Solving a philosophical riddle

We now know the answer to whether a tree that falls in the forest makes a sound, as according to the media, things only happen when they happen to Hellmouth celebrities on camera:

Horrifying moment stranger in an ‘I love NY’ hoodie punches 67-year-old, 5ft 5in Ghostbusters star Rick Moranis, 67, in the head in unprovoked attack in New York. Hollywood star Rick Moranis, 67, was walking on New York City’s Upper West Side on Thursday around 7.30am when he was attacked. Surveillance footage captures a stranger walking past him abruptly punching Moranis in the head, knocking him to the ground.

It was a stranger. A stranger in a hoodie. We don’t know anything else about the stranger, or what could possibly have this stranger inspired to punch a Hollywood star unprovoked.

It is a mystery.

BLM is anti-Christian

It simply isn’t possible to claim that BLM is compatible in any way, shape, or form with Christianity:

Beathard said the “All Lives Matter” sign hung on his door for nearly two weeks before he was “politely asked” by one of his superiors to remove it.

“They didn’t demand it,” Beathard said. “They just said, ‘As a favor, could you please take that off your door?’ I didn’t take it off right away. I sat there and prayed about it, and I said, ‘God knows where my heart is. That’s all that matters. If it will help to take it off, I’ll take it off.’ ”

Unbeknownst to him, a few days earlier, Beathard said someone had taken a picture of the sign and circulated it among members of the Redbirds team. Some players were offended. Beathard said the offseason had been filled with tension throughout the team. He said the coaching staff had been been on alert throughout the summer that it might have to deal with issues stemming from the national unrest caused by the death of George Fl0yd in Minneapolis. 

Beathard had no idea the escalating tension would eventually engulf him. On Sept. 2 it did. That’s when the school informed him he no longer had a position on the Redbirds staff. 

“All Lives Matter to Our Lord & Savior” — something Joe Gibbs, Tom Landry, Tony Dungy or any Christian would say nonchalantly — cost Kurt Beathard his job. BLM activists have cleverly turned a basic Christian belief into an affront to black people. 

You can question the sincerity of football’s alliance with religion and patriotism, but you cannot deny the longevity of the alliance. Beathard’s story speaks to BLM’s power to change the culture of football. The game is being disconnected from its traditional allies. Racial politics and anti-American sentiment have replaced Christianity and patriotism. 

To turn blacks against BLM, all that is necessary is to point out, again and again, that anyone who supports BLM is setting himself against Jesus Christ. The truth is that BLM is no more black than the NAACP or the SPLC; it’s just another anti-Christian front. 

Cancelling Darwin

It doesn’t matter how well you’ve served the Black Rider. Sooner or later, you will be cast from his high horse, even if you are a secular saint as revered as Charles Darwin has been:

The UK’s Natural History Museum is reviewing options for its Charles Darwin exhibits, including possible removal, after an internal review ordered amid Black Lives Matter protests found that they could be deemed “offensive.”

The museum’s directors are scrutinizing collections that may be considered “problematic,” which could lead to removal or lesser remedies, such as renaming, The Telegraph reported, citing internal documents. Artifacts from the father of evolutionary theory are among the suspects because Darwin’s voyage to the Galapagos Islands on HMS ‘Beagle’ was one of the UK’s “colonialist scientific expeditions.”

“In light of Black Lives Matter and the recent anti-racist demonstrations around the world,” the museum is re-evaluating room names, collections and statues to root out any that “could potentially cause offense.” A large wing of the museum is named after Darwin, and a statue of the naturalist stands in the museum’s main hall.

As a Christian who has seen the way Darwin’s work has been used and abused to attack the Faith, I won’t mourn the man’s academic defenestration. As a philosopher who has logically and mathematically destroyed even the most remote possibility of his primary hypothesis, I’m not bothered by his scientific diminishment.

But as a student of history, I am deeply concerned about his historical erasure by the Year Zero barbarians. 

Hello, fellow Black people

Well, it is a variant of the usual song-and-dance. So, I suppose she has to be given some credit for that.

A professor of African American history at George Washington University, who publicly identified as black, has now admitted she is a white woman from Kansas City and has been lying about her race for years.

Jessica Krug, 38, revealed on Thursday in a bombshell Medium post that she has lied about being black her entire career and admitted to deceiving her friends and colleagues.

She said in the blog post – titled ‘The Truth, and the Anti-Black Violence of My Lies’ -that she is white, Jewish and was raised in Kansas City. ‘For the better part of my adult life, every move I’ve made, every relationship I’ve formed, has been rooted in the napalm toxic soil of lies,’ she wrote.

‘To an escalating degree over my adult life, I have eschewed my lived experience as a white Jewish child in suburban Kansas City under various assumed identities within a Blackness that I had no right to claim: first North African Blackness, then US rooted Blackness, then Caribbean rooted Bronx Blackness.’

Fake Black Lives Matter too.

“It is going to blow”

Fred Reed has finally reached the same conclusion that I did more than two decades ago:

Here we come to the joys of diversity. Cultures can be too different to live together. Whites and blacks have almost no common ground, little common history. Whites trace their history back to well before the ancient Greeks, through Rome, the Renaissance, Europe. Blacks had no part in this and, it seems, have no interest in it. Aristotle? Thomas Jefferson? Einstein? Madame Butterfly? Galois? FORTRAN? These might all have come from some remote galactic civilization.

There is no agreement, anywhere, at any level, over anything. Hardcore conservatives insist that the coronavirus is no worse than the common flu as hospitals report overwhelmed ICUs and epidemiologists cry the alarm. Blue states favor lockdown while red states open up. Libertarians peddle cockamamie conspiracy theories. Mask laws are ignored or fought over. China, South Korea, Singapore shut down, control the virus, go back to work. Not America. Nobody is in charge.

Nothing holds the country together. There is no social glue, no dominant culture. We have no shared history, language, dialect, ethnicity, or religion. Diversity turns the country into rubble.

Diversity? It is the end of America. The country once was overwhelmingly white, European, Anglophone, and Christian. It worked, as approximate monocultures usually do. No longer. The North hates—the word is not too strong—the South and seeks to erase its culture and uniqueness. The Bible Belt is intensely Christian while the northern elites, heavily Jewish, seek to suppress Christianity. The coastal elites hold the central deplorables in contempt. Blacks hate whites. Feminists hate men.

Hispanics float in indeterminate limbo, not having jumped either way. Amerindians maintain a demanding apartness. Jews, neither Christian nor, in the minds of many, neither quite European or quite American, control the media and finance, generating perennial hostility. Bulk lot Somalis, having nothing in common with Minnesota, are in Minnesota. On and on.

It is going to blow.

The more one studies history, the more one understands that societies which violate certain basic principles do not put themselves at risk of collapse, they assure their own collapse. Neither “diversity” nor “equality” are new concepts, to the contrary, they are very old ones that are intrinsically tied to past societal failures.

The only thing that is new and different about the current situation in the United States is its scale. And that is a very sobering thought indeed. Because the only way out is through.

Who needs the police?

If police are not going to shoot the arsonists, looters, and rioters, eventually someone will:

Kenosha Police said early Wednesday morning that two people had been shot and killed and a third injured during protests over the shooting of Jacob Blake; authorities were looking for a man armed with a long gun.

Earlier Wednesday, Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that one victim had been shot in the head and another in the chest late Tuesday, just before midnight. Beth didn’t know where the other person was shot, but video posted on social media showed someone had been shot in the arm.

The incident occurred at about 11:45 p.m. in the area of  63rd Street and Sheridan Road, Kenosha police said.

I saw the video on Twitter. It was a clear-cut case of self-defense, regardless of what side the guy with the rifle is on. He was running away from a pack of armed people chasing him, stumbled and fell down, then shot the three people who caught up to him and attacked him when he was on the ground. Notice that the attacker who was shot in the arm had a pistol on him.

What struck me the most about this is that the BLM rioters appear to genuinely believe that no one is going to use any force against them. That’s why they are blithely ignoring the fact that the police and some of the other people they are attacking are armed. You would think that this incident would help convince them otherwise, but it probably won’t, considering their immediate reaction to shots being fired.

Rioter was just shot in the head tonight in #Kenosha
Rioters helping screamed “call the cops! call the police!”

Decry the violence all you like, signal your virtue to your heart’s content, but this is what a multiracial, multicultural society looks like. It’s little more than a constant, violent struggle for power over everyone else. And remember, the reason they’re so desperate to demonize nationalism is because Nationalists who actually bother to show up and fight usually win.

If the local authorities want to stop the violence, all they have to do is issue an order publicly authorizing the use of lethal force to defend property. The rioters will give up after a few more of them are shot dead and it becomes obvious that those defending their homes and businesses will not face any charges for doing so.

Four more years

Surprisingly, even some of the most stupid and submissive whites are finally showing a little spine:

The group crowded Victor’s table, with two female demonstrators leaning down and shouting in her face.

‘Are you a Christian?’ one of the women shout, outraged by the fact Victor was unwilling to raise her fist in solidarity.

‘No justice, no peace!’ the large group of activists then start yelling.

Ironically, Victor is a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and has participated in many marches, but didn’t want to be ‘coerced’ into showing support. ‘In the moment, it didn’t feel right,’ she stated. ‘I wasn’t actually frightened. I didn’t think they’d do anything to me. I’m very much with them. I’ve been marching with them for weeks and weeks and weeks.’

Many on Twitter took issue with the race of the Black Lives Matter protesters accosting Victor.

Almost all of those seen in the video were white, with several people accusing the activists of undermining the positive work that black organizers have been doing in recent months.

‘I see no black faces at all. These dopes will ruin this movement for all of us,’ African-American TV anchor Derek McGinty wrote.

Others stated that it would turn people away from supporting the movement. ‘You don’t win supporters by screaming in people’s faces and intimidating them. How many people have watched this video and been turned off? Is it about making a real change or just ego gratification?

Another bluntly theorized: ‘This gives Trump four more years.’

Black Lives Matter has been the most useful element in the inevitable transformation of the Republican Party into the American Party since the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. It’s finally beginning to dawn upon US whites what their minority status will actually mean for the nature of the society in which they live.

It won’t be too many years before nice liberal suburban whites will be begging the police, the National Guard, and armed local militias to not only open fire on the roving POX mobs that are threatening them in their homes and workplaces, but to go on the offensive and root out their urban strongholds. After all, the whole point of suburbia was to escape the POX and achieve practical segregation by automobile without being accused of racism. Because good schools….

You simply cannot have a neo-European society that is composed of non-Europeans anymore than you can have a Japanese society sans Japanese people. The dirt isn’t magic.

Ain’t diversity grand?

Kenosha, Wisconsin discovers the joys of a diverse and vibrant population:

On Monday night, rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin spread their civil unrest from primarily urban and commercial centers, to residential areas.

And the residents in those areas were having none of it.

Shortly after midnight, a group of demonstrators got in their cars and traveled to a residential neighborhood where they parked in a grassy area across from a row of houses. As they began exiting their vehicles, a homeowner emerged from his house and began firing warning shots at the rioters.

The would-be rioters began to flee as the man fired several more shots. In another incident, a group of rioters attacked and burned several local businesses in an area near a residential neighborhood.

Sooner or later, whites in the USA are going to figure out that their problem isn’t an excess of racism, but a severe shortage of it. It might not be a bad idea for Christians to recall that while racism isn’t a sin, lying most certainly is.

Batman is now black

Having just laid off one-third of its employees, DC Comics is now determined to discover how fast it will have to lay off the next one-third. We are informed that Batman will no longer a rich white guy, Bruce Wayne, but will instead be a righteous black man, Lucas Fox.

In September 2019, Bleeding Cool first reported that DC Comics was to give us a new black Batman to replace Bruce Wayne in the comic books., and then learnt it would be Luke Fox, son of Lucius Fox. We then learnt it would be would be written by John Ridley, screenwriter of 12 Years A Slave and part of 5G, or Generation Five, a publishing event led by publisher Dan DiDio to replace all the lead characters in the DC Universe and have them aged up, introducing a new generation to DC Comics. however, earlier this year, Dan DiDio was fired as publisher and 5G was pushed back. The shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic underlined this as 5G was shrunk from the mainstream DC Universe to, as we learnt, an imprint.  But of course, none of this had been announced and some people still thought Bleeding Cool made it all up.

At the Batman Legacy panel at DC Fandome today, Jim Lee introduced John Ridley who talked about writing a new Batman series, with Nick Derington, bets known for his work on Mister Miracle, Batman Universe and Doom Patrol. The comic book will, as John Ridley put it “a slightly greater than 47{fb585635b9f6189e33442b25caac15ec2544d7054f182b4f92840c6cee65accd} chance that he will be a person of colour” and that he will be using the comic to “delve into the Fox family” and that “Lucius Fox has been at Batman’s side the longest.” So… Luke Fox as Batman.

DC Comics Publisher and CCO Jim Lee has since confirmed the plan to transform Batman into Blackman. So, it strikes me that this is probably a very good time for Arkhaven to be introducing Shade, a very rich Austrian aristocrat who fights crime as part of the Global Justice Initiative.

You may not see color

But color sees you:

“Give us your house, give black people back their homes, you’re sitting there comfortably…I used to live in this neighborhood and my family was pushed out and you’re sitting up there having a good time with your other white friends. Now we’re bringing it to your front door, so what the fuck do you plan to do about it?” asks the male protester as the mob continues to harass the homeowner.

The video ends with the homeowner apparently turning the lights off in a bid to avoid any further escalation. The seizure of white-owned property has long been a primary goal of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The remarkable thing about white anti-racists is that they won’t give up their racial virtue-signaling even when blacks are murdering little boys playing in the neighborhood:

Darius Sessoms, a black man, walked up to his neighbor’s kids (three white children) who were riding bikes outside their home, placed a gun to a 5 year old white boy’s head and executed him in front of his two sisters for accidentally riding his bike on his lawn.  

A brave and noble blow against structural and intrinsic racism, no doubt. He’s right up there with St. Floyd and the Chicago Cancer-Fighting Crew:

The Ronald McDonald House in Chicago was vandalized during looting early Monday morning while families and their sick children huddled inside, the charity said Tuesday. The Ronald McDonald House in the Streeterville neighborhood of the city’s Near North Side provides support for sick children and their families while the child receives medical treatment at nearby Lurie Children’s Hospital.

The charity said more than 30 families and their sick children were sleeping inside when the looters, who had taken over downtown, ransacking stores and vandalizing properties, started attacking the building.

I’m confident these brave young men and their enthusiasm to become doctors and fight cancer was just tragically misunderstood due to unconscious bias and racism.