Post-facto warriors

The White Buffalo is listening to the Patriot:

You are a star. Ok, now on the Patriot, the advertising for the Michael Medved show is a little snippet of him railing on you. It rocks!

I’m always very impressed with the intellectual bravery of a man willing to take on an ideological movement dead for more than sixty years. Perhaps next he can boldly make a stand against King Sennacherib of Assyria, a proven anti-semite and killer of Jews.

The tragedy of the Left – and faux conservatives like Medved – is that they are always willing to fight yesterday’s tyrant and ignore tomorrow’s. The socialists of yore fought monarchists and capitalists and ended up with Communists and National Socialists. The socialists of today pay no attention the globalist totalitarian structure rising around them as they boldly decry defunct Fascists and Nazis.