Deeply treasonous parliamentarians

As incredible as it sounds, these are the sorts of machinations that could quite legitimately spark another civil war in Great Britain:

Theresa May is facing an all-out bid by Remainer rebels to stop Brexit going ahead by tearing up the Commons rulebook. The ‘coup’ could see the government stripped of control over business in Parliament – paralysing the PM and potentially allowing MPs to prevent the UK crashing out without a deal.

The move – which No10 believes is being orchestrated by former ministers Oliver Letwin and Dominic Grieve – could happen within hours of Mrs May’s Brexit plan being heavily defeated on Tuesday, as seems inevitable.

The manoeuvring was only uncovered by Chief Whip Julian Smith when he overheard conspirators in the MPs’ cloakroom. Ministers have been warned success for the plotters could make it impossible for the government to cling on. There are claims Speaker John Bercow is ready to help the backbench uprising, after he secretly met Mr Grieve last week.

The high-stakes battle emerged as Mrs May launched another desperate effort to salvage the package she has thrashed out with Brussels.

This is treason by literally every single measure. If either the Queen or the Prime Minister had any spine whatsoever, they would be ordering the arrest of all the conspirators. It also demonstrates the way in which those who are skeptical about “conspiracy theories” are not only ignorant of history, they are wilfully blind concerning current events.

Teresa May’s feeble deal is going to be voted down, as it should be. No-Deal Brexit was always the right way to go, and the desperation of the traitorous continental conspirators is rendered obvious by the extreme tactics they are now contemplating. This is not merely an attack on British democracy and the British government, it is an attack on the very British concept of the rule of law.

The parliament betrays the British people

The British politicians are determined to keep Britain in the European Union:

Today a group of senior Tories including Ken Clarke, Nicky Morgan and Oliver Letwin tabled a Commons amendment designed to stop a No Deal outcome.

Their motion would ensure that if the Government loses next week’s vote, MPs will have the power to decide what happens next.

It means Parliament would be able to vote for Brexit to be delayed or for a second referendum, instead of Britain leaving the EU in March without a deal.

I’m not surprised that they’re doing this, once it became clear that plenty of Britons actually preferred a no-deal Brexit to any of the various “deals” that left Britain tied and subservient to the EU. But it’s very far from over, although the British people need to recall that one seldom votes one’s way to freedom and sovereignty.

Just do it already

The way that Leave Tories have pussyfooted around taking down the EU puppet Theresa May was always bound to fail. All the talk about “a good deal” and so forth was nonsense, as Hard Brexit with no agreement and no payout was always the ideal path to independence. They should stop issuing threats, eject the Puppet Minister, and get on with it.

Fury is growing over Mrs May’s deal which has been slammed by both sides of the debate after she pushed it through last night’s five hour sessions at Number 10. The Prime Minister is reportedly facing rebellion within her own party as backbench MPs begin to file votes of no confidence against Mrs May.

Senior MPs from the Brexit-supporting European Research Group (ERG) – chaired by Jacob Rees-Mogg – are reportedly readying to trigger a vote of no confidence against the PM.

Brexit-supporting MPs unhappy with Mrs May’s draft withdrawal agreement have already been vocal in suggestions she could resign.

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said last night “Brexiteer anger” is driving backbenchers to take matters into their own hands – and this morning three Cabinet ministers have resigned, including Brexit secretary Dominic Raab.

They know, they absolutely know, that a majority of the British people favor Brexit. So stop worrying about Jeremy Corbyn and get the job done. Do that, and Corbyn’s Labour won’t be a problem.

UPDATE: Why is anyone surprised that Theresa May did what she was always expected to do, and sell out Britain’s interests at the last minute?

Theresa May is fighting for her political life today after Brexiteers effectively declared war – with Cabinet ministers quitting and an all-out bid to oust her. The Prime Minister is braced for a Tory no-confidence vote to be triggered potentially within hours after she vowed to push on with her controversial Brexit plan despite Dominic Raab and Esther McVey quitting accusing her of bowing to EU ‘blackmail’.

The EU negotiations gameplan is always the same. Posture, posture, posture, then give just a little bit at the very end to their puppet on the other side in order to allow said puppet to pull a rabbit out of the hat for maximum dramatic effect. It’s not working this time because everyone has learned to anticipate it.

And the idea that May is appealing to the loyalty of her cabinet members to try to salvage her position as Puppet Minister is simply absurd. What about loyalty to Her Majesty the Queen? What about loyalty to Great Britain.


One simply can’t argue that the decline of Britain and the West is undeserved. What else could possibly have been expected to result from importing tens of millions of differently-civilized aliens from foreign and less-developed societies?

This is the shocking moment a thug attacks a terrified pensioner as the old man begs for mercy on a residential street in Birmingham.

The distressing clip shows the attacker grab the elderly man and violently throw him to the ground leaving his victim on the floor groaning in pain.

The appalling attack, filmed in the leafy suburb of Moseley, Birmingham, is believed to have taken place on October 16 and the video shared across social media.

I feel absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for old people who are mistreated by immigrants and their descendants, whether it is on the streets or in the nursing homes. Pity the young instead, who never supported the invasion nor had any opportunity to resist the invasion.

Besides, old people being beaten up is good for the economy.

Brexit fake drama

Does the British Prime Minister really believe that her “last-minute deal” to prevent a clean Brexit is going to fool anyone?

Theresa May is trying to steady her restive Cabinet today as she braces for a crucial 48 hours that could decide the fate of Brexit.

The Prime Minister has gathered her senior team amid desperate efforts to get negotiations with the EU back on track.

After dramatically pulling the plug on a fledgling divorce agreement on Sunday, Mrs May has been frantically ringing round fellow leaders to appeal for a shift in their position.

Tomorrow night she will make a make-or-break pitch to EU counterparts at a summit in Brussels – with council president Donald Tusk warning that a chaotic no-deal Brexit is now ‘more likely than ever before’. German minister Michael Roth said this morning that Mrs May needed to ‘take responsibility’ for the talks.

In signs that concerns are growing within the Cabinet, around a third of the ministers met over pizza in Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom’s office last night to consider the state of play.

Four senior figures including Mrs Leadsom are thought to be ready to resign if the PM goes too far in concessions to the EU.

We’ve all seen this show before. Lots of posturing. Threats of no deal. Talks go down to the wire. Britain caves on nearly everything, the Europeans give no ground at all. Then, at the last minute, the Europeans toss Britain a minor bone, declares how tough the British negotiator is and what a bitter pill the compromise is to swallow, and having sold out Britain, the British negotiator triumphantly comes home with a treaty declaring peace in our time.

Eurosceptic MPs accused No 10 of manufacturing a ‘confected row’ with the EU to distract attention from a potential sellout. Former Brexit minister Steve Baker said the breakdown in talks was ‘almost certainly theatre’.  

This isn’t merely obvious theater, it’s how everyone knew Theresa May was going to try to minimize Brexit from the moment she became Prime Minister. No deal is always considerably better than any deal with the devil.

Vote until you get it right

The EU never changes its totalitarian tactics:

EU leaders sparked a backlash last night after calling for a second referendum to allow voters to ‘change their view’ on Brexit. In separate interventions, the leaders of the Czech Republic and Malta urged Theresa May to drop her opposition to a second referendum.

Their comments prompted an angry response in the UK, with Mrs May responding: ‘There will be no second referendum.’

Maltese PM Joseph Muscat, who has been dogged by questions about a corruption scandal, claimed EU leaders were ‘almost unanimous’ in wanting Britain to change its mind…. The EU has a long history of ignoring inconvenient referendum results or forcing countries to vote again. The most famous example is Ireland’s rejection of the Lisbon Treaty in 2008, which was overturned in a second referendum after intense pressure from Brussels.

But Mrs May has repeatedly said she will not countenance a second referendum – a message she repeated to EU leaders ‘very firmly’ at a dinner in Salzburg on Wednesday night.

Fortunately, the fallout from this typical tone-deafness should be strong enough to let Britain simply Brexit without any deal, which is the best possible path forward and will save it more than $40 billion in an exit tax.

Brexiteers and Remainers today declared Theresa May’s Chequers plan dead after it was brutally savaged by the EU at a crucial summit.

The Prime Minister made a plea to European leaders to compromise as she desperately tries to get a deal agreed with less than two months to go in negotiations.

But leaders across the EU lined up to savage her plans in a series of scathing press conferences at the Salzburg summit today.

EU council chief Donald Tusk insisted her Chequers proposal ‘will not work’ while German Chancellor Angela Merkel said ‘substantial progress’ is still needed.

A visibly angry Mrs May hit back at the EU – insisting that her plan remains the only serious and credible proposal on the table. But she was hit with a fresh onslaught by her own MPs in Britain who said the damning verdict has killed off her Brexit blueprint.

Tory MP and leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg said: ‘I think Chequers now has no supporters at all. I doubt even the Downing Street cat is any longer backing the Chequers plan. ‘I think the time has come for Mrs May to say “This is not going to work”.’

And fellow Conservative and arch Remainer Anna Soubry said: ‘Having been nailed to its perch this Chequers parrot is no more, it is bereft of life, it rests in peace, it is indeed an ex parrot.

Now it is time for Italy and Hungary to arrange their own escapes from the Fifth Reich.

Time to go, Theresa

Hard Brexit is looking better and better thanks to the machinations of the stealth Remainers:

Theresa May faces a deepening political crisis as a poll showed voters oppose her Brexit plans – and are ready shift to the hard right.

Just 12 per cent said the compromise solution being championed by the PM would be good for Britain.

In a particularly stinging finding, the research found that twice as many people thought Boris Johnson would do a better job in Downing Street.

Mrs May is battling to hold the Tories together as she desperately scrambles to put together a deal with the EU. Mr Johnson and David Davis both quit Cabinet after the premier forced through a compromise plan through at a Chequers summit for ministers a fortnight ago.

Meanwhile, Mr Davis has waded back into the row by urging Mrs May to rip up her plans altogether and start again. The proposals also do not appeared to have delivered the breakthrough with the EU that Mrs May had hoped – as fears rise of a no-deal Brexit. Michel Barnier gave the plans short shrift a a brutal press conference on Friday, suggesting they would be unacceptable.

According to a YouGov poll for the Sunday Times, just 12 per cent of the public think the Chequers plan would be good for Britain, while 43 per cent disagree. Around 38 per cent would vote for a new party on the right that was committed to Brexit. Some 24 per cent would be prepared to support an explicitly far-right anti-immigrant, anti-Islam party.

The Alt-Right is the only Right and it is inevitable. Everywhere.

Will Boris deal the coup de grace?

Tereason May is still desperately trying to remaining standing in the breach to prevent Brexit:

Theresa May was barracked by Tory Eurosceptics at PMQs today as she fights to hold her party together.

The Prime Minister was goaded by backbencher Andrea Jenkyns over when she decided that ‘Brexit means Remain’.

But amid jeers in the Commons a clearly stung Mrs May hit back that she was still committed to leaving the EU and wanted a ‘workable’ solution.

The clashes, at a raucous last questions session before the summer recess, came after Mrs May narrowly fended off a potentially existential challenge to her negotiating strategy last night.

However, there is little sign of the pressure easing, as Boris Johnson is preparing to unleash a devastating resignation statement in the House later.

The woman clearly isn’t going to accept the very clear message that has been sent to her by her party. They’re going to have to drag her kicking and screaming from Number 10. So dignified! What an embarrassment she has turned out to be.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn is standing stronger against The Lobby than the U.S. Congress or the South Carolina legislature by refusing to redefine “anti-semitism” to the liking of a crazy Jewish Member of Parliament. It’s interesting to observe that even on the verge of being kicked out of the Prime Ministership, Theresa May is more concerned about the Jewish nation than she is about the British nation.

Theresa May today tore into Jeremy Corbyn for refusing to use the international definition of anti-Semitism to tackle racism in his party.

The Prime Minister said religious leaders have warned he is sending a ‘message of contempt’ to the Jewish community.

And in a fiery tirade against the Labour leader, she said that ‘anti-Semitism is racism –  you should accept that.’

Her stern rebuke in their weekly PMQs clash came after a veteran Jewish Labour MP accused her leader of being a ‘f***ing anti-Semite and a racist’ in a tense clash last night.

Dame Margaret Hodge tore into Mr Corbyn after a tense Labour NEC meeting where senior party figures refused to adopt the definition. The row came after the party’s leadership decided not to accept the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of anti-Semitism – in defiance of Jewish leaders and its own MPs.

Labour instead updated its code of conduct to state that anti-Semitism is ‘racism’ and ‘unacceptable’, stopping short of several examples of anti-Semitism according to the IHRA definition, such as accusing Jewish people of being more loyal to Israel than their home country.

No matter what their heritage, the People of the Lie always attempt to render the truth illegal and deserving of persecution. That is a reliable sign that they serve their Father the Devil.

Driving them to drink

The mere thought of facing the God-Emperor had the unelected sham “leader” of the European Commission needing Dutch courage:

The European Union leader was stumbling so much that world leaders including the presidents of Finland and Ukraine, and the Dutch Prime Minister, were forced to hold him up.

Footage from the summit shows the 63-year-old being held up as he makes his way down the stairs. But as Mr Juncker attempts to walk he stumbles backwards and loses his balance once again. The European Commission President then had to be held at the arm in an effort to steady himself.

Prime Minister Theresa May walked past Mr Juncker and grinned, seemingly unaware that the European Commission President was struggling to stand unaided.

Mr Juncker was attending a gala at the Nato summit in Brussels attended by US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

Remember when Hillary couldn’t even manage to walk straight during the U.S. presidential campaign? I’m noticing an interesting pattern here.

Borixit for Brexit!

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has resigned. That should be sufficient to eject Teresa the Traitor from the Prime Ministership.

Et tu Boris? Johnson QUITS in devastating blow for May as she faces furious Tory MPs in the Commons over her ‘stinker’ Brexit trade plan – and more ministers could follow him out of the door.

Theresa May is in a desperate battle for her political life today after Boris Johnson dramatically quit over her ‘third way’ Brexit plan.

The Foreign Secretary resigned just minutes before the PM took to her feet the Commons in a statement to MPs about the compromise package she forced through the Cabinet on Friday night.

Mrs May tried to put a brave face on the shattering blow this afternoon, paying tribute to Mr Johnson’s commitment to ‘Global Britain’. She mounted an impassioned defence of her blueprint, saying it was the ‘Brexit in our national interest’.

But some Labour MPs jeered ‘bye’ and ‘resign’ as she stood up to address the chamber.

Mrs May must then endure the pressure cooker of a private meeting with Tory backbenchers later amid a massive backlash from Eurosceptics that is threatening to sweep her out of Downing Street.

First get rid of May. Then get rid of Merkel. Then Brexit, then Italexit, and it’s adios EU. Nationalism INTENSIFIES!

I’d like to see Jacob Rees-Mogg as PM. I could be wrong, but he seems to be the smartest nationalist in the room.