Canada’s Bill Clinton

Canadian Prime Minister Justin “Blackface” Trudeau is reportedly attempting to buy the silence of his accuser in what appears to be a teacher sex scandal dating back to his substitute teacher days:

Less than two weeks ahead of federal elections that have already been looking conclusively grim for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, rumors of an explosive sex scandal are percolating at the highest echelons of Canada’s media establishment.

Ottawa’s longest-tenured political observers had been expecting a career-ending expose in Sunday’s edition of The Globe and Mail — but that story never came.  Sources are now telling The Chronicle that Trudeau is in private talks with the principal source of that piece to suppress explosive sex allegations that, if made public, would likely force Trudeau to resign his office.

Trudeau’s accuser is said to be a former student at West Point Grey Academy and the daughter of a wealthy Canadian businessman.  Sources tell The Chronicle that she is being represented by counsel and is being offered monetary compensation in exchange for a pending, but not yet signed, non-disclosure agreement.

One way or another, young Blackface’s political career would appear to be finished.

They got to Epstein

Or perhaps they managed to disappear him. Regardless, it appears that Jeffrey Epstein will not be naming any more names:

Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced millionaire who was facing federal sex trafficking charges, died by suicide Friday night in his Lower Manhattan jail cell, three law enforcement officials told ABC News.

The exact timing and circumstances were not immediately clear.

Still dubious about the reality of the Gate that shall not be named? It’s also a salutory lesson to those who are tempted to serve evil in return for massages, lollipops, and fancy pants. Once you have no further utility to the god of this world, once he is done with you, he won’t hesitate to cast you aside and send you to Hell.

Keep in mind, however, that he may already have been interrogated and the material that he had amassed over the years may already be in the possession of the good guys. So, don’t feel let down about this. It is always an occasion for celebration when the wicked fall.

The Lord watches over all who love him, but all the wicked he will destroy.

UPDATE: According to a prison officer, Epstein was being kept in a special unit with additional security, but he was not being actively surveyed by officials at the facility.  

UPDATE: The billionaire had been taken off suicide watch before taking his own life on Saturday morning.

Sounds likely, doesn’t it? As I have stated in the past, the Official Story is the one scenario we can be certain did not happen.

Shall we pretend to be surprised?

Another mass shooting, this time in El Paso:

KTSM can confirm that 18 people were shot inside the Walmart. The extent of their injuries is unknown at this time. El Paso Police and multiple other law enforcement agencies are responding to a shooting at the Walmart an active shooter situation.

I wonder how many people from Las Vegas and Gilroy will just happen to be there to be interviewed by the media? I’d put the over/under on three.

Update: A fake white nationalist manifesto has already made the rounds and been debunked.

Update: The Associated Press quotes three witnesses who report seeing four gunmen:

A family of three was among a dozen people waiting outside a bus station. They were trying to return to their car that was in a blocked-off Walmart parking lot. “I heard the shots but I thought they were hits, like roof construction,” said Adriana Quezada, 39, who was in the women’s clothing section of Walmart with her two children. Quezada said she saw four men, dressed in black, moving together firing guns indiscriminately. Police confirmed only one gunman.

And yet, the only shooter in custody is a young drug-addled man. Again. I understand that eyewitness reports in stressful situations are intrinsically unreliable, but “four men dressed in black” are considerably more likely to be confused with “three men dressed in dark brown” or “six men dressed in blue” than zero men. 

Look, a shooting!

Looks like the wind-up toys are being activated in a futile attempt to distract the American public:

A shooting at the famed Gilroy Garlic Festival on Sunday evening left at least three dead and 15 injured, sending hundreds of terrified visitors running for their lives.

The popular food festival at the “Garlic Capital of the World” in Santa Clara County was about to close around 5:30 p.m. when at least one gunman opened fire. Authorities said police officers fatally shot the assailant, but they were continuing to investigate whether he had an accomplice.

Gilroy Police Chief Scot Smithee said witnesses reported that a second man was somehow involved, but police were still searching for him. He said the gunman was able to circumvent the festival’s security by entering from a creek area and cutting through a fence.

It’s reported that the shooter did it because he was “really angry.” Right. I’m only surprised it wasn’t reported that he did it because he was angry that Democrats were talking about impeaching the God-Emperor Trump and to Make America Great Again. Notice that Anonymous Conservative saw these attempted distractions coming one week ago.

I assume whatever the plan, they need some unseen foundation eroded, such as media control, before you move into the exposure phase and take them down. I view it like Hillary still walking around free, or perhaps more accurately, Epstein still walking around free a month ago. You know under Trump that cannot continue, but for the time being it is an apparently necessary reality. Something we don’t understand just has to happen first. Clearly with Epstein, no matter how free he was, his time was coming, and now he looks set to take down a massive chunk of Cabal’s leadership in one fell swoop. Hillary is the same, as is anybody who has been helping to create and deploy these little MK Ultra wind-up toys. 

Not going anywhere

Sex trafficker to the stars Jeffrey Epstein is denied bail:

Multimillionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein was denied bail Thursday pending trial on child sex-trafficking charges.

“Starting with my conclusions, the government’s application for continued remand is hereby granted and the defense’s application for pretrial release is respectfully hereby denied,” Manhattan federal Judge Richard Berman said at the start of a hotly anticipated hearing.

“The government has established danger to others and to the community by clear and convincing evidence, and the government has established a risk of flight by a preponderance of evidence.”

It’s a sign that they might actually be serious. We won’t know, of course, until more arrests of the rich and famous start taking place. Which may be coming sooner than anyone thinks, if Vanity Fair has it right:

“There were other business associates of Mr. Epstein’s who engaged in improper sexual misconduct at one or more of his homes. We do know that,” said Brad Edwards, a lawyer for Courtney Wild, one of the Epstein accusers who gave emotional testimony at Epstein’s bail hearing. “In due time the names are going to start coming out.” (Attorneys for Epstein did not respond to a request for comment.)

Likely within days, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit will release almost 2,000 pages of documents that could reveal sexual abuse by “numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders,” according to the three-judge panel’s ruling. The documents were filed during a civil defamation lawsuit brought by Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a former Mar-a-Lago locker-room attendant, against Epstein’s former girlfriend and alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell. “Nobody who was around Epstein a lot is going to have an easy time now. It’s all going to come out,” said Giuffre’s lawyer David Boies. Another person involved with litigation against Epstein told me: “It’s going to be staggering, the amount of names. It’s going to be contagion numbers.”

Shine the light on them. All of them.

A charade of justice

Tommy Robinson is found guilty of contempt of court:

Tommy Robinson could be sent back to jail after he was again found in contempt of court today. Robinson was found to have broken the law by ‘aggressively confronting and filming’ defendants in a criminal trial and posting the footage on social media, in breach of a reporting ban, outside Leeds Crown Court in May 2018.

Following a long-running legal back-and-forth, the case was settled at the Old Bailey today, where a large crowd of Robinson’s fans turned nasty after the verdict.

As news of the judges’ ruling trickled through, a group of his supporters ran at barriers sectioning off police from the public, throwing missiles and chanting ‘shame on you’.

Robinson was previously jailed for the offence, but freed on appeal.

He’ll now have to wait to see whether he’ll be sent back to prison or be allowed to keep his freedom having already served two months of a 13-month sentence.

Today’s verdict means Robinson will return to prison if he is given a sentence of four months or more when he returns to court later this month. Anything less than that and he will have already served half the custodial period.

This strikes me as more gatekeeping kabuki than anything else. Tommy Robinson is clearly not a genuine nationalist or someone I would consider it meaningful to support. He’s very nearly as neoclownish as Jordan Peterson.

This can’t be good

Two former state senators, both Republicans, were killed in recent days:

Lawmakers in Arkansas and Oklahoma are mourning the loss of two former state senators who were found dead in their homes within a span of two days.

In Arkansas, this week’s fatal shooting of former Republican state Sen. Linda Collins-Smith is being investigated as a homicide, authorities said.

In Oklahoma, former state Sen. Jonathan Nichols was found dead from a gunshot in his home in Norman, about 20 miles from Oklahoma City, according to police.

It could be a coincidence, of course. But it probably isn’t.

The Rose Windows survived

Amazing. Another bit of good news concerning Notre Dame: all three Rose Windows survived:

Haunting new photos of Notre Dame’s interior reveal how it survived the inferno after it was revealed three of its iconic Rose Windows escaped damage, as detectives probe the renovation work which may have led to the blaze.

The pictures revealed the golden crucifix and altar were preserved amongst the smouldering rubble after the roof was destroyed by Monday night’s fire.

Three ‘irreplaceable’ Rose Windows, which date to the 13th century and were last night feared to have melted or exploded, were intact.

Notre Dame is burning

An apt metaphor for the current state of the West: Notre Dame is on fire.

More bad news. Another Christian treasure, science fiction grandmaster Gene Wolfe, has died.

Gene Wolfe, author of more than 30 books including classics like The Book of The New Sun, has died at the age of 87.

I spoke with him once. He was friendly, polite, and vastly amused by the idea that we were publishing a book of literary analysis of everything he ever wrote. He asked who the author was, and when I told him, he said, “But I know him! He never struck me as a madman!”

Requiescat in pace.

Assange expelled and arrested

The rumors last week were correct. Julian Assange has been expelled from the Ecuadorian embassy and arrested by the UK police:

Julian Assange has been arrested by British police today after Ecuador withdrew his political asylum seven years after he was given refuge by the country. The Wikileaks founder was dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in handcuffs by a large group of seven Metropolitan Police officers as stunned supporters and protesters watched on in central London.

He is currently in police custody and is set to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court ‘as soon as possible’.

Ecuador’s president Lenin Moreno said the decision to withdraw Assange’s asylum status came after the ‘repeated violations to international conventions and daily-life protocols’ and his ‘discourteous and aggressive behaviour’. Moreno added that he had asked Britain to guarantee that Assange would not be extradited to a country where he could face torture or the death penalty.

Moments after the arrest, during which Assange held on to a Gore Vidal book on the history of the national security state, WikiLeaks said Ecuador had acted illegally and ‘in violation of international law’. Assange, 47, has not left Ecuador’s diplomatic soil for seven years amid fears he would be arrested and extradited for publishing thousands of classified military and diplomatic cables.

Obviously Ecuador has the right to expel anyone it wants from its embassy. But why now? And what UK law has Assange violated to justify his arrest?