The impeachment calls grow louder

I’ve been in favor of impeaching George Bush and removing him from office for some time now. So, too, has the most lunatic quarter of the Democratic Party, albeit for very different reasons. I find it interesting to see that a sizeable number of Republicans are beginning to agree as well, as one can see in WND’s recent letters to the editor:

“Why would anyone be surprised that Bush is enthusiastically turning over port management to the Arabs? He’s put the Mexicans in charge of our southern border. Is there even a border there anymore? Impeach Bush.”

“I’m confident that the very best thing for our nation would be for President Bush to veto any legislation by Congress that would delay or block the management of ports by the United Arab Emirates. President Bush’s veto would effectively cripple his administration for the next two years and thereby eliminate even the possibility of Congress approving his “guest worker” amnesty treason.”

“Bush threatens veto over the U.S. ports deal? It is now obvious that President Bush has gone insane. I am ashamed to call myself Republican. God help us.”

When even the Three Monkey Republicans are beginning to see just a speck of evil in the man, his time is growing short. It’s amusing to see Three Monkey strongholds like National Review Online flailing about trying to find something, anything to defend, demanding that “cooler heads must prevail” and everyone is “going overboard”. This, from the very people who demand that unless we throw out the Constitution, create a police state and invade every country that looks at us the wrong way, we are COMMITTING NATIONAL SUICIDE!!!!!! But regardless of whether giving Arabs control of our shipping ports will sentence the nation to certain doom or won’t cause any problems at all, the fact that Bush will veto Congressional acts that get in the way of his Arab friends, but not those that violate the Constitution demonstrates to everyone very clearly where his true priorities are.

The man is an oathbreaker, a traitor to the Constitution, to the country and to the American people. He should be impeached and removed from office. If the Republicans don’t do so, they are risking an upset of stunning proportions in 2008, if not 2006. Remember, when a political party or a nation-state appear to be at their most powerful, the next step is a decline, and more often than not, it is a sharp one. And remember also that I have been predicting that the Lizard Queen has been anointed and she will be the next president for over a year now.

She’s been lurking quietly of late, hasn’t she.