No deal is the only deal

The British Parliament illustrates the complete failure of representative democracy:

A first attempt by MPs to find a consensus route forward for Brexit has ended in deadlock and confusion after the Commons rejected every option put forward, albeit with a near-even split on the idea of joining a customs union.

Oliver Letwin, the veteran Conservative MP who led the process which allowed backbenchers to seize control of the order paper to hold a series of indicative votes, said the results were “disappointing” but he hoped a new round of votes would be held on Monday.

Brexit: all eight indicative vote options defeated by MPs – live news
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The Speaker, John Bercow, said he would allow this to take place, prompting shouts of protests from many MPs.

The Brexit secretary, Stephen Barclay, said the results strengthened the government’s view that Theresa May’s Brexit deal was the best and only way forward.

On the lack of a majority for any of the eight alternatives put to the vote on Wednesday, he said: “It demonstrates that there is not easy option here, that there is no easy way forward.”

How fortunate that direct democracy has already settled the matter: leave with no deal.

Mailvox: May out by Monday

From the Brexit Insider:

Reports in this morning’s press are that there are several Brexiteer ministers on their way to Downing Street to tell Theresa May to get out. There was already suggestions a couple of days ago that Brexiteer MPs were prepared to abstain in a ‘no confidence’ vote in the House of Commons in order to bring down what is at least theoretically their own party’s government.

Under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act 2011, if the ‘no confidence’ vote was lost by the government, there would then be 2 weeks for the parties to attempt to form a government before a general election was mandated. In this time frame, they would defenestrate Theresa May and select a new leader.

The significant problems with this plan are:

1) No guarantee that Theresa May would not Cling-on like a limpet on Noah’s Ark to seek the survival of her Globalist ideology.

2) There wouldn’t be time for the Conservative Party to go through the process of consulting the members around the country on the leadership choice, and the parliamentary party are majority Remainers anyway, so the result could be another Remainer Prime Minister to continue the circus.

It looks to me as if No Deal is going to take place by default on March 29th, the various shenanigans by the EU, Her Majesty’s Government, and the British Parliament notwithstanding.

UPDATE: No Deal announced tonight?

The British political journalists that were on their way to Brussels on the Eurostar for tomorrow’s EU council meeting are apparently scrambling to get back to London for an announcement in Downing Street at 8pm GMT. Others are being told to cancel their dinner plans.

Note that this will be after the 1922 committee meeting of Conservative Party backbenchers that she has been politely invited (read: ordered) to attend. That probably starts at about 6pm, although last time it started at 5pm.

There are reports that Macron has refused any extension, although Juncker is prepared to allow up to 22 May, the day before the Euro parliament elections. The Elysée has however stated that, “No decision will be taken by France before the European council”. Hopefully French intransigence can save Britain from Theresa May’s dithering, and we can have a rousing chorus of La Marseillaise.

UPDATE: It looks like a General Election is going to be announced. The bookies have suspended betting on one.

Mailvox: behind the Brexit theatrics

An update on the latest from our Brexit insider:

UK Attorney General Geoffrey Cox has issued his latest legal guidance on the documents that Theresa May brought back from Strasbourg last night. The legal risk remains unchanged. As expected, Theresa May simply continued her ‘failure theatre’.

There is no method for Britain to exit from the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement unilaterally if there are simply “intractable differences” between Britain and the EU. Since the reason that we are leaving the EU in the first place is due to “intractable differences”, of course those differences are not going to be resolved in the matter of the Irish Border. The Attorney general said the “legal risk remains unchanged” and the “fundamental circumstances remained the same”

Theresa May was attempting to obtain something that would allow Geoffrey Cox to change his advice and recommend the approval of the Withdrawal Agreement, using some sort of codicil, which was given the name ‘Cox’s Codpiece’. The Attorney General was adamant that everything within his codpiece should be in good working order.

Britain can still use the 1970 Treaty of Vienna to cancel any international agreement, regardless of whether that agreement includes a exit clause. Remember that the most fundamental principle of English constitutional law is that no parliament may bind a future parliament.

The Labour Party’s finance spokesman, effectively the #2 guy in the party, said yesterday that the priority is to defeat the government. The Northern Ireland Democratic Unionist Party, upon whom Theresa May depends for the existence of her government, said just now that they will vote against the Withdrawal Agreement. The European Research Group of Conservative Party Brexit supporters, led by Jacob Rees-Mogg will also vote against the Withdrawal Agreement.

So, my prediction is that this evening, Theresa May will be defeated by a similarly huge margin to her defeat in January.

The Labour Party could then legitimately call another ‘no confidence’ motion to dissolve the government, but that would not be successful. No one wants a general election. There is also no mechanism to involuntarily remove Theresa May prior to December 2019. She would have to be persuaded to step down, and there is no indication that she would agree. Fortunately, complete paralysis is a good situation at the moment because the legal default position is ‘no deal’.

During the vote Withdrawal Agreement in the House of Commons tonight, Brexit supporters will move an amendment to rule out a second referendum. This is calling the bluff of the ‘People’s Vote’ campaign, who decided not to move an amendment to have a second referendum. They decided this because there simply isn’t the support in the Commons for another vote. It is likely that Theresa May will support the ruling out of a second referendum because that has always been her position.

This is a clear indication that the Remain supporters know that their position is weakening. National opinion polling has ‘no deal’ at 44{e08cad746da4649304cc119361c7d8e2ee7ced73b617f6c7db2262986ac851da} and ‘remain’ at 30{e08cad746da4649304cc119361c7d8e2ee7ced73b617f6c7db2262986ac851da}, with presumably a large slice of ‘don’t know’ in the middle. Almost no one wants Theresa May’s deal.

Although Theresa May cancelled the votes on ‘no deal’ and ‘delay’ scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday respectively, I suspect these votes will nevertheless happen. The House of Commons will reject the concept of ‘no deal’ and ask for a delay. The EU will then refuse an extension because the UK doesn’t have a plan to achieve agreement to the Withdrawal Agreement, and therefore we will have ‘no deal’. The House of Commons just doesn’t want to be the ones that actually choose ‘no deal’.

UPDATE: 14 MPs have switched sides to support Brexit in our time!

Sky News: 14 MPs have switched sides and will vote for Theresa May’s deal. She now just needs to persuade another 102 MPs to change their opinion to get her deal approved. i.e. She still needs a miracle. The atmosphere in the chamber is being described as “funereal”. The last rites of the Conservative Party.

Mailvox: Brexit update

Our British Brexit expert is now less certain that a no-deal Brexit will take place as scheduled on March 29.

The recent votes in the Commons were a non-event. They simply commit parliament to hold votes:
12 March: Theresa May’s deal;
13 March: ‘No Deal’ if Theresa May’s deal was rejected the day before;
14 March: Article 50 extension if ‘No Deal’ was rejected the day before.
Belgian MEP, Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the liberals in the EU parliament, and lead EU parliamentarian on Brexit, was last night against any Article 50 extension which would cause Britain to hold European Elections 23 May. This is because it would give Faragistes and Kippers a say in the selection of the new EU executive to replace Juncker, Tusk et al., and over the ratification of Theresa May’s deal.
Remember that Britain is not trivial in size and is equal to the smallest 19 EU countries combined.
Also remember that Brexiteer lawsuits are stacked up, just waiting for the government to make a mistake. If we can litigate our way out, we will. However, as the lawyers know, first we need a cause of action, and that can’t happen until the government or parliament makes decisions. For example, any delay and Brexiteers will litigate to ensure EU elections are held in Britain so that we can affect the selection of the EU executive and ratification of deals. Of course what is litigated depends on what decisions are taken, it is inherently reactive.
The EU are saying that they would only agree to extensions if Britain has a clear roadmap to achieve a deal. By which they mean surrender. And it is a surrender, on a par with military defeat and occupation, which would lead us around by the nose.
Jacob Rees-Mogg was last night saying that he would be prepared to vote for Theresa May’s deal, including the Irish backstop on one condition: Theresa May resigns.
I think that this is wrong. However it’s not completely crazy. Here’s the logic:
1. Almost all of the deal is time limited. It expires over the course of the next decade. It’s humiliating, it fails to give the EU the contact with hard reality that they desperately need, and it hamstrings our ability to chart our own course, but it does eventually expire. The exception here is the Irish backstop.
2. Any Conservative Party leadership contest would result in a Brexiteer prime minister. This is because the final 2 candidates are voted on by the party members around the country, who are ‘no deal’ Brexiteers. Personally I would prefer Jacob Rees-Mogg, but he would rather remain the “éminence grise”, so it’s going to be Boris Johnson. We have to work with who we’ve got.
3. The ‘Future Relationship’ agreement with the EU, Brexit Part Deux, would then NOT be negotiated by Theresa May and Olly Robbins. Instead it would be negotiated by Brexiteers.
4. This kicks into touch the Labour Party’s new strategy of another referendum and Customs Union with dynamic alignment of regulations (EU membership and control of our economy without representation), because it would simply have been overtaken by events at the next general election (probably 7 June 2022). The Labour Party has yesterday firmly demonstrated that it doesn’t care about its rust-belt voters, so a properly led Conservative Party can pick up those districts at a future election. The Labour Party would solely be the party of metropolitan chatterati and minorities.
5. A Brexiteer Prime Minister can start to dismantle the incestuous relationship whereby Central Office chooses the MP candidates and the MPs choose Central Office – turning ordinary party members around the country into a rubber stamp. This relationship, as I have previously written, is the fundamental problem which disconnects the MPs and government from the electorate. It is this which causes the implementation of policies which are well received by the media, but detested by any sane person.
6. If the Irish backstop remains a problem after several years, we can simply use the 1970 Treaty of Vienna, combined with the fact that no British Parliament may bind a future British Parliament, to repudiate the backstop after the next election with 3 months’ notice.
Separately, I would point out that when we decided to leave the EU, we were prepared to treat it as the cancellation of a golf club membership – which is legally what it is. “We don’t want to play any more. In fact we never did and you lied to us, but no hard feelings, and good luck with your 18 holes tomorrow.”
However, what the EU has done since the discussions with Cameron began after the May 2015 British General Election, is demonstrate that they are not simply a hazard, but are actually a direct threat to us. They have behaved with a colonial mentality towards us. We won’t be safe until we have dismantled the EU. This must now be the primary objective of British foreign and economic policy. Fortunately, the EU is so unstable that this is practical objective, rendered much more so by a Brexiteer Prime Minister who understands the threat with the EU poses.

My thought is that Leave means Leave. No Deal Brexit is the best possible outcome for the British people. No matter how celebrated it may be at the time, any deal with the EU will eventually come to be seen in much the same light as Chamberlain’s Munich Agreement and the MPs are being exceedingly foolish to even consider any deal of any kind with the Fourth Reich.

Labour calls for a revote, Tories for delay

The British establishment is rendering itself increasingly irrelevant. First, the Labour Party leader endorsed the EU’s principle of “vote until you vote correctly”:

Labour’s Brexit civil war escalated dramatically today after Jeremy Corbyn backed a second referendum. Leave-supporting MPs voiced fury after the leader heralded a seismic shift, warning that trying to overturn the result from 2016 would be ‘catastrophic’.

Tensions are also already seething over when a referendum should be held – and whether Remain should be on the ballot paper.

In an extraordinary move, Mr Corbyn told his MPs last night that the party was ready to back a second public vote to prevent a ‘damaging Tory Brexit’. The party is likely to table a Commons amendment which would mean a referendum on whatever deal finally gets through Parliament.

However, the new stance still appears to leave questions about whether Labour will call for a referendum if Mrs May’s deal is not passed, or whether one would only happen if Mr Corbyn wins powers and negotiates his own package.

And Theresa May showed her true Remainer colours by offering to delay Brexit beyond the March 29 deadline.

Theresa May faces a titanic Cabinet battle over Brexit today amid signs she is ready to surrender to a Remainer revolt.

The PM is gathering her senior team as tensions hit new heights, with negotiations deadlocked in Brussels and just weeks to go until the UK is due to crash out. Cabinet sources told MailOnline there were ‘encouraging’ signs that Mrs May is now ready to delay Brexit to avert mass resignations by ministers who are determined to rule out no deal.

But the expected concession will cause fury among Eurosceptics who have been adamant the option of leaving without an agreement must be kept on the table.

My best guess is that all this is all political sound and fury signifying nothing in the end, and Britain will exit with no deal by the end of March. I also expect Labour to get slaughtered in Leave districts in the next election. But we will see.

Social credit system in the UK

Unlike China, the social credit system in the UK penalizes natives who prefer the native culture:

A student who claimed the NHS should not be free to immigrants and lamented about the ‘Islamisation’ of Britain has been kicked out of his university. Sebastian Walsh expressed his controversial opinions during class seminars and the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) decided to suspend him after they received several complaints about his behaviour. The 19-year-old student also branded halal meat ‘barbaric’ and ‘inhumane’ and vowed to friends he would never eat at Subway or KFC due to the way the animals are killed.

For all that the conservatives and cuckservatives like to complain about “the Left”, it is becoming rapidly clear that nationalist communism as practiced in the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China is genuinely preferable to the globalist cultural subversion that has infested the West.

It’s a hellish and capricious system, complete with reeducation courses.

The University of Central Lancashire told Mr Walsh he could return to his social work studies in September is he signed a good conduct agreement and undertake a diversity training course.

Left and Right is all but irrelevant now. Nationalist vs Global Imperialist is the only battle that matters in the present circumstances. And we – to the extent there can even be said to be a we – are now the global bad guys.

It’s time to bring back the Christian blasphemy laws, many of which are still on the books, and begin enforcing them with a vengeance. Deus vult!

Brexit means Brexit

And no deal means No Deal:

Theresa May suffered another Brexit humiliation tonight as she was abandoned by Tory MPs from both wings of the party. The PM crashed to defeat in a crunch vote on her EU plan by 303 to 258 after furious Eurosceptics abstained claiming she was sneakily trying to take no deal off the table.

As any illusion of Conservative unity was shattered, Remainers also snubbed her for the opposite reason, that she was not dismissing the idea of crashing out. Mrs May did not even bother to enter the chamber to hear the grim result, with Jeremy Corbyn demanding to know where she was and taunting that she ‘can’t keep running the clock down’.

The blow came despite Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay desperately trying to reassure mutinous MPs that no deal is not being taken off the table – and warning that Brussels will conclude the UK’s ‘resolve is weakening’.

Who gives a damn what Brussels concludes? Everyone has known since the day after the referendum that at the very last minute, the Europeans will make some kind of fake concession to pretend to appease British demands, the British Prime Minister will declare “peace in our time” and precisely no one will be fooled by the cheap theatrics. Again.

Remain embraces Leave

If the British Members of Parliament are foolish enough to force a second referendum on leaving the European Union on the British people, they’re going to be shocked by how many more people vote for Leave. As a result of their devious, anti-democratic machinations, even die-hard Remainers are publicly endorsing No Deal Brexit.

It’s time to end this one way or another. I’ve written about the dangers of a No Deal Brexit. I believe they are real, not some Project Fear construct. But we cannot continue with this paralysis.

There is nothing MPs will learn about Brexit in nine months, or nine weeks, or nine days that they do not know today. The time for more excuses, extensions and procedural sophistry is at an end.

Many MPs think that, by blocking all other avenues, voters will opt to stay, rather than risk No Deal. But they are dangerously deluded. If forced to choose between No Brexit or No Deal, most people will opt for No Deal. And I know this because I’m one of them.

MPs have had their chance. They’ve had their opportunity to set aside their petty differences and allegiances and vanities. And they have failed.

I was a committed Remainer. But this morning I’m now a hard-Brexiteer. I finally understand where the anger comes from.

I don’t think the treasonous MPs will be successful, in part because it is becoming obvious that the public is going to turn on them with a vengeance, in part because the Queen has made her position on the matter clear in her own subtle way. This is probably all political thud and blunder of no consequence whatsoever. But, until the act is successfully accomplished, it cannot be considered done and dusted.

UK: No second referendum

Remain publicly admits there will be no second referendum to try to overturn Brexit and keep Britain in the Fourth Reich of the European Union.

The second referendum is off (for now). Remainer MPs today dropped their bid to force a parliamentary vote demanding a second referendum – admitting they do not have enough support to back it. The gang of Labour and Tory MPs who were backing a so-called People’s Vote blasted Jeremy Corbyn for killing off their chances of winning.

Tory MP Dr Sarah Wollaston had planned to table the ‘doctor’s amendment’ to next Tuesday’s crunch Brexit motion to demand a second referendum. But stood outside Parliament this morning flanked by pro-EU Labour MPs Luciana Berger and Chuka Umunna, she announced a U-turn.

The shock moves comes after a massive row among Remainer MPs over when to finally show their hand a call a Commons vote on another referendum. Although Tony Blair – an arch Remainer – today said there is a more than 50 per cent chance that another referendum could be held.

Speaking  at a hastily arranged press conference on the steps of the Palace of Westminster, Dr Wollaston said: ‘It is with great regret we will not be laying that amendment, because at this stage and until we have the leader of the Opposition’s backing, it would not pass.’

This should be seen as evidence that the gentleman who emailed about Her Majesty the Queen having secured Brexit by twice sending a warning of a possible royal Refusal of Assent to Parliament knew what he was talking about.