenda:

J.J. Abrams is committing to fostering an anti-racism environment at his Bad Robot Productions company, and beyond. The production company released a 20-page guide on their Twitter and Instagram, titled Guide to Dismantling White Supremacy at Work.

The company stated they were, ‘committed to dismantling white supremacy at work & at large’ with their guide. ‘We are following leading academics, activists & artists and have compiled an evolving set of resources that we are sharing with friends and colleagues. Onward!’ the company said in their tweet.

The front page of the guide began, ‘At Bad Robot, we are committed as storytellers and executives to dismantling white supremacy at work and at large.’ They added that this was an ‘ever-evolving and far-from complete guide,’ but they wanted to help others, ‘strive to do the delicate, raw, humbling, and enraging work of anti-racism.’

Note that you are funding and helping bring about the destruction of Western civilization when you watch an Abrams product. Because the destruction of Christianity, the European nations, and the Greco-Roman philosophical legacy is the Hollywood agenda of companies like Bad Robot and the Devil Mouse.

The review that dare not speak its name

Trevor Lynch rather quixotically attempts to deny the obvious nature of FIGHT CLUB in a review of the movie on Unz Review:

Is Fight Club gay?

If Fight Club does not admit women, does that mean it is gay? The Catholic priesthood does not admit women. Does that mean it is gay? Uh-oh. There may be a point here. We can at least say that the movie plays with this question.

Fight Club is a bunch of men rolling around half naked and punching each other. Some people find that . . . suggestive. Tyler declares: “We’re a generation of men raised by women. I’m wondering if another woman is really the answer we need.” Everyman seems to be sexually jealous when Tyler hooks up with Marla. He resents Marla for intruding on his relationship with Tyler. He also clearly feels jealousy of Tyler’s affection toward Angel Face, which sends him into a psychotic rage. [Note: Chuck Palahniuk revealed that he is gay in 2004.]

But in a deeper sense, the answer is obviously no. Tyler and Everyman are both heterosexual. Beyond that there is a matter of principle: It does not make men gay to want to work or socialize with one another while excluding women. Women have a great deal of power in pre-historic and post-historic societies because they are relatively egalitarian. Women have a great deal of power over children in all societies. Thus if boys are to mature into men, at a certain point they need to separate themselves from their mothers. They need male-only spheres for that. This is much easier, of course, when they have fathers. But when fathers are absent, they can find father substitutes. One such substitute is the Männerbund. Or, in less fancy terms, the gang.

Bonded male groups are not just necessary for the healthy maturation of boys. They are what create and sustain human history and culture. Almost every important institution until quite recently was sex-segregated. Institutions probably work best that way. Feminists, of course, want to break down those barriers, and one of their techniques is to insinuate that any institution that excludes them must be somehow “gay.”

I posted a comment at Unz in response to this review, based in part on my 2008 essay that was published in You Do Not Talk About Fight Club: I Am Jack’s Completely Unauthorized Essay Collection by BenBella Books.

The reviewer, Trevor Lynch, is not only flat-out wrong in declaring FIGHT CLUB not gay, he almost certainly knows very well that he is wrong.

No one who has read the book can escape the flaming homosexuality of the club that dare not speak its true name. The book begins with an gay oral sex metaphor and ends with a homosexual gang bang metaphor. In between, it provides an analogy for what it is doing to the unsuspecting reader: hiding its flaming gayness in plain sight, in the same way that it describes a theater technician slipping in a frame of a slippery red penis to tower four stories over the unsuspecting heads of a movie audience.

This subversive act serves as a markedly apt metaphor for the way in which many fans of FIGHT CLUB still remain oblivious to the fact that it is a screaming, panting, writhing ode to the custom of men having sex with other men, as well as the way that an attachment to this custom tends to supersede all other aspects of individual self-identification.

Even if we set aside all of the author’s metaphorical signaling, it requires a truly superficial viewing of the movie to fail to note the multitude of similarities between the fight clubs gathering anonymously in dark places and the shady, quasi-illegal bathhouses where gay men have gathered for decades.

“Because I’m Tyler Durden and you can kiss my ass, I register to fight every guy in the club that night. Fifty fights. One fight at a time. No shoes. No shirts”

But no shortage of “service.” By this point, it should be obvious that good ol’ Tyler is not talking about “fighting” every guy in the club. In the end, the movie is little more than a gay man’s fantasy that asks the question: “how great would it be if Brad Pitt was super gay?”

Devil Mouse doubles down again

They truly don’t care if no one goes to see their movies anymore:

J.J. Abrams is hinting that a new gay character could be introduced in ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’, but his giddy, woke comments show exactly one of the glaring flaws with the current franchise.

Abrams, who also directed ‘The Force Awakens’, explained to Variety that he wants to make sure the ‘Star Wars’ films “[look] more the way the world looks than not.” He added that he wants the LGBTQ community to “feel that they’re being represented in the [new] film.”

If that sounds like the new ‘Star Wars’ film may be introducing an LGBTQ character, then you’re probably right, but in typical Abrams fashion, he played coy when pressed for a direct answer.

“I will say I’m giving away nothing about what happens in the movie — but I did just say what I just said,” he teased.

At this point, I wonder if anyone actually cares. They’ve already destroyed their fan base, this is just jumping on the chopped-up bits as a prelude to soaking them with gasoline and setting them on fire.

Help, Fellow Americans!

Great news! Hollywood is full of genuine, true blue heritage Americans defending traditional American ideals again! The Atlantic helpfully alerts us to Hollywood’s Great Leap Backward:

The fate of the Hong Kong booksellers has caused an outcry around the world, with independent news outlets and free-speech advocates warning of a return to totalitarianism. “It’s an attack on the publishing industry from all aspects,” declared Yaqiu Wang of Human Rights Watch in a recent New York Times article.

This outcry is wholly justified. But as a longtime observer of a different medium that has also been losing ground to China’s censors, I have to wonder: Why isn’t there a similar outcry about China’s mounting attack on the film industry, not just in Hong Kong but also in the United States?

Over the years, the U.S. government has often praised and defended Hollywood films as a key component of American soft power—that is, as a storytelling medium that can, without engaging in blatant propaganda, convey American ideals, including free expression itself, to foreign populations around the world. But Hollywood has long since abandoned that role. Indeed, not since the end of World War II have the studios cooperated with Washington in furthering the nation’s ideals. Instead, the relationship today is purely commercial—on both sides. For example, Hollywood frequently enlists Washington’s help in fighting piracy and gaining access to foreign markets. But even while providing that help, Washington refrains from asking Hollywood to temper its more negative portrayals of American life, politics, and global intentions. (The exception is the Department of Defense, which insists on approving the script of every film produced with its assistance.)

Things are different in China. In that country, which is fast becoming the world’s largest and most important movie market, the ruling Communist Party exercises no such restraint. On the contrary, Beijing has a very clear idea of how a film industry should operate—namely, as an essential part of the effort to bring public opinion in alignment with the party’s ideological worldview.

And here we were worried about those (((Hollywood values))) relentlessly attacking America, Christianity and Western civilization. It’s reassuring to be informed that, contrary to our spurious concerns, Hollywood is actually, and has always been, full of real White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Americans standing up for traditional American ideals.

So, naturally, we must rise to defend these great champions of America and the West against the Chinese incursion, because these terrible Chinese interlopers just don’t respect those ideals, right? Or, you know, Americans could always just sit by and watch Hollywood burn as the People’s Liberation Army marches right over it and holocausts the global propaganda machine. Whatever shall we do?

 Looks like it’s time to toast some marshmallows. And the jump to China is definitely off, as it looks like we’re about to be informed that Xi is the New Hitler.

Washington Free Beacon senior editor Bill Gertz said on Friday that under Chinese president Xi Jinping, the communist state has become a “communist nightmare.”

Gertz appeared on The Mark Levin Show to promote his new book, Deceiving the Sky: Inside Communist China’s Drive for Global Supremacy, in which he describes how the “China threat” has transformed radically since the 1980s.

“It really took a turn for the worse under the regime of Xi Jinping, the current Chinese leader, who has advanced what he calls the China Dream, which is really a communist nightmare,” Gertz said. “He has his eyes set on global hegemony, he wants China to be the dominant superpower in the world, and in order to do that, he has to diminish the power of the United States. Xi Jinping has become the new Mao, the new emperor.”

I wonder what went on behind the scenes over the last few years? Regardless, it’s evident that China has made it abundantly clear to the relevant parties that they are not at all interested in having their olam tikkened.

Frauds all the way down

Disney is not only replacing canon in its ongoing brand destruction, it’s replacing the need for customers:

New reports of empty theaters for Captain Marvel’s weekend showings are the latest in the movie’s ongoing controversy. A number of Twitter users indicated there were empty seats at a number of Captain Marvel showings over the weekend.

We spoke with a movie theater manager who asked for anonymity. He told us they had “exactly 25 no shows for every showing of Captain Marvel on Thursday through Saturday.”

The manager told us this was definitely abnormal, “It’s definitely not normal. People usually show up when they pay for tickets…I’m not sure what it is, we’ve seen big groups not show up before, but they get refunds.”

I asked whether or not these tickets were purchased in bulk, but that information isn’t available, “I’m not sure if they were bought all at once because Fandango doesn’t give us that information, but exactly 25 no shows for every show is probably statistically impossible.”

The manager would add, “I would say it’s someone trying to make the ticket sales look better than they really were.”

He would also indicate he saw significant drop offs in ticket sales from Sunday at his theater, “Sunday for Captain Marvel wasn’t good and Monday and Tuesday were terrible. They were like a 75{e08cad746da4649304cc119361c7d8e2ee7ced73b617f6c7db2262986ac851da} drop off from Sunday.”

This is how the corporate cancer known as SJW metastasizes. Once it devours one aspect of the business, the need to protect the narrative requires devouring another aspect of it.

Compare the first five days of Black Panther to Captain Marvel.

  1. 75.9 61.7
  2. 66.0 52.9
  3. 60.1 38.8
  4. 40.2 11.0
  5. 20.8 14.6

Breaking Hollywood

Neon Revolt has a plan, courtesy of DirectorAnon:

Most of my readers will know by now that I spent a considerable amount of time in Hollywood, trying to work my way through the ranks, only to be stifled by the identity politics quickly taking root out there during the Obama years.

But the second I read this, I almost jumped out of my chair. I knew immediately that #DirectorAnon wasn’t LARPing, because of this post alone.

It’s almost hard for me to explain to people who haven’t lived and experienced anything out there, but film and TV are basically a two-tiered caste-system.

You have people who are “Above the Line” and people who are “Below the Line.”

Those above, are the head-honchos. The director, the actors, the writers, the producers. They’re called “above the line” because… basically, they get access to royalties and such in their contracts.

Everyone below the line –  the crew, the gaffers, the technicians, etc… They’re all paid hourly. It’s real grunt-work, but it’s the kind of stuff that has to get done, in order for a production to happen. After all, someone has to build the sets, set up the lights, rig up the mics, have craft services ready for when everyone gets hungry, etc, etc, etc.

and IATSE is THE union controlling all these guys.

Every single studio production, be it film or TV, works with IATSE labor. That’s just the way it works out in Hollywood. Every studio is legally bound to use them.

And IATSE guys are like… 90-95{e08cad746da4649304cc119361c7d8e2ee7ced73b617f6c7db2262986ac851da} white.

IE: The exact demographic its okay for all these monied, soft-handed execs like Franklin Leonard to hate on so much.

What DirectorAnon is proposing here is a mass IATSE walkout.

In other words, what he’s proposing would completely shut Hollywood down.

In the meantime, a crew man, GafferAnon, explains what you can do to shut down the Pedo Palace:

Make the money dry up.
Stop going to the movie theaters.
Stop using the products they pimp.
Stop paying to be entertained.

Just stop. Stop buying tickets and then complaining about how they inserted SJW poison into your favorite franchise. Stop making snarky comments and posting negative reviews about movies you paid to see. Stop supporting those who hate you, hate your politics, hate your faith, and hate your nation. Stop funding your own destruction!

I have not been to a movie since The Return of the King came out in 2003. I will never see another Hollywood movie in the theater. Anyhow, be sure to read both linked posts in their entireties, as there is a copious amount of information in them.

“Forget the past”

Read this if you are still under the impression that Disney gives even a fraction of a quantum of a damn about preserving the intellectual properties that it has acquired:

Mark came back for three movies, and not just cameo appearances. He calls his role in Episode VII the beginning of Episode VIII. He dies in The Last Jedi, but he is in reportedly in Episode IX as a Force Ghost. Mark feels Luke’s death should have happened in the last movie of this series.

“Then the second thing was that they killed me off. I thought: oh, okay, you should push my death off to the last one. That’s what I was hoping when I came back: no cameos and a run-of-the-trilogy contract. Did I get any of those things? Because as far as I’m concerned, the end of VII is really the beginning of VIII. I got one movie! They totally hornswoggled me.”

Hamill would also discuss how Johnson directed him to ignore C-3PO and just walk right past him for one scene:

They had me walking by 3PO, not even acknowledging him. I said: “I can’t do that! He (The Last Jedi’s director, Rian Johnson) said, “Okay, go over and do whatever.” So I went over, and I did whatever. They say it in the script: “Forget the past, kill it if you have to”, and they’re doing a pretty good job!’

The statement really sticks with me the most and may be the most telling to fans. Mark seemed genuinely upset with the lack of acknowledgment to the stories that took place before.

He specifically discusses the scene where he’s instructed to ignore C-3PO. The writing is reminiscent of when Chewie and Leia ignore each other in The Force Awakens. The action seems out of character for heroes that went through so much together. Mark was able to fix his scene. However, it was the underlying tone of dismissal by the director that upset so many fans.

That “underlying tone of dismissal” says it all. The evil little men who run Disney hate Western civilization and everything about it. They hate heroes, they hate nobility, they hate self-restraint, and they hate the very philosophical mode of thinking the West inherited from the ancient Greeks. They are not only willing to destroy the cultural icons you love, they downright revel in doing so. You cannot understand what they are doing unless you grasp that. And once you understand them, you can anticipate what they are going to do next.

Which is why I expect they will not even hesitate to destroy Marvel in the same way they have destroyed Star Wars.

The end of the Avengers

It would appear someone is VERY upset at Disney, as the story for the big wrapup of the current version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has leaked, according to Bounding Into Comics. Don’t read more if you don’t want to know what may, or may not, be the movie.

While creating their own Infinity Gauntlet presents challenges, they face even greater challenges in attempting to duplicate the Infinity Stones. Not only do they travel to some of the major events of the past films including Age of Ultron, Thanos discovers their plans and decides to hunt them down.

However, Doctor Strange saw this possibility and placed spells on the Time Stone that trap Thanos at the time of the first Avengers film during the Invasion of New York.

With Thanos trapped in the past and understanding the consequences of affecting the past, the Avengers continue to seek out the other Infinity Stones. They even visit the Ancient One to get their hands on the Time Stone.

They will also visit Valhalla as they seek out the Valkryie’s legion. Thor will even reunite with Odin and Frigga.

Their time traveling adventures will not be perfect. The Avengers will fail on numerous occasions forcing them to try different times to get their hands on the Infinity Stones.

The Avengers will eventually run into Captain Marvel during the third act, but her power has been significantly reduced to Thanos’ attack earlier in the movie.

Thanos will eventually confront the Avengers on Xandar. Thanos’ power is still near unstoppable. It takes all of the Avengers to hold him back while the Hulk attempts to bring back those who were wiped out by Thanos.

However, Hulk’s arm explodes before they are able to defeat Thanos. Captain America then takes control of the Infinity Gauntlet and uses it to defeat Thanos, but also bring back all of his fallen comrades and those who were wiped out by Thanos’ snap. However, his body can’t handle the power and he ends up disintegrating.

While Captain America brings back the Avengers who were wiped out by the snap, it does not appear he brings back Gamora. She supposedly remains dead.

Captain America’s sacrifice not only defeats Thanos, but it also destroys the Infinity Stones. However, with the destruction of the Infinity Stones, a cosmic entity is freed that will more than likely be the next major threat the Avengers will have to face.

The film ends with Captain America’s funeral and Tony Stark announcing his retirement.

The fact that the story involves killing off Captain America certainly gives it credibility. You know Disney wanted to do that above all else.

DC to Disney: Hold my beer

Disney: We simply can’t have pedophile partiers who make sick jokes about molesting children directing our movies. You’re fired!

DC: Hey, James Gunn is available now? You’re hired!

Bounding Into Comics has the details:

Warner Bros. confirmed to Gamespot that Gunn will write the next installment of the Suicide Squad. They told Gamespot, “It is confirmed that James Gunn is writing the next installment of the Suicide Squad franchise.”