Know thyself

Pebble Chaser learns a valuable lesson:

We were engaging in a heated discussion of sorts. I was heated, he was irritated that he couldn’t just continue with his work. At the vital climactic moment of the argument, I shrilly rebuked him for not listening and for saying he didn’t respect my opinions or my perspective. Two fairly significant hot buttons with me. I continued to rant and rave, building my case in typical female fashion. I pulled out the mental filing cabinet and rehashed all the evidence necessary to support my cause. When I finally looked up at him, with tears in my eyes no less, I was amazed to see a complete look of incredulity on his face…..

I gasped. Stopped for a second. Started laughing. “You mean I made that up?”

“Um, yeah. You did.”

Talk about embarrassing. Exposed as a typical female!

Hey, it happens. Everyone has times when emotional momentum overrides one’s reason, what tends to be difficult for men to understand – and deal with – is how some women’s emotions can turn into a vicious feedback loop. If the system came with some sort of circuit break, I suspect everyone would be a lot happier.

I found it very amusing that a recent study indicated that distracting yourself and otherwise repressing your emotions may not only make you feel better, but might be healthier for you than talking about it. Most people talk about themselves and their feelings too much anyhow, so I’ve never understood how encouraging narcissism is supposed to benefit anyone but the psychiatrist and his bank account.