Solving the current crisis

While Babymetal has tried a number of different approaches for replacing the irreplaceable, none of them has come even close to working. I refer, of course, to the absence of Yui; they always had a guitarist to spare, so as much as “the smiley guy” is sorely missed – and who did not notice Ohmura playing his late friend’s red guitar instead of Pink-chan at Glastonbury – they have always had more than adequate options on hand.

However, in light of the third iteration of Ladybaby, there are two solid possible replacements. The more obvious one is Fuka, who actually bears some resemblance to Yui and has a similar low-key stage presence. But a more intriguing possibility is Rie, who has become the leader of Ladybaby as it has made a transition similar to the one that Babymetal went through when it ditched the Babybones dancers in favor of the brilliant musicians of the Kami Band.

Speaking of the Kami Band, if that guitar riff from Haten Ni Ramei was any more Onedari Daisuken, they’d have had to put the guitarist in a sheet and paint his face white. Although it is a pity that with the addition of the live band, Ladybaby didn’t retain much of the kawai dance.

Anyhow, as this live version of Nippon Manju shows, Rie has the energy and charisma to keep up with Su, and although her voice isn’t as strong, it has a nice and identifiable sound to it. And it would be interesting to see Babymetal pair someone up with Su rather than Moa.

Actually, there is a third option that might actually be the best one. What is Rei doing these days? Okay… was really not expecting that.

New HU

And yes, The Great Chinggis Khaan its every bit as awe-inspiring as you would expect.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Mongols are rising in an age when the world is overrun by evil and is practically begging to be scoured with fire and sword.

Cherished the wisdom of thinkers 
Declared deliverance and the Gereg 
The bearer of the eternal Tengri
The king of the blue world
The Great Chinggis Khaan

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take the fury of the Mongols over the world-healers of Babel every single time.

Hey, you traitor! Kneel down!

My pet iguana heard this, it’s now a crocodile with a mohawk and war paint.

Time will hunt them down

Even the most social justice-minded SJW will eventually be caught out by the ever-mutating Narrative as society converges further:

Fifty years after it reached the Top Ten, Blue Mink’s smash hit Melting Pot has been banned from the airwaves. The broadcasting watchdog Ofcom has ruled that the 1969 Number Three song is ‘racist’ and too ‘offensive’ for modern audiences.

Which is pretty hilarious, given that it was intended to celebrate racial integration, and featured the fabulous black American singer Madeline Bell alongside Roger Cook, who co-wrote it with his regular songwriting partner Roger Greenaway.

Along with the Equals, Georgie Fame’s Blue Flames and Hot Chocolate, Blue Mink were one of Britain’s pioneering multi-racial pop groups.

The modern diversity police, however, object to references to ‘curly Latin kinkies’, ‘yellow Chinkies’ and ‘Red Indian boy’.

This is why one is better off standing against equality, tolerance, inclusivity, and diversity in the first place. Sooner or later, it’s going to come for you anyhow.

An unlikely cover

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this song by Ministry. And while this cover by Burn the Priest is slightly less insane than the original and lacks its inspired lunacy, the brutal relentlessness of the heavy guitar makes it well worth it. After first hearing the original at First Avenue one night, Paul and I went back to his place and wrote Krank Phreak.

Nationalism rising

It’s visible everywhere now, from politics to popular culture. This video inspired the hilarious Trump Peshwa Warrior parody, but for me, it is much more interesting for the fierce national pride it exhibits as well as the fact that it has 97 MILLION views on YouTube. I’m not at all into Bollywood or Indian music, and the idea of swordsmen wearing skirts and dancing tends to strike this student of the Western way of war as being a little absurd, but nevertheless, you’d have to be almost entirely full of soy to fail to find it invigorating. This is exactly the sort of proud nationalistic spirit that the globalists seek to eradicate from every nation.

For those interested in the socio-sexual hierarchy, it is also a very good visualization of what Alpha looks like. From the very beginning, the observer is left with absolutely no doubts who the Alpha of the group is… or what the rewards of Alpha status are.

RIP Keith Flint

It would appear the lead singer of Prodigy decided he was done.

I’m not saving up for anything. I’m cashing it all now. I’ve always had this thing inside me that, when I’m done, I’ll kill myself. I swear to God that’s not suicidal – it’s definitely a positive thing. The moment I start s******* the bed is when you’ll see me on the front of a bus. I just want to look back and know that I’ve lived what I consider a fulfilled life.

They had more famous songs and videos, but I always considered this acidic commentary on the false nature of fame, consumerism, and the record industry to be the best of both.

UPDATE: RIP Luke Perry as well.

Luke Perry — the TV icon and heartthrob who rose to fame on “Beverly Hills, 90210” — has died after suffering a massive stroke 

The John Scalzi of Metal

Or is Scalzi the Jered Threatin of Science Fiction?

Talking up your own band a little bit to make it appear that you’re more popular than you are is a rite of passage for young acts. We’ve heard of plenty of bands that’ve exaggerated sales or live show numbers to land a gig or two, or talked themselves up to national media for some press attention. It comes with the territory, and it’s usually harmless.

But the Los Angeles band Threatin have taken that idea to a level previously thought unimaginable: the band was able to book an entire tour of Europe despite having no fanbase whatsoever, and it’s all in the process of crashing down around them.

To do it, the band’s frontman and leader, Jered Threatin, posed as a nonexistent booking agent / promoter to land the gigs, used faked live footage of allegedly packed shows in L.A., bought Facebook likes, event RSVPs and YouTube views and lied about ticket sales numbers to swindle venue owners and talent buyers into taking on the shows.

He of the “more than two million monthly page views” pulled off his con considerably more successfully than the musician, but then Threatin didn’t have a real record company helping him do it the way Scalzi had Tor Books.

There’s more to John Scalzi and his writing than meets the eye. For one thing, his blog gets an extraordinary amount of traffic for a writer’s website–Scalzi himself quotes it at over 45,000 unique visitors daily and more than two million page views monthly.
The New York Times

It just never gets old, even as Scalzi’s blog fades into oblivion. Will 2018 be the year he finally stops reporting his blog statistics? Will he even reach two million pageviews for the entire year? By comparison, it looks like this year will be relatively flat at VP, with between 32-33 million pageviews.


Yuimetal has left Babymetal.

I have been absent for a while and I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused to many people.

“Although I thought over and over, I decided to leave Babymetal this time.

“I am sorry for the inconvenience to those who support the members of Babymetal. And, for all the fans who are supporting Babymetal, I’m really sorry I made you sad.

“There was also a strong desire to stand on the stage once again but there is also a feeling that I am still not in perfect condition now, and I also want to advance towards my dreams as Yui Mizuno, which is why I made the decision.

No 158, no Yui. It appears those two nights at the Tokyo Dome may represent the zenith of Babymetal.  That being said, the new song, Starlight, is better than the other two songs from Distortion that have been released.

Now we know the quo

Look what they made her do. The payoff was delivered as part of the quid pro quo that inspired Taylor Swift’s uncharacteristic political outburst.

Swift, 28, doubles down on her anti-Trump message and urges her fans to vote Democrat as she becomes most decorated female of ALL time at American Music Awards. Taylor was nominated for four awards on the night: Tour of the Year, Favorite Rock/Pop Female, Favorite Rock/Pop Album, and Artist of the Year, winning all four. Her four wins made her most decorated female in AMA history.

Also, she gets to stay in the closet for a little while longer. Which is nice. It’s interesting to observe that the award-winning Tour of the Year didn’t even manage to sell out on a regular basis.