Band or comedy act?

The girls from Band-Maid don’t merely rock, they do a considerably funnier comedy routine than Amy Schumer and most so-called professional comediennes. I can’t believe they aren’t a reality TV show yet.

The contrast between the three cheerful ones and the two killjoys is no doubt played up, but it is consistently funny.

Miku: What is your image of San Francisco, Misa?
Misa: Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary.

The interview on Japanese TV was even funnier.

Takahashi: How about a maid-like greeting?
Saiki: Ah, no.
Takahashi: What’s your charm point?
Saiki: I don’t have one.

Did I mention they also rock?

Secret Maikos

As amusing as this Band-Maid video is, it’s even funnier to learn that it is an April Fool’s joke carried out to an extent that only the Japanese can imagine. My Japanese is not up to discerning this myself, but I am reliably informed that the band even went to the trouble of changing the lyrics of the original song to Kansai-ben, which is a Kyoto dialect that is said to descend from the geisha speech of the past.

That answers that question

In case you ever wondered what would happen if Yui and Moa mastered their guitars and started their own rock band.

The remarkable thing is the way these young women, intentionally or not, are utterly destroying so many Western feminist notions. There is a subversive element, of course – how could there not be – but they don’t have to make themselves ugly or emasculate men or destroy tradition in order to become successful or attract attention. And they’re each about one thousand times cooler than the Gothiest Goth-chick that ever dyed her hair or thought she was a witch.

The band’s founder, the rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist, Miku, is clearly a marketing genius. Observe the way in which she has surrounded herself with four musicians who are clearly much better than she is. And if you don’t think they are actually playing the instruments themselves, well, that’s plainly not the case.

They’re either becoming pretty good pop songwriters or they have assembled a solid songwriting crew that suits them nicely. Daydreaming is a well-written, wistful, 90’s rock-style song that is considerably better than anything Taylor Swift or Rihanna are putting out these days. Alone has a serious Lostprophets vibe to it, only without, you know, the pedophilia.

I don’t… I won’t… I can’t even

I actually like the new Ladybaby single better than either of the two new Babymetal songs. And yes, the one doing the Ladybeard-style growl is actually Emiri, the girl with the pink hair. Just when you think Japan can’t possibly get any weirder or more awesome, they outdo themselves.

Meanwhile, Babymetal is getting too focused on narrative, over-the-top presentation, and English lyrics, and the music is suffering as a result. Do not like.

Answer: in every possible way

Question: “Kendrick Lamar just won a Pulitzer. … How is that not progress?”
– Columbia Journalism Review

Some examples of the recently awarded work of the new winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Music.

If I gotta slap a pussy-ass nigga, I’ma make it look sexy
If I gotta go hard on a bitch, I’ma make it look sexy
–  From “Element.”

Girl, I can buy yo’ ass the world with my paystub
Ooh, that pussy good, won’t you sit it on my taste bloods?
–  From “Humble.”

Today is the day I follow my intuition
Keep the family close – get money, fuck bitches.
–  From “Yah.”

It’s at moments like this that I find myself thinking, you know, as bad as it is probably going to get in the next 25 years or so, it’s so going to be worth it, whether it ends in Western Civilization 2.0 or the Back to the Caves scenario.

In fairness to the new Pulitzer laureate, I have to admit that he is probably right, as I myself have always found that when one happens to find it necessary to slap a pussy-ass nigga, one might as well take the trouble to make it look sexy.

That DOES explain the lyric

I don’t know how you were diverted
You were perverted too
I don’t know how you were inverted
No one alerted you

That second line always bothered me as a lyricist. It had a sense of wrongness to it and the hard “p” didn’t flow as naturally as something like “converted” or “deserted” would have, which tends to indicate that it was there for meaning rather than rhyme and flow.

From CDAN:
This long dead permanent A+ lister who was in one, if not, the greatest band of all times used to travel to a country just to have sex with tween and teen girls. He said it brought him to a new state of mind. Apparently there are several children of his he never met from those rapes that are still living in that country and are about to sue his estate.

George Harrison

America losing interest in SJW “entertainment”

Apparently pedos, minstrels, and whores are of less interest than they used to be:

The CBS telecast is down a steep 21 percent from 2017 in early numbers, potentially spelling an all-time low. Sunday’s Bruno Mars-loving Grammy Awards took a steep ratings spill by the first-available metrics. The show, which ran a bloated three-and-a-half hours, was off an unfortunate 21 percent from 2017 in early numbers. Overnight returns from Nielsen Media give it a 12.7 rating among households — marking its biggest drop since the 2013, the year after the show swelled following the death of Whitney Houston.

I know it’s common for the old to bitch about the music of the young. But the thing is, there are plenty of young people putting out really good music today. They’re just not doing it through the converged corporate pop channel anymore.

Three-quarters of my car music is old. The other quarter is downloaded from Youtube. But this sort of thing will never be on the Grammies, because it isn’t SKWAK-Q featuring Jay-Z lip-syncing to synchronized pelvic thrusts by an unattractive woman with oversized buttocks and an expression that says “something smells really bad in here.”

Frankly, I’m astonished that anyone watches them anymore.

RIP 158

‪The “Little” Guitar Kami of #BABYMETAL ‘s #Kamiband has passed away in the METAL GALAXIES. We hope that he is now with his GUITAR MASTER A.Holdsworth and enjoying an epic guitar session with him. ‬ ‪We are the one‬ ‪Together‬ ‪We’re the only one‬ ‪You are the one‬ ‪Forever‬ ‪#RIP #THEONE ‬

Mikio Fujioka, guitarist for the Japanese metal-pop fusion group Babymetal, has died at the age of 36, according to an official post from the band. Numerous sources including and NME report Fujioka died on Jan. 5 from injuries sustained after falling from an observation deck on Dec. 30, though this has not been confirmed by the band.

Sayonara, Smiley Guy. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anyone who appeared to enjoy playing the guitar more.

Dame dame dame dame!

To be honest, I wasn’t too into this song at first; I regarded it as being a gimmick somewhat akin to Gimme Chocolate. But after seeing it live, my opinion changed completely, and it now makes total sense as one of their regular closing numbers. Live, it’s impossible not to get caught up in The One when the entire crowd starts jumping on the “Dame!” or to resist the frenetic energy of the Kamis.

It’s a little remarkable to see how the Kamis used to efface themselves in concert, and its good to see that they’re now getting their proper due. They know their job is first and foremost to support the girls, but even Leda now smiles a little at the crowd’s roar when they know a solo is approaching.