Medieval History 101: Episode XII

Dr. Rachel Fulton Brown presents the Unauthorized community with a Christmas present that is also a harbinger of things to come next spring.

Once upon a time, the people of England had a mythology rich in symbolism and metaphor pointing to the ultimate truth. There was one story in particular which captured the imagination of poets, the story of a star that entered into time and lifted the people of the world out of darkness. The star’s name was Earendel—but what did his name mean? Who among men was so wise that he could unravel the riddle and make clear the mystery? J.R.R. Tolkien believed he knew! O come, O come, and learn the story of the star!

The episode guide is here.

Unauthorized announcements

Today we released a trailer for the upcoming documentary about Owen’s recent comedy tour.

In other news, the Unauthorized app for Roku is now available. This is the first of a number of apps that we expect to release in the months to come. We also anticipate releasing the Android app before the end of the year released the Android app today.

Thanks to all the subscribers who are making these things possible! But never forget that the conflict continues, as Unbearables Merchandise was deplatformed by PayPal yesterday.

The next battle

As you may have heard by now, the Big Bear was just deplatformed by YouTube. This should be interesting, as it will be the first time the Dread Ilk and the Bears have had the opportunity to team up and go into battle together.

It’s going to be a blast!

Also, be sure to sign up for the book club so we can email you to get in touch with you if Google goes after the Darkstream or this blog. And if you still haven’t signed up for Unauthorized yet, this is a great time to do so.

I think Semper Fish may be a little TOO fired up, based on his reaction to the news:

As the smoke cleared from the direct assault upon the House of Bear, a hush whisper of malcontent began to rise from the smoldering havoc of the wicked onslaught. The dim twilight began to fade and cause flickers of light to abandon the savagery, but for a moment, a sense of anguish clung heavy in the mist. For the enemy had engaged in open war and they scoffed with pride at the opening salvo of ruin they wrought.

Then suddenly and without hesitation, there arose a trembling roar that gained with intensity. As if a long dead yet undisturbed tree was caressed by thousands of souls on fire which detonated into a racous pyre… AAAHHH! The unison voices bellowed in rage! These were the legions approaching to the aid of House of Bear. At the front of this company stood a mighty Dark Lord adorned with the skulls of previous campaigns and he showed no sign of gloom, but even a smile of satisfaction for the total war he is now sanctioned to unleash. 

Around this devastation grew an incandescence and an appearance of vague figures on the boundary of the stalwart Dark Lord. These minions seemed to move hovering over the ground as if the very air was under their spell, and all were faceless with a vile intent to grind down the enemy until only skulls remain.

Now once the shouting assembly of distant voices began to gather their numbers, their bodies moving gave way to clanging of metal ladles and various kettles filled with hot gravy. Their stomping paws shook the ground almost to the point of not distinguishing the vast array of snarling creatures whose ilk was already in formation and dreadful indeed.

This army is being readied for the battle to come, and may Almighty God bless them and have mercy on the souls of their enemies! 


YouTube to ban Big Bear?

It will be interesting to see if YouTube follows through on what are rumored to be plans to ban everyone associated with Proud Boys and Infowars:

I have an insider at YouTube and he’s telling me all the scoop on the imminent conservative purge. Stephen Crowder’s on the list, Paul Joseph Watson’s on the list, Owen Benjamin is on the list, anyone remotely associated with Proud Boys or Infowars is on the list.

Apparently this is supposed to happen on December 10th. We’ll see. If it’s true, then we can safely conclude that no one at YouTube has read Corporate Cancer yet. I’m skeptical myself, because that’s the date the new terms of use come into effect and there is no particular reason YouTube needs them in order to deplatform anyone.

But regardless, this would be a good time to subscribe to Unauthorized.

Wranglerstar on Unauthorized

Wranglerstar, the well-known homesteader, is the latest addition to Unauthorized.TV! Nine of his latest videos are now available on the channel, with two more already on the way.

  • Crushing
  • Eureka! I found gold on the homestead!
  • Canning with Mrs. Wranglerstar
  • Emergency equipment for your home
  • A better way to restore leather
  • Is the MK-18 the perfect home defense AR?
  • Simple battery hack could save your life
  • Chainsaw chaps may have a fatal flaw
  • They took away my chainsaw

If you’re a fan of Wranglerstar and would like to support him, you can subscribe to his monthly Unauthorized subscription. Definitely check out the battery hack; it is rather ingenious and could prove very useful for anyone who ever needs to start a fire.

In other UATV news, the problem with the Home page was the result of my deleting some superfluous categories that were linked to the page. That has been corrected; Garden now connects to David the Good’s video catalog while Survive connects to Wranglerstar’s new catalog. We’re told the Roku and Android apps should be approved any day now; once that happens we will let you know.

Don’t count us out

Somehow, UATV was left out of consideration in The Great Streaming Battle:

Titans of media and technology are wagering billions that consumers will pay them a monthly fee to stream TV and movies over the internet. Walt Disney Co. DIS 3.76{7920286a66e4f1f0530b37c9dd80de53efff9c5d61ddedf8a26aff588199c419} is launching a $6.99-a-month service next week, following Apple Inc.’s entry earlier this month. AT&T Inc. T -0.10{7920286a66e4f1f0530b37c9dd80de53efff9c5d61ddedf8a26aff588199c419} and Comcast Corp. CMCSA 1.10{7920286a66e4f1f0530b37c9dd80de53efff9c5d61ddedf8a26aff588199c419} ’s NBCUniversal next year will mount their own challenges to streaming juggernaut Netflix Inc.

The combatants are fighting on the same battlefield, all seeking to lure in subscribers, but they have radically different motivations—and some have far more at stake than others.

Legacy giants like Disney and AT&T’s WarnerMedia are racing to reinvent their core media business, which is under assault as consumers turn away from traditional broadcast and cable TV. For them, selling streaming subscriptions to consumers has to work—and has to be profitable. For Apple, while streaming can advance its business, failure is an option.

Consumers will have choices to make as new entrants join the fray: Americans are willing to spend an average of $44 monthly on streaming video and subscribe to an average of 3.6 services, according to a survey of over 2,000 people in recent days by The Wall Street Journal and the Harris Poll. That is up roughly $14 from what most people pay now.

But with so many existing players already in the market—Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, CBS All Access and ESPN+, among others—not everyone can emerge victorious. “This market is going to have to shake out — it doesn’t feel like all these players can continue to play this game forever,” said David Wertheimer, a former president of digital products at Fox Networks Group who is now a media and tech investor.

We’re not in the mix now. But in five years, who knows?