Facebook approves death threats

Then quickly backtracks once saner minds had the chance to review the updated policy:

An update to the Facebook Community Standards which appeared to sanction calls to violence against “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations” identified by Facebook was quickly deleted amid public backlash.

On July 9th, Facebook changed its policy regarding “violence and incitement,” amending the policy to allow for “Calls for high-severity violence” against targets which have been identified as dangerous by Facebook itself:

“Do not post:

Threats that could lead to death (and other forms of high-severity violence) of any target(s), where threat is defined as any of the following:

– Statements of intent to commit high-severity violence

– Calls for high-severity violence (unless the target is an organisation or individual covered in the Dangerous Individuals and Organisations Policy)

– Including content where no target is specified but a symbol represents the target and/or includes a visual of an armament to represent violence

– Statements advocating for high-severity violence (unless the target is an organisation or individual covered in the Dangerous Individuals and Organisations Policy)

– Aspirational or conditional statements to commit high-severity violence (unless the target is an organisation or individual covered in the Dangerous Individuals and Organisations Policy”

The “dangerous individuals and organizations” policy concerns “terrorist activity,” “organized hate,” “mass or serial murder,” “human trafficking,” and “organized violence or criminal activity.” Under this updated policy, calls to violence could be incited against individuals such as Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones, and Milo Yiannopolous, all of which were banned from Facebook for violating the policy.

I don’t think there is much question that the SJWs who run converged sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia would love to be able to publicly endorse death threats against the individuals they deplatform, but it appears that the lawyers have prevailed. For now.

It’s interesting to see how they are showing their hand so clearly, though. This is all part of the developing weaponization of information that we’ve seen in attacks like the termination of the Alt-Hero:Q campaign that was seeded by NPR and Bleeding Cool and the deplatforming of the Rebel’s Run movie by WeFunder that was seeded by The New Republic and Wikipedia.

It’s only a matter of time before those media seedings, which are actually the informational equivalent of artillery spotting, lead to high-severity violence and fatalities on both sides. There will be war.

Corporate convergence in action

It’s fascinating to see that more than 200 major corporations, employing more than 7 million people and with $5 trillion in annual revenue, are lobbying the Supreme Court to reduce their employment options:

The Rays joined more than 200 major American corporations signing on to an amicus brief filed with the U.S. Supreme Court supporting workplace rights for the LGBTQ community.

The landmark brief calls for the court to rule that current federal civil rights law bans job discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. A coalition of five human rights groups submitted the brief this week ahead of oral arguments the justices will hear on Oct. 8 regarding three cases involving the issue.

Proponents argue that the current Civil Rights Act, which bars discrimination in the workplace, at schools, in healthcare and housing on the basis of race, religion and sex, should be interpreted to include gender identity and sexual orientation.

The Rays, who also own the Rowdies, joined a list of companies in support of the brief that includes Amazon, American Airlines, Bank of America, Ben & Jerry’s, Coca-Cola, Domino’s Pizza, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Nike, Starbucks, Viacom, the Walt Disney Co. and Xerox. Their inclusion, however, stands out because only one other sports team signed the brief: the San Francisco Giants.

Not even corporate profits are more important to the corporate devil-worshippers than codifying evil into the lawbooks. Whatever happened to their previous motto of “if you don’t like it, then just don’t do it?” Once more we see that “rights” and “freedoms” are just tactical weapons for the globo-satanists.

Next up: Slavery Story Hour

Seriously, who do these deranged librarians think they are fooling with their faux “freedom of speech” posturing?

A Warren County library wanted to do something to mark the occasion, so it enlisted a New Jersey drag queen to read a story to children. But they never got the chance. “Drag Queen Story Hour” has become an increasingly popular event for libraries, schools and bookstores to hold, though not always without controversy. So when the northeast branch of the Warren County Library System scheduled one for June 15, some questions and comments were expected.

They did not expect two straight days of phone calls clogging the lines and demanding the event be cancelled. Or for a usually dry library commission meeting to meet with similar, in-person resistance. The library commission, apparently caught by surprise at their May meeting, cancelled the Drag Queen Story Hour….

“I feel like we didn’t serve a portion of our community that deserves it, especially during pride month,” said Sandy Roberts, who works in the county library system and posted public messages on Facebook critical of the decision to cancel the story hour.

“I think that’s quashing freedom of speech and giving in to bigotry,” she said. “I’m OK if people have differences of opinion, but we’re a public space.”

As I have repeatedly pointed out, there is no such thing as freedom of speech. There is zero point zero chance that Ms Roberts would support a Make Slavery Great Again Story Hour. The only genuine question is who is enforcing the blasphemy laws.

Well, they ARE warmongering racial supremacists….

But the clothes, they aren’t quite so snappy. Anyhow, it’s amusing to see warmongering racial supremacists like Ben “100{8b70a6438b522ef6f89f11d55e680a8149f508647f69b4136c4a2bc59428f9c4} racially pure” Shapiro and Dennis “we have so much to teach the world” Prager whining about being called nazis:

Project Veritas has obtained a newly leaked document from Google that appears to show a Google employee and member of Google “transparency-and-ethics” group calling conservative and libertarian commentators, including Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro, “nazis.”  Project Veritas received this document after the release of its investigation into Google through the “Be Brave” campaign at VeritasTips@protonmail.com.

The email apparently was sent as part of the Google “transparency-and-ethics” group internal communications and suggests that content from PragerU, Jordan Peterson, and Ben Shapiro should be disabled from the “suggestion feature.”

“…if we understand that PragerU, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro et al are nazis using the dog whistles… I don’t think correctly identifying far-right content is beyond our capabilities. But if it is, why not go with Meredith’s suggestion of disabling the suggestion feature?”

Apparently Little Benny doesn’t like the namecalling so much now that he’s the racist nazi being hunted down with the objective of deplatforming and disemploying him.

Get off Facebook already

Facebook is turning in those “suspected of hate speech” to law enforcement in France:

In a world first, Facebook has agreed to hand over the identification data of French users suspected of hate speech on its platform to judges, France’s minister for digital affairs Cedric O said on Tuesday.

O, whose father is South Korean, is one of French President Emmanuel Macron’s earliest followers, and has been influential in shaping the president’s thinking on Big Tech as an advisor at the Elysee palace in the first two years of Macron’s presidency.

The decision by the world’s biggest social media network comes after successive meetings between Zuckerberg and Macron, who wants to take a leading role globally on the regulation of hate speech and the spread of false information online.

So far, Facebook has cooperated with French justice on matters related to terrorist attacks and violent acts by transferring the IP addresses and other identification data of suspected individuals to French judges who formally demanded it.

Following a meeting between Nick Clegg, Facebook’s head of global affairs, and O last week, the social media company has extended this cooperation to hate speech.

“This is huge news, it means that the judicial process will be able to run normally,” O told Reuters in an interview. “It’s really very important, they’re only doing it for France.”

If you’re still on Facebook at this point, you will deserve whatever ramifications happen to befall you as a result in the future.

SJWs lament the failure of demonetization

They’re beginning to realize that denying access to a failing revenue model isn’t working:

When YouTube wanted to punish political pundit Steven Crowder amid widespread outcry over his homophobic comments, its first move was to disable Crowder’s ability to run ads on his videos. The punishment was meant to revoke a key source of income, presenting a strong incentive for Crowder to change his behavior. But Crowder didn’t care, “This really isn’t that big of a ding for us,” he said.

Crowder sells T-shirts, hats, stickers, and subscriptions for more videos through his website, which is where he’s indicated most of his channel’s money comes from. Selling merchandise and subscriptions through other platforms isn’t just a way for creators to make more money, it’s also a way for creators to insulate themselves from YouTube’s ever-mercurial rules and algorithms. And it means that if a creator’s ads are cut off for whatever reason, they’ll still have a source of revenue.

Creators have realized that “YouTube can do whatever the hell they want to,” Wyatt Jenkins, Patreon’s VP of product, told The Verge. Because of that, they’ve started looking for ways to establish other relationships with their viewers. “They’re like, ‘If I’m going to make a run at this and do this for a living, I should probably have my best fans in my world.’”

Taking away a channel’s ability to run ads is supposed to send a message that YouTube is punishing creators who severely step out of line. The company stated as much in a June 5th blog post, reiterating that channels repeatedly brushing up “against our hate speech policies will be suspended from the YouTube Partner program, meaning they can’t run ads on their channel.” Creators also won’t be able to use alternative monetization techniques like Super Chat or channel memberships, according to YouTube.

For up-and-coming YouTubers reliant on that revenue, it can pose a huge problem. Many people just entering YouTube’s Partner Program, a threshold that signifies a creator can start earning ad revenue, may rely on that advertising money as they start their career. Channels that face day-to-day monetization issues, one of the biggest issues within the community, are struggling to understand what works and what doesn’t. But for larger creators, who still keep their ability to reach a huge number of subscribers, the punishment doesn’t necessarily accomplish YouTube’s goals.

Established creators — like Crowder, who reaches more than 4 million people — often have a large audience ready to buy products, significantly lessening the severity of the punishment. When YouTube cracked down on gun videos last year and removed ads from a number of channels, many of those channels circumvented the impact by signing sponsorship deals or starting Patreon accounts, allowing them to continue exactly what they’d been doing before.

Relying on ad revenue alone is difficult, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg said in a video about YouTube ads last year. “It’s inefficient, it’s unstable, and an insecure revenue model,” according to YouTube’s biggest creator. Most YouTube creators “don’t sustain themselves on ad revenue,” Kjellberg said.

Translation: SJWs are going to start putting more pressure on the payment processors. This is why we’re already taking action to avoid relying upon the converged major US-based ones.

Build your own platforms….

Deplatforming Christian morality

Australian rugby star Israel Folau’s legal defense crowdfunding campaign was deplatformed and shut down by GoFundMe:

Israel Folau’s controversial appeal for financial assistance for his legal fight against Rugby Australia has been shut down by GoFundMe Australia, with more than $650,000 in funds donated to the sacked rugby star expected to be refunded.

Rugby Australia terminated Folau’s multimillion-dollar contract last month after he posted a photo to Instagram in April that said homosexuals were destined for hell unless they repented of their sins.

Folau, 30, launched legal proceedings with the Fair Work Commission and said that, if a deal is not struck with RA, he would take the matter to the High Court. He set up the GoFundMe page in the hope of receiving $3 million in donations.

But GoFundMe Australia released a statement to the Herald on Monday saying the Folau appeal breached the organisation’s terms and conditions.

“Today we will be closing Israel Folau’s campaign and issuing full refunds to all donors. After a routine period of evaluation, we have concluded that this campaign violates our terms of service,” GoFundMe Australia regional manager Nicola Britton said.

“As a company, we are absolutely committed to the fight for equality for LGBTIQ+ people and fostering an environment of inclusivity.

“While we welcome GoFundMes engaging in diverse civil debate, we do not tolerate the promotion of discrimination or exclusion.”

It’s always lies, lies, and more lies, with a side order of lies, with these inversives. There was no “routine period of evaluation”. What happened was that a bunch of SJW activists complained and thereby triggered the amenable authorities at GoFundMe, who duly pretended to have reviewed the campaign.

I am not familiar with GoFundMe’s terms of use, particularly not in Australia, but Folau should carefully review them in order to see where their legal vulnerabilities lie. And this is yet another reminder that Christians and everyone who has not submitted to the satanic Narrative needs to build and utilize their own non-SJW platforms.

While Folau’s GoFundMe page soared past the $580,000 mark on Saturday, there were growing calls for the “hypocritical” website, which proudly displays a gay pride flag on its social media accounts, to shut down the fundraising exercise.

As I said, lies and more lies. I hope Mr. Folau will follow through and make the rubble bounce.

Vertigo is dead

And Literally Who killed it. I blame GamerGate.

DC Comics announced that Vertigo Comics will be extinct beginning in 2020. They specifically note “DC will sunset the Vertigo publishing imprint at the end of the year.”

The news confirms rumors about the imprint being shut down from earlier this month.

In a press release, DC Comics announced they will be restructuring their comic book division under three labels: DC Kids, DC, and DC Black Label. These changes are expected to go into effect in 2020.

My guess is that IDW will be the next to go.

They’ve learned nothing

One has to seriously wonder what Indiegogo thinks they are doing by determining that not only its campaigns, but its campaign contributors, are too risky for it. Apparently they want to add a few thousand more backers to their growing number of legal disputes.

This is particularly ironic as they never seem to have any problem with campaign owners who rip off their contributors and don’t actually deliver any products.

It’s an interesting business strategy, Cotton. We’ll see how it works out for them.

Corporate cancer metastasizes

Fewer customers are good for business, according to the executive NPCs of more than 180 converged companies:

The top executives of more than 180 companies have signed a letter that says abortion is essential in order for people to be successful in their businesses.

“When everyone is empowered to succeed, our companies, our communities and our economy are better for it,” the executives say in the letter posted on a newly launched website titled Don’t Ban Equality. “Restricting access to comprehensive reproductive care, including abortion, threatens the health, independence and economic stability of our employees and customers,” they said, adding:

Simply put, it goes against our values and is bad for business. It impairs our ability to build diverse and inclusive workforce pipelines, recruit top talent across the states, and protect the well-being of all the people who keep our businesses thriving day in and out.

A rational observer can only conclude that fewer executive NPCs and less corporate convergence would be of considerably more benefit to the economy. It tends to remind me of a story from the third volume of the 1918 Junior Classics entitled “The Bravery of Regulus”.

The Carthaginians were driven to extremity, and made horrible offerings to Moloch, giving the little children of the noblest families to be dropped into the fire between the brazen hands of his statue, and grown-up people of the noblest families rushed in of their own accord, hoping thus to propitiate their gods and obtain safety for their country.

Some things never change. Evil loves to promise that sacrificing little children to Moloch empowers everyone to succeed.