So I took a Nazi extermination technique today

L’Emmerdeuer tunes in:

I was listening to a random radio station today while working, the Michael Medved talk show came on. I didn’t know he had a talk show. 30% of the time he was promoting stocks to buy, and now’s the time to buy gold! Today! But he had some guest discussing something about Nazis and the DV Code moview, and he made a snide remark about how WND has a columnist who actually promotes using Nazi extermination techniques on the “immigrants”.

And actually, when travelling in Europe, I quite recommend using the Nazi extermination technique sometimes known as a “train”. Those appallingly cunning Neos not only sell tickets for the “Nazi extermination techniques” to unsuspecting tourists wanting to go from point A to point B, they even wear uniforms!

Michael Medved is just another peddler of faux outrage. He wouldn’t know a Nazi if one was tattooing a number on his ass. I don’t know if he favors the “Stasi extermination technique” known as a border fence or not, but if he does, we shall obviously have to lambast him for being an East German Communist lover.