Whatever shall they do?

It’s very hard not to laugh at the difficulty liberals have with the idea that people genuinely support Donald Trump’s presidency:

Let me start by saying, I get it. I understand the confusion. The anger. The heartbreak.

Someone you thought was a good and kind person has revealed themselves to be… something different. Someone you love has exposed their support for or tolerance of bigotry, hatred, selfishness, narcissism, bullying, racism, sexism, abuse and violence through their support of Trump.

Maybe you found out directly. Or maybe you always had a hunch but were never quite sure. Regardless of the way you find out, the realization is, quite simply, devastating. Horrifying. Confusing. Embarrassing. Maddening. Demoralizing.

I know. I get it. Truly, I do. And sadly, so do plenty of other people.

So here’s the reality you’re – that we’re – currently facing: someone we love is supporting Trump.

So what the hell do we do about it?

As always, I recommend responding to any friend or family member who tests the waters with a dismissive reference to “Trump” or “Drumpf” with “I think you mean the God-Emperor!” Stops them in their tracks and shuts them down every single time. Finish them off with a straightforward declaration of fact: Trump is the greatest U.S. President since Andrew Jackson.

I, for one, certainly don’t have any problem with their solutions.

Let me be very clear, just because someone is family, they do not get the privilege of being in your life. “But they’re family” isn’t a reason to give someone access to your life and jeopardize your wellbeing. What these boundaries look like are different for everyone. For some people, it might mean a shift, but you’re still able to maintain some kind of relationship. For others, it might be cutting them out completely. Believe me, it is not easy at all. It hurts bad when your MAGA-hat wearing cousin calls you all kinds of names on social media. But this is why the unfollow, unfriend, and block buttons were created. You do not need to subject yourself to bullies and toxic relationships just because someone is related to you.

If any friend or relative of mine ever decided to remove the privilege of being in their life and having access to them due to my outspoken support for the greatest U.S. President since Andrew Jackson, I would sincerely thank them. And then I would happily go about living the rest of my life without ever giving the moron another thought. I don’t waste my time on stupid people.

That tells us a LOT about you, Dave

 Dave Bautista, who not only worked for alleged pedo James Gunn, but actually criticized his firing, is obviously alarmed that the God-Emperor is going after the sex traffickers and child molesters:

Dave Bautista wants to know what’s up with the pedo stuff. No, not in a Pete Townsend kind of way. He wants to know why marks for his arch-enemy, fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump, believe anyone who doesn’t support the president is a pedophile.

Bautista took to Twitter to ask, “When did everyone who doesn’t support @realDonaldTrump become a pedophile? Is that like the craziest shit ever or what? Inbred Philosophy 101 ‘Don’t support fascism? Child molester!!!!’ yeah, makes perfect sense.”

Besides, everyone knows that the only reason not to support Donald Trump is systematic pedophilia. Even if you’re not abusing children yourself, you’re part of a system that systematically abuses children and that makes you a pedophile.

It’s like these idiots never imagined that anyone would ever use their own rhetorical tactics against them. Or understood that the reason the rhetoric is effective is because it is clearly rooted in truth.

Killer rhetoric

They don’t care if they’re called communists. They don’t care if they’re called socialists. They don’t care if they’re called the real racists. But it is clear that they really, really, really care about being called a) Fake Americans, b) satanists, and c) pedos, or being (((identified))).

And remember, rhetoric is most effective when it is based on the truth:

PRESIDENT Donald Trump has shockingly shared a post claiming that rival Joe Biden is a pedophile along with a “misleading” video of the former VP whispering into a woman’s ear. 

Trump retweeted the GIF from a conservative Twitter user’s account on Tuesday morning that included the hashtag “#PedoBiden.”

The clip shows former Defense Secretary Ash Carter speaking at a podium during his swearing-in ceremony at the White House in 2015 while his wife, Stephanie Carter, and Biden stand nearby. Biden is seen standing behind Carter with his hands on her shoulders – and briefly whispers in the woman’s ear before she smiles and nods reassuringly. 

While her age is unclear, it’s very clear that Carter is a woman and not a child or underage female.

There’s no evidence to suggest that Biden is a pedophile and claims that he is are unfounded and have no basis in fact.

It’s always fascinating to see how the media tries to shift into pure dialectic mode with a higher standard of proof than is required in a court of law whenever it is trying to defend someone against an effective rhetorical attack. There is, after all, copious video and photo evidence that Creepy Joe is, at the very least, included to make females of every age more than a little uncomfortable.


Learn to spot the lie

Not that anyone with even half a brain trusts the FBI anymore, but the Portland office has now confirmed that the Bureau is loyal to the Color Revolution, not the American people:

Reports that extremists are setting wildfires in Oregon are untrue. Help us stop the spread of misinformation by only sharing information from trusted, official sources.

FBI Portland and local law enforcement agencies have been receiving reports that extremists are responsible for setting wildfires in Oregon. With our state and local partners, the FBI has investigated several such reports and found them to be untrue.

Special Agent In Charge Loren Cannon, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Remember, the children of the Devil always deceive through misdirection and redefinition. The key word here is “extremists”. Sure, various individuals are confirmed to have been observed and arrested for starting fires in Washingtonin California, and in Oregon, and have even been caught red-handed with matches by armed property owners. But the FBI has investigated these reports and determined that none of them were committed by extremists. Therefore, Antifa has nothing to do with it, so stop paying attention and definitely don’t blame the death and destruction on the people who are fanning the flames, both literally and metaphorically. That would be antisemitic. And racist. And homophobic. And conspiracy theory misinformation crimethink. Definitely not meth.

Oregon officials are noting that no antifa members have been arrested in connection with the fires, but there have been some arsonists connected with some of the blazes.

This is why it is important to understand that the USA is presently experiencing an attempted Color Revolution of which Antifa is merely one collection of anti-government stormtroopers. BLM is another. NeverTrump is a third. Notice that mere “official sources” are not enough to avoid being deemed misinformation. Those “official sources” must also be “trusted”, which means “controlled by the Color Revolution.”

The West Coast wildfires are clearly being magnified by the arson attacks. The CoRevs are attempting to hide these attacks under the cover of the natural events, but their hand has already been exposed. And the attacks should serve as a warning to the Patriot community that has retreated from the cities and suburbs that even distance will not suffice to assure they will be left alone.

Bear With Biden 2020

It’s a funny meme. But the best rhetoric is always rooted in the truth. And this is very, very good rhetoric. Because it points to the real reason that the global elite is so determined to stop President Trump’s inevitable reelection.
Speaking of good rhetoric, this meme is both on topic and worthy of note.

A failure of rhetoric

Watered-down rhetoric never works:

Google Trends data shows Trump’s “Sleepy Joe” name-calling isn’t generating nearly the buzz “Crooked Hillary” (or “Little Marco”) did in 2016. Base voters who relished doubting President Obama’s birth certificate aren’t questioning Biden’s.

Other factors are working against Trump’s playbook. Tech platforms are increasingly moving to shut down hate speech and flag misinformation, killing the sources of some of Trump’s favorite conspiratorial material. And search metrics suggest that, for the most part, a nation with more than 125,000 dead from the coronavirus has less patience for the president’s usual tactics.

The reason that “Sleepy Joe” is a failure is because it is poor rhetoric. It is poor rhetoric because it is not based on the truth and therefore misses the target. Hillary is crooked. Marco is a dwarf, both physically and politically. Joe Biden, for all his various flaws and shortcomings, is not a narcoleptic.

I suspect that the President’s original choice for Biden is “Creepy Joe”, but he was talked out of using it by his advisors, because they thought it was too harsh. Which, of course, is wormtongue-speak for “too effective”. But Biden is a confirmed creeper and women, especially young women and little girls, observably find him creepy.

Even “Sniffy Joe” would have worked, given Biden’s predilection for hair-sniffing. But “Creepy Joe” is the killer rhetoric that Trump should have used, and it won’t surprise me if he begins using it once his reelection campaign actually begins in earnest.

They’ll be coming for Aristotle soon

A reader discovers why rhetoric is no longer taught in schools and universities:

Thanks to your writings on the topic, I’ve started to understand much more about the role of rhetoric and dialectic in communication.  I’m currently reading The Ethics of Rhetoric by Richard Weaver and came across this brilliant passage about practitioners of “base rhetoric,” which he defines as “speech which influences us in the direction of what is evil.”

Examples of this kind of contrivance occur on every hand in the impassioned language of journalism and political pleading.  In the world of affairs which these seek to influence, the many are kept in a state of pupillage so that they will be most docile to their “lovers.”  The techniques of the base lover, especially as exemplified in modern journalism, would make a long catalogue, but in general it is accurate to say that he seeks to keep the understanding in a passive state by never permitting an honest examination of the alternatives.  Nothing is more feared by him than a true dialectic, for this not only endangers his favored alternative, but also gives the “beloved”…some training in intellectual independence.

What he does therefore is dress up one alternative in all the cheap finery of immediate hopes and fears, knowing that if he can thus prevent a masculine exercise of imagination and will he can have his way.  By discussing only one side of an issue, by mentioning cause without consequence or consequence without cause, acts without agents or agents without agency, he often successfully blocks definition and cause-and-effect reasoning.  In this way his choices are arrayed in such meretricious images that one can quickly infer the juvenile mind which they would attract.  Of course the base rhetorician today, with his vastly augmented power of propagation, has means of deluding which no ancient rhetor in forum or marketplace could have imagined.

It’s amazing how even a basic understanding of this subject allows one a much more precise and clear view of the world; frauds, charlatans, and wizards are readily identifiable.  I suppose that’s why it isn’t taught in public schools.

Actually, I tend to disagree with the assertion that the true dialectician is the base rhetorician’s greatest fear. Understanding and utilizing dialectic is good. But understanding and utilizing both dialectic and rhetoric is better, because while the dialectician has the ability to see through the base rhetoric, the true rhetorician has the ability to understand, confront, and publicly defeat it.

Exposing the enchantments

Conservatives and liberals alike are discovering that the Martin Luther King dream was never any more legitimate than any other Enlightenment lie:

Last week, a group of minority students emailed Professor Gordon Klein, asking him to let black students sit out this week’s exams in light of recent events. Klein refused. In an email supposedly from the professor, he explained his issues with the students’ racial grievances.

“Do you know the names of the classmates that are black?” he allegedly wrote. “How can I identify them, since we’ve been having online classes only? Are there any students that may be of mixed parentage, such as half black-half Asian? What do you suggest I do with respect to them? A full concession or just half? “One last thing strikes me: Remember that MLK famously said that people should not be evaluated based on the ‘color of their skin.’ Do you think that your request would run afoul of MLK’s admonition?”

The woke mob saw red, and a student named Preet Bains started a petition to have the professor fired. The petition, which describes Klein’s response as “woefully racist,” has attracted nearly 20,000 signatures, and UCLA has apparently sided with the aggrieved students. At some point since Friday, Klein was placed on leave.

Racial equality and content of character are not only the same sort of Enlightenment spells as free speech, free trade, and the labor theory of value, they are deep Promethean psyops that have successfully demoralized and paralyzed the Christian West for the last 60 years.

But sooner or later, the truth always exposes the lie hidden underneath the spell.

If you’re one of those self-deceivers who “doesn’t see color” or “looks at people as individuals” or “refuses to judge others by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”, then you have been spell-bound by the evil wizards who serve Satan.

Only God sees the human heart, so by accepting the foundational lie of this spell, you are acceding to the Promethean program of seeking to make yourself a god.

Antifa: the movie

What you’re seeing, the “riots” and the “police abuse” is all a movie playing out on a large scale in real-time. The consequences are real, but the narrative being pushed is entirely false.

#Bellevue Mall is being looted. I watched it unfold. Well-organized white men with walkie talkies broke windows and breeched the mall. Others went in and took stuff. By the time the media arrived, the only thing they saw was the taking of stuff. They did not see who started it.

If you think that sounds incredible, try to remember, we’re dealing with a force that, in less than 60 years, somehow managed to convince the entire American nation that its flesh-and-blood people, the posterity and heirs of the American Revolution, were nothing more than an idea.

Even the conservative establishment tools are beginning to see through the charade. Whoever could have put that nice new stack of bricks in the middle of the street for the joggers? What an unfortunate coincidence!

Asking questions is racist

Don’t ask questions of joggers or you might lose your job or even your lease:

A Minneapolis venture capitalist’s office lease has been terminated after a video went viral showing him asking a group of black entrepreneurs if they were tenants of the building and thus allowed to use its gym. In the video posted Tuesday night, Tom Austin, who is white, said he was going to call 911 on the group. He ended up calling the building’s property manager instead.

Meanwhile, Minneapolis enjoys more of its vibrant diversity, as “flames erupted” and “fires broke out” for absolutely no reason at all. This is an area I knew very well, as I graduated from a private school four blocks away from one of the liquor stores mentioned below.

Diversity in action

For much of the night, the police radio squawked with call after call, as looting started first at the Target store across the street from the precinct, before spreading to other areas in the city. Dozens of businesses were either looted or torched, or both, mostly in the area of Minnehaha Avenue and E. Lake Street, but also along business corridors on the city’s North and South sides.

Firefighters raced from one blaze to the next, often with police in tow for crowd control. After someone started a fire at an AutoZone store at Minnehaha and Lake, firefighters worked to douse the flames, knocking down the majority of them. But within a matter of hours, the store was ablaze again, as was a half-built affordable housing development that caught fire, sending flames more than a hundred feet into the air.

Vandals broke into Chicago-Lake Liquor, and also shattered a few windows at the Midtown Market down the block. They also targeted businesses along W. Broadway Avenue, north Minneapolis’ main commercial drag, and in the Uptown area. Several pharmacies were reportedly burglarized, with suspects fleeing with handfuls of prescription pill bottles.

A Target and Cub Foods anchoring the corner of E. Lake Street and Hiawatha Avenue were looted, along with other small businesses, including Minnehaha Lake Wine & Spirits. Flames and smoke shot into the air when a nearby AutoZone auto parts store was set ablaze. As some protesters tried to put out the fire, others danced gleefully in front of it, snapping selfies.

Equalitarianism is the real problem here. This isn’t about “police brutality”. After all, how many stores were burned and looted when an African cop shot and killed Justine Damond at her Minneapolis home in 2017?

Anyhow, I won’t mind if the joggers burn all of South Minneapolis to the ground. It’s a vibrant hellhole of diversity, and perhaps a sufficiently large conflagration will shake at least some idiot Minnesota liberals out of their smug equalitarianism.

And as one socialgalactician noted, it won’t be long before the word “jogger” is banned.

Meanwhile, Rep. Ilhan Omar, who “represents” Minneapolis in Congress, said: “Our anger is just. Our anger is warranted.”

This is why you always sink the damn ships and pick your own damn cotton.