Fired from royalty?

I didn’t even know that stepping down was an option. What does that even mean?

Prince Andrew was forced to quit royal duties last night after a dramatic intervention by the Queen and the Prince of Wales. They took decisive action to contain the fall-out from the duke’s disastrous TV interview about his friendship with a paedophile billionaire.

The interview triggered days of catastrophic headlines and caused a string of businesses and charities to desert him.

Following lengthy discussions with Charles, who is touring New Zealand, the Queen summoned Andrew to Buckingham Palace and told him to step down.

That’s fine and all, but now tell him to fly to the USA and be interviewed by the FBI. (reads royal statement) Ah, “for the foreseeable future”. In other words, it’s just a PR stunt until everything blows over, or so they hope.

The prince’s pizza party

Prince Andrew’s televised interview has been widely seen as an unmitigated disaster, but the prince nevertheless considered it to have been a complete success:

The Duke of York attempted to ‘set the record straight’ by speaking about the sex allegations against him during a sit-down with Maitlis at Buckingham Palace. He completely refuted any wrongdoing in the interview but he was widely condemned for showing a lack of remorse over his friendship with Epstein. Despite many calling his performance a ‘PR disaster’, the prince is thought to have spoken to the Queen at a church service on Sunday, describing the interview as a ‘great success’.

How to rectify the two positions? I suspect both perspectives are correct. While it was obviously a PR disaster, Prince Andrew doesn’t give a damn about what the public thinks. It appears that what the prince was doing was akin to Kevin Spacey’s weird, but successful warning that if he was abandoned to be held accountable for his crimes, he would spill everything about everyone else.

I very much doubt it is a strange coincidence that Prince Andrew said he was at a children’s pizza party rather than at a club he was known to frequent. My interpretation of this weirdly specific detail is that he was warning his fellow evildoers that if they don’t get him out of his present predicament, he’ll tell the legal authorities in the UK and in the USA everything about their crimes against children.

The real British civil war

It’s not Brexit, it’s the Sussex Rebellion against the Crown:

Prince Harry and his renegade wife, Meghan, threw a tantrum and reportedly threatened to quit the Royal Family during a bitter confrontation with the Queen, insiders said. But if the pair were hoping the 93-year-old monarch would beg them to stay, they were flat-out wrong, has learned.

“Her Majesty called their bluff. She told them that she was delighted with their decision and couldn’t wait for them to leave,” a high-level palace courtier told Radar.

But that wasn’t the Queen’s only payback for the “divisive” couple, who committed the cardinal sin of dissing royal life in public.

The source claims she “stripped them of their royal titles, their newly renovated home, Frogmore Cottage — and about $15 million in financial support.

Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. But it would be massively hilarious if it turned out to be true. Gentlemen, never, ever, marry a malignant narcissist. Prince Harry could have, and should have, married a nice English Rose and lived a happy, prosperous life of service to the English nation. Instead, he went outside his nation and against his family, and now he is only beginning to pay the price.

This is the family that banished a king, after all. They wouldn’t hesitate to banish a mere duke who has repeatedly embarrassed them.

Literal treason

Who on Earth would trust these treacherous weasels with any sort of “negotiations” with the European Union?

Senior MPs opposing a no-deal Brexit sought assurances from the EU that their bid for a three-month delay would be granted, it has emerged.

European leaders were sounded out before MPs, including the “rebel alliance”, passed a bill, which is expected to receive royal assent on Monday, forcing Boris Johnson to ask for an extension. However, those involved said there were no guarantees in a process that was changing by the day.

It comes as the rebels, including former Tories who have been thrown out of the party, prepare for a legal battle in case the prime minister attempts to defy a law forcing him to ask for an extension on 19 October. The UK is due to leave the EU on 31 October, but the new law would envisage a Brexit extension until the end of January 2020.

The sounding of EU leaders over an extension has angered Tory Brexiters. The Conservative MP and former cabinet minister David Jones said: “Senior EU figures gave private assurances to British MPs, as a consequence of which they supported the surrender bill. This confirms the level of EU interference in our internal affairs and makes the need for Brexit all the more pressing.”

No wonder they’re terrified of an election. It’s becoming abundantly clear that the Fixed Term Parliament law was passed specifically in order to prevent the British people from being able to replace an openly anti-democratic parliament like the current one.

Notice how the various national legislatures across Europe have gone from being popular and democratically elected to openly election-avoidant and anti-democratic. This is another indication of the social mood trend having peaked and reversed. We are winning, whether you recognize it or not yet.

Apparently, their treason didn’t do them much good, though.

France today said the EU will not agree a Brexit delay beyond October 31 amid claims Boris Johnson will defy the law and ‘sabotage’ an extension if he is unable to strike a deal with Brussels.

It’s important to remember that a national leader with the people behind him doesn’t have to follow the rules imposed by the bureaucracy. The so-called “law” is nothing but a mutually agreed-upon illusion, so once mutual agreement fails or the illusion evaporates, there is no more rule of law.

And the Prime Minister does appear to be playing for keeps. One can’t defy convention and then affect surprise when others do the same in response.

John Bercow’s role in blocking Brexit has sealed his fate as Commons Speaker, one of Boris Johnson’s most senior Ministers revealed yesterday. Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom today confirms for the first time that the Conservative Party will defy convention and put up a candidate against him in the next Election.

Go to Israel, Tommy

What possible interest could the USA have in offering asylum to Stephen Yaxley-Lennon?

The former English Defence League leader, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, could face jail again for interfering with the trial of an Asian sex gang at Leeds Crown Court in May 2018. Two High Court judges found him guilty of contempt of court at the Old Bailey last week – which carries up to two years in jail – for ‘aggressively confronting and filming’ defendants while the jury considered its verdicts.

Dame Victoria Sharp said in a ruling published today: ‘His words had a clear tendency to encourage unlawful physical or verbal aggression towards identifiable targets. Harassment of the kind he was describing could not be justified’.

Ahead of the sentencing on Thursday, Robinson pleaded with President Trump to let him live in America, saying being sent to prison in the UK would be like a ‘death sentence’.

He told the far-right InfoWars website: ‘I beg Donald Trump, I beg the American government, to look at my case. I need evacuation from this country because dark forces are at work.

‘This is a direct appeal on behalf of my family – we love the United States, I have no future here [in Britain]. The country has fallen.’

The prosecution is a show trial, of course, meant to intimidate real English nationalists. But Tommy Robinson is not an English nationalist, he’s the working-class equivalent of a Ben Shapiro or Jordan Peterson. He is a cuck and a shill, and let’s face it, the USA has a sufficient supply of both at the moment.

I don’t recall old Tommy calling himself an American revolutionary, but rather, a Zionist. Let him turn to Israel if he wants out of Great Britain.

The hypocritic bankruptcy of neoliberalism

Who do the British neoliberals think they are fooling when they hypocritically condemn China for insufficiently respecting democracy in Hong Kong?

The UK has been accused of brazen hypocrisy after raising concerns about the state of democracy and human rights in Hong Kong, a former British colony once ruled by unelected colonial governors. Beijing denounced British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt as “shameless,” after Hunt declared that the UK would “stand behind the people of Hong Kong in defense of [their] freedoms” amid protests over a controversial extradition law with China.

The British haven’t always been so concerned about “protecting democracy” in Hong Kong, however. Before the city was handed over to China in 1997, Hong Kong was a British colony and administered by an unelected, and always British, governor.

The glaring double-standard is clearly hypocritical, former US diplomat Jim Jatras told RT.

I’m sad to say that not only the British but the American and most other Western governments – ‘hypocrisy’ should be part of the official title of how they conduct their affairs, how they deal with human rights issues at home, and then how they will use any pretext to support things like color revolutions.

The British are currently ruled by the unelected European Commission and they never allowed elections in Hong Kong while they ruled it. Why on Earth should China, or anyone else, pay any attention to their pious virtue-signaling now?

The lawless Parliament

The desperate Remain Speaker is demonstrating that there is no law in the current British Parliament:

Remainer MPs will mount an all-out bid to block No Deal today after Speaker John Bercow bent parliamentary rules to help them.

A cross-party motion being voted on this afternoon would effectively seize control from the government – and pave the way for a ban on the UK leaving without an agreement.

The Labour-backed move is seemingly timed to coincide with Boris Johnson’s Tory leadership campaign launch – after he vowed to force through Brexit by the end of October at all costs.

Mr Bercow has been accused of ‘constitutional vandalism’ for allowing the Opposition to table a business motion – which can usually only be done by the government.

If it is passed, a Bill will be brought forward within weeks that could make it illegal to suspend parliament to force a No Deal – a proposal mooted by some Tory hopefuls. Rebels say they could broaden the legislation to ban crashing out altogether.

The move to wrest control of Parliamentary business from the Government has the support of former Cabinet minister Sir Oliver Letwin, as well as all the Liberal Democrats, SNP and Greens.

One would have thought that the Members of Parliament would have learned the importance of working within the confines of the law from the assassination of Labour MP Jo Cox in 2016. If the politicians refuse to follow the law, why on Earth would they expect the people to do so?

Boris Johnson should put a stop to this Parliamentary lawlessness as soon as he becomes the Conservative Party leader by forging a Leave alliance with Nigel Farage, then calling for a General Election that would be followed by a Brexit-Conservative parliament.

UPDATE: the unlawful Remainer gambit to block No Deal Brexit failed anyhow, 309-298.

Bring on the General Election

So much for Remainer Tory threats that No Deal Brexit meant Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister. The first-past-the-post system might actually demolish the Conservative Party to the benefit of Niles Farage and the Brexit Party. And it’s likely that the polls actually underestimate the growing support for Farage. As I’ve often noted in the U.S. context, the so-called “pragmatism” of the moderate Right is often the exact opposite of pragmatic and only assures defeat.

The self-destruction of the Conservative Party

I won’t be terribly surprised if the Republican Party eventually suffers a similar fate if the pro-immigration establishment retains control of the party. I think it is reasonably safe to assume that the national vote share of the Conservative Party in the UK in general elections is going to go the way of its vote share in the European elections if it does not learn that the voters eventually lose their faith in a party which fails to deliver on its most important promises.

Daniel Hannan gets it, but after listening to the Conservative MP who is currently the Defence Minister speak last night, it is obvious that many in the Conservative establishment don’t. They are still declaring No Deal out of bounds even as the people are beating them into extinction due to their refusal to take Britain out of the EU without a terrible deal imposed on them by the EU leaders. The fact that the Tories must listen to the British electorate doesn’t mean they will do so, any more than Republicans appear willing to listen to the US electorate about its complete lack of interest in fighting wars on behalf of Israel.